Dear Sony…


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320 Responses

  1. Timothy says:

    Is this a real email to them? It would be hilarious if it was. If not, you should send it anyways. Thanks for the hard work guys!

  2. wolverine6808 says:

    hhmmm, wololo i thought wth n tech4 were ur buddies, but no matter i guess lol

  3. flapheadx says:

    What a beautiful, well written letter. Hope Sony appreciates it as much as I did. Great Job, Wololo!

  4. Sony says:

    All your base are belong to us

  5. patay_ako says:


    its suppose to be funny, right?

  6. jc_gargma says:

    *gives standing ovation*

  7. Disturbed0ne says:

    Yeah! Down with hackers!!! >_<

    They ruin everything by allowing people to do what they want with things they own.

  8. fate6 says:

    o wololo why you make me lulz ?

    any who heres hoping this one last longer ^___^

  9. Be0ut says:

    lol..Clever!! enjoyed the read… would love to be a fly on the wall during sony’s meeting when this is brought up!!

  10. Silver says:

    Eh wait… Is this an announce for the game we should buy..? O_o

    • wth says:

      pretty much indeed lol

    • wololo says:

      Yes. Not ridge racer though, that one really sucks. Buy everybodys tennis.

      • Silver says:

        Oh well! Nice one Wololo! Love the works of all u guys! I just hope this time I’ll have the time to get the game >.< I'm gonna go make my Uk account and buy the game right now 😉

      • Silver says:

        Oh and by the way, should I stop the internet access on my vita just to be sure?

      • UE says:

        ridge racer is possibly the worst game on the vita.

        not even sure why it was “delayed” in release over here.

        Oh well rayman origins, wipeout, dynasty warriors, shinibido all play well and there are more games I want/will get in the future so -shrugs-

  11. wth says:

    xD let’s see how long this one will stay

  12. Silver says:

    hey wth , is this the game we have to buy for the game or is it just a false letter ? xD

  13. TragicTheBlubbering says:

    This made my day! Lol!

  14. Iono says:

    Dear Wololo, This is what people with power and money can do too community loving people like you…

  15. ViKtory says:

    “An excellent message” ~Chef Excellence

    Made my day.

  16. WINNING says:

    Lol Thanks

  17. ChemDog says:

    Omg this is hilarious! I lol’d so hard reading it. Nice work everyone!

  18. Woto says:

    I love how all these evil hacks are all exploits from some of $0ny’s “Big series” Motostorm first and Minna no * I’m just waiting for the next exploit to come from Frobsher says or better yet Welcome Park

  19. bman says:

    “I heard however that these hackers have prepared a US version of the hack just in case that version is being sold somewhere such as the HK store.”

    Can someone explain the point of this? Seems like there is a hack that would work on the US end without having to buy a UK point card, etc,. Is that true? Little more detail please for us US gamers?

  20. bman says:

    or maybe for some reason the US version of this game is being sold on the HK store?

    • wololo says:

      we are not sure what version of the game is being sold in various countries, so just in case wth prepared the exploit for the US version as well, in case that version is sold somewhere. The game is *not* available on the us store. As an English speaker, the best (as far as I know) for US people is to buy the game from the UK store.

  21. qwerty says:

    Hey guys whats the best place to get (EUR)psn cards from?

  22. knox says:

    Nice one :)….best release ever lool…Congratulations to everyone involved in this project

  23. qwerty says:


  24. USA!!!! says:

    Wow, I call hackers terrorists too! Though I actually call everyone terrorists, that way I can punch anyone I want in the face and be fighting the war on terror.

  25. NOT COOL says:

    I think Sony should sue themselves for not being securely secured. When people crack their own bought product, Sony called them Hackers and sue them. But when Sony couldn’t handle the lost of our credit card, what did they do? Trolling around like having no clue.

    Special Olympics of New Youth!

  26. garrei says:

    baha… yeah, they stole my money from motorstorm!!! I WANT TO PLAY MOTORSTORM DAMMIT!!!!!

  27. cemadee says:

    LOL wololo you always say it right. good man.

  28. Guardian says:

    Finally, there was someone who stood up on behalf of the nice giant corporations that only want to take money from people in exchange for crappy products.
    Wololo should be given a medal or some kind of reward, there are very few people who are “courageous” and “smart” enough to stand up and tell the dangerous hackers “no more, this is the company I want to steal my money, this the company I paid for a product I don’t own, this is the company that tells me I have no rights over my legally bought products and that is something I won’t allow to change!
    Congratulations Wololo, you are very inspiring in your letter and I felt that I also had to stand up on behalf of this company that sells me crappy games and consoles with crappy sofware!
    All of us should follow Wololo’s example, let the evil, greedy companies take our money and give us products we don’t own.

  29. LalaPo says:

    For some reason, this post sounded sarcastic…O_o?

  30. Australian Gamer says:

    Everybodys Tennis is $50 in Australia
    Big RipOff from Sony

  31. Charlie Cheung says:

    It’s so funny.
    Thanks for the hard work u and ur buddies have done.We all support u.
    I hope u will get a great breakthrough in hacking.

  32. stingray1059 says:

    everybodys tennis is HK$288, quite expensive for a psp game. while vita’s virtua tennis 4 costs HK$244 in the HK store. weird isnt it?

    lets see how many hours before sony remove this game in the psn store.

  33. WUT? says:

    “back to the 90′s” netfront browser. LOL XD

    In this way of releasing the name of the game Sony will get confused because you sounded drunk Hahaha. I bet you only think about releasing it this way last night while your drinking beer?

