Davee gets PSP Kernel access on the Vita


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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287 Responses

  1. Drjeff says:

    wish you would just release the damn game name already, have you built enough traffic yet wololo? With the post of amazon deals that you get a cut of, this is obviously being withheld to get some money for your troubles.

    • Lukas says:

      You are such a dick! And a stupid one as well!

    • wololo says:

      Drjeff, wish peolple like you could read my blog and understand how the release is happening before assuming stuff. Its not like that didnt happen before.

    • g00denz says:

      you are a really big a-hole, I personally hope wololo makes millions on his amazon clickthrough’s although I am certain he is lucky if it covers the expenses of running his site and the headache of dealing with trolls like you. (I dont think millions are enough for that)

      He has and continues to contribute more to this scene than most and deserves our praise, as do other contributing members of the community.

      Wololo thanks again from the real fan’s and community members

    • WUT? says:

      You’re a dick and a no brainer.
      You remind me of this

  2. Zer01ne says:

    Dan Stop, you don’t know what do you talking about.
    Go back to school before trying to understand how hack is made and why the hack made pirating the games.

  3. Coldbird says:

    @Dan Thanks for making me laugh.

    Of course the decreasing number of sales and less productions for PSP can in no way be linked to Sony releasing a new console and developers jumping onto that now…

    Of course it has to be the hackers fault… :P

  4. Drjeff says:

    then please let us know why we are still waiting.

  5. drjeff says:

    Yes, I read that the day you posted it. I wish you could have at least told us not to waste our time this weekend waiting. This is the point i am making. You and I all know that if you miss it, it’s gone. This is pro-wrestling caliber hype and you know it. Check the analytics for this page. It’s pretty impressive where the spikes occur, and then here comes the Wololo sponsored amazon ads, as if the ones all over the site and posts weren’t enough…. don’t you think it’s been long enough? I think anyone who really wanted this release are already here. PSN just finished an update, it’s prime time!!

    • Totoro says:

      Holy fuckadoodle, can someone get this man some cyanide pills? Dude you are forgetting one huge thing, THEY HAVE NO NEED TO GIVE THE PUBLIC ANYTHING AT ALL. You are a fucking waste of life, go outside and get some sun you piece of douche shit. Hackers are doing this out of their own hearts, they really wouldn’t need to do this AT ALL, they could just do it for their friends or family, understand that and maybe you can deserve to breathe our oxygen. Cool the fuck down and wait for a release like everyone else that understands this. If you don’t want to then continue to suck Sony’s dick so you feel satisfied, otherwise just stay there like a good fuckface.

    • darkenvy says:

      Your kidding right? Being a hacker of consoles doesn’t pay for itself. It does not hurt you to see a few ads if it pays the developers.

    • HIMFan says:

      If you really want the game, you can take some fucking Amazon ads that you don’t have to read btw, and wait as long as he makes you. When will you fucking goobers realize that they NEVER have to release anything to you. Ever. He doesn’t owe you shit. Did you buy your Vita to…play PSP mods? Don’t think so, enjoy your Vita for what it is, who knows, maybe because of you alone being a dumbass you make wololo and all of his famous friends close their sites and leave the scene like Dark Alex. Maybe then, you’d enjoy your Vita for what it is. He didn’t have to tell you it wasn’t going to be released this past week, or weekend, or whatever at all. If you want mods for free, you do what the rest of us do, stop being a giant mongoloid and fucking check the page and often. If you miss it again, its 100% your own fault, not his. Because next time, he’s NOT going to tell us the exact time that its going to be up, because Sony is going to be up on this thread just as much as you are waiting for the next exploited game. God fucking damnit.

    • UE says:

      PSN updating has nothing to do with how quickly sony will take it down, I missed the first game but you don’t hear me whining.

      Then again I am not a poor sap like you who obviously doesn’t own a psp so I can still enjoy whatever the hell I want.
      If something comes out, fantastic I don’t have to carry around two portables and get to play stuff on the other whenever I wish.

      You are not entitled, I don’t give two fucks if walolo gets amazon funds or not and I also don’t give two craps about getting a release if it makes all of you whiny, illiterate and undeserving twits cry yourselves to sleep.

    • TheBudds says:

      Wow! Condescending much?

      You wasted your time, no one else is to blame. Just because your schedule wasn’t kept doesn’t entitle you to anything. Sites cost money to run, and if you really think wololo is doing a scrooge mcduck.

