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It’s not Copyright Infringement as long as it’s not a videogame


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  1. lol. some of the comments on that thread are hilarious.
    most of the people there are actually taking all your words seriously…

  2. Kenearos

    Thnx wololo.. You made my day^^

  3. HIMFan

    I have the problem of misconstruing my everyday humor too. Deadpan humor doesn’t get too far in the real world. So instead of keeping a blank expression and saying things that are funny that way and people not GETTING the joke, sometimes I have to crack a smile so they get that I’m kidding. So my words of wisdom for you Wololo is keep being who you are and posting things the way you want to and if things get out of hand, just give the audience a little nudge and let them know your joking. But I personally loved your game announcement to Sony. I promise some of us have a sense of humor. YOU ROCK GOOD SIR!

  4. Volts

    nah dont even bother about them wololo.. firstly we know when and why internet exist..This is your blog and your freedom of speech.. If they cant take it then dont look at it. Same goes to them and let them say what ever they want because the they made a comment without even understanding what you and the developed

    the fact is their comments stays in 1 line out of 10 thousands pages and what you post contains more then a million views(even sony is looking at it)

    If there is no action or comments from sony… those ppl who criticised should start learning to live a better live in otherway

  5. dragon-zhou

    Dear wololo,Please don’t pay attention to these nasty attack and slander, we will continue to support your work and study, thank you for your hard work and dedication has been, please continue to work hard, we love you!

  6. TVtheET

    Wololo has more loyal fans than sony! get off the fricken grass!

  7. Etika


  8. UE

    -sighs- now that was a painful read over at neogaff, but then again my expectations of the human race are low as it is.

    As for the vita and homebrew I personally am not overly fussed until we get access to some of the vita’s control systems in a more meaningful way really as I still have two psp go’s but hey… I just wish I was having more progress with my delves into the vita itself or rather attempted delves.

  9. be0ut

    it’s interesting how people don’t like to hold themselves responsible for their own actions.. i think wololo has made it pretty obvious that he isn’t in favor of piracy and his work is never intended to promote it.. what others do with his “hacks” is up to them and he isn’t responsible for it.. its like blaming scientists/physicists for all those who are killed whenever a bomb is used..

    • UE

      well if the scientists actually worked on something that was specifically being designed for a bomb then that makes sense 😛 not that walolo is… HBL doesn’t do anything for piracy really.

  10. Norml

    NEVER respond to these tards, they win while being 100% wrong.
    Leading to silly new laws, it’s how it starts.

    It’s not your fault $ony has bad business practices, making you want to have a sense of humor rather than going to their level and becoming mad.

    Anyone who did not get it, is part of the problem and does not need you to spell it out for them.

  11. Mcleod

    Lol I agree be0ut, these people just like to write in the blog for no reason. So how about that case about Travon Martin….? Anywayzzzz, wololo their are people that understand what you post and we all thank you…. Dam it why did i miss my chances to buy the game /slap.

  12. g00fy

    first: I love sarcasm!
    second: I understood the joke and lol’d hard! 😀
    third: STRAWBERRIES! *_*

    In my oppinion your way to post the game title was AWESOME! Didn’t have had so much fun reading an article… Only distubing thing was, that I still don’t own a PS Vita. But time will come! hrhrhrrr…

  13. ???

    Most of the people there don’t even know what they are talking about, heck I don’t even know what I’m talking about, and that is the Internet my friend

    • wololo

      I don’t know, most people in that thread as I said make very good point, on either sides of the argument. And because neogaf is strictly moderated, the amount of trolling is kept to a minimum.

      The problems I see is me being associated “too easily” to piracy (while historically none of my work was ever used to pirate), and piracy being associated too easily with the failure of a console (while no serious number prov it or the opposite).

      It makes the whole discussion pointless, I guess :/

  14. rabidchild

    You shouldn’t apologize, that post almost made me *** myself it was so funny. And it needed to be said! If someone doesn’t get it, that’s their problem.

