The responsibility of hackers


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81 Responses

  1. Bruteforced101 says:

    No matter how you explain it wololo they will still be ignorant of what is really happening… and how stuff works, and technical terms… herp derp!!!

    sigh… stupid newbs!!!

    • SMOKE says:

      Thats not very nice, also all DEVs started out as noobs too!

      • Bruteforced101 says:

        That is not what i meant SMOKE.

        True Devs started out without any knowledge of the platform what so ever. this is why they investigate and break down the system they are not hackers to begin with, in some peoples minds they are simply curious people with a lots of skill, time and dedication.

        I think your missing my point. I once tweeted with hellcat about Ready to run recovery flasher on OFW regarding bricks iirc and he replied saying “They should learn to read before using my application!” I tweeted back and said “That made my simpathy go away!”

        FYI i’m not pointing fingers but i’m saying this in general…


        I am just honestly waiting for the PS Suite SDK.

  2. daryl317 says:

    Nice post man. I respect the work you did for the scene. Hopefully you guys can find an exploitable US Game in the near future.

  3. Yomen says:

    i dont know game for VHBL – Ridge Racer ? OR tennis?

  4. Yomen says:

    Price game is big =(

  5. Stu says:

    Brilliant post, though in my experience no amount of rational justification will help the idiots understand.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and know it’s appreciated.

  6. sony can kiss my ass says:

    i follow your blog and i found the ”Dear Sony…” post hilarious. i wonder or sony found it that funny too….

    but why are people hating you anyway? unless they are sony can’t i understand why they have a problem with piracy to begin with. if you are againt piracy just dont pirate yourself. stopping piracy is next to impossible anyway.

    and how many times do you have to post something like this before people finnaly get it? do you have to draw it out for them to get that you are not a pirate?

  7. knox says:

    Well said mate!! Keep on the good work

  8. Xeeynamo says:

    When I talk to my friends about the custom firmware on PSP I don’t tell about the possibility to run ISO, but the possibility to broke that barrier that enable customization, improvements, emulators, software, home-made games and the possibility to program the console in C. The CFW/HBL is much more than the usual people think and this reality come thanks to hackers like you! Sony seems to live in a circle and it run inside it, where outside there are a lot of possibilities. Apple was right, give tools to programming its device with few limitations, but Sony give trust only to big organizations and allows game publish with high license cost. I hope that Sony will change idea about the management of tools distribution and the costs, or the PS Vita will be a fail.
    Nice post the “Dear Sony” btw :)

    • UE says:

      Eh screw apple their business model is horrible in software development. Not for them but for developers, I was never as happy as I was till I switched to a decent android device and started dev’ing for it.

  9. chris says:

    well haters always will hate is like apple funboys they say siri is good the problem is with people using siri and no jailbroke is needed ,cause all that jailbroke are pirates.
    the same is to vita if i buy it i can mod it what else…

  10. Gabi says:

    I’m new here but I do really respect your work and one advice, just ignore those bummers and keep up the good work. Much apreciated.

  11. Kade says:

    It’s a good work, and we always stand by you.

  12. enygmyx says:

    thx wololo,wth and all other hackers for your hard work.

  13. jlo138 says:

    I guess I could be considered a pirate. When Sony allowed 5 psps on one account, I had one for me and 3 for different friends. We purchased different games due to taste but we all could share the game since their device was linked to my account. Example, I bought Twisted Metal psp and now we were able to play 4 player mode since they could play it on their psp on my account. So 4 people owned it for $20. Fun times during lunch at work!

    • wololo says:

      To me this falls exactly into fair use, or what we call “family circle” in France. French laws allow you to share cultural contents with your family, and I believe close friends have been considered as family in jurisprudence. I know this is exactly the type of behavior Sony is trying to remove by limiting the number of licenses to 2 machines, but this is just ridiculous. The people doing what you do must represent such a tiny share of their market, I don’t even understand why they bother. Me, on the other hand, I have 1 Vita, 1 ps3, and 3 psp, so basically I’m sc*** with the new “2” limitations. I know, First world problem, but still…

      • jlo138 says:

        I will say though, because of it we spent way more money than I would of alone. Probably over $400 combined on psp and ps1 classics. And they sold 2 psps as well which were added to my account. But yeah, people like you got sc*** because you now have to choose which systems you want so now you can’t play your purchases on all your Sony products which allow such games to be played. I don’t even access my account anymore since the hack so they can’t do anything about my devices. Sony did state that it was for family living in the same household. Workarounds I guess. I was trying to get one more person added which would ‘grant them access’ to our library, but I was going to charge an admittance fee. Lol. Too late for that now.