  34. NetwoGard says:

    LOL *** ??? Why are you making this post and authorized wth to post how exploit on the forum ???
    I m totally new here and I just buy the game for telling you , so I really don’t understand this thread utility … @wth we know you work here for us but I think you need to leave this website and open your own 😉


  35. NOT COOL says:

    This game still on Playstation Store,
    Last checked:3/24/2012 7:00 (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

  36. DigiTak says:

    Your such a troll XD
    I almost thought you were serious until like midway through the first paragraph. God I would have been sc*** if you were being cereal.

  37. Milk says:

    LOL nice. I’m just waiting for a higher “Hack” to play my homebrews. I have to way to get UK psn cards, and it’s a lot of work to restore your vita and such, instead of waiting for a better release of a HBL, ect.

  38. L0YD says:

    umm it does sell on us store btw us title name is “Hot Shots Tennis” look it up

  39. Viral_Weaponry says:


  40. Noel Abercrombie says:

    10/10. Excellent post.
    Would read again.

  41. berserkerdrache says:

    Nice job!
    I wish I could spend the money in this game, but it´s too expensive. Are there any plans for an exploit for a demo so we don´t need to pay money for the game? : /

  42. bman says:

    considering this game is called hot shots tennis in the US, i noticed it’s actually on the store. I’m assuming it can’t be transferred so I’m not going to waste the money but there is a demo of the game so I’ll try that first to see if it will transfer to my ps vita. prob not but worth a shot. Game is 20 in the US btw.

  43. apatmet says:

    superb post! it got me first. thanks for all the devs behind this.

  44. darkenvy says:

    I like the letter :). Directing it at sony actually sends a direct message thats almost a slap in the face

  45. Realist says:

    It’s nice that you brought this to the attention of Sony but the entire letter was entirely unfunny and extremely childish. You definitely came across as bitter and butthurt. Oh well.

  46. Rattboy says:

    isn’t it the same thing as “Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip” which is on the us ps3 store

    • wololo says:

      Yes. The game however cannot be transfered on the vita from what I’ve been told. You can still give it a try but I’m pretty sure it won’t work.

      • darkenvy says:

        Hey Wololo, how many people did we get in the prerelease? I heard Artic Storm got around 6000 before it was prematurely publicized

        • wololo says:

          Technically, about 7000 people were made aware of the release before it was public. It seems however that despite my many hints, some people didn’t see the message, that had been up for almost a week. Overall, I estimate that somewhere between 1000 and 1500 people were actually aware of the game, out of which I don’t really know how many people actually bought the game… optimistically, I’d say between 50 and 200 people? It’s not worse than what it was for the Motorstorm exploit.

          • darkenvy says:

            You know, for the longest time I was curious about how the system worked. Despite how few people were ‘actually aware’, I think the system couldn’t have been better for people actually active. I noticed it immediately (I think).

            I bought the game and I was able to relax :)

  47. bman says:

    so i can confirm that the demo of the hot shots tennis on the us store does not transfer to the vita. without spending 20 bucks, I would assume the full game doesn’t transfer either.


  48. greg says:

    Actually, demos from the PSN store never transfer from the PS3 to the Vita. So the fact the Hots Shots doesn’t transfer means nothing. But people on the forum have tried the US game, I think. So I wouldn’t waste money on Hot Shots from the US store unless you hear something conclusive.

    • Dutt says:

      Actually, demos from the PSN store never transfer from the PS3 to the Vita.

      This in not true.. Iv downloaded most of my Vita demo’s with my ps3 and 1 PSP demo and they all transferred to my Vita.

  49. cruzer says:

    willing to trade my steam acc if someone can hook me up with this game off the eu store msg me at steam acc has stuff on it such as l4d2 and the beta for dota 2

  50. hook2008 says:

    Support for hackers, the hacker’s work is very meaningful.

  51. Pspplayer says:

    This was hilarious, I’m still waiting for someone to find a psp game hack for a us game. I am thinking about learning how to hack them myself but I figure by the time it takes for me to learn it all someone would have released a us hack already.

  52. NOT COOL says:

    Why is your WEBSITE SO WEIRD?
    I thought it was more than 70 comments,
    but now it’s only 29???

  53. Clarkalel says:

    so Everybody’s Tennis is the game for homebrew ?. answer please.

  54. Clarkalel says:

    it won’t work if you buy on ps3 and transfer it over ? please answer

  55. Anonymous says:

    Wow man, you sure told them…

  56. derp says:

    I think wololo and all the hackers involved have ties with these companies to boost sales and get s profit all from a simple hack

  57. Opened says:

    If still on firmware 1.06 is it really worth it to update to buy this from the ps store ? or is there a chance it would be better to wait this one out ?

  58. Madblaster6 says:

    Is it pulled because I don’t see it in the US store.

  59. Clarkalel says:

    Can i buy it on my ps3 then transfer it over to my vita ? would it still work or do i have to buy it directly off my vita? please answer thanks.

  60. Shawn says:

    I can see Sony smashing their glasses of milk after this one.

  61. Madblaster6 says:

    I’m in the US. Can someone clarify this?

    “I also heard people can buy the UK version from the US if they buy some PSN cards from resellers on ebay and other sites.”

    I don’t understand how having A UK psn card will help buy a UK game on a US psvita.

    • sortadan says:

      If you are in the US and want to do this, you must do a restore on the vita (in setting under format) then log in with a UK psn account during the initial configuration process. Game cards are region free and will work still, but if you downloaded games they are associated with the psn account and they won’t work with a new UK account. Additionally you can’t use a US credit card to make purchases in the UK store, so you will need to buy a UK psn card online from a third party.

