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Release: VHBL for Everybody’s Tennis


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80 Responses

  1. 30W says:

    Keep it up guys!!

  2. Iono says:

    Good job! But… Sony wins again! wololololololololololo!! :)

  3. knox says:

    i wanna say thaks to all of you involved in this project, your incredible work for the homebrew fans is amazing…keep o rockig

  4. whutlee says:

    Thanks to all of you involved in hbl project

  5. alpmaster007 says:

    I feel like going to Sony and holding a gun to there head to put that game back on the catalog. Then i would finally get VHBL on my PSVITA. :)

    • wth says:

      remember, if you haven’t the Japanese version, you need to set your Vita’s system language to french for VHBL to start !
      Else it will freeze after pressing “Continue”
      I couldn’t find a way to bypass this limitation for now

  6. Rich says:

    Hello Wololo,

    Would you be able to find out if Ape Quest can be exploited or not?
    I first thought that someone could use a vhbl for any exploited game as long as you replaced the files around but now I that’s not the case. I don’t how to create a vhbl. And, even, if I learnt how it will only work on a game that can be exploited, like Motocross and Everybody’s tennis.
    Thanks, I look forward to your next update…

  7. dimy93 says:

    I don’t know if U’ll agree me or not but for me the reason Sony didn’t removed the game right away is that the release happened in the weekend and that’s the reason why we get 30h instead of 8

  8. Rahul vyas says:

    it works amazing work dude!

  9. Rahul vyas says:

    I would like to know will ISO Loader work as we do in psp?

  10. windgust says:

    lol wow sad well i dont care unless its a US game that has the exploit. im not making more then one account and wast money and keep doing that trick to use the othe account. i think i will wait but good work man.

  11. darkenvy says:

    Sweet! Installing now! What a great surprise to wake up to 😛

  12. Xeeynamo says:

    It works fine. Thank you Yosh and Wololo!

  13. Mindstate says:

    Works great guys flawless on my vita ..can’t wait to play lamecraft. Thanks again for all you guys hard work. I will post a video soon.

  14. alpmaster007 says:

    I will be patient i am sorry its just Sony makes me so mad but i will be laughing in there face once i have everything on the Vita if not more than on my old PSP. =] Thanks Wololo for even making this possible for the time being. Thank you Wth for releasing this to the public.

  15. darkenvy says:

    anyone get “an error has occured” (in french) when trying to install homebrew? its the OFW that handles that message. Error: C1-2858-3

    So yes I got to HBL but its crashing the game back to the Vita Menu

    • wololo says:

      Where di you get the homebrew you are trying to install? Is this happening for example with the test homebrew “doom” from the vhbl download page? Does this hapen when you try to install the homebrew, or when you run it?

      • jeff says:

        im having the same problemtrying to load wagic. it doesnt show the game only the UCES01420 file and when i click on it i get that error. is this how the install.zip should look- install.zip< WTH< EBOOT.PBP, axception.prx, res

        • yosh says:

          If you click on UCES01420, naturally it’s fail
          UCES01420 is the Everybody’s tennis game itself so VHBL can’t start it lol

          • darkenvy says:

            Lol yes this was actually it. I didnt know you could L & R.
            Oh but Triangle and Square does crash the system. Doesnt load anything just goes to a black screen. I dont know what its supposed to do 😛

    • Green Ranger says:

      First, the Homebrew you want to intall has to be in a different Savegame-Folder. In this Folder, theres the Install.zip. Navigate in VHBL from ”..” to ”Savedata” and choose there the other Savegame folder. Then it shold ask you to install the Homebrew. After this, you can start your Homebrew from ”Game”.

  16. Mcleod says:

    Why do i have to be at work when i see this post!! I’m guessing but about the time i get home the game is probably pulled from the PSn store :-(

  17. while says:

    How run the VHBL r134 with MotorStorm ? Download link always refer to the r123. Is this compatible? All is very ok, but the only missing information is this one.

  18. Juan says:

    Confirmed that SNES with all 798 ROMS is working with no issues. “Advice- Put all the roms in the subfolder names “Roms” on the SNES Emulator, this way it copies all the games and the emulator at once! and also you might want to create sub-folders such as A-D, E-F on the roms folders so the Vita wont Lag when reading all the ROMS at once!

    A big thanks to all the Devs in this process.. my donation to follow!

  19. Jms says:

    Hello, the Hong Kong version of the game has been unable to load VHBL archive, and ask how to solve, thank you

    • yosh says:

      Hong Kong version ? Is it a specific version of the game ?
      Could you give me a link showing which game the hong kong version exactly is ?

      • yosh says:

        Hm right the Hong Kong version is different, I could certainly adapt the exploit/VHBL to Everybody’s Tennis Asia version but unfortunately don’t have the Asian version of the game for now :(

      • John says:

        Hi Yosh. I’m having problems with the Taiwan Version of the Game also. I grabbed it from Taiwan PSN shop Sunday night.

