The responsibility of hackers


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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  1. garrei says:

    Just curious about what you said in your post wololo, you say that HBL was not meant to or never has or been a gateway to full custom firmware or kernel access to enable the pirating of ISO’s etc. What was used to launch Totaln00bs exploit a while back?… just asking nicely… :)

    • wololo says:

      I can’t remember if Total Noob used the patapon exploit or something else. What I know is that it wasn’t relying on HBL, and that he also had another user mode exploit ready in case the patapon exploit would not be god enough for some reason.

  2. lostarot says:

    I download movies and MP3s. You can call me a pirate, I guess, not guess, I know. But like what was mentioned, all these pepole always find a way to justify pirating. You download a book online from free sources, that is pirating. Like downloading softwares that are cracked.

    These writers they want to impress readers with things they think they know and “uninformed” readers believe them. And I bet they have more readers than a website who have readers that really just want to play “classic” games and homebrews. These writers think/pretend – maybe – that they are ethically correct people.

    Besides, “Hacking” has always been a general term. It was only recently that I knew the difference between cracking and hacking. Hacking a device like what you did Wololo, opened the system to an erternal code which meant “piracy” to the uninformed.

    Congratulations Wololo, You are now mainstream. Now “with great knowledge comes great responsibility”. LOL

  3. hook2008 says:

    The progress of mankind does not need more and more restrictions, but more and more freedom.

  4. Woto says:

    And on another note, Holy Shit, Tennis is still up and on the store!

  5. Milk says:

    Beautiful post, well said wololo. Maybe one day sony will see it in our eyes, to be able to allow homebrew support, and possibly emulators under their sleeves, but that’s not likely to happen..keep up the great work wolo, I love your post’s, and I actually take the time to read them out.

  6. raziel says:

    I hate Sony! I can’t believe they have made a gorgeous hardware and NO applications are provided to utilize it’s full potential. They won’t allow any homebrews too! FUCK U SONY! Not even a browser that supports flash! All the proprietary stuffs and Vita games & mem cards are fuckin expensive too.

  7. SONYSON says:

    Will an adjustable Spring works with my Integra STOCK SHOCKS?

  8. Iono says:

    Get rich… It solved Sonys problems…

  9. Centollu says:

    What’s up with Ridge Racer? ;) I bought it and I’ve found your previous post really funny. This with only knowing your blog since a week ago. Have you thought if they had read it?

    I just want to thank you for your work.

  10. francesco ita says:

    Everytime i read your blog the esteem that i have towards you grows more and more!

    Keep going on Wololo :-)


  11. Caio says:

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t emulation illegal? Besides, I can easily use HBL to download illegal ROM’s and play it on my PSP/Vita.

    Nothing against you, though. Just pointing out.

    • wololo says:

      This is why I explicitely mentioned that no psp/vita piracy was involved. I personally make an ethical difference between pirating content that just came out, and content that is 20 years old. But technically, yes, downloading roms from older consoles is still piracy, yes.
      Emulation in itself is absolutely not illegal.

    • master00d says:

      In fakt playing roms in a emulator is not ilegal as long as those roms are taken from your game(that one you actualy bought)
      Its called back up ;)

  12. SsJVasto says:

    Hey @Wololo,

    I used to read your articles off, but figured it would be better to read from the source (and give you hits). One thing I’ve always wondered since I started on the PSP scene like you is:

    Why don’t homebrew developpers push towards code signing instead of loaders such as HBL? I’m not saying it’s a bad program, I’m just wondering if it would be more convenient to write a game that will work out-of-the-box on a stock PSP. Of course, I’m unaware of legal issues, like “you can’t use Sony’s encryption key” or “code signing can lead to piracy”, but PRO-CFW is signed and supports piracy, so that’s a non-issue now.

    @Wololo: What’s your opinion on code signing VS 3rd-party Homebrew loaders on PSP?

  13. Aaron says:

    While I will openly admit (unlike a lot of people) that I am a pirate and am not ashamed of it, I am also a person who is happy with what I get. If all I get is some great emulators of 20 year old 8 bit games then that`s awesome because frankly, I`d rather have that than any of the games available for my Vita right now. I have a 50 dollar psn card and am waiting for the next exploit game just so I can play some old rpgs on my system. This alone does not make me a pirate any more than making a copy of Rap Trax 93`that I have owned since 1993 does nor does it make the developer (in this case Wololo) a pirate OR an enabler of pirates. If someone uses a weapon improperly, Is it the manufacturers fault? Even better, if someone uses a Nike golf club to kill someone else then Nike should be held responsible for said murder. Honestly, as I write this I have become stunned that this argument even has to be had in this day and age. I`m beginning to think Darwin was wrong.

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