  15. MageKing17

    Man, Wololo, I can’t believe the level of idiotic hate. I thought the article was hilarious, but then, I think hackers were vital to the success of the PSP in the first place, so I’m slightly biased. Keep on doing your thing, and know that whatever else happens, people are rooting for you.

  16. alisson

    wololo my friend you did not understand the moral of the story they Keren you down
    because you have to milheres ceguidores sheltered by its very very good job
    liguage so sorry for is that I’m from Brazil

  17. Rin

    Eh? He’s quoting your article, giving the source, there is nothing illegal about that.

    Piracy should be avoided but if it ends up being exploited then Sony will just have to take a loss. They won’t go out of business, but I can imagine them someday in the distant future moving away from gaming and more to just tv’s, blu-ray players, etc. I hope that doesn’t happen but, pirates gonna pirate.

    • wololo

      He is not quoting the article, he copy pasted it. As i said, people only see copyright infringement where they want to see it. There is a major legal difference between copying one or two sentences, and a full article.

      About sony going out of the gaming market: not gonna happen soon. There is a reason kaz hirai becomes ceo this year : the gaming division is one of the most profitable ones at sony.

  18. ken

    It’s Master Yoda!?
    Wololo, your sarcasm is off the chart lately. I love it. 🙂

  19. W7y7a7t7t

    hahahahaha man it’s crazy how serious some of those people are taking your post! i never actually thought anyone would be dumb enough to think some of that stuff wasn’t sarcasm

  20. Insua

    Clearly you are very intelligent. Your blog and your posts just make my day!

  21. nice post wololo

    X3 this made my day XD:

    “so stop calling me a kid, please? Pretty please with a strawberry on top?”

    but some people like to be noticed but by copying and pasting and not even giving the url of the information wow o.o thats bawd

    • wololo

      usually those who copy full content without the url are content farms and sites like that This is *not* what happened here. I really must insist on the fact that I’m honored to be mentioned on a big site such as neogaf

  22. derpalerp

    And the exploit is whhhere???????

  23. derpalerp

    True the Yoda pic is clearly infringement, derppppp

  24. Guardian

    something happened to the Neogaf website, the thread nor the website itself are opening. Is probably that it is my computar, but would someone double check for me please?

    • wololo

      Neogaf is working fine, although the post was edited since I posted this article (awww, neogaf, now this article I just posted doesn’t make sense anymore :P… seriously though, sorry, this was just a joke, I’m not angry or anything :))

  25. Johnny

    You should start announcing random games that could used for VHBL, even if they cant be just to see how many sony will take down 😉

    • wololo

      But then people would buy the game thinking it can lead to a hack, and hate me for yet another bad joke… I think it would hurt everybody for no actual benefit. Eventually both anti-hack and pro-hack people would rally against me if I did that 🙂

      • UE

        hey have they actually brought arctic storm back online yet?
        I thought they would patch it and bring it online but simply removing it and not refunding some purchases as I have heard is a strange practice, if I had bought it I would have immediately contacted the department of fair trade over here.

  26. DigiTak

    aaww wololo I love it when you tease us with your posts…. aaahhhhhh wololo you make me laugh

  27. :o

    Does skfu or yosh have a website we can follow?

  28. tigerchitpile

    i lol’d at yoda picture. nice

  29. cercata

    Great post dude !!!!!
    But not as great as the Sarcastic “Dear Sony” 😛

  30. Haha!!
    I love you Wololo <3 (I'm a dud, not ***).

  31. Wolorotfl

    So, did you actually register your blog post to even be able to enforce your copyrights?

    Yeah, no you didn’t.

    • wololo

      My server is hosted in France and ruled by French laws. Under the French law, anything coming from my mind and written by me is automatically copyrighted. So, yeah, when you don’t know what you’re talking about, just shut up.

