Dear Sony…


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320 Responses

  1. malin

    still up in uk store as of 1.45 pm

  2. Kaza

    Dear wololo, u dont worry that your website will be attacked?

  3. cercata

    Hilarious !! Chapeau !!
    Loved the Irony !!!

  4. dimy93

    well written :PPP

  5. hexagone

    J’aime beaucoup ta démarche ! 😉

  6. DavePsvitahack

    Hi i live in the us and i thank sony now’s the game that can us HBL how the heck dos 2 game that can us hbl not work off us market and work on uk and jp PS i get hot shot tennis get a grip its the same game as Everybody’s Tennis what the heck

  7. m0skit0


  8. WhyKlef

    Is this still working? Anyone know a place to buy a JPN PSN card and have the code immediately?

  9. thedanks

    9:41am in the us… 7 minutes left downloading the game! thanks!

  10. kalte

    EPIC RELEASE. Good for me good old PSP is and will be my last Sony console.

  11. senas8

    WOLOLO: Excellent work! 😛 hahaha.. ohhh u got sense of humor.

  12. sh1t_s1pp3r

    this would cost more than a vita game in the usa to play vhbl, no thanks.

  13. GraVoX

    Awesome post mate! As well as awesome work :)

  14. Mofo

    If you got artic edge you dont need to get everybody’s tennis right ?

    • wololo

      right, they should have more or less the same compatibility (although to be honest wth did lots of work and I think the tennis exploit has better compatibility, but nothing that cannot be fixed on the motorstorm version)

  15. TheBudds

    Will read again, 20 outta 10 right there…lol

    That was just brilliant :)

  16. Lianky

    Eh, Wololo, le jeu “Hot Shots Tennis” semble être la version US de Everybody’s Tennis/Minna no Tennis non?

  17. svenn

    I wish to inform you that there must be some evil homebrew developer has used a exploit on your website to upload exploit using software …

  18. Wdingdong

    It seems like Wololo got inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s and Martin Luther King Jr.’s way of Non-violent Resistance :)
    Wololo forever!

  19. Dave

    Help!!! I keep getting (The connection to the server has been terminated NP-2244-2) Trying to buy everybody’s Tennis from UK store. Anyone know how to fix?

    • Juandevry

      Dave I just purchased the game 5 min ago. 10 min download left

    • HIMFan

      You can’t use a non UK credit card in the UK store. You HAVE to buy a PSN card or code and use it. Thats why I missed out on Motorstorm last time around.

  20. chiken77

    I bought at morning gw+1 and that was right

  21. Opened

    Please , Im Still needing to know if its worth updating from 1.06 to access the ps store ?

  22. Juandevry

    Just downloaded the game with no issues. Bought the uk card (I’m in los Angeles) formatted the psvita, created a uk account.. Smooth sailing.. Thanks to everyone for this awesome work!

  23. peepeeface

    Hey wololo would you compare the vitas security to be as tight as the ps3s? Or a little less?

  24. Solos

    realease of the savedata exploit ?

  25. `ps vita enthusiast

    can i just buy the physical copy of the game if ever i can no longer Download the game at the psn store?

  26. Clarkalel

    Is it removed i can’t seem to find it.

  27. `ps vita enthusiast

    can some one upload the game to the net?, can we do that…because i dont have the capability to ddownload the game…so im just wondering if you guys( who already downloaded it) can upload to the internet

    pls guys…reply

  28. nabz

    The game is still up in the european PSN store, try to search “everybody” and youll find it.

  29. Clarkalel

    ok i got it had to log in to psn. Also after i am done is there a way to switch my psn network back to US and keep the game working and Playable ?. Thanks guys.

  30. `ps vita enthusiast

    can some one upload the game to the net?, can we do that…because i dont have the capability to ddownload the game…so im just wondering if you guys( who already downloaded it) can upload to the internet

    pls guys…reply

  31. dani cruz

    so where we could download the pkg file then????