      • TheBudds says:

        Your alright with the ps3, but still sc*** with the mobiles. Indeed this was quite a dumb move, but I think one brought on by pressures from third party companies. Furthermore, there were a lot of complaints brought on by xbox users over the issue just that.

        Funny enough, it lead to the whole “if you game share, your as bad as the pirates” deal you’ve spoke about. Also, when I asked if they felt that way simply because xbox live didn’t let them… I got back no response :)

        Another funny point is that I argued that Sony’s own TOS allowed it (along with sharing with your friends) and that happened to be one of the parts that ended up getting changed in the revision.

  14. esol says:

    Go wololo DO NOT CARE OF THAT PEOPLE SAYS BECAUSE THEY SPEAK, BUT THEM SHALL MANAGE I of AMAIS TO MAKE WHAT YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE (it is easy to criticize and difficult to make!!!) I am with you and I you support, and I respect your work!!!:)

    i like that

  15. ToastAllBaddies says:

    I support you and agree 100% man

  16. Quaeton says:

    Very nice article. Yea I’m one of the people who didn’t buy the game because it was too expensive and doesn’t look like a game I would like to play. It doesn’t mean I didn’t buy it because it won’t allow isoloaders. It just simply means I want to wait for Vita homebrew as I already own a M33 PSP capable of much more than the VHBL. The VHBL is less convenient, more restricted and the homebrew is ‘priced’ at £25. I’ll stick with my PSP for PSP homebrew. Great work none the less!!

  17. XfloxX says:

    Thank you very much for your sharing !

  18. natsu says:

    i cannot agree more..

    all i hope for now, is that you guys find a FREE GAME to exploit.. im saying this in behalf of the guys who dont have any access to CC or psn cards.. but can buy cartridges.

    i do have 5 vita cartridges now but im still in a dilemma of getting a CC and psn cards are not readily available at my place… cruel world…:(

  19. dimy93 says:

    It’s hight time for Sony to make a free SDK for homebrew developers – this will highly decrease the hacking attempts of Vita and also increase the indie games resulting in better catalog of games and of course less piracy attempts but instead Sony stop even HBL

    • wololo says:

      Hopefully the Playstation Suite will fill that void.. I’m just worried of the limitations. I’m not goping into an Apple “give us 30% of everything you make” type of scheme

  20. joy696163 says:

    I appreciate your work, thanks for what you have done
    support you

  21. tbag says:

    wololo I don’t see how anyone could take that as anything more and a laugh riot, your last post said alot of things that needed to be said and I loved it and you know I linked it out from our site.

  22. joy696163 says:

    Actually,I hope psv can ran home-made software

  23. emp88 says:

    The only reason that I obtain a game by morally grey methods is if the game is not available in my region, or if I own a physical copy myself or intend to in the very near future.

  24. KenshinX says:

    Forget about those haters and pro-piracy people that don’t know the true meaning of SCENE; to them there are only one thing that matters; FREE STUFF; Ilegal Stuff; ISOs; they aren’t grateful for your hard work and the other devs job doing useful tools and developing awesome homebrew, plugins, emulators etc.

  25. cheesy says:

    HBL = homebrew nothing more

  26. Kizumik says:

    I think we all should be happy about what we get now. Don’t be greedy or else you will fall.

  27. Iemo says:

    The dear Sony was great. I got 3 ps3 in my house ( my room,living room, and kids room) and I think is bs that I cant put my stuff on all three. I also think it sucks that half the reasons I bought my first ps3 is no longer supported. Like backwards compatibility or other OS (but sonys right I could of kept other OS if I wanted to who cares if you cant play any new games its a fair trade.)

    As for the anti-piracy people. You are right most are hypocrite in one way or another and the others are 1. just to scared to do it or 2. just to dumb to know where to start. Im willing to bet less the 5% of the anti-piracy people are legit.

    On a side note your Wagic game rocks.

  28. romain337 says:

    I agree about what you said in this post. Totally.

  29. ndh777 says:

    You’ve still got my support, Wololo. I’ve been following your blog since the first exploit came from Motorstorm Arctic Edge and have been impressed with what you guys do. Great work and Sony and friends should be happy for your guys’ exploits because you’re forcing a whole lot of users to come and buy a product so they can use their device in a way that they’d like. Did we, or did we not just pay $249-$299 for these things? Why can’t we do what we want with them? Why do so many people feel a need to criticize people like Wololo? They aren’t criticizing people who buy cars and change the rims or even engine in them.

