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Will Diablo 3 make me buy a new PC?


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  1. m1k33 says:

    I say, wait for the players feedbacks when the game is released and see if it convince you.

    But since you play Diablo back in the days and from your question, I know you really want to play and want to experience the game firsthand, so buy a new PC(or upgrade) you will do it later on anyway so why not now!

    For the game that I’m waiting for I think none at the moment because it’s already out and I have no money to buy it T_T

  2. Notn4 says:

    Go and get a new PC/upgrade! There will anyway come a day when you will have to do it… so why not now when there’s a good reason and not just because the PC is getting so slow that it’s not even operational πŸ™‚

    And as for my THE game… none that has been given a release date πŸ™ still waiting for my beloved HL episode 3 OR BlackMesa Source πŸ™‚

  3. Kain says:

    Eating pasta every day is a good start. Aim for the mediterranean diet and you’ll be less likely to get a heart attack when you’re told how much a decent gaming PC can cost!
    I’d also save money for a spinning bike. There are models that just fit under your desk. That’s because gaming nights seem to be an important risk factor for thromboembolism due to reduced blood flow when sitting still for hours, particularly at night.

    We’ll soon buy games with “Videogamimg kills” printed on the box, just like on cigarettes packages. I, for one, would print “Wiimotes can harm yourself and others” on every Wii controller package, but that’s a different story. πŸ˜€

    PS Please, don’t take all of this too seriously, it’s meant to make you laugh. Thanks! πŸ˜‰

  4. JJS says:

    I wasted my youth on the original Diablo. Be careful my friend. Are you really wanting to spend a couple hundred hours in front of your PC? I found it to be better for me to stay away from addictive games like that πŸ™‚

    • wololo says:

      I know, it’s a tough choice… that could mean the end of my involvment in the scene for a few months πŸ˜›

      • JJS says:

        Somehow I would consider this the best case scenario. Worst case is you giving up your social life entirely and eventually ending up as a lonely old man standing in the middle of the town square mumbling “Stay a while and listen…” to the people passing by.

  5. svenn says:

    I’m waiting for 2 games, Max Payne 3 (hopefully no vaporware) and GuildWars 2 πŸ™‚

    Both going to be released soon. πŸ™‚ I wouldn’t upgrade my hardware though, In time you will buy a new pc/laptop. (prices still drop aswell so no hurry…)

  6. Leo says:

    Diablo is still one of a kind… I’ve bought my first PC in end 2010 preparing for it.. then I had to shift because had an offer in OZ… so i sold it.. end of last year i bought alienware laptop(at lease it can come with me if i move againnnnnnnnn) and prepared for this moment~~

  7. shapeshifter says:

    its kinda sad on the pc scene your latest configurations get “outdated” in atleast 2 years like core 2 duo top end 3ghz and lowest core i3 I mean i3 supports most good games at lowest while core 2 duo even fewer.gpu is usually alright and don’t get outdated that easily

    • UE says:

      Now if you know anything about computers this would be amusing to laugh about.

      Love the world where people think that cpus become out of date faster than graphics cards.


      • shapeshifter says:

        excuse me but I mean in accordance with pc game requirements have you noticed sometimes your gpu supports the game but your cpu does not.this is what I meant to say

        • UE says:

          Are you kidding me, in pc game requirements CPU support isn’t required, there is no point even now for a gamer to update their core2 cpu to a newer cpu aslong as they have a decent hard drive and a newish graphics card. The cpu makes little to no difference these days… For gamers I repeat, I personally own an 17 due to it being necessary for the programs needed for work.

          Btw there is bugger all difference performance wise between an i3 and a core2duo… heck a c2d 7400 which was all the rage as a budget processor a few years performs the same as the latest two sandybridge i3 processors.

          This is not to say that people with an old quadcore core2 and a 580gtx sli setup (stupid setup btw) or a 6970 crossfire will see the same performance as any i7 processor with the same graphics card partly due to bottlenecking and partly due to better chipsets on the mobo.

          Btw a high end c2d *** over ANY i3 in processing power and is just under a i5 750 in ability in general. But as far as games are concerned it is not out of date and won’t be for a LONG time yet… I don’t care what the little bit of paper says, it doesn’t list everything that it is compatible it is stupid to think that because something isn’t listed that it isn’t comparable especially with cpus.