  62. Clarkalel says:

    damn i’m sc***.

  63. Clarkalel says:

    Wololo do you know if i can buy the game on my ps3 and transfer it over to my vita thru content manager and would it still work using the method or it only work by downloading it off direct on the Vita. Hope you understand what i am trying to ask here. Thanks again.

  64. razor says:

    How do you reset your US account on the vita so I can get a UK account,so I can buy everybodys tennis?

    • Anonymous says:

      Just reset your system to the factory settings. It’ll ask you to format yoru card, just say no and you can setup the store you want to use again.

  65. Orohu says:

    Hmm… I seem to detect a slight bit of sarcasm in this blog post…

  66. PSPcfwDUDE says:


    man this was soooo funny ahahahhahaahahaahaha

    nice on wololo.

  67. FabledRaven says:

    aye everybody add my vita name its FabledRaven ill be on

  68. Clarkalel says:

    Hopefully its still up by tomorrow i am getting my vita tomorrow (Cross Finger). How big is the game ? and also after i have it on my Memory stick can i transfer it to another card later on?.

  69. Sharo93 says:

    i have a question for who ever can answer it… until now we only have seen user exploits through the psp emulator and from psp games and demos, my question is: is it possible to find a PS Vita exploit and not through the psp emulator?

    • StepS says:

      without debugging tools and the knowledge of memory layout – no.

    • Norml says:

      Anything is possible, it just takes the right person with enough smarts to look at the system.

      Hacking your electronics must be so exciting, I know how exciting it is to be an end-user but that must be off the charts.

  70. Clarkalel says:

    Thats possible but since the vita has only been out for 2+ months it takes a lot of time and work to know the ins and outs of the vita, let alone knowing where to start finding leaks or open ports.Just give it more time dev are slowly moving to ps vita for homebrew and stuff.

    • UE says:

      Yeah it took quite a long time for the psp to be hacked as far as it was (despite what claims saying piracy ruined it purvey)

  71. Clarkalel says:

    PS Vita has a lot of potential and it would be a shame if a vita iso loader comes it, it will just kill the vita. Also Sony needs better pricing if they want the consumers to buy their game on PSN.

    • Clarkalel says:

      Reason people pirate games is because its way to damn expensive to buy , Sony should learn from that and make it affordable for all who wants to buy their game without having to break the bank.

  72. SirPsp says:

    It’s not on the Aus store.

  73. SirPsp says:

    Wait nvm, I could only find it by searching, but it is there.

  74. hexagone says:

    It’s time too tell you THANK YOU for this confidential ninja release.

    I’m waiting kindly for the HBL… 😉

  75. UE says:

    Wow it hasn’t been taken down yet?


    Amusingly enough I have just decided to have two vitas, the console is cheap enough if it comes from America (although if I bought them from here I could have three for the price of two EVEN WITH SHIPPING)

    But yeah one vita for homebrew and psp games/undubs if they ever come out and the other one can be tied to an english speaking account for my gf.
    I am glad I have decided to just go purely japanese for my games this time around as with the psp I never got to play half the great games that came out due to their only being released in japan.

  76. Silver says:

    We’re now waiting but… When will it be out uh?

  77. fanfan says:


  78. ndh777 says:

    Thank you to Wololo, Wth, Tech4, and everyone else involved.

    We in the community appreciate what you are doing and hope to see more. I’m in the US so I won’t be doing this hack but I’ll be waiting for the next US hack. Thanks for creating these for us for free and putting so much time and effort into each hack and release. We appreciate it.

    Also thanks for the funny post and funny way of releasing this exploit 😉

  79. Flyer says:

    Lol, wololo, youade my day 😀

  80. siren says:

    £24 pounds!! rip off ><

  81. Ravenous says:

    Where is the exploit savedata i get Tennis :-)

  82. loftyiow says:

    Downloading now… what’s next???

  83. loftyiow says:

    Same here lol

  84. syvyn11 says:

    This is why I won’t give up my PSP, even though I already have a vita.

  85. Twizzer says:

    30 €e to much for an VHBL…. I Hope it will comming soon the next exploit… that cost not more than 20€ but sony´s Update Is comming^^

  86. ken says:

    …and Sony’s netizen award goes to… W.Ololo. This post will be forwarded to every employees and those ungrateful whiners. 😉

  87. Salah says:

    WOW thanks wololo i have downloaded the game and found the exploit and it has kernel acces to psp emulator 😀
    now i can load isos on the vita !!!

  88. Soczi says:

    Salah: GTFO troll

  89. dani cruz says:

    yeaah it will work its the same man

  90. i love you wololo. XD
    you’re the greatest. 😀

    “Or maybe you can simply sue them, I heard it’s something you do very well.”
    made me lol.

  91. p4rma says:

    Everybody golf shows as £29.99, is this the right one?

  92. iSWORD says:

    I lol’d at “but I think in order to avoid future hacks, you should simply prevent everyone from buying games on the PSN, which will guarantee you a complete control of the market”

    يلعن ديبك يا وولولو 😀

  93. iSWORD says:

    Wololo you need to get some sleep, my friend.. I’m worried about you..

  94. nabz says:

    just bought the game seems to be still up here in the european or german PSN store…
    Thanks for your hard work wololo, can´t wait to get some homebrew running

  95. Sariya says:

    Wololo.. you are a genius mate… and I’m with you 100%
    heck i wish i had the knowledge you had to help you

  96. kidio007 says:

    Just bought the game and can’t wait for the HBL files! :)
    Great work to everyone involved!

