Vita hack: what’s after VHBL?


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  1. Keep up the good work Wololo. Appreciate what your doing for us.
    Would love to help out on the scene but it proves quite complex
    “hacking” but i will still read through the tuts and see what i can do =)

  2. Softtm17 says:

    I think the next step is make a sort of isoloader inside the “Emulator”…
    And after that go,through this “Virtual Box”, to find some Hole..and finally read the true code of the PSvita-> other exploit-> Possible CFW.

    • L says:

      Why on earth would you want to do that?

      (Talking about the iso loader)

    • npissoawsome says:

      Oh my, are you kidding? HBL has been out for what, 2 years now? We’ve already established that it is impossible to make an ISO loader in HBL. And if you meant make an ISO loader outside of HBL, then that’s even pretty stupid, we have 0 vsh exploits on the PSVita, and 0 access to kernel, so for now an ISO Loader is the least of our worries

  3. Bruno says:

    Thanks for the update keep up the good work!

  4. Lindo says:

    Good Luck!!

  5. James says:

    Cheers Wololo for VHBL, greatly appreciated especially now I can run my emulators 🙂

    I personally do not want to see the Vita side of things hacked as development will probably go down the toilet again, what I don’t mind is the PSP side getting hacked mainly because I have a load of Japanese PSP games on PSN and am getting p****d off with having to factory reset my console to play them!

    How I see it is that VHBL has given us access to the PSP emulator file system more than anything else, this is a great start as exploiting anything on the PSP side meant being able to get stuff in to the Vita’s PSP emulator which we can now do.

    An example of a simple thing that VHBL helped me with, I have the game “beats” its a pretty *** rhythm game but couldn’t use it on the Vita as you couldn’t load MP3 on to the PSP side of the Vita’s memory card. With filer and a bit of imagination I got MP3 back in to the music folder and it now works, simple and not really a hack but it shows that we can now get anything in to the PSP emulator.

    Just hoping that we can find a way to get eboot.pbp files in to the GAME folder as I think that is a key to the puzzle on the PSP emulator.



  6. CANO RODZ says:


  7. Iono says:

    Free games, Iso loader, it’s all we care about… lol

  8. kgswswololocoldbirdvflamepspps3 says:

    I’ve been following for so long… I loved the psp, it just was amazing..the feel, and the feet that was achieved!!!! XD And I know haha! Loads of people read this blog, so I want to say thanks to all you guys who have been apart of the scene lol and I want to say thanks to you wololo, your like the in-corruptible batman :p, great game I bought on ps3, I have normal no hacked ps3 🙂

    You have made the scene with other people special 😀 yeah thank! And keep going! Btw I love my vita!!! But honestly, I didn’t get the vhbl or motorstorm but its still special 😉 and like you said there’s more to come!

  9. pocky says:

    Oh I can’t wait! It was so funny watching sony patch and patch on the PSP xD, tempted to keep my Vita on airplane mode to stop any updates, just incase something comes along that requires it not to be the most recent version

  10. stfu says:

    do it. smash it against the wall then never post here again. you type in all caps and sound like a neanderthal .

  11. rafael707 says:

    i hope sony doesnt completely block out VHBL, hopefully the next FW update still allows us to continue using VHBL, knowing sony that probaly wont happen..

    Thanks and Good luck to you wololo, hope to see more revisions of VHBL xD

  12. tarikmaz says:

    Will this work.
    Some one posts their back up of motor storm and we download it then use open cma to transfer. Would that work?

  13. Efrain says:

    I believe we will hack the vita using root methods and revovery mods or exploits of this sort as im aware this system will infact one day run android after a bootloader is hacked but all in all i wanna see the vita run android this thing will be *** AWESOME dual nubs and trackpad and 2 cameras *** yea android alll the way screw you sony you can’t limit a system ment to be free and open full of potential give us more bang for our buck

  14. Wrozen says:

    Could you use past exploits and port them to the Vita for vhbl? For example, my personal favorite, the Patapon 2 exploit. The 2nd Cfw I ever had was using this exploit for 6.20 Tn-b. I think you could do this since the psp emulator doesn’t read into any kernel memory, so you could simply use an older and more familiar exploit. It’s based off of a demo which isn’t tied to a psn account either. There’s tons of unpatched copies all over the internet such just think about it.

  15. Great job thus far and thank you for the updates on the Vita scene.

  16. UE says:

    one thing I would like is a hack from the psv that allows for higher bandwidth for remote play, the vita in mobile mode while playing games is actually at a lower connection speed than my psp go… So blockier images, more breaks in sound and slower response time (with the hack for the go I can get near flawless gameplay, minus the constricted resolution and lack of l2 r2 AND the other analogue stick)

    Really on a wireless connection like this and so close to my ps3 I should be getting more than enough speed to remoteplay a game.

  17. tom says:

    Dude!We want the new wagic0.18 rather than the haking PSV

  18. mukankakuna says:

    I think a big issue is that you can’t press the home button (or on-off).
    Wololo, do you think it will be fixed?

    • Zimond says:

      yep… this really is a big issue. If you coule put t he HBL in standby mode it would be really useful. Right now its just an intressting experiment.

  19. WilliamBMX says:

    Sem pressa…eu ainda não comprei o meu Ps Vita…Good work!!!

  20. Fuck you sony says:

    I want what I paid for not some locked down system >=o,

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