VHBL for Motorstorm: how the release really happened, and why it happened that way


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99 Responses

  1. Zimond says:

    I think it’s the best way you can do it. Don’t feel bad about those idiots insulting you. You do not owe anything to anyone. PS : I still haven’t tried HBL out 😛 though i was lucky enough to get the game.

  2. Zimond says:

    oh, and while i have your attention. I have only one wish… the Homebrew section could use a better sorting. Browsing through all kinds of apps and multiple versions of the same app takes a lot of time to find interrting stuff :-/

  3. Yomen says:

    Wololo thanks for work !! we love you !!please make new exploit(crack)i not bay Motorstorm AE =(((((

  4. ben nahalewski says:

    i think the vitas weak point is CMA creating a file that would continuously loop transferring to the vita could create a tunnel to inject files

  5. Steven says:

    secretly announcing the name of the game was a great move wololo rather than announcing it the normal way (that would cause Sony to remove the game in less than 24 hrs) too bad i don’t have a psvita yet

  6. fourzerotwo says:

    hahaha I think i registered on /talk almost day 1, but i haven’t signed in for a very long time now. Maybe it got better, but back when it was new it was full of spam and double-tripple-quad-posts. At least that’s what i thought.
    Well, i didn’t buy a Vita anyway – i might boycott it, we’ll see. If you get back to your “boycott-sony”-thing aswell, i’d love to see you in the xbox-scene xD

    • rafael707 says:

      yea wololo, your method on releasing was brilliant, too bad more people didnt sign up on /talk like you said to do…

      thanks again for VHBL, currently testing homebrew, will post about it later xD

  7. Axido says:

    Considering you waiting for the maintenance, either you had to release it today or in the next few days OR you had to release it, like you said, on the weekend, right before the maintenance, giving the community just a few hours to get the game and giving Sony a lot of time to remove it.
    Considering you releasing VHBL from the start (February 22nd), an amount of people never had the chance to get the game before Sony takes it off PSN, because of delivery delays and stuff like that.
    So what you did was actually not worse than any other option. :)
    One question: Are you aware of the Ape Quest exploit? Some sites are reporting that the Ape Quest Demo (not anymore available in the US Store, but still in the EU Store) is exploitable. I’d like to ask you to confirm that (or prove it wrong). And if it’s true, a “VHBL Ape Quest” would be great. But just if you like. :)

  8. KenshinX says:

    Now Sony announced that the PS Vita game MotorStorm RC is available for Free. https://twitter.com/#!/PlayStation/status/176684071496331266

    Ummm, maybe is like a gift, cause they retired the PSP exploitable game MotorStorm from the PSN stores?

  9. Dan says:

    No complaints about your process, despite being bumbed that I missed out on getting in on the fun. It was mostly my fault for tuning in late to the scene (only got my vita on the 28th) and bad timing with seeing the blog announcement after getting to work and having to wait till getting home to switch to a UK PSN account. I just hope it’s not too long till another exploit comes along. I’ve been watching closely now. I’ll be sure to sign up for a forum account incase you mail out again. Thanks for all the hard work. I’ll be playing with it the next chance I get hopefully.

  10. daiailong says:

    wololo,thanks for work! I ‘m Chinese.But I will always support you!I’m sorry. My English is poor!

    • daiailong says:

      I have a question,I run GPSP Kai in my PSV,But the language must be a Japanese and English,It not run on Chinese language,And run the game cannot record

  11. bewrong says:

    Hats off to you walolo. though sad that it was announced by another before your planned (….) release even happened. will just have to wait for new developments. i would understand how people had felt, honestly, including myself. eventhough we know how much work you have put into this and how much support with everyone gave you, but you can’t really blame almost all of them to react negatively. for everyone to anticipate and get their hopes up some even visiting your site every hour, then just getting the news that the game needed was already removed.

    still more power to you walolo. hopefully there will be other developments and i hope others would understand your situation as well.

  12. immson says:

    i think you did a great job wololo. i just wonder how come i wasnt aware of the exploit on my /talk account; i have been a member since the beginning. you hurt my feelings now that i read this.

    • wololo says:

      it’s possible you missed the message, it was at the top of every page for almost a week,maybe you don’t look at the top of the forum so often?

      • Wonder Bread Head says:

        Yeah, my feelings were kinda hurt to after reading this. I have been with you since long before exploits were even in fashion here. Im a Wagic guy.

        I also returned my Vita as a direct result of not being able to use the exploit. *sigh*
        Im not blaming you. It was my dumbassness. But, I was really frustrated by this entire scenario.
        It just sapped the joy out of owning the machine in the first place.

        • wololo says:

          Yeah, sorry for that. I’m sure people will be a bit more aware next time we do such a thing, this was just the first attempt, there will be many more :)

      • immson says:

        i have no idea how i missed it, i must be blind.

        oh well, for the next big version update will you be able to use wth’s game exploit(maybe that game is north america region which would be even better)?