  32. `ps vita enthusiast

    the problem is, i will have my ps vita on 19th of april…. thats why i cant download it and i dont know anybody that has a ps vita…well ps vita is not yet that common here in the philippines… pls help me
    and give me some advice

  33. Luis

    I think Wololo missed a point in his message.
    I know you accept a good non agressive criticism,
    so well, the thing is, sony wants to prevent this
    kind of things, not for the emulators or homebrews,
    we all know that it owuldn’t stop here, because maybe not
    you, or not 90% of other devs, but one will eventually
    create an iso loader, a way to piracy the psp games…
    So well, because of piracy we all suffer…
    It’s like Nokia, with N900, ( I had mine, and I know
    the story ), one of their show off of the device
    was with an emulator, the Drnoksnes, how many emulators
    does this device has? Many, I participated on the port
    of one of them myself, but we know it doesn’t stop
    here when we talk about gaming devices! People always
    want more, and they exagerate…

  34. Johnny

    Allllllrrriiiigghhhhttttt i bought the game 😀

  35. godzirra

    I disagree. Sony wants to stop it because they can’t get a cut of the homebrew market. Piracy is a side effect, but they don’t care where the games come from as long as they get their cut. If they don’t get their cut, they’ll do whatever they can to stop it.

  36. HIMFan

    I already knew what the game was via /talk forums. So I had it downloaded already. I don’t know what time he announced the game, but here I am at 4PM CST and its still up. I downloaded it on my Vita on Friday and backed up my Vita right after with my Vita in Flight mode and used OpenCMA. So I have it, and I’m also downloading it on my MediaGo to use it on my CFW Go because its only fair that I bought it and I should be able to play it on my Go. (Mismatched US/UK profiles unfortunately).

  37. Johnny

    Ok so i got the game now what do i do????

  38. R32

    When is VHBL using everybody’s tennis exhibited?

  39. Doctor Evil

    Exploit in Everybody’s Tennis => VHBL => world domination!

  40. Mindstate

    Lmao… wololo ftw

  41. L

    @ Wololo

    I’m not saying what you should do”because your doing a great job”
    But wouldn’t it be more effective if you released this after the Vita FW Update?
    I’m not saying that the exploit is a total loss, but it will get patched, and then you “if you did not already” have to find another exploit *although you owe us nothing, we owe you*.
    I think it would be better if you did this after the FW Update because it will get patched anyway, but it would work on the newer Fw.

    Keep up the good work.!

  42. Shinobi

    I agree with “L”
    PS: where can I donate to you?

  43. Freeplayer

    Good job, but we hope to have a free crack.
    For example, by a special CMA to install cracked game or program.

  44. rundim

    What a great piece of blog!
    feel sorry about Sony lol

  45. Timberack

    Is the game still on PSN?

  46. Sasuke

    lol 154 versions of pong…

  47. mjax



    I laughed reading your letter. Nice one!

  48. peepeeface

    $30 for a crappy exploit with limited compatibility DERPs!!

  49. HIMFan

    Its been roughly 12 hours(that I know of) since the game has been announced and it’s still up. W.Ololo must’ve spoke to the heart of Sony.

    • HIMFan

      I’d say just wait until Sony removes it from their store. And if they DON’T remove it, give it a week or 2 (despite moans and groans from people that don’t understand) and then that’ll give people more time to download it.

      • wololo

        Lots of people have been waiting for the files already… I don’t plan to wait weeks before the release, but I’ll discuss with wth. I am not entirely sure if Sony didn’t fix it because it’s a weekend, or if they think I’m bluffing this time, or if they have a better patch coming up, or if they realized it’s mostly harmless… not sure, really.
        (This was announced 30hrs ago already.)

  50. Shadowcrazy

    can’t find the NA version (Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip) in the PSN store through the vita.

    so I guess I can’t play homebrew on my vita :(

    hopefully you and your fellow hacker brethren find more ways to exploit the PSVITA…tbh I bought it with hopes of being able to run homebrew and emulators and such.

    and hopefully if/when the vita get’s hacked…I can run it on my 1.61 firmware vita :)

  51. jimmy

    Cool le message

  52. kokonoe

    I am a Japanese.
    Since English could not be done at all, translation software was used.
    Please allow grammar to be amusing.
    Since it checked that everybody’s tennis had been deleted from the store around 16:00 JST, I will consider it as a report.