  97. mamo says:

    when can we play isogames for free?

  98. malin says:

    still up in uk store as of 1.45 pm

  99. Kaza says:

    Dear wololo, u dont worry that your website will be attacked?

  100. cercata says:

    Hilarious !! Chapeau !!
    Loved the Irony !!!

  101. dimy93 says:

    well written :PPP

  102. hexagone says:

    J’aime beaucoup ta démarche ! 😉

  103. DavePsvitahack says:

    Hi i live in the us and i thank sony now’s the game that can us HBL how the heck dos 2 game that can us hbl not work off us market and work on uk and jp PS i get hot shot tennis get a grip its the same game as Everybody’s Tennis what the heck

  104. WhyKlef says:

    Is this still working? Anyone know a place to buy a JPN PSN card and have the code immediately?

  105. thedanks says:

    9:41am in the us… 7 minutes left downloading the game! thanks!

  106. kalte says:

    EPIC RELEASE. Good for me good old PSP is and will be my last Sony console.

  107. senas8 says:

    WOLOLO: Excellent work! 😛 hahaha.. ohhh u got sense of humor.

  108. sh1t_s1pp3r says:

    this would cost more than a vita game in the usa to play vhbl, no thanks.

  109. GraVoX says:

    Awesome post mate! As well as awesome work :)

  110. Mofo says:

    If you got artic edge you dont need to get everybody’s tennis right ?

    • wololo says:

      right, they should have more or less the same compatibility (although to be honest wth did lots of work and I think the tennis exploit has better compatibility, but nothing that cannot be fixed on the motorstorm version)

  111. TheBudds says:

    Will read again, 20 outta 10 right there…lol

    That was just brilliant :)

  112. Lianky says:

    Eh, Wololo, le jeu “Hot Shots Tennis” semble être la version US de Everybody’s Tennis/Minna no Tennis non?

  113. svenn says:

    I wish to inform you that there must be some evil homebrew developer has used a exploit on your website to upload exploit using software …

  114. Wdingdong says:

    It seems like Wololo got inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s and Martin Luther King Jr.’s way of Non-violent Resistance :)
    Wololo forever!

  115. Dave says:

    Help!!! I keep getting (The connection to the server has been terminated NP-2244-2) Trying to buy everybody’s Tennis from UK store. Anyone know how to fix?

  116. chiken77 says:

    I bought at morning gw+1 and that was right

  117. Opened says:

    Please , Im Still needing to know if its worth updating from 1.06 to access the ps store ?

  118. Juandevry says:

    Just downloaded the game with no issues. Bought the uk card (I’m in los Angeles) formatted the psvita, created a uk account.. Smooth sailing.. Thanks to everyone for this awesome work!

  119. peepeeface says:

    Hey wololo would you compare the vitas security to be as tight as the ps3s? Or a little less?

  120. Solos says:

    realease of the savedata exploit ?

  121. `ps vita enthusiast says:

    can i just buy the physical copy of the game if ever i can no longer Download the game at the psn store?

  122. Clarkalel says:

    Is it removed i can’t seem to find it.

  123. `ps vita enthusiast says:

    can some one upload the game to the net?, can we do that…because i dont have the capability to ddownload the game…so im just wondering if you guys( who already downloaded it) can upload to the internet

    pls guys…reply

  124. nabz says:

    The game is still up in the european PSN store, try to search “everybody” and youll find it.

  125. Clarkalel says:

    ok i got it had to log in to psn. Also after i am done is there a way to switch my psn network back to US and keep the game working and Playable ?. Thanks guys.

  126. `ps vita enthusiast says:

    can some one upload the game to the net?, can we do that…because i dont have the capability to ddownload the game…so im just wondering if you guys( who already downloaded it) can upload to the internet

    pls guys…reply

  127. dani cruz says:

    so where we could download the pkg file then????

  128. `ps vita enthusiast says:

    the problem is, i will have my ps vita on 19th of april…. thats why i cant download it and i dont know anybody that has a ps vita…well ps vita is not yet that common here in the philippines… pls help me
    and give me some advice

  129. Luis says:

    I think Wololo missed a point in his message.
    I know you accept a good non agressive criticism,
    so well, the thing is, sony wants to prevent this
    kind of things, not for the emulators or homebrews,
    we all know that it owuldn’t stop here, because maybe not
    you, or not 90% of other devs, but one will eventually
    create an iso loader, a way to piracy the psp games…
    So well, because of piracy we all suffer…
    It’s like Nokia, with N900, ( I had mine, and I know
    the story ), one of their show off of the device
    was with an emulator, the Drnoksnes, how many emulators
    does this device has? Many, I participated on the port
    of one of them myself, but we know it doesn’t stop
    here when we talk about gaming devices! People always
    want more, and they exagerate…

  130. Johnny says:

    Allllllrrriiiigghhhhttttt i bought the game 😀

  131. godzirra says:

    I disagree. Sony wants to stop it because they can’t get a cut of the homebrew market. Piracy is a side effect, but they don’t care where the games come from as long as they get their cut. If they don’t get their cut, they’ll do whatever they can to stop it.

  132. HIMFan says:

    I already knew what the game was via /talk forums. So I had it downloaded already. I don’t know what time he announced the game, but here I am at 4PM CST and its still up. I downloaded it on my Vita on Friday and backed up my Vita right after with my Vita in Flight mode and used OpenCMA. So I have it, and I’m also downloading it on my MediaGo to use it on my CFW Go because its only fair that I bought it and I should be able to play it on my Go. (Mismatched US/UK profiles unfortunately).