    But other people are right. No matter how much you explain it, you’ll still always have some idiots out there who are brainwashed so bad that they automatically think hackers are people who want to steal their identity.

    Keep up the good work, guys. We got your back and thankful for your releases.

  30. z2442 says:

    good luck wololo you have the right idea man

  31. chufirulo says:

    Hi Wololo:
    First of all, thanks for your hours of hard work and for share this exploit with all of us. I agree 100% with your point of view and support it.
    Only a question, if possible: When is the estimated date of release for this exploit, now than the game is revealed?

    Thank you again and a big effort from spain!

  32. ChemDog says:

    You can’t argue with idiots. They will bring you down to their level, and then beat you with experience.

  33. TheBudds says:

    This is exactly why I like coming over her in lieu of many other forums out there. I’ve seen the exact arguments your talking about with people acting as if knowing the facts, then arguing will do a whole lot worse off if they just get away with yelling at each other.

    Also, your post about the name of the game is still awesome :) In closing what you talked about is what I believe is laziness in terms of what the internet can do for us today. It’s too easy to download what you want, and I believe people don’t even attach a moral point to what they are doing… until as you said, they complain about it when it hurts their way of doing things.

    I still get weird looks from people whenever I tell them I bought whatever. “why did you buy that bluray set? that show is online”

    For my stance on homebrew, we’ve talked about that before.

  34. Wolf says:

    Where’s the AD-Hoc Wagic for psp hã?

  35. ??? says:

    I just been told by one of those people that says HBL is “opening the door” to PSP/Vita piracy that your post is too long for them to read and bother with and they just want to say HBL is for piracy

  36. karen enjfje says:

    how do you buy games from another store plz link me to a tutorial or something plllzz

  37. Chocogow says:

    i dont know why people dont use hbl its true that i can run homebrew with custom firmware but i only use it for isos wololo is mad at the people who dont apreciate homebrews they are pretty good i my self use hbl for emulaters and stuff the reason that i still use it is because it shows you how awsome homebrew is even if it takes me longer to run the exploit it worth it and you little trolls who dont have a life apriciate what wololo has done in the past years if it werent for him we would still be beging for hackers to make custom firmewares and i believe that we even needed it to run the hen once

  38. hexagone says:

    Dear Sony, Wololo is right…
    I bought the Everybody’s Tennis just to run emulators (atari, commodore 64 and scummvm). Not to run isos !
    Perhaps it will exist less “hackers” if you us give a sdk and the power to install freely our apps.

    You create good hardware, so keep in mind the software must be attractive. Opensource can do it for you…

  39. svenn says:

    Stop feeding the trolls, keep doing what you do. You seem to have good times with it, so I don’t see a point of change needed.


  40. Flyer says:

    I still don’t understand why you’re bothering to explain something to people who will never listen to you. Really.

  41. OMightyBuggy says:

    Great work with everything so far Wololo!

  42. NetwoGard says:

    @Wololo est tu français ? Moi également et je débarque ici je suis un peu perdu .. A tu une adresse mail ? twitter ? aim ? J’ai certaines choses a te demander .
    Mon mail est
    D’avance merci a toi .

  43. Vincent_kya says:

    Well, I´m from Argentine, and you know, In this country the Dollar is very expensive, makes the game price very High. I start to save my money long time a go to finally buy mi PSvita, and the stupid-higeprince Memory card. Probably this question is very stupid, But, i have to do it, ¿How monts have to wait to run PSvita iso? NOT for download, But i wanna have a backup for my game (Uncharted).
    And Buy the game for $30 it´s the only way to have a HVL?
    Thanks and good job. (I log in on this page every day, i dont know, maybe some good day , you are to release the CFW for the vita how can run the vita-isos dude)

  44. Hektik says:

    @Wololo you are one funny guy

  45. gg7 says:

    i think your right because there are worst hacker then you. And im one of them i know something you dont know.. my code name is gg7 aka goodgamer7.

  46. gg7 says:

    what so funny ?^

  47. Yes says:

    “Seriously though, my point was not to sound arrogant towards Sony, but to announce the release in a humorous post. So, apologies to many people on other websites who apparently didn’t catch that, I agree it’s difficult to understand where this post is coming from if you haven’t been following this blog regularly.”

    Since your “Dear Sony” post was written in an sarcastic way, i think that is what also caught people off guard. Because sometimes sarcastic posts can have a serious point/agenda behind them.

