VHBL, some games that work, some that don’t

Some people have asked me to test some homebrews on VHBL. Although I cannot test every single version of every single homebrew, I tested a few things. For now, compatibility is not impressively good, but remember the early days of HBL, when we went from 1 or 2 homebrews that worked, to hundreds of them… If the community around VHBL is as active as the one we had around HBL, I am sure compatibility will improve with time.

Anyways, here is a list of homebrews I tested, that work, or don’t:


  • Doom
  • Picodrive (