  133. Johnny says:

    Ok so i got the game now what do i do????

  134. R32 says:

    When is VHBL using everybody’s tennis exhibited?

  135. Doctor Evil says:

    Exploit in Everybody’s Tennis => VHBL => world domination!

  136. Mindstate says:

    Lmao… wololo ftw

  137. L says:

    @ Wololo

    I’m not saying what you should do”because your doing a great job”
    But wouldn’t it be more effective if you released this after the Vita FW Update?
    I’m not saying that the exploit is a total loss, but it will get patched, and then you “if you did not already” have to find another exploit *although you owe us nothing, we owe you*.
    I think it would be better if you did this after the FW Update because it will get patched anyway, but it would work on the newer Fw.

    Keep up the good work.!

  138. Shinobi says:

    I agree with “L”
    PS: where can I donate to you?

  139. Freeplayer says:

    Good job, but we hope to have a free crack.
    For example, by a special CMA to install cracked game or program.

  140. rundim says:

    What a great piece of blog!
    feel sorry about Sony lol

  141. Timberack says:

    Is the game still on PSN?

  142. Sasuke says:

    lol 154 versions of pong…

  143. mjax says:



    I laughed reading your letter. Nice one!

  144. peepeeface says:

    $30 for a crappy exploit with limited compatibility DERPs!!

  145. HIMFan says:

    Its been roughly 12 hours(that I know of) since the game has been announced and it’s still up. W.Ololo must’ve spoke to the heart of Sony.

    • HIMFan says:

      I’d say just wait until Sony removes it from their store. And if they DON’T remove it, give it a week or 2 (despite moans and groans from people that don’t understand) and then that’ll give people more time to download it.

      • wololo says:

        Lots of people have been waiting for the files already… I don’t plan to wait weeks before the release, but I’ll discuss with wth. I am not entirely sure if Sony didn’t fix it because it’s a weekend, or if they think I’m bluffing this time, or if they have a better patch coming up, or if they realized it’s mostly harmless… not sure, really.
        (This was announced 30hrs ago already.)

  146. Shadowcrazy says:

    can’t find the NA version (Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip) in the PSN store through the vita.

    so I guess I can’t play homebrew on my vita :(

    hopefully you and your fellow hacker brethren find more ways to exploit the PSVITA…tbh I bought it with hopes of being able to run homebrew and emulators and such.

    and hopefully if/when the vita get’s hacked…I can run it on my 1.61 firmware vita :)

  147. jimmy says:

    Cool le message

  148. kokonoe says:

    I am a Japanese.
    Since English could not be done at all, translation software was used.
    Please allow grammar to be amusing.
    Since it checked that everybody’s tennis had been deleted from the store around 16:00 JST, I will consider it as a report.


  149. mjax says:

    je t’aime tres fort monsieur Vololo. Nous voulons le homebrew sur la Vie.

  150. WhyKlef says:

    Je n’etais pas assez vite… Ou devrais-je plutot dire Play-Asia :(

  151. Solos says:

    I Think its a sport Game in Japan is a sport Game a big deal and the Sells are very High! Sony can not disabled a favourite Game that sells more and more in Japan…

  152. StepS says:

    it seems like sony started the process of pulling the game

  153. Ben says:

    Doesn’t seem to be on the Australian store. Wasn’t going to buy it anyway, just reporting :)

  154. Badsam says:

    The game isn’t on the UK store either as of 26/03/12 at roughly 11am

  155. browneye licker says:

    Wololo just made tons of doe from u all in the past 12 hours
    Good job wololo
    Now weres the true hacker dark Alex <=)

  156. Arnould Jonathan, office #596910
    c/o OwO, BP80157
    59053, Roubaix Cedex 1
    Email Masking

    • wololo says:

      Congratulations, you found the address of the datacenter where my server is hosted, and the name of their sysadmin, smartass :)



    • Lolzika says:

      I’m not saying you are a fucktard, but you are. Searching a Website on is not (!!!!) the same thing as hacking a website.

      Please go somewhere you dont interfere anything. not even atoms, i mean not even electrons..i mean not even higgs- bosoms.

  159. D_A says:

    Voy a publicar esto todos los días, por lo que puede y lo dejo.

  160. tox0sis says:

    Looks like this one has been pulled now as well. Just checked Japan PSN store for Minna no Tennis and UK store for Everybody’s Tennis. Gone… and just got my PSN cards too. :L

  161. Temporal173 says:

    SUPERB!! More like this Wololo..

    Remember ..a moments silence please ( ._.)

  162. Mike says:

    Watch how fast this comment gets deleted…..

    Sure, homebrew games are great. But it has been proven time and time again, homebrew invites piracy. There has never been a case in video game console history where these two did not go hand in hand. As everything becomes simpler and electronic, the temptation has never been greater to just click away. One game load and soft mod later, each gamer is left with a choice. Either click “download” or go to the store and spend $45 on the same game.

    I think the PSP Go was a hard-learned lesson for us all. Either let the third party devs create games and charge a price for them. Or figure out a way to hack into my $320 system just so I can play that 152nd version of Pong. Once a system security is brought down, 3rd party devs turn a blind eye to the console altogether. Again, I use the PSP Go as an example. So now, thanks to “Homebrew Developers” (I won’t call them hackers, they are purely INNOCENT!! lol!), I cannot play the latest and greatest games that PROFESSIONALS create. I have to settle for 152 versions of Pong and 4 versions of Sonic the Hedgehog that came out in 1993. I don’t get to enjoy Metal Gear Solid Part 7, because the third parties cannot pay their professional developers. The purpose of a business is turn a profit. If the business cannot FORECAST turning a profit, it will find means of profit elsewhere. Which means that ALL of us are stuck with 152 different versions of Pong that was created in Johnny DoGood’s homebrew basement, rather than games that are for today’s handheld standard.

