Vita Hack: a new PSP exploit found!


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  1. nobird says:

    great job


    When can we expect a release?

  3. sky18 says:

    Is VHBL for Motorstorm released?

  4. newjcubed says:

    Cool article about you on Kotaku. Great work at getting the word out about how frustrating closed systems are.

  5. omegarob says:

    nice work guys & nice link !

  6. kgswswololocoldbirdvflamepspps3 says:

    🙂 thanks for the update!

  7. Ahmed says:

    Congratulations on the Kutako interview!

    It was interesting to read 😀

  8. xerpi says:

    Now porting (almost trying) the HBL for my exploit 🙂

  9. jcpantola says:

    It seems in the video it was a psp-2000 or psp-3000 was used?

  10. dan says:

    is this available on the vita??? hoping so…

  11. NIGGERS ARE SCUM >:) says:

    Does the hacker of the other exploit have a site we can follow @wololo

  12. king says:

    Wololo my idol , you’re great , keep going my friend .

  13. smith says:

    really? he was just asking a proper question. you dont have to be a smartass about it. jerk.

  14. Kravenbcn says:

    I had the opportunity to try this exploit two days ago and confirmed that it works perfectly 😀

  15. hiyo 4life says:

    can someone confirm if this exploit works using a game from the US store???


    Wow I get bashed for asking a simple yet intelligent question *** :*(

    • lmao says:

      Because you are a racist troll.

    • Ted Mosby says:

      Do you know who designed the Vita or who works for Sony or even there maybe some Dev’s outta there who came from all over the world…and they won’t support any racist. So please leave Wololos Forum, heres no place for such a “***” like you….do us a favour and sell all your consoles and take a one way trip to another planet…

      And you call yourself “intelligent” with such an Username…i guess you never heard about “Darwin” or “Evolution”….

    • Z3r01 says:

      Are u seriously that alone and desperate to come up with such a name just for attention and laughs on the Internet? Don’t u have friends to go to a joke with? By the looks of your bad taste in humor I would say no…

    • g00denz says:

      With a name like the one you put in, i am surprised a virtual bashing is all you got. People like you are a stain on society and the internet…

      • Anon122 says:

        ignore him guys apparently TROLLS like him only want attention also @The Racist *** apparently you spend too much time on the web. Get out of your house find a job, get married & have kids for a change….

  17. the boss says:

    Is it a full game or a demo?

  18. Z3r01 says:

    Whoever feeds to his name are giving him the satisfaction he wants…ignore him everyone,,.,

  19. Rape Stupid White Girls says:

    Does he plan on releasing any other VHBL?

  20. gliitch says:

    wololo cant you censor names & stuff? O_o @dan, i would assume so yeah, itsjust a case of porting it over. if it wasnt available i doubt it would of been posted on wololo’s blog 🙂

  21. King of Trolls >:) says:

    Were is dark Alex when u need him

  22. Psauce says:

    Things are looking gooood. I’m in lololove

  23. syafiq tatsuya says:

    yessss homebrew will live!!!!!

  24. Ogdenit says:

    Hopefully a port of VHBL gets released before Sony patched CMA to not allow altered save files to be transfered. Fingers crossed!!

  25. NOT COOl says:

    Hey Wololo!

    I have something to tell you,
    Remember KillZone on PSP?,
    It can run psp internet browser.

  26. Dombre says:

    I’m not going to ask what game this exploit was found for all I want to know is if it can be bought on the usa psn store? Thanks for the hard work and I’ll be watching closely and waiting patiently.

  27. Timberack says:

    Can’t wait for the end result. I’m cheering these guys on all the way. Thumbs up. Vita homebrew, the possibilities are insane!

  28. hook2008 says:

    We are looking forward to break new progress。

  29. ass eater says:

    He announced this on the 8th and still no word, I call BS -_-

    • HIMFan says:

      If you look on the /talk forums, he can’t get it to work on Vita due to syscalls. He said he’s not entirely familiar with them. But he does have a pic of it working on 5.50GenD3…

      But that doesn’t mean that we’re out of luck, Wololo said it’ll just take longer and may reduce compatibility but they aren’t giving up hope. AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU 😀

  30. Ass Eater says:

    I have a feeling the vita is going to be close to impossible to hack :(, if were lucky mabey in 3-4 years we will see CFW :*(

  31. TJ says:

    Hello wololo!

    May I ask when the new ver wagic0.18 will come?

    Thank you!

    • wololo says:

      We’re working on it, no date yet as we’ve been reunning in many interface issues on Android and iOS that we are trying to fix

      • Duncan says:

        Thanks alot!

        But can we have the wagic 0.18 just for the windows version first?

        By the way can you input the card ability [cascade] in the new version? This ability is missed for long time in the game.

        Thank you!

  32. syafiq tatsuya says:

    wololo, i just want to tell that why the system information on vita cannot do the R+L square + left and than start cannot work in the v1.61 i mean the hidden information…pls tell me is sony closed that for not review that hidden information on psvita or prevent hacking?????

    • wololo says:

      Sony removed it, not really sure why. I guess any information the system can give us is too much information in their eyes…

      • UE says:

        Pretty much, I mean personally I think it is quite likely that Sony are doing so to allow for silent mini updates in the future (and if someone cannot check that their system has been patched it because a bit more dangerous and easier to monitor who and why, not that they aren’t doing a good job of that already)

  33. gliitch says:

    i tested the whole System Settings button config and yes, its been removed. although its not that useful. HOpefully we will have a better exploit soon 😀

  34. NOT COOl says:

    Is there going to be another game for VHBL?
    since I missed the first one…
    You don’t have to give me anything but just say yes or no.

  35. UE says:

    nom nom nom, *** where did they go?

  36. UE says:

    A bit pointless saying that, his name already says he does… Stop pointing things when it has already been pointed out.

    Redundancy ffs.

  37. teng says:

    I found something new on my psv!Maybe… is a bug of psv.
    Can you find something way to play psv?

    • HIMFan says:

      That actually is rather cool. I’m not sure what could be implemented while a background is trying to be applied, but interesting nonetheless. I’m not sure how easy it’d be for them to patch that because its just the fact that it takes SOOOO long to apply wallpapers, install games, uninstall games. Etc. Although if they think there’ll be an exploit because of their slow system, maybe they’ll speed it up and it’ll just benefit us all 😀

      • HIMFan says:

        LMAO, actually thats a GREAT way to get Sony to make things better. Every time we find something wrong or bad with their system, just say that we found an exploit (even though we didn’t) and they’ll fix it and make it better 😀

      • UE says:

        no kidding, I own a 32gig card and copying over movies takes freaking forever -groans-

      • teng says:

        I am a chinese,My English is not good.After I found this,on our bbc of psv,many of us discussed that if the bug involves the core of psv,we will have the chance to use many HomeBrew on psv.Another part of us said that it just a useless bug.I know there are many supperman of electronic products and maybe some of them can Develop it,so,I taked the video here.

  38. HIMFan says:

    Actually,that’s a great idea on how to get Sony to fix crappy things on the Vita. Just lie and say we found a means to exploit it, and they’ll patch that *** up and make it better hahaha.

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