      I really must question your intelligence :(

      I truly doubt you bought your Vita for vHBL alone, stop acting as if it’s owed to you.

    • wololo says:

      @drjeff: If you don’t like ads just use adblock. If you don’t want me to make some pocket money out of my 5 years of experience helping the scene, just go ahead, find your own exploits, write your own tutorials and all that stuff, nobody’s asking you to stay here. I’m fed up with people wanting me to be ashamed of trying to turn this hobby into a source of revenue. Just compare the ads of this website to all PS3/Vita/PSP hacking sites, and you will find that this is very reasonable. You don’t see a gigantic ad on the screen preventing you from reading the articles on my site.
      If you disagree with the idea of people trying to make money with the work they provide, well, grow up and try the real world for once.

      • npissoawsome says:

        I for one totally agree with trying to make money out of this site, you do nothing but help all of us, I wouldn’t even care if you posted a topic about adds once a week, maybe even after every 5th post or something. I don’t even use add block, I believe it’s wrong, because viewing someone’s adds, is like paying them, and blocking the adds is sort of like steeling

        If you can make money out of something you enjoy, I’m happy for you, don’t let dirt bags like these to actually hurt you

      • UE says:

        In agreement here, I personally don’t give a rats ass about getting an exploit if it makes these people this sad with them not having one, it is just pathetic.

        I also see no reason to complain about your revenue choice and you do choose amazon adds which are relevant to the hardware which is nice.
        I would have an issue if you decided to start selling the exploits themselves (ala true fucking blue) but that is a different thing all together (piracy is piracy and while it doesn’t impact nearly as much as people want to believe it does it becomes something far worse when people are profiting from pirating in such a direct way)

      • jaycloudz says:

        wololo stop listening to those faggits just do what u do best helping people lean about psp hack etc i know u help me alot :)

      • jaycloudz says:

        wololo stop listening to those faggits just do what u do best helping people learn about psp hack etc i know u help me alot :)

  6. drjeff says:

    and riku, i wasn’t talking about davee’s hack.

    • Ted Mosby says:

      Have you ever released an Exploit….No!So be patient. It will released per Mail to trustful Members first, then other People who are long on /talk, then trustful Newbies and then the other. We have so a great among of people who are able to use the Exploit. And it doesn’t matter if Sony Updates his PSN…the only thing is the CMA….or maybe an FW-Update. But for now, everything is fine. So be patient…

      • Sasuke says:

        Hey ted. You failed the broath. And your a idiot. Uts going to everyone at the same tims

        • UE says:


          Please learn to spell before calling someone an idiot or it will have to be repeatedly pointed out that you are an idiot yourself.

  7. alex says:

    from yt : @BlueMaximaC099 No worries man, Its a PSN encrypted game, with license keys :)

    daveexfusion in reply to BlueMaximaC099 (Show the comment) 1 day ago

  8. serious says:

    dont release it davee, its not worth

  9. KasperBrewski says:

    It makes me sick the amount of people in this world that want instant gratification. When they don’t get something there and then, they cry and complain.

    I’d rather wait and recieve alot more later, then recieve a result now that have alot less.

    Grow up FFS

  10. garrei says:

    would anyone like a cuppa tea?? :)

  11. new_guy says:

    Great job and a few questions..
    Could a full speed SNES emulator with sound be created with the psp Kernel access? I’m not sure if I’m reading this correctly.. Kernel access, is that equals access to the entire hardware of the PS Vita? or is it just PSP hardware CPU 333MHZ capability? thanks!

  12. jotax says:

    once you have access to core vita is it possible to alter the PSP emulator mhz to 533mhz for example?

    I think it’s good reprogram some powerful emulators, and no start coding from 0

    Congratulations Davee and company & thanks.

  13. DemShoes says:

    I asked this before but,
    “I have a question. Would it be possible to hack the Vita with a cartridge like the ones used to hack the DS?”

    • Sasuke says:

      yep bht the Question is. how do we run the files we get from the card

    • wololo says:

      Only hardware hackers will be able to answer that question. We have mostly software devs on this site.

      • npissoawsome says:

        From what I know, and that may not be much, there hasn’t been an actual hardware hack in a very long time. I believe the last one they had was the pandora’s battery, and I think in the 2.x formware days, there were some chips you could get that mod your PSP

        • FxMxSpectrum says:

          I remember doing a Pandora Battery for 5.50, and not before. I also think the last hardware hack was a jigkick, wasn’t it?

