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The exploit factory


We are constantly looking for guest bloggers at wololo.net. If you like to write, and have a strong interest in the console hacking scene, contact me either with a comment here, or in a PM on /talk!

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  1. darkenvy says:

    I like your strategy Wololo. Make exploits easy for average joe, get stuff done. Do we have an IRC channel?

  2. reydempto says:

    If the next psp game announce is a bust and sony takes it off too early, I will try this out for sure…but I just put 50 euros into my PSN account, and I am eagerly waiting and f5ing your blog.

    Cheers, wololo

  3. ThAt_GuY says:

    So I need to have the Arctic Edge Exploit for this to work?
    Sorry, still kinda new to the VHBL scene.

  4. reydempto says:

    This is for is you have found a game with an exploitable crash, you can use this tool to try to port vhbl yourself instead of waiting for wololo or someone else to do it 🙂

  5. ThAt_GuY says:

    Oh, putting the tools in the users hands, makes sense. Thanks wololo

  6. trevor says:

    Is the vhbl compatible w/ any psone emulators at the moment??

  7. your mom, my dick says:

    My viraa collecting dust cus of *** launch titles, hurry up and crack the vita side shouldn’t be that hard right? I mean I can understand the ps3 taking so long but a handheld???? Comon

  8. demonguard says:

    >malloc 2 test l 204800
    Error allocating memory in pid:2

    How can I free up memory to load HBL into?

  1. March 27, 2012

    […] to 10 user mode game exploits in psp games” earlier this month, and have created a so-called “exploit factory” to easily port VHBL as new exploits are found. We could be entering a new era in the Sony hacking […]

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