    The system security was never meant to be a challenge to extremely overbored programmers and devs. It was meant to keep an honest person honest. Y’all are not proving anything to anyone. If the “homebrew devs” wanna prove something to someone, here’s the “Great Challenge.” Develop homebrew software that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ELIMINATES piracy within your homebrew app, while at the same time, letting others enjoy your 152 versions of Pong, because maybe some people are just stuck in 1973 and think that Pong is still the greatest thing around! I’m not stuck in 1973. Im typically stuck in the current day, month, and year. I was done with Pong 30 years ago. I want to play a title created by a professional team of developers. That is what my system was meant for. To turn a profit for 3rd party developers as well as Sony. It was not meant for 152 versions of Pong. If it had been, it would’ve been developed and sold. We can all read legal jargon, hocus pocus bullcrap; having a decent vocabulary is nothing exciting. Sure there are loopholes in the legalese. But….. we all know what’s right. We all know what the system was meant for. Picking locks has been around for many centuries. Your not proving anything to anyone. If somebody created it, somebody can recreate and/or access it. Locksmithing 101’s boys and gals.

    So……. before you load up your version of C# or C++ or whatever your using to program… have a little bit of ethics… I would like to be the first to CONGRATULATE YOU!!! YES!! AWESOME!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! YOU HAVE PROVEN YOUR SKILL AND GET BRAGGING RIGHTS!!!


    NO!!! I don’t want you to do it!! because it scares off 3rd party devs…. and makes my $320 Vita nothing more than an Atari 2600 released in the year 2012!!

    So I guess the long and short of it…. don’t even TRY to claim innocence!! When you give pirate’s a ship, 20 cannons, 40 crewmembers, AND tell them where the unarmed ship full of gold is…. your just as guilty as the pirates!!

  163. BlackFire27 says:

    Where’s the like button?

  164. peter says:

    nothing much constructive here, but I LAUGHED MY A** OFF!! sarcasm is my favorite kind of humor. :))))) “terrorists”.. LOL!!xDDDD

  165. wololo jr says:

    Marks a flamer >_>

  166. wololo jr says:

    Sarcasm is a faggots punch, real men don’t use words they break jaws >8)

    • wololo says:

      Yeah, well you can assume with the amount of time I spend managing this blog and hacking that I haven’t been doing enough sports to break jaws recently. I fight with the weapons nature gave me :)

  167. Great guideposts and straightforward approaches of installation.

  168. david says:

    Just finished reading all this lol. And you say hacking ruined the psp if i remember correct they made a fortune and it was that successful they released vita (psp2) in some peoples eyes so as i say hacking it never really affected it too great tye ps1 was a massive hit mare billions and you could play pirates with just swaping disjs or a xploder cartridge that was a third party cheating cart. Aw and the ps2 got hacked and theres another console made billions and the devs that made games and finally ps3 hacked and boom another console still making loads of cash and no one is goin stop making games so my point being is hack on and hopfuly pirate games come to vita too cause im sure it aint goin to ruin it.

  169. click says:

    While I actually like this publish, I think there was an spelling error near towards the finish of your 3rd paragraph.

  170. Ben says:

    Excuse me while I explain some common views that I share.

    I bought my vita for more than $200. I own it. I do. Not Sony. I should be able to do what I want with it, even exploit the PS Vita that I bought. That being said, I shouldn’t be able to exploit Sony, because I don’t own Sony. I know it sounds stupid but in my mind that’s how it works. When you own something, you should be able to do what you want with it.

    I also have a love/hate relationship with Sony. Their products are great, probably the best on the market. But the fact is, Sony strangles their products so much that, for example, I can’t enjoy games that I bought from them and payed money for. The vita has endless capabilities but Sony’s fear and misattribution is limiting it to playing a handful of terrible games (or should I say expensive samplers) and checking your facebook.

  171. jobzombi says:

    I support all 3 gaming companies for the games that they make and I don’t use piracy. Their demise is a result of their lack of innovative software and their adamant belief that gamers should take what they’re given and shut up. I have several psone games that I would love to transfer to my vita and are all legitimate purchases. If HBL allows this before Sony, I’ll use HBL. I do understand exclusive content though, I mean MS owns Bungie, Nintendo owns retro studios and sony owns naughty dog, so it makes sense that they will be developing games for their owners. That is the only reason I own all 3 systems. Wiis whole *** and take what we give is the reason when the wii U comes out, this fish is not biting. I believe now they allows you to transfer your purchases to another Wii, but I mainly used it when it just came out, before xbox and ps3 came out, so all that content is gone after my white one crapped out on me and I got the black one to go with my av receiver. I contacted nintendo and all my purchased stuff, ie tracks for band hero, guitar hero, etc. was not allowed to transfer. I know some people have fought hard and they allowed it, but the number that have succeeded is too small for me to care. When the time comes, I’ll give sony and ms my money and show that gamers support the companies that support gamers. I still have my white xbox, original with some customization, like 6 inch exhaust grill and fan for cooling, which luckily got the red ring before the 3 years and they fixed it. I play the 360 more because I have so many series games on that, that I did not want to lose transfer data on, Mass effect 3 comes to mind, but I play the ps3 for my old school stuff and battlefield 3. They know what gamers want but in attempt to try to keep the gamers to themselves they push them away at times. I still want to play FF7 on my vita as the remote play lags most of the time and my job’s internet runs off a proxy that requires login so I can’t use wifi for faster connection there. Again they want to limit exposure but in return push gamers away. To avoid security issues they do not allow a vpn/remote access to the ps3 directly, it has to be done through psn. Until then I got the vita and I love it, catching up on my psp games that I missed, dissidia for example, and I am patiently waiting until the next HBL release and hoping that either sony or the hacking team get a way for me to get my ff7 on my ps3 onto my vita.