  13. Dang says:

    Dang. I missed out. Oh well; I guess I’ll just pirate Mass Effect 3 while someone makes a proper hack for Vita.

  14. yayo says:

    Thanks Wololo. People are something stupid…
    Is really difficult to find a way to publish the name of the game.
    Greetings from spain.

  15. TheBudds says:

    Pfft! I was one of those without a Vita at the time and I still don’t care I’m not able to use vHBL at the moment.

    It was simply great to be here…(I was around for the GTA stories loader ^_^) So for me, it’s awesome to see that come around for the Vita.

    As to how vHBL was released… You had alot to stand up against as you’ve noted here, only selfish users would be the ones up to insulting. Furthermore, the fact I was one of the many lucky users out of better ones (I’m just a end-user) yet you still gave me that trust.

    To me, that’s worth more to me than having vHBL.

  16. laralovesfoxes says:

    Well, next time please test a game that works in the US… Is there any way you might be able to make this for a game that works in the US now?

    • Viral_Weponry says:

      find the game by yourself ignorant scum!!

    • wololo says:

      We couldnt have guessed, back in december, that one of the most succesful western games of the psn, a title bundled with the umd-less psp go, would be available for the vita in japan, but not in the us. Nobody could have guessed that 2 months before the us release of the console. There is no technical reason for this game to not be available for the vita in the us.

  17. Viral_Weponry says:

    You did it the best way possible dude, forget about the hostiles ones and celebrate the joy of the lucky ones who could buy the game… I wasnt one of those, i live in the US but im happy with your process dude. Keep the GOOD WORK!

  18. Soczi says:

    You did what you could, but still most of us including me, are left with nothing. I missed the game by one day. I hope You guys will make Sony pay for this.

  19. be0ut says:

    First off.. i want to say thanks to wololo.. you are the man.. im in the US so i couldnt get my hands on the psp game but i love your work none the less.. you are doing an awesome job.. keep it upp!!!..so im just a little confused.. did u release the name of the game earlier on ur talk blog? or did u sent an email to the members? { btw i just registered :) }

  20. be0ut says:

    where in your talk blog did u release the name of the game?

    • wololo says:

      It’s normal you didn’t see it if you just registered, that message was shown on the forum to a selected group of registered users, and has been removed since

      • be0ut says:

        ok thats fine.. hope ill be able to catch it next time..again you are doing a fine job.. dont let a few haters get you down!!

  21. senas8 says:

    You did great wololo.. and thanks for ur trust.. otherwise….. I wouldn’t enjoy VHBL now. :)

  22. Bugz says:

    Great explanation as promised.

  23. ChemDog says:

    I think your plan was very well thought out and executed. Too bad there are all those haters with no patience that just want to cry about stuff. Screw them though.
    Well done sir, well done.

  24. Gab_Is_god says:

    ^_^ The first homebrew that I played is WAGIC in your Honor!!! Tnx Wol0lo!!!
    Great Plan!!!

  25. Asmith906 says:

    i bought this game before the exploit was released because the demo was awesome. So I actually have an unpatched copy on my hard drive but cant transfer it to my psp. Also I got it in a bundle with twisted metal head on for $14.99 off of the psn store.

  26. Norml says:

    Don’t worry about the idiots who whine, look at them as $ony workers because there is no doubt, they are out there lobbying in the worse way. Trolls trying to make you leave the scene, this has happen to others in the past.

    Thanks again, one day, I hope to be able to enjoy HB on my Vita.

  27. svenn says:

    You might act straight to your believe, but you are now a true enemy of Sony. You “claim/prove” to have power of the buying behavior of a huge amount of followers/consumers (+/- 6000 ?).

    So I suggest you watch your (legal) steps very closely, since you know the rules of the game. (don’t go beyond your pay grade)

    I wasn’t interested in the hack, yet I must congratulate your method.

    • wololo says:

      Svenn, thanks for the advice. I’m still convinced what I do is not illegal. VHBL is not bypassing any DRM, and not trying to run any code it is not allowed to. Also, I think the real number of people who would “follow my advice” is closer than 1000 than 6000 for now. I think this is nothing compared to Sony’s user base, so they shouldn’t even care :)

  28. Armed Andy19 says:

    I see what you mean, please don’t get disheartened by some people who fuss, a vast majority, and also a silent majority”me included in there until just now” know that you are being very gracious with your time and your software, we know what you never had to release hbl to us and that you never had to make this awesome community but you did because you decided to be a awesome guy and share your goodies, thank you Wololo.

  29. Shaitan says:

    That was a pretty cool(and risky) plan. I would of expected to see the game name released considering you told so many people but it’s awesome that no-one did so congrats. I didn’t get the game myself because there are a few games coming out for the vita that I have to get before I get stuck on a FW, I just hope the next exploit doesn’t come out too soon. Keep up the good work and don’t pay attention to the trolls/haters, the majority of us have nothing but respect for you.

