New Amazon 1 Day deal on video games

I just got a promotional email from Amazon about a series of deals on video games happening today. As I type this, the lightning Deals (limited amount and limited time promotions) start in less than 1h.

The “Deal of The Day” is a 13% discount on the 320GB PS3 (260$ instead of 300$), which is ok, but usually the Lightning deals are even more interesting (in terms of price). The first lightning deal is for the Playstation Vita and starts in one hour. It states “Vicious combat, dark humor, and lightning-quick action on the PlayStation Vita“, can you guess what game this is?

You can check the deals below, or directly go to the deals page here.

  1. Mcleod’s avatar

    Not a bad deal. 1 hour and 40 min remaining Lol


  2. window licker’s avatar

    I heard that game sucked :\


  3. OmNom’s avatar

    Hey Wololo, you should totally post up some of your favorite PSP games, it would be nice to see what you like, since there isn’t many Vita games out and they’re kinda overpriced.


    1. UE’s avatar

      pitty the vita games cost as much as the psp games

      Also dear god, it costs me $35 aud to get a game from the us online store, it is pretty cheap for a video game over here.


      1. OmNom’s avatar

        Exactly! It’s freakin annoying. I see all these awesome games for the PSP in the stores that are cheaper but you can’t put it on there. I wish that UMD passport was in wide release, the consumer suffers so much more.



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