Most popular homebrews in February 2012


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15 Responses

  1. George says:

    Hi! Do you know about this video?
    This guy Smashes the New PSVita! He had a contest and guess who won! Also if you go to TheSmashDoctor’s Channel You will see the name of the winner who also made the background!

  2. swatsqad says:

    sad that i missed out on motorstorm :)

  3. TheNinja says:

    Where’s VHBL? That must be the most awaited homebrew!

  4. ken says:

    A decent list of homebrew, most of them I already had. Yes, I still use HBL; the only way I got gpsp to load is via HBL.

  5. noober says:

    is CMA a homebrew?????

  6. BlackFire says:

    Yeah I was gonna say…..CMA doesn’t really constitute as a homebrew. Especially since nothing is actually running on the system itself.

  7. 007 says:

    psp atari 1.12 posted here but 1.13 out forever.

    – fix issue with NTSC colors (thanks to carpy)
    – bug fix with vsync option
    – bug fix with pal/ntsc video system change

  8. wololo says:

    You’re probably too young to understand :)

  9. swatsqad says:

    google – nostalgia. problem?

  10. Iono says:

    google – smalldickolitus, problem?

  11. swatsqad says:

    no results. you fail on so many levels…

  12. Iono says:

    Cause you are the result… lol

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