  30. livepixel says:

    Huh… explaining your motives just gives the haters credit… that’s how trolls work. Don’t bother with it or them. Just do what you want to do, you don’t owe anyone anything, especially an explanation, for your work (except for the people helping you with the exploit – make sure they’re looked after).

    You’re getting too caught up in it all… that’s what the scene does. Golden rule: haters gonna hate – that’s how the world is, especially the hacking and homebrew scene, when you enter the public domain.

    I didn’t get MotorStorm in time (I didn’t check your blog for a week or so) and I’m not throwing insults. Only useless, selfish and egocentric people will behind the anonymity of the internet – gee, very brave of them :rollseyes:

    Good luck, and don’t feed the trolls.


  31. iCeCee says:

    Unfortunately I think that given the nature of the releases, it will cause a massive spike in terms of the download statistics on the PSN store. No matter if the name is kept secret or that if you used an encryption system etc, unless people are downloading the exploited game at random intervals rather than on a set date, sony will notice the spike and therefore know the game automatically.

    • wololo says:

      If I was to give a very rough estimate, I’d say maybe 5% of the people who knew about the game were actually interested in it, so I’m thinking about 50 people a day bought the game. I sure hope for Sony that they sell many games much more than that…

      • iCeCee says:

        This makes sense. I was referring to the set dates like 20 feb or 2 march etc. which will of course create spikes in their download.

        But yeah if you don’t rely on a set date and have a system where you get people to download it gradually and somehow use a system that only people other than sony would somehow understand/de-encrypt would solve the problem. But of course the hard part is making such a system.

  32. buchan says:

    you did great I just hope you dont leave due to what a couple of people said, while I didnt get this version I trust you will create a new version eventualy and I am willing to wait I just hope you will stick around for those who are grateful to all your hard work, thanks

    • wololo says:

      No plan on leaving, I’ve been in the scene for 6 years now, and met more haters and fakers than I can remember, I’m used to this.

  33. NIGGER says:

    Has it ever occured to you that sony is spying on this site this very minuet..

    • wololo says:

      Yes, it doesn’t matter, I’m not hiding anything. For all I know, some of our members at /talk work for Sony and were aware of the release. These “ninja releases” are fun and we’ll probably do more, but eventually, if a hack comes out for the vita, it will have to be something that works independently of when people read at my blog :)

      • NIGGER says:

        Works independently? I really don’t care about customized home screens and such like CfW if I can go to an app like HBL and temporarily run unsinged code and change back so I can access psn and play online I’d be set :)

    • Asmith906 says:

      you’re a blight on humanity

  34. Marly Marl says:

    Hey wololo will motorstorm RC work with this exploit? Just curious…Thanks

  35. Ben says:

    I already owned the digital copy of the game beforehand, I dont suppose theres a way i can download it an copy it to the vita? Not asking for link, i can find that myself. Just curious if i can copy the thing to the vita, my account is already licensed for it.

  36. Woto says:

    Nice to know I might go register a /talk page soonish as well just to be on the safe side for the next one, let’s be honest this is $0NY where int = 4; is considered random so there may be another game found anytime and I highly look forward to the possibility even as someone who was inb4 pulled and have it working now

  37. I thought secretly announcing the name of the game i nhopes that people will buy it, was an ingenious idea.
    you did the best you could do, so just ignore them haters.
    keep up the great work wolz.

  38. pocky says:

    I’m sure there will be other chances and ways to hombrew the vita in the future, I was unlucky to get it in time but I’m sure another chance will come around thanks to folks like you, who have a lot more know-how than me at these things :) I’ll keep me ears open

  39. Shaitan says:

    Can someone point me to an easy installation of psplink, I’ve found heaps of guides but they either dont work or the links needed are dead. I’m on win7 and have my psp on 6.60 pro-b10 but I can downgrade if needed, thanks in advance.

  40. Marly Marl says:

    Hey wololo will motorstorm RC work with this exploit? Just curious…Thanks

    • wololo says:

      No, why would it? It’s a different game made by a different company, for a different platform, with different programming tools. It has nothing in common with Motorstorm AE except its title.

  41. Marly Marl says:

    Okay stank you…

  42. ffreturn says:

    I am not in your community previously, but I do managed to get the game in HK store when I checked teck4 twittering the name of the game :) I double confirmed it on your blog that day and downloaded it IMMEDIATELY! thanks for all your great work on VHBL

  43. Notn4 says:

    next time, announce the name of the game AFTER first announcing 3-5 fake games 😀 sony will remove countless games and in the end just think that when the real game gets announced it another fake and not pull it from the store :)

    although this would probably lead to massive amounts of money spent on fakes by your community :(

    • wololo says:

      Yeah, that’s my concern, I’d love to play a prank on Sony, but I don’t want people to buy games they don’t actually want to play 😛

  44. ??? says:

    So you based the time on when you secretly announce the name of the game based on the date they register on /talk?? or by name and behavior record on the forums??