          I repeat, cpus aren’t the issue… heck maybe i am missing some point that you failed to convey in the first place but as I have repeated again and again for your benefit the cpu isn’t getting outdated in games and just because a c2d isn’t listed on the bottom of the box it doesn’t mean the game isn’t supporting it because as far as games are concerned the processor is the last thing holding them back.

          • shapeshifter says:

            right that’s why gta 4 won’t work with core duo but works with core 2 duo even with both 3ghz even if you have the same graphic card on both systems

    • wololo says:

      On the other hand, PC games are starting to look much better than games on a PS3 or an xbox nowadays… these two consoles are getting old, even if games are optimized.

  8. shapeshifter says:

    get an assembled one it can be upgraded easily!!sorry for double post

  9. darkenvy says:

    You should upgrade your system. Don’t get the flashy GPU, go for the i7 octacore setup. Or the dual socket i7 motherboard. Thats 16 threaded cores, true octacore. *crazy eyes*

    THE game I’m waiting for is FFX on the PSVita. Something about pocket-able RPGs turns me on like a solar panel in the desert.

    • shapeshifter says:

      yup that’s awesome played a lot of Hi def games on my friends mac pro once and its really amazing because of 16 cores.rumours are that ipad 3 is superior to ps3 and xbox 360 but I still love gaming using the controllers.

      • chris says:

        lol you must be a I-idiot if you believe that the ipad3 is better than ps3/xbox360 yes it has higher screen resolution and more ram, but so does my 3 year old laptop, does that mean my laptop is superior too? Lol
        try comparing cpu+gpu and you will find that the ipad is not in the same league as ps3/xbox360 ,heck even the ps vita beats the ipad3

        sorry for the rant ,but I can’t stand people who think I products were made by gods

        • shapeshifter says:

          I never said I agree that ipad 3 is better than ps3 I said those are rumours I have a ps3 and an ipad 2 so I know that the ps3 is superior some of you need to really read the posts carefully before misunderstanding and UE needs to really brush up on computers coz its a fact.try seeing some pc gaming forums and you will know what I’m trying to say.people keep having trouble with such stuff on their pcs.so please check that before calling others idiot

      • UE says:

        You are an idiot sir, a pure idiot

  10. shapeshifter says:

    oops mistyped post I mean ps3 and xbox 360 use medium graphics so its for casual gamers coz of its price while pcs are hardcore gaming rigs but are rather expensive in some ways and porting games is quite common

  11. If you have a PC, you can just change the motherboard(with better on-board graphics or a cheap 1GB GFX card.) or if you have a laptop, better you buy a whole new PC so you could upgrade it in future to play Diablo 4! πŸ˜›

  12. asci says:


    diablo was always kind of boring imho

    moonstone is the game i want a sequel from…

    why nowadays games always are more of the same?

  13. blackdragun says:

    I would wait until ivy bridge is released and after gtx 600 series

    • UE says:

      Ageed, I am not excited for gtx600 at all, but it will bring down the prices of the 7000 amd cards (this said I am running a 570gtx sli machine now… not happy with nvidia and kinda wishing i had stayed with my 6970 crossfire… I was told the drivers were better and I kinda needed space in my new tower that the 6970s weren’t giving length wise… ugh)

      This said if the 600gtx series is good I will go with it.

  14. shapeshifter says:

    is it just me or does diablo resemble runescape,age of empires and worlds of warcraft!!

  15. Jhoopes517 says:

    I say just get a new gaming rig setup and well.. play.

    I played the Beta for a tad bit on a friends account and enjoyed it.

    Much better then when I was in Elem and Middle playing D2.

  16. Iono says:

    Old man, read book…

  17. Cercata says:

    You better stop drinking coke/beer/etc if you wanna reduce costs for Diablo 3 without risking your healh.

    Don’t do like the Family in “Food Inc”, they see the brocoli to expensive in the supermarket, but they find the coke cheap …

  18. KinokoSama says:

    Hey Wololo! Love the blog. Just wanted to say, I’m in the D3 beta and it plays fine for me with graphics tuned to lowish/medium settings, and I have a 2+ year old MacBook Pro 17″ that I don’t think would be capable of playing SC2 very well.

  19. Peter says:

    The game requires you to be online at all times. I won’t even be considering a purchase.

  20. brian halpin says:

    U own Xbox or PS3? NO Diablo for you in May. Hahahahaha. Hey give it 10 years and they will port it. Hahahaha. PC or MAC only so take ur little controller and stick it up ur jacksee whilst u wait. Or play halo! Hahaha.

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