    Personally, i honestly thought you had an arrogant/bitter tone towards Sony just because they try to patch up exploits on the Vita (even if there is a very small chance that the exploit might be used for piracy). So i couldnt quite understand why. But thanks for poiting this out, good to know that this wasnt the case like i first thought :)

  48. garrei says:

    Just curious about what you said in your post wololo, you say that HBL was not meant to or never has or been a gateway to full custom firmware or kernel access to enable the pirating of ISO’s etc. What was used to launch Totaln00bs exploit a while back?… just asking nicely… :)

    • wololo says:

      I can’t remember if Total Noob used the patapon exploit or something else. What I know is that it wasn’t relying on HBL, and that he also had another user mode exploit ready in case the patapon exploit would not be god enough for some reason.

  49. lostarot says:

    I download movies and MP3s. You can call me a pirate, I guess, not guess, I know. But like what was mentioned, all these pepole always find a way to justify pirating. You download a book online from free sources, that is pirating. Like downloading softwares that are cracked.

    These writers they want to impress readers with things they think they know and “uninformed” readers believe them. And I bet they have more readers than a website who have readers that really just want to play “classic” games and homebrews. These writers think/pretend – maybe – that they are ethically correct people.

    Besides, “Hacking” has always been a general term. It was only recently that I knew the difference between cracking and hacking. Hacking a device like what you did Wololo, opened the system to an erternal code which meant “piracy” to the uninformed.

    Congratulations Wololo, You are now mainstream. Now “with great knowledge comes great responsibility”. LOL

  50. hook2008 says:

    The progress of mankind does not need more and more restrictions, but more and more freedom.

  51. Milk says:

    Beautiful post, well said wololo. Maybe one day sony will see it in our eyes, to be able to allow homebrew support, and possibly emulators under their sleeves, but that’s not likely to happen..keep up the great work wolo, I love your post’s, and I actually take the time to read them out.

  52. SONYSON says:

    Will an adjustable Spring works with my Integra STOCK SHOCKS?

  53. Iono says:

    Get rich… It solved Sonys problems…

  54. Centollu says:

    What’s up with Ridge Racer? 😉 I bought it and I’ve found your previous post really funny. This with only knowing your blog since a week ago. Have you thought if they had read it?

    I just want to thank you for your work.

  55. francesco ita says:

    Everytime i read your blog the esteem that i have towards you grows more and more!

    Keep going on Wololo :-)


  56. Caio says:

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t emulation illegal? Besides, I can easily use HBL to download illegal ROM’s and play it on my PSP/Vita.

    Nothing against you, though. Just pointing out.

    • wololo says:

      This is why I explicitely mentioned that no psp/vita piracy was involved. I personally make an ethical difference between pirating content that just came out, and content that is 20 years old. But technically, yes, downloading roms from older consoles is still piracy, yes.
      Emulation in itself is absolutely not illegal.

    • master00d says:

      In fakt playing roms in a emulator is not ilegal as long as those roms are taken from your game(that one you actualy bought)
      Its called back up 😉

  57. SsJVasto says:

    Hey @Wololo,

    I used to read your articles off, but figured it would be better to read from the source (and give you hits). One thing I’ve always wondered since I started on the PSP scene like you is:

    Why don’t homebrew developpers push towards code signing instead of loaders such as HBL? I’m not saying it’s a bad program, I’m just wondering if it would be more convenient to write a game that will work out-of-the-box on a stock PSP. Of course, I’m unaware of legal issues, like “you can’t use Sony’s encryption key” or “code signing can lead to piracy”, but PRO-CFW is signed and supports piracy, so that’s a non-issue now.

    @Wololo: What’s your opinion on code signing VS 3rd-party Homebrew loaders on PSP?

  58. Aaron says:

    While I will openly admit (unlike a lot of people) that I am a pirate and am not ashamed of it, I am also a person who is happy with what I get. If all I get is some great emulators of 20 year old 8 bit games then that`s awesome because frankly, I`d rather have that than any of the games available for my Vita right now. I have a 50 dollar psn card and am waiting for the next exploit game just so I can play some old rpgs on my system. This alone does not make me a pirate any more than making a copy of Rap Trax 93`that I have owned since 1993 does nor does it make the developer (in this case Wololo) a pirate OR an enabler of pirates. If someone uses a weapon improperly, Is it the manufacturers fault? Even better, if someone uses a Nike golf club to kill someone else then Nike should be held responsible for said murder. Honestly, as I write this I have become stunned that this argument even has to be had in this day and age. I`m beginning to think Darwin was wrong.

  59. darkenvy says:

    Hes probably going to think your me XD. Your name is sooo similar.

    Wololo ignore those noobs. Anyone who actually follows your stuff knows your intentions are good.

  60. ps, I laughed at the release post

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