      • Wolorotfl

        Well, I’m not in France, and neither is NeoGAF hosted. Now what?

        • wololo

          I was merely pointing the irony of the situation, not trying to start a legal discussion on international copyright rules 🙂

          • Wolorotfl

            Also, I sugest you read Art. L122-5 of the Berne Convention Implementation Act which France signed.

            Or to be more specific:

            Once a work has been published, the author cannot prevent:
            3. In cases where the name of the author and the source are clearly indicated, (which they are on GAF)
            a) Analyses and short citations justified by the critical, polemical, scientific or pedagogical nature of the work.
            b) Press reviews.
            c) Diffusion of public speeches as current news.
            d) Reproductions of works of art in catalogues for auctions in France (subject to regulatory restrictions).
            4. Parody, pastiche and caricature, “taking into account the usage of the genre”.
            5. Acts necessary to access a database within the limits of the agreed use.

            So, no Copyrights have been breached.

          • wololo

            My article was not quoted, it was entirely copy pasted which is where the difference is. Read point 3.a. you just posted, again. This was a clear example of Copyright Infringement, and Neogaf have agreed with this themselves, since they removed the content and just left the link.

            you’re just proving my point further: People regularly infringe on copyright without even knowing about it, and yet are ready to point fingers at others for doing it.

          • Wolorotfl

            One mans actions doesn’t not mean “and Neogaf have agreed”.

          • wololo

            You’re shifting the subject of the conversation on petty matters, what’s your goal except trolling?

            The point was simple and remains: dozens of people are discussing the “risks” my tool could bring in regards to copyright infringement, while nobody notices copyright infringement is happening right under their eyes. People see copyright infringement only where they want to see it was my point. “responsibility” of Neogaf vs the OP has nothing to do with my article, and I believe I tried to make that clear..

            This was a clear case of Copyright Infringement, and if you’re not understanding that you are simply confirming my point.

  32. Ben-Dover

    I’m not sure why you feel like you have been wronged, i mean, what they done is essentially what you do, hypocrite much?

    Also the person who made the thread is not Neogaf, neogaf is a community, a single member decided to copy your entire blog and no one else, making another thread to call out the entire forum because of a single member seems idiotic.

    • wololo

      You completely missed my point, to a level where I would assume you didn’t even bother to read the article, read the article again. I don’t feel like I was wronged

      I am, also, not infringing on anyone’s copyright with VHBL, which is my point,so I have no clue where your “hypocrite” comment is coming from. If you can be clearer on that subject that would be highly appreciated. People discuss on an entire thread things that people could do to turn my work into a copyright infringement tool, and some of them point fingers at me for this, while nobody points any finger at the copyright infringement happening directly in that same thread. That’s where the hypocrisy is. But again, that was mostly a joke, I’m not trying to start any kind of war or anything. Neogaf is a respected site and I *know* it was an honest mistake.
      My second point is that everybody, one day or another, infringes on copyright bcause copyright laws are stupid and not adapted to the modern world. It makes it moot to discuss for hours how something could lead to copyright infringement, when the problem is not the tools, but the copyright laws in the first place.

      It is also important to note that the Neogaf thread has been updated since I posted this article, which might be why you are not seeing the irony.

      Sorry you missed the whole point of my article 🙂

  33. shortboy

    oh how far this place has come. i like that your blog has now become a “credible” source of information. and i say “credible” because of said sarcastic blogs haha.

  34. add137

    wololo,i like you blog,i like homeborw!

  35. TrE

    Apparently…, Wololo likes to feed the trolls.

    If you even acknowledge they exist you are feeding them.

    I guess most of this Vita scene is younger guys or…?

    Drama is just worthless and time consuming. Over time you finally learn to just treat people that start it like they don’t exist.

    I just hope you realize that not everyone in the Vita scene is drama hungry and willing to slander for attention.

    Good Job with the Homebrew Wololo!

    Hope to see more because I missed it again.