  172. downgrade Wii firmware says:

    Incase nintendo dsi had intended us to fly hed have provided us with wings lmao :

  173. Terrence says:

    While “One Sony” has helped get its different units working together better, critics note that the company could more smartly utilize its disparate assets.

  174. mike says:

    i’ve already bought a bunch of vita and psp games anyway…

  175. The Joker says:

    Unless you own those old PC games and ROMS, it has everything to do with piracy.

  176. UE says:

    the big screen, physical controls and style of the console is what draws attention.
    I mean tablets would likely work but then again the people who own android tablets are fewer than vitas…
    PC is relatively pointless due to software that already exists (not totally but relatively to the vita) and phones are too small for it to work well in a touch only environment… heck I have a Galaxy s2 which has a rather largish screen for a phone at 4.3inches but adding my fingers to the mix on a screen that large is still uncomfortable in games.

  177. UE says:

    Yes but at the same time it is literally a victimless crime aslong as there is no way for that game to be bought legally.
    Call me a filthy pirate or say that I am justifying it but really I don’t care, if something has no way of being bought, will never have a way of being bought again… I see absolutely no harm in pirating it… For instance I will download an out of print book rather than sit there without it.
    Oh and anyone who mentions buying the book or games secondhand is just stubbornly stupid and hasn’t quite realised that that does nothing except line the second hand dealers pockets.

  178. wololo says:

    Yeah…but as it’s been mentioned before, I couldn’t do that without also messing up with people reading my blog, so that would be bad for everyone… unless everybody is ok with buying Unit 13, I guess

  179. Mike says:

    I apologize for my initial statement of “deletions.” That is a “narrow-mindedness” on my part. If the “homebrew developer” is as good as he/she states, why not go through the necessary channels and get a license?? If your game is good, darn straight I’ll pay $39.99 for it! But to undermine “THEIR” security for “THEIR” system that “THEY” created. I’m sure it was not created for homebrew and hackability. In fact, while it may seem easy for some, Sony has gone through extremes in terms of security. It’s a give and take. Everyone wanted backward compatibility. For each time you go “backward” you pretty much have to reinvent code for the security of that for the backward compatible stuff. Programmer to programmer, we all know it’s a very extreme and demanding process to review thousands of lines of previous code than to just create new code. Which would be a total innappropriate task, waste of time, and human resource dollars that could be spent further developing games rather than backtracking security steps and loopholes to try and keep an honest person honest. And you very well may have good intentions. But then a malicious person on those “good intentions” and everything gets ruined! Here’s how its supposed to happen. I go and buy a PS Vita. I go and buy a game. I go and turn the game on. I play the game. I turn the system off and go to bed. Here’s whats NOT intended to happen. Jo Blow gets bored and downloads Harry Potter and the Harmless Homebrewers. Jo Blow gets bored and won’t put anywhere close to the time and R&D to create his own hardware. So he uses some other companies’ creation for his own purposes. He distributes it via internet to the world. Jane Blow sees this and further creates more ***… The process repeats and now you have a worthless Atari 2600… Copyright 2012….. bottom line.. get a license… if ya like homebrew that much, you brought up the case of Android. Android was meant for that. It’s crystal clear that Sony has gone out of their way to say “hey, please don’t do this “outside” stuff to OUR creations. It may be “yours” persay, in terms of ownership, but it was our creation. Please don’t use it in a way in which it was never intended.”
    ‘and we all know that Sony hardware is and never has been intended for homebrew apps. Let’s go to Gamestop for a minute in our heads. Not sure about others, but out of an ENTIRE wall, there are MAYBE 4 games I would like to try out. Now let’s look at the PSP Go. How many games out of 28 do you think Iwould like. With an entire wall, the ratio of games i would like to try on average is 4 out of 90. Now figure in that proportion to ??? out of 28. IF homebrew has THIS much honest desire, it is obvious that there’s a huge market for it. Sounds like a great business venture! Go and manufacture your own hardware. Make it “homebrewable.” Riding on the back of a major corporation and their hardware is no accomplishment. Its downright demeaning. Some of us like our exclusive titles. We payed a lot of money for a Sony PS Vita… not a Wololo Vita, or Hack-A-Vita. We expect great things from the devs that pay good money to their professionals. Not some knock off “Snake II” game. Sure, the pros don’t get it right a good portion of the time. That’s why my ratio is about 4 games like to play out of 90…. Trust me… if there’s anything, I’m sorely PO’d about Fatal Frame IV not coming out for US Wii!!!

    I guess I will never see the logical and ethical reasoning of prioritizing defeating a company security protocol rather then just getting a license and/or develop your own hardware.

  180. wololo says:

    I don’t want to start an ethical war over this.

    Sorry for the long series of disconnected points below, just dumping my brain a bit:

    I don’t speak Japanese very well, yet I live in Japan. Sony made it very very hard for me to buy games in a language I can understand, so I guess the only way I found to have fun with the Vita is to do stuff it was not designed to do?

