Sony removed Everybody’s Tennis from their stores


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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71 Responses

  1. Taronish3 says:

    sony go to sleep now leave user’s alone…

  2. Dang says:

    That was fast.

  3. Crush says:

    Fu ck Sony

  4. Scared says:

    damn sony u scary

  5. Soczi says:

    Sony never learns… Actions like this only provoke hackers even further.

    Sony… are you people retarded? Golden rule: “Do not f… with people who install Linux on their PS3″. The same goes for PSP and Vita.

  6. Iono says:


  7. Игнат says:

    Dear wololo, plz write that you can make a VHBL with any psp game, i wonder if sony deletes all of em LOL
    what stupid asses, if I write that Uncharted has vulnerabilities and I can run a CWF with it will they delete it as well only because some guy wrote some stuff over the Internet?))

    • Iono says:

      Well… wololo is not just anybody, he has a ‘name’ unlike you and can influence alot of people… and Sony knows that. Wololo is someone who keeps true to his word which is a good thing but this is what they (Sony) use against him. It’s ‘his’ bloody site for fucks sake, so why would he lie… and what the fucks a CWF?

    • w00tguy123 says:

      Exactly! I wonder what the game producers have to say about this… and at what point does Sony consider something too uncertain to remove?

  8. w00tguy123 says:

    Wow, it’s like wololo has Sony waiting on his every post. That, or a significant amount of people downloaded the game all at once.

  9. mehboy says:

    wololo, u should make an online stopwatch for the next game and count until it gets removed from the stores. :D

  10. hene193 says:

    Lets exploit every game in psn store so sony have to pull all games from psn store. :D

    So lets start exploiting.

  11. zaiii says:

    toll -.-
    hab heute meine ps card bekomm -.-


  12. Wrozen says:

    You ever wonder……see Sony has thousands of employees so do you think they would ever start to look for exploits in their games so they could patch them before we find them?

  13. killben says:

    Doesnt anyone here suspect this VHBL thing to be a little bit of a hoax, i was going to buy Everybody’s Tennis just to see what all the fuss was all about but when i was that it was £25 i changed my mind. I favour hacks and what not but i also want the PS Vita to be a success.

  14. raziel says:

    let’s fake like we’ve found exploits on all major vita games so that sony will end up removing all of them. lol

    • Antonia says:

      Yes sure then we have no games some of the sony hate is understandable but to the point of closure is crazy

      i support homebrew i adore my old school games they do not make half as many girl friendly anymore as back in the older days but some this sony hate makes me uncomfy

      we bought these devices after all to have fun well i assume that

      ohh well grat wololo as always for opening doors

  15. no says:

    Stop this pissing contest. You’re indirectly responsible for the removal of two great games from the PSN marketplace. People who bought their software and have no interest in your junk are being negatively affected by your actions. Stop it. Sony’s done a terrible job handling this, and you’re happy about that.

    Don’t you feel a bit bad that BigBig’s (who Sony shut down earlier this year) final great game (MotorStorm: Arctic Edge) has been removed from having any sort of a legacy because you promoted homebrew junk?

    • wololo says:

      Yeah, I see people on some websites are happy to blame me for Sony handling this situation terribly. Glad you have the balls to come here directly :)

      Now think about this: If I was a “good guy” and had warned Sony privately about the issue like white hats are supposed to do, they would still have removed the game without any explanation to their customers, and you wouldn’t be blaming me for it. You just find it convenient to not blame Sony entirely for this whole situation, but the truth is, they are the ones removing the games you paid for, not me.

      Are you going to blame me as well for the fact than 70% of PSP games never made it to the Vita in the first place due to some weird marketing reasons?

      I feel bad that BigBig studio’s game got removed, but surely they are the ones who signed a contract with Sony giving Sony exclusive rights to their game, and allowing Sony to stop distributing the game whenever they want. Again, that’s a problem with the way Game Studios are ready to let Sony grab them by the balls, and has nothing to do with me.

      Finally, if not me, other hackers will find and reveal vulnerabilities in those games. Buffer Overflows in strings are security 101, blame the coders of the video games for the poor quality of their code?

      Edit: also, calling homebrew “Junk” on a website purely dedicated to homebrew video games is really not a civilized way to start a discussion, don’t you think? So, BigBig’s game is a piece of art that deserves to be remembered, but my game and the free ones I promote here on this blog are “junk”? How do you draw the line?

    • wololo says:

      Also, sorry for the double post, but *no* I am not happy with the way Sony handled this. If Sony had left Motorstorm on the store in the first place, I would have focused on improving HBL on that version of the game instead of helping people porting it to other games. It is not especially fun for me to waste time rewriting the loader every 2 weeks just for the sake of it, I’d rather focus on one version if I could. It would have made things simple for everyone.

      Sony are sending a clear signal that they are protecting their market, good for them, I of course don’t blame them for that. They are however doing this in every possible wrong way, showing that they are so willing to protect the Vita that they don’t even care if their customers are happy or not. You are just a number on their screens, collateral damage in their war to secure an ecosystem and become the new Apple (except everything Apple did right, Sony is doing wrong). And what they see is that people who already paid for PSP games are less interesting for them than people who are paying for Vita games now. You already paid them, and you bought the hardware, they are not worried of losing you if you don’t like the customer experience.

      In a few months Sony will remove PSP backwards compatibility on the vita. Not because of hackers, but for cost reasons, when maintaining that compatibility will cost more than removing it (see: PS2 compatibility on the PS3, and GBA compatibility on the DSi). Random people will be here again to blame it on the hackers, when history proves it’s never about hackers and homebrews, it’s about cost VS profit.

      • HIMFan says:

        They must intend on putting Motorstorm back up, or else all DLC would also be taken down. So calm down “no”. And two “great” games? One great game, another over priced game. You were NEVER going to buy Everybody’s Tennis. And Motorstorm is great, and if you agreed you would’ve purchased before it was pulled…so whats the problem? If there’s a pissing contest, its going on inside your ass. Tool.

        Long live Wololo.

  16. Shawn says:

    Next time make it a major release, like Uncharted Golden Abyss, and that way it’ll make news.

  17. HIMFan says:

    What is funny is that they’re both like 1st party games. No holes in the games made by the little guys. Just the ones directly under Sony.

  18. Iono says:

    You know what we need? A bloody ISO loader… then we will be all happy. Faagggggssss!! Ahahahahahahaha!!

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