  45. Josh says:

    Question: you said that the game wasn’t available in the US, however it is (was?) available to purchase on the PS3 store. It was recently discovered that you could purchase non-compatible games on the US store, and then use the PS3 to transfer to your Vita.

    Did they remove Motorstorm from the US-PS3 store as well? And if they didn’t, do you think we could take the chance of downloading it on the PS3 and transferring it to the Vita?

    Thanks again Wololo!

  46. Dk88 says:

    Hey I have Motorstorm on my PSP Go. Anyway to transfer that game to my pc and from the PC to the Vita??? I deleted the file of my ps3 a few days ago and I had no idea about this exploit :(

    Anyone know what I can do??? The game is on my PSP go!!

  47. HANG THE FILTHY NIGGER >:) says:

    Wololo on a scale from one to ten how hard do u think the ps3s and vitassecurity is to crack?

    • wololo says:

      I don’t know, systems security is not my professional field, and I never worked on anything else than the PSP and the Vita, so I don’t have much to compare it with.

  48. jisé ash says:

    Futé le plan, tout s’explique :)
    Je suivais en spectateur (pas de vita, je ne suis pas non plus inscrit) et effectivement, je trouvais ça curieux que tu insistes lourdement sur les /talk mais je n’ai fait aucune conclusion. :(

  49. Psauce says:

    Amazing good read. And a Great idea. Well thought out, as you said to help as many as you could.
    That’s the respect that should be returned tenfold
    People forget where these breakthroughs come from, we’re all excited but the people who do this on their own time should be thanked at the least or everyone will end up doing this on their own by the time the next console drops

  50. DemonicElbow says:

    the vita being hacked is in a sense like the psp being hacked all over, except waay more intense

  51. whiteymcguee says:

    we all are grateful for what you did and why u did it, pay no.mind for those select few that are in need of attention that they show no respect. Wololo, what do have to do to get on the mailing list for future opportunities?

  52. 2die4 says:

    why do even waste your time explaining to the trolls and leeches

  53. p5phXX0rz says:

    Wololo I’ve been following your blog even before hbl I was there when you released the forums, and I honestly regret being only a lurker and not involved >.< anyways I wanted to give you kudos on your release plan and give thanks for everyone in the community that has put forth the effort over the past few years :) I like how even after DA left, new determined faces stepped up to the plate and filled his shoes :) great work on everything again!

  54. sweet_leaf85 says:

    hey wololo,

    not sure if you’ll even read this, but ill do whatever it takes to get VHBL on my VITA..

    i have 2 CFW PSPs a softmodded Wii and iv been modding and haking sense the days of PS1 gameshark disc swap lol

    anyways, let me know the best way to get this info for sure.. i read where you sent whatnot to trusted users, but some of them not have a vita or even the money for the game at the time..
    let me assure you, i have all tools nessesary to complete this task, sitting here with my psn card and refresh button on your page, just wishing i had the knowlage to exploit my own game so i could leave you alone lol..
    all i need is the info from you bud :)

  55. Zenin says:

    a good way to release secretly would be to have a site(with the info) where people can only register using a invite, this invite would be in the form of a serial code. Every member should get 2 invites to give out to 2 trusted friends.
    So all you would need to do is give a invite to 2 well connected people to start of this chain.

    the only way this can then get leaked is if someone snitches or if someone’s friend is a sony employee (unlikely)

    This would also ensure only people who want the invite would get it, and it would only be shared among trusted people asuming people dont give out their invites to random people or try to sell them.

  56. Deity says:

    Wololo… You are a deity.

  57. Masterbert says:

    You’re insane man. I like the way you think. :)

  58. HaHussle says:

    it all makes since now

  59. floyd1024 says:

    good job

  60. Haze7 says:

    Well… People at Sony is probably reading this. Is there any PSP indie games? If there is then why don’t you exploit those? Sony has to ask permission from the dev before removing the game….let alone patch it! Perhaps the dev could be someone you know.

  1. March 27, 2012

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    […] The loader was afterwards expelled to a open after in a day, and a indirect week brought with it an explanation for a proceed news of a feat was being distributed (the idea being to equivocate tipping off Sony […]

  3. March 29, 2012

    […] game before Sony removed it the exploit could still be used. Also, the group that developed VHBL claims to have gone the extra mile to make sure as many people as possible could download the game before it was […]

  4. April 15, 2012

    […] of the online stores and had become little less than a memory. You can read the rest of the story here. But basically, all it is saying is that Sony was scared. Scared that their console would be abused […]

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