          I don’t like to erase, soooo… I read that wrong lol

  14. Dutt says:

    @ Wololo
    Good work love how your doing things..
    Ps. Can i give a donation by paypal to you?

    • wololo says:

      Thanks. If you want to donate, I suggest the following:
      – for donations regarding yosh’s port of VHBL, donate directly to him. You can contact him by PM on /talk, his user name is wth
      – for donations to me, I don’t really need them, but I would really like if you donate to the red cross instead :)

  15. well fuck! says:

    shit i sold my vita few days ago and bought a psp go only to log on and see this shit, son of a shit what afucking waste i hope this gets released soon so i can toss my shit psp

    • rabidchild says:

      Are you really this funny? I almost “tossed my shit” just reading it.

    • UE says:

      Lol either you are lying or you are an idiot… or both…

      I am going with idiot atm… you are an idiot

    • g00denz says:

      WOW, it never ceases to amaze me how dumb people are really???? you dropped all that money on a vita returned it for a psp because of this site…

      Hey btw I just put a bridge on the market…. It’s in Brooklyn want to buy it?

  16. Charlie Cheung says:

    Thanks for the good news.
    But I’m a little confused.I just noticed you had updated your blog, saying Davee told you the game running on his video was not an iso.So what does this game mean on Davee’s video? Maybe it’s a exploit by this game? I guess.
    Hope you can resolve my confusion.

    • UE says:

      What the part where it says “regularly bought psn game”
      doesn’t make sense to to you? My best guess is the hen allows access to all games that are run through the psp emulator section of the psv, hence allowing him to play his legitimately installed game.

      This is quite exciting really because depending on how this works it could be picked up by sony if it shows there are no possible hacking methods in this area and made into a legitimate feature.
      I know this is not likely but as I said depending on HOW it works there is a slight possibility of this.

  17. Norml says:

    Hate these $ony workers spouting BS.

    Get mad at $ony because they actually don’t care, hardware sales = WIN, they want developers & for the handheld to strive but…they were more than happy to share to the world how easy it is to hack their console, which shows their mentality & this made the developers speak(games still came though, crappy, some OK about 20 or so, according to my UMD count)Just like they did with the PS3,”NOT HACKED YET!!!”(their business practices are frightening)& than they sued George, who the world can clearly see is just a KID. They got mad at him for being “cute” & playing their game. Which comes back to them, having tons of money and wasting it trying to make that kid an example. (People want credit…*downfall*, wasn’t their others? what happen to them? Didn’t they do most of the work?)

    $ony actually killed 2 birds with one stone & played the market. They released the console first, made bank off of it & than re-released the same console as a handheld with slight updates.
    PSP = $$$, enough for $ony to unleash another one onto the market as a matter of fact along with another 2 console verations (PS2,PS3 – directly made as homeconsoles)
    Homebrew = Harm Reduction
    Humans = Evil

    Who loses? The consumer, that’s who, all because some greedy person(s) wants to make trillions instead of billions. Not because of piracy, piracy is a VERY VERY VERY small factor that’s easy to attack and gets dumb peoples attention.

    Piracy hurts, but it’s not enough to make these companies go broke just enough to show their greed(their entitlement only goes so far). Bottom line, these companies need to be happy with the money they do obtain, do it for the love of gaming. The money is already there but with greed, like this DLC nonsense and online passes…the bad guys and good guys are one in the same if you ask me(which is a no brainer, we are only human).

    The only one’s who are not, are ME and YOU. Homebrew
    At the moment that is…$ony was all for the people when first rolling out the Playstation, it’s a shame the disconnection that has happened. ($ony tried until the inevitable happened, they still try every now and than (OtherOS?) but shit hits the fan & they’re a company.

  18. Alpmaster007 says:

    Thank you all the devs out there for making it possible to even give us a chance of using a exploit. I never knew how hard it is to make a save game exploit before Kudos to all hackers Viva La Vita!!!! :)

  19. Norml says:

    Let us customize our Vita, let us use emulators.

    So when the time comes, the harm reduction comes into effect and we buy these $60+ games, with day ONE paid DLC that’s on the disc already with online passes, so when we want to sell it to make a little money back to buy another game we as a consumer have even less $$$ to do so on a game with a price tag that is so inflated it never falls.

    Domino effect, play with us or against us, we’re getting fucked.