    All your argument is based on the idea that piracy killed the PSP… well maybe I’m getting a different perspective since I live in Japan. Here most consoles are as easy to pirate as the PSP (you can buy those NDS thingies easily in the streets of akihabara, for a very low cost), and yet software sales are doing great. “Piracy killed the PSP” people always seem to fail at providing a valid explanation for the success of the console in Japan.

    About licenses to program for Sony, believe it or not, I already tried, twice. The first time was for the PSP, before the minis even existed. I learned that the SDK cost 1500 euros, and I needed to prove I had already worked with major game companies on successful projects in order to be accepted. Minis came way after that, when Apple had proven that it was possible to make lots of money with indie devs.
    I didn’t give up, I registered to the Playstation Suite beta (an idea which I praised when it was announced: ), but my entry was rejected. I also learned that the Playstation Vita is not compatible (yet) with Playstation Suite. The device was released 4 months ago, what’s going on?

    The result? It is more difficult than ever to officially be a programmer for the Playstation ecosystem, if you’re just a hobbyist. I believe I’ve done my homework on that part. It’s not a justification to hack, but it’s not something people can blame on me.

    About me going to different hardware such as Android, if I’m not satisfied of the Vita: yes. Check the download page for my game. It’s available on linux, windows, android, iOS, and the PSP. Sony devices are just one device among others that run with my game. People are also porting the game to the openPandora. Why would I limit myself to one device? Why would I not want people using a Vita or a PSP to use my game if I have a way to port it to it?
    I’ve been a PC gamer all my life. The fact that games are limited to one type of hardware is something my brain simply does not understand (“Diablo 3, exclusively for DELL”..what?), and I guess this is why I don’t understand why so many people fight for Sony. Shouldn’t you be fighting for game developers instead?

    It also really needs to be emphasized that I’m not the only one doing all of this hacking stuff. I brag a lot, but I don’t do much. Check me out on the internet, or read this blog, you will see that the only thing I’m doing here is reusing recipes that have been known by hackers (and Sony!!!) for almost 5 years now. I haven’t even tried to hack the Vita yet! You would think that Sony could have done an audit of their games within 5 years, given how easy the buffer overflows are easy to find and patch? I am not groundbreaking on PS Vita hack, dozens of people are doing the same as I do (as a matter of fact, I wasn’t even involved in the making of the Everybody’s Tennis hack, I just blogged about it), so the best people would achieve by shutting me up is that other sites would talk about it before me.

    So, yeah, sorry, I really think you are attacking the wrong person. I appreciate that you took the time to write constructive posts, I assume this means you think there is a possibility for me to be reasonable about this, but I really think the day I stop talking about harmless 5-year old PSP exploits, other sites will start paying attention to/report much more dangerous hacks:
    You’ve seen the result on the PS3: get rid of hackers who speak up in the open, you’ll still get the pirates (look up “True blue Dongle” in google if you don’t know what I’m talking about). I’m also much more afraid of a world where a security vulnerability exists on a device that knows my credit card number, than having guys mentioning it in the open like I do. At least we give an opportunity for Sony to fix the issue. Some people could keep these secrets to themselves and use them for really bad stuff. I’m not talking of the console dying here, I’m talking of millions of customers getting their personal information stolen (rings a bell? It happened to me too…). Remember, most serious companies organize hacking contests of their software, and give good money to people who can hack them. Sony should be happy we’re doing it for free 😛 (just kidding, but seriously though, why are they not doing this like Microsoft or Google do?)

  181. Leo says:

    Uhm, why are you here then if you don’t like this stuff…?

  182. wololo says:

    I think being rejected of the Beta was purely random. Probably thousands of people registered, and I am not sure they reviewed each entry carefully. I’ll give it another try once the beta goes public. Then again, if it doesn’t have vita support, I am not really interested in the Playstation suite.
    I do support Sony too, in a twisted way. I buy more PS3/PSP games than I can play, I have a PS3, a Vaio, 3 PSP, and a Vita… I’d categorize myself as a loyal but angry customer :)

  183. Tanner says:

    Thanks for your reply. Also of note are my horrible spelling mistakes in my post.

    I’m glad to hear it. Reading your blog in the future for sure!

  184. Mike says:

    MR. W.

    After reading and researching from time to time over the past week, you are correct. Sony licensing is a pain in the rear end!! “Attacking” the wrong person? I agree there as well. Pretty much, trying to “squish” one ant, just to have 2,000 more come out all over the place. And your right on the Japs breaking into their own systems left and right. I come from the “1990’s Japan Era.” I was stationed at Yokota AB in Fussa. In turn, I visited Shinjuku and Eppisu more times than I can count (I MISS TOWER RECORDS IN SHIBUYA!!!). How easily i forget that there were always little gadgets, gizmos, and the like to get into your N64, etc. etc. I’ve looked at many other portions of your website. I believe your doing for the better good in all this. I won’t go as far as saying an “informant” but still, you get the point. I will admit, I “stumbled” onto this website saw a mere page or two of material and got initially irate. As I tuck my tail, I hope you accept my apology (Yes, I am sorry for my previous aggressive postings) and keep up the work you do for the better of the systems and their security.


  185. wololo says:

    I used to be angry about this too. I am actually getting happier to see trends such as steam, or the humble bundle, and things that clearly show that *some* people are doing something about it. I’m into gaming, and I buy an AAA title once in a while (no choice since sometimes good games are exclusive to a given console), but I basically try to give my money to more customer-respectful companies. To be honest, the only reason I bought a vita is to see what type of hacks would come on it.

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