VHBL: name of the new exploited game will be announced soon


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113 Responses

  1. OMightyBuggy says:

    Cool can’t wait for the new Loader. I have the US Vita, hope it works for it.

  2. xX-SNIPER-Xx says:

    Cool i am waiting
    i think Sony may end up by removing all PSP games from the store

    • chris says:

      I highly doubt it. At least not yet anyway. If sony did that it would leave the vita with only a few games and a lot of irate customers, also vita sales would dry up.

  3. Rin says:

    When you make the game “public” will you release HBL with it or wait until sony removes the game and then release it? The latter one I’m guessing.

  4. darkenvy says:

    Cool, I’m ready :). Thanks wololo for being awesome :)

  5. 30W says:

    Does it have any advantages over arctic edge?

  6. Timberack says:

    I have a lot of patience so I’m gonna sit back and see how this one pans out. I won’t be buying the game this time, I’m gonna wait for maybe the next one. The best of luck to you all going ahead with it, the only reason I spent $250+accessories on a vita was for homebrew and I am very excited. Great progress is being made in such a short span of time, so I have no problem waiting for more stability in the scene.

    I bet the games developer will be loving the boost in sales for however long it’s kept up. And then a spanking probably for leaving an exploit wide open.

  7. Baldassano says:

    Great job wololo, keep it up for the CFW community

  8. be0ut says:

    Great job guys.. lots of props to wth.. i know you spent alot of time and effort on this.. although im in the us i wont be able to get the game but keep up the good work guys..

  9. garrei says:

    somebodys gonna spill the beans… i know it.

  10. maze says:

    Is there any difference to the Game Motorstorm? I bought this and the VHBL works fine. So do I need the new game for something that is not possible with my Version?

    • wololo says:

      I think the difference would be minimal. I would not recommend to buy that other game for vhbl if you already have the motorstorm version.

  11. giavol says:

    Wololo can you email me the country to be able to prepare ,i can send you proof that i am not with sony if you need.

  12. Rowan says:

    Hey wololo i still have motorstorn psn version on my psp,that i brought of the psn store could i transfer it to the vita, sign in with my psn and transfer it via pc and run on vita for the hbl?

    • wololo says:

      I don’t think it’s doable

    • JurianAssassin says:

      If you bought it from psn, it should be in your download list. If the game was made vita compatible for your region, you can just redownload it and install it. If it wasn’t made vita compatible for your region, I’m afraid you’re boned.

  13. bman says:

    I’m assuming this game can’t be bought from the PS3 and transferred via cable to the vita for US users?

    If not, can I simply switch to a UK account by changing the memory card or does my system need to be reformatted and thus losing all of my settings each time I switch from US to UK?

    • wololo says:

      I believe the switch is a bit painful, although your account is tied to the memory card, so it’s less of a problem if you have 2 memory cards.
      I have been told the us version of the game is not transferable from the ps3 to the vita.

    • darkenvy says:

      bman, you can switch accounts by doing this:
      settings -> PSN -> activation -> game -> deactivate
      then sign out of the PSN
      Format -> reset vita (first option) -> click no to format memory card
      the vita will reset, you will wath the 70 second startup animation and can put in another PSN account
      then sign into PSN -> activation -> game -> activate

      I switch frequently. Feel free to PM me if you have questions.

      • dimy93 says:

        But if you switch more than 10 times a day U gat banned for few days from PSN……………And also it’s quite time consuming process

  14. bman says:

    thanks dark.

    Any advantage of having two memory cards though? If so, can you explain how to do this with the extra memory card and what the benefits are?

    wololo – that’s too bad to hear. Second hack and still US is locked out. No complaints though b/c it’s guys like you that provide someone like me with an opp to even have old school games on my vita. I’m hoping the snes is full speed…..

    • shapeshifter says:

      two memory cards is usually used by US ppl so they have 1 US account and a EU or some other region account for vhbl from a game not on US psn

  15. jlo138 says:

    I say release a fake game name after everyone already knows the real one then Sony will remove the false game before they notice massive downloads for the real one. Or, just fake having an exploit and publicly name the game so Sony will remove it and then all the devs will have a great laugh. But it has to be built up like it is real. Something to that effect to throw them off so more people can enjoy vhbl.

  16. Norml says:

    Good stuff, you guys keep up the good work. The vita will flourish with homebrew one day.

  17. KenshinX says:

    Thanks wololo; and yosh/wth/teck4

  18. sony can kiss my ass says:

    announce it on a sunday. hopefully is sony less alert on ruining all the fun that day.

  19. wan says:

    I’m neither from EU nor from US, however i was able to buy the motorstorm
    I just used my cc and bought it.

    So WHY
    WHY everybody is talking about those ‘cards’? What are they? What’s the point?