  20. Z3r01 says:

    I’m gonna half agree with Dan..,the PSP suffered some be abuse of piracy. I’m not blaming hackers, none…but whoever made iso loading , although the intention wasn’t for pirating it led to that. The system sold because of greedy pirates…but lack of games from developers was mostly because of piracy and other things (accord into an article on CNN awhile ago)
    All I wish is that homebrew can natively come to the vita but keep piracy out of it…I know a lot of people bullshit and say no but deep inside they want to get games for free…I pay for my games…all..just want hombrew…need my snes on games that yes I still own…and other devs original work as well.

    • Z3r01 says:

      How cool would it be for Sony to open he vita like apple did and let anyone develop and get $$$ at the same time. We need a cydia type thing for the vita

      • wololo says:

        That’s what they said they would do with the Playstation Suite, but my understanding of the situation is that it will be extremely limited (a bit like the apple store actually), and I’m sure it will not allow cool “borderline” stuff such as emulators, etc…

        • Z3r01 says:

          But yes Yea , I mean it gives a chance for some to shine, but as far as the cool stuff , yea we gonna need hacks to run the cool stuff…I want to imagine changing the interface on the vita like we did on the PSP , that would just be awesome!!

    • wololo says:

      I don’t disagree either. What pisses me of is a guy coming to my site, and telling me “don’t ruin the vita like you did for the psp”, showing he has absolutely no idea who I am or what I worked on. I personally think iso loader are over the top, and you’ve never seen me working on a iso loader in the psp scene. So I don’t like to be targeted by ignorant people who assume that all hackers share the same goal of pirating games.

      • Z3r01 says:

        Yes I totally agree with you ! I mean ur work (not to kiss ass) was used by me before and I continue to respect ur work , he was being a jerk without real information. Hey why not get moderators to moderate the comments here? I’m a moderator at Modmyi and if ya need the help just let me know, I’ currently refresh ur page every 20 minutes for news so let me know if u need help :-)

        • wololo says:

          Nah, I’m happy with non moderated comments on the blog, if you want moderated we have the forums :)
          I do delete extremely offensive comments though, but rarely the comments of people who post their opinion, even when I disagree.

  21. DartonTheOnlyStaker says:


  22. dankuro says:

    Wololo, I have a question, the PSP mode of the PSVITA does limit the gpu power so it can run psp games or it just puts a frame limit?
    If it’s he first one, the emulators like the dreamcast emulator could work better, could they?
    and what about the second joystick, could it be activated?
    looking foward to progress.
    A mere watcher.

  23. Alpmaster007 says:

    If anyone wants to make a cool friend add me on psn at killroy007 known as alpkaster007 at Twitter especially if you are a proud owner of the Vita. :) Wololo you ROCK awesome website and blog man :)

  24. malin says:

    Wow! this is big news, congratulations Davee. I hope we see a deluge of homebrew and releases soon like the early PSP days. That scene in its infancy was one of my most fun times with hacking and homebrew.

    With the spec of the Vita and the control scheme there could be some amazing releases from the scene, I’d love to see a Vita version of iRShell but I realise we are a long way from that yet but I look forward to see what you guys come up with next

  25. Asmith906 says:

    Actually piracy can kill a system if its based with stiff competition. I bought a psp years ago just because it was easy to pirate. Of course I eventually felt bad and after seeing the harm that pirating has done I have bought a lot of psp games from the psn store. You cant really compare the ds to the psp as more people bought the psp with prior knowledge that it could be hacked. If you look at the demographics that the portables target a lot of ds users were children and people who don’t really follow gaming blogs. So they most likely dont even know what a padora battery or r4 card is. As much as people try to justify it pirating can lead to hardware failure especially if you never intend to purchase games to support the system. Also while I like what wololo and others have done undoubtedly this is why we have CMA and are unable to transfer vita save individually.

  26. sh1t_s1pp3r says:

    will this exploit require usa people to purchase a game from the EU/HK store in order to use it?

  27. whitey_mcguee says:

    Ok in not going to lie, I want an is loader. I have purchased a ton of pap games that are now supposed to turn into paper weights. I find it not fair that sen will not even give a discount to us users for previously purchased items. I am having cravings to see what crisis core looks like on the larger screen along with several other games I have. I even signed up for +plus thinking that I would get to use my pan purchases on my vita but nothing. This is why I am aggravated. I have spent hundreds that I am not allows to use any more.