        • wololo says:

          what is the ID of the game? try to save a game and copy it to your PC, then let us know the name of the folder. Most likely this is the same version as the HK game.

          • John says:

            Hi Wololo,

            When I create a new Save Game and export to my PC,
            The folder name is UCAS40307.


  20. Msparky83 says:

    Well, I for one am glad this release turned out to be such a success. Wth, great job my friend, you truly are amazing. Good luck with exams mate.

  21. darkenvy says:

    LOVE the exploit! Thanks again for the exploit and VHBL! I was thinkin, what about a file manager built into the HBL? I LOVE the autounpacker but file/folder moving and renaming would be super wicked! That way someone could add just roms to a install.zip and move it into the emulator folder of their choice.

    Please forgive me with the request. If it was written in C# and I had time I would do it myself

    • yosh says:

      I had this idea too, but then the file containing this custom filesystem built-unto HBL could become enormous, and each time we add something we’d have to transfer this whole filesystem again . so not sure if it’d really be the best ^^’

      • darkenvy says:

        a file containing the filesystem? Is the PSP-mode’s filesystem one large file on the PSVita memorystick?

        I assumed the PSP mode filesystem was simply a subfolder on the PSVita Memory stick. If your interested, im interested in chatting more on this if you wanna B.S. or bounce ideas via PM. I’m not expecting anything, im just eager to learn :)

        • yosh says:

          lol do you even know how a filesystem works ^^’ apparently not

          • darkenvy says:

            I built my own slackware linux system. I am quiet aware of how a filesystem works. However the ideology of everything as a file is oldschool. Besides I find things that use large contiguous files inefficient, such as virtual machines, and would hate to see that kind of thing one the vita.

          • wololo says:

            The idea basically is that the CMA refuses to copy folders and subfolders. The only thing we are “free” to copy are files in a flat folder as part of the savedata. I think this is where the idea of a “one file” filesystem is coming from. I agree it would be slow as heck, but it still sounds like an interesting project.

          • darkenvy says:

            okay, you can treat a folder as a file, however this begs the question: why would you need to transfer the whole filesystem each time when you can modify the contents inside? HBL has its own custom filesystem just for HBL? I assume the PSP mode has its own filesystem already there.

            Theres no need to be condescending just because you know more than me

  22. aliman says:

    if you want to rename your homebrew and delete things not needed on your vita’s memstick, then use pspfiler 4.4.
    works like a charm on my vita^^

    • darkenvy says:

      LOL I actually tried this as the second homebrew. Did not work at all this is why I came here and commented 😛

    • darkenvy says:

      I got it to work :) version 4.4 for the kernel 3.

      The VHBL is now complete with the PSPFiler :D. Although how to set backgrounds? I was thinkin of setting a custom background to both VHBL and PSPFiler to visually integrate them together.

  23. WhyKlef says:

    Great jobs guys! Sadly, I missed the title by 20mins, no more! I hope somewhere in the future that I will have another opportunity but until then, you guys are doing fantastic!!

  24. Johnny says:

    so in order to have hombrew on the psvita do u have to buy 2 psvita games…..>??????

  25. leon066117 says:

    No HK’s date,

    So sad……

  26. Steve says:

    The latest Scummvm 1.4.1 doesn’t work, won’t even install. I was able to find a older version (1.1.1), and it installed, but will not run The DIG or Full Throttle. I freezes upon starting the games.

  27. Johnny says:

    Who can give me the link to the super mario bros game and doom :P?

  28. Zellcorp says:

    Works great here in Australia

  29. Bruce says:

    On UK PSN is Everybody’s Tennis still for purchase is it a good version or it’s the patched one?

  30. Bruce says:

    It has a price tag, so I think it means she’s there.

  31. Petar says:

    Is there going to be vhbl rev 137 for Motorstorm? In this version Picodrive works without problem, but in Motorstorm one you can’t change games because it freezes every time you go to emulator menu. I thought that it wasn’t necessary to buy ET if I already have Motorstorm version, so I really hope that means that the MT version will be updated.

  32. Johnny says:

    Hey is anyone having problems trying to install cspsp anyother homebrew works….. but that one =/

  33. chance123 says:

    Please make it for motorstorm rc or modnation racers roadtrip.

  34. RabbitsJohn says:

    Hey, can I use a store bought version of everybodys golf? Europe

  35. james says:

    can someone please package up some homebrew other than doom, as i have been unable to replicate this for anything else so far!

  36. Kieran says:

    how do i install this on my vita? its really confusing me

  37. ucuz ucak says:

    Very great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to mention that
    I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
    After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I am hoping you write once more very soon!

  38. aliman says:

    ***??? xD

  39. Anon122 says:

    just ignore him

    his the known resident troll here

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