    • wololo says:

      When I tried to buy something from the US store, it refused both my French and my Japanese credit card. I also confirmed that the French store refused my Japanese credit card and vice versa. Several people have seen that the store refuses credit cards if they are not from the “correct” country… maybe you’re lucky?
      There are also people who refuse to give their credit card number to a company like Sony… given what happened to them a year ago.

  20. bman says:

    The inevitable patch that SONY will issue for this game – can that be manually denied or will it update automatically? Or is it something that we need to update in order to use PSN, etc (not for the game but just PSN in general)?

  21. bman says:

    also – does vhbl’s snes and new emulators run full speed for the majority of the games? It seems this will cost 40 USD to do so I want to make sure it’s worth it before jumping in.


    • sortadan says:

      SNES9xTYL is reported to not be full speed in VHBL unfortunately. If you are short on cash or like to complain a lot you may want to hold off and wait for a future kernel hack release (Like Davee’s HEN, or something similar).

  22. dimy93 says:

    Everyone who Sony get sc*** over by removing the game from PSN should immediately complain to Sony customer support about it – it’s what is customer support about right. They at least must refund your money.
    Btw I still don’t see the point in releasing another HBL on vita

    • sortadan says:

      The point is that some people want it (ME) and it will make them happy and wololo and wth are cool people that like to make other people happy.

    • dimy93 says:

      Yes,but there is too little to get from this exploit for now and it would be patched in hours-it’s like shooting with old gun from 500m distance-you just waste bullets

      • wololo says:

        Those exploits are useless on the PSP itself which is fully cracked, and VHBL is for now the best use we have of them. If at some point Davee reveals his kernel exploit, there is a reasonable chance that those vulnerable games can run the exploit.

        But mostly, vhbl is the “apetizer” for the vita scene… we’re just waiting, playing emulators, until hardware hackers come up to rescue us :)

        So, to some extent, I agree with you, but to continue with your analogy, imagine that old gun is taking space in your appartment and you have the choice between throwing it away, or take it to a last ride by firing all its remaning bullets, just for the fun of it…

  23. Baldassano says:

    i bet the game is Little Big Planet

  24. Timberack says:

    I just wish the memory cards weren’t so expesive. 100$ for a 32GB? I can buy a 1TB external for that price. Imagine carrying around a WD Mybook along with your Vita, lol.

  25. jlo138 says:

    @Wololo, don’t release the name directly. Maybe place ads here on your site advertising that game. For those with ad blockers well, too bad. They complain about your ads anyways.

  26. enygmyx says:

    Pls send by mail the name of the game. sorry for my english

  27. knox says:

    good luck on the release, hope all goes smoth as the 1st one…
    Best of luck!

  28. david says:

    what is the “ninja” method to release the name of the game TT i cant understand

  29. TrowaX31 says:

    Ok i just setup my PS3 to PSN UK now about adding funds can i just add 2x 20 US PSN card ?. would i be enable to buy the game with it or do i need UK PSN card ?. Also when i finish downloading the “game” do i just install it to PS VITA ?.

    • sortadan says:

      You need to switch your Vita to a UK PSN account by doing a factory reset and then buy the game though it. This has been said several time already both in comments here and on /talk. You will need a UK PSN card.

    • HIMFan says:

      Yeah. I bought a 25 one and a 10 one because the game is actually 29 and not 25 like wololo mentioned.

  30. DigiTak says:

    Ugh I wish you would create a vhbl that didn’t require buying a game to use it… to many problems with that… putting it on the vita through a pc would be soooo muuuucchhhhh easier XD

  31. TrowaX31 says:

    Hopefully the game is under 15 pounds then that would be worth paying for homebrew , anything higher then 15 pounds i’ll have second thoughts about getting it.

  32. TrowaX31 says:

    DAMN 25 pound card required.

  33. Yazeed says:

    Before you release the exploit, tell us the name of that game so we can download the game and after that release the exploit, so sony can’t patch the exploit

    sorry for my bad english *_*

  34. Dazman says:

    is there any chance that this new vhbl could go further that the artic storm vhbl, with the psp go we started with papaton then everybody’s golf but then papaton was the game used for CFW.

    could this be the case on the vita, in other words we need to buy both games to be sure?

  35. TrowaX31 says:

    hopefully its a good game so its a win win.

  36. the king says:

    Pls release the name of this damn game

    • try reading says:

      You and others who think this should read the /talk forum thread referenced in the blog post, all of it, and hopefully you will see why the release is being done as it is.

  37. enygmyx says:

    I don’t understand :(

  38. DAvid says:

    I think of it is all a bluff Davee does not work and what appears in the video is as if the remote play from the ps3, is what you see if you really look at the video.

  39. Skaty says:

    i’m not gonna miss this time 😀

  40. enygmyx says:

    can someone please send me an email with the name of the game?