    What are your thought?

    • Snowman says:

      My thoughts on that are … you bought it, you paid earned cash, you paid tax on your purchase, you paid tax on your earnings, you should be able to enjoy your purchases without limitation.

      Fuck day one DLC robbing bastards, make a decent complete game then add even better content and maybe people wouldn’t resort to piracy. The game industry needs a kick up the arse, you don’t see indie developers selling a game for £44.99 that you also have to spend £7.99 to play it online and another £14.99 to play with your friends because they have “content” and you don’t.

  28. siren says:

    as youve bought them already, its not piracy. :)

  29. lololol says:

    Why delete comments what happens to freedom of speech :*((

  30. J says:

    It is dissapointing that it looks like Davee is probably not going to release this, no point in crying about it as it is his decision.

    I have a ton of PSP content on my Japanese PSN account and switching between this and my EU account constantly is driving me up the wall!!

    I was praying that we might get an ISO loader so I could decrypt the content on my PSP and then load it on my Vita without the PSN region restrictions! Also I have a few UMD disks I wouldn’t mind converting over either!!

    The only hope I have is that somebody doing it proves that it can be done, fingers crossed somebody else will get kernel access as well and might release it next time.

  31. gilf slammer says:

    praying?? ^^^^ for an iso loader?? how about praying for world peace or something beneficial :P

    • Timothy says:

      Considering this is a PS Vita development topic….praying for those things here wouldn’t make sense.

    • J says:

      I tried praying for world peace, gave up as there are too many idiots in it :)

      If you want to try praying for world peace why don’t you try a different forum? as said this is a PS forum (mainly)!!

  32. keane says:

    “Gilf slammer” haha your comment was brilliant :D

  33. Timberack says:

    If Davee releases it or not, it doesn’t really matter, it’s just a matter of time. Somebody is going to do it probably better.
    I am praying for full access, I have bought a damn good share of video games at robbing prices throughout my life, an ISO loader would be awesome. If I really like a game I will make the purchase, if I don’t like it, it gets deleted.
    People who are saying that homebrew and “hackers” have ruined prior gaming devices, are full of it. People who download games rather than buying them hardly make a dent in the market, and those people usually BUY the game system specifically for homebrew, The reason I bought my Vita was for homebrew, otherwise Sony would have gotten $0 from me. Enjoy my money Sony, I will enjoy your Vita. Deal?

  34. jvhellraiser says:

    Nice Davee good work! but my question
    or at least the one i have for wololo or davee
    maybe CB can answer it,will vita download limit
    restriction will be disable in later year,i want to
    download my anime but vita wont let me,or Sony XD
    please i just ask for that brake that download limit

  35. ball sniffer says:

    I call BS, davee hasn’t said a word since, fake! :(

  36. zafotheninja says:

    follow up on this?

  37. Revolution says:

    Will people stop using the would hackers! These people are revolutionist for bringing fun back to a dead game console that restricts you freedom to enjoy the system. Davee, we wait for your code ==D so we can access the memory card without installing the media content manager and have the ability to create folders in the memory card

  38. fLaSh says:

    This hack remmember he older “PSPgo 6.10 CFW/HEN Proof of Concept”
    I think it never will be released

  39. I am just hoping something comes out soon but I feel bad sitting on the sidelines wishing I could help. But I guess the best pay off of all is being able to work on a project and see it evolve from an idea to a tangible objective. Good luck with all you have to bring to the new era of handheld gaming!
    Also, just an idea I don’t know if this is possible but making an emulator on the PC that can act as a PS3, more or less a VM that would allow a gamer the ability to load PSP games. It doesn’t have to have to play PS3 games just a media to communicate to the PS Vita. From what I have seen that’s how most people have loaded games that they have purchased using a PS3 Console of course.

    Anyways, happy exploiting.

  40. good ol joe blow smith says:

    Mfw im reallllyyyyyy pumped for the prx loader..(if its ever released) wont have to buy psn games for vhbl! And ill get to play my psp games! I wont have to carry 2 systems around.. c: Its an excellent alternative to sonys “buy it again,if you want” motto, and completely legal since i own the games. Super hyped. :D

  41. acez says:

    I’m just wondering, how does one even exploit the Vita, if no debugger is available ?

  42. wuwenjun says:

    thank you from all you work

  43. Choppy says:

    Anyone knows if Davee has released this exploit ?

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