VHBL: name of the new exploited game will be announced soon


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113 Responses

  1. Enygmx says:

    Any news?

  2. Ravenous says:

    I Got the Newest CMA for my vita and i see that psp saves are new in a kategory i think Sony Patched CMA to Copy VHBL per Savedata!! pls show that its worked with new manager!

    • darkenvy says:

      What about using the old installer for CMA and deleting your registry keys for CMA? Doesn anyone know if its legal to share CMA installers? (knowing sony it could be illegal :P)

      • sortadan says:

        Content manager hasn’t been updated since the end of Jan and still works just fine, this is a non-issue at the moment.

  3. the king says:

    pls send me an e-mail with the name of the game?

  4. Draygon says:

    That’s it, wololo!!!!

    Send the name of the game via e-mail to us. So it hopefully won’t get public and sony can’t remove the game!! :)

    it would be really nice if you could also send it to my mail
    my mail:

    thanks <3

  5. Terry says:

    doesn’t hurt to ask Thanks wololo for your contribution send it to my e-mail if you can :D. Clarkalel@live.ca THANKS.

  6. tndo says:

    if you send by mail, I be very grateful! and if you would, we can help you to send another people.


  7. Twizzer says:

    Hay Guys.. Wololo said the name will be comming soon ! Pleas Wait Som Times! But I Will Hope The Game is Free ore Cost not more than 20 €.

    MFG Twizzer

  8. NOT COOL says:

    Wololo, please reply me as soon as possible.
    I only have 18eu in my UK account is that enough because I can’t afford a new card for now.
    Thank you,

  9. Cyril says:

    En tous cas beau boulot, j’ai eu accés au VHBL sur Motorstorm grace a vous et je vous en remerci. Je laisse mon Mail NagTox5@hotmail.fr si vous pouvez me donner le nom du pour avoir la seconde faille Merci. DSL je ne parle pas anglais :(

  10. avenger says:

    great job wololo i hope this release is more successful than the last one(which was a great release,given the circumstances)
    also if sony patches the exploit why not make a tool that edits the update files like the ios hackers made to preserve the baseband.
    i also suggest you check out the ios scene as you might get a lot of good ideas from it

  11. bob says:

    Hey Wololo,
    Why not hold off the exploit till after the Vita fw update in early April?

  12. please send me the name of the game to my email.

    Seriously guys, if you want the name of the game, just register on the talk forums, it only takes a few minutes.

  13. fate6 says:

    stop asking for a email its starting to get anoying

  14. ashxiii says:

    hi wololo!
    we are here and we support you! whatever if we can’t have The game! please just do it and keep going man!

  15. Clarkalel says:

    so Everybody’s Tennis is the game ?

  16. kabo says:

    please send me the name of the game to my email.

  17. Romin Khan says:

    hey guyz can u please tell me is there any free games available for ps vita on psn?

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