  41. DrT says:

    please I give the game …

  42. lostarot says:

    What if Sony cross-reference the games from the US store and EU store, come up with a list of games worth under $25, would that not compromise the game?

    Anyway, In Wololo We Trust.

    • FabledRaven says:

      whats up everybody

      • lostarot says:

        What I mean is, I think that there are not a lot of games that are available in EU and not in US.

        Anyway, even if there are only 2 games worth under 25 on PSN EU, if they can narrow it down, it would still be suicide for SONY to randomly remove titles without the officail announcement from Wololo.

    • wololo says:

      Hopefully they will make a confusion between pounds and dollars like you did, which will make it complicated for them to investigate. :)

  43. TrowaX31 says:

    Its kind of hard to know, unless $ony removes all game with 25 pounds and under from the network (Which is like 90%) its just a waiting game right now. Hopefully it comes at a time when people are around to take advantage of it.Can i buy the game and get a Vita after or does it require me to have it on the spot to transfer it over?.

  44. oxMUDxo says:

    Just bought a Vita today!!
    I cant wait to see what my first game will be. :)

    I did just update to 1.61 to play/Download Demos from the PSN store.

    Hope it will still work for me.

  45. SirPsp says:

    Could you give us an idea on the file size of the game?
    I’m going to have to download it using 3G, if I can.

  46. TrowaX31 says:

    Well its 2gb MAX because PSP UMD size is 1.8 so 1.5-1.7gb.

  47. Barjololo says:

    Good news, keep good !
    save us from expansive playsation store !

  48. Deftrip says:

    im from colombia, and i want to buy a PSN card from EU, but the seller tells that the psn card its only available for spain, please anybody can tell me from what country i have to open the PSN acount???, or psn card?? he says too that already have nederlands, germany and uk PSN cards,

    which of these should I buy???


  49. TrowaX31 says:

    UK in general, there is a lot for sell on Ebay for about 40 buck Canadian roughly about 25 pounds. Ebay seller 1g-mantle has them and its dispatch really quick.

  50. vhblyeahright says:

    and it will be announced here! after they remove it again 😀

  51. Enygmx says:

    Any news?

  52. Ravenous says:

    I Got the Newest CMA for my vita and i see that psp saves are new in a kategory i think Sony Patched CMA to Copy VHBL per Savedata!! pls show that its worked with new manager!

    • darkenvy says:

      What about using the old installer for CMA and deleting your registry keys for CMA? Doesn anyone know if its legal to share CMA installers? (knowing sony it could be illegal :P)

      • sortadan says:

        Content manager hasn’t been updated since the end of Jan and still works just fine, this is a non-issue at the moment.

  53. the king says:

    pls send me an e-mail with the name of the game?

  54. Draygon says:

    That’s it, wololo!!!!

    Send the name of the game via e-mail to us. So it hopefully won’t get public and sony can’t remove the game!! :)

    it would be really nice if you could also send it to my mail
    my mail:

    thanks <3

  55. Terry says:

    doesn’t hurt to ask Thanks wololo for your contribution send it to my e-mail if you can :D. Clarkalel@live.ca THANKS.

  56. tndo says:

    if you send by mail, I be very grateful! and if you would, we can help you to send another people.


  57. Twizzer says:

    Hay Guys.. Wololo said the name will be comming soon ! Pleas Wait Som Times! But I Will Hope The Game is Free ore Cost not more than 20 €.

    MFG Twizzer

  58. NOT COOL says:

    Wololo, please reply me as soon as possible.
    I only have 18eu in my UK account is that enough because I can’t afford a new card for now.
    Thank you,

  59. Cyril says:

    En tous cas beau boulot, j’ai eu accés au VHBL sur Motorstorm grace a vous et je vous en remerci. Je laisse mon Mail NagTox5@hotmail.fr si vous pouvez me donner le nom du pour avoir la seconde faille Merci. DSL je ne parle pas anglais :(

  60. avenger says:

    great job wololo i hope this release is more successful than the last one(which was a great release,given the circumstances)
    also if sony patches the exploit why not make a tool that edits the update files like the ios hackers made to preserve the baseband.
    i also suggest you check out the ios scene as you might get a lot of good ideas from it

  61. bob says:

    Hey Wololo,
    Why not hold off the exploit till after the Vita fw update in early April?

  62. please send me the name of the game to my email.

    Seriously guys, if you want the name of the game, just register on the talk forums, it only takes a few minutes.

  63. fate6 says:

    stop asking for a email its starting to get anoying

  64. ashxiii says:

    hi wololo!
    we are here and we support you! whatever if we can’t have The game! please just do it and keep going man!

  65. Clarkalel says:

    so Everybody’s Tennis is the game ?

  66. kabo says:

    please send me the name of the game to my email.

  67. Romin Khan says:

    hey guyz can u please tell me is there any free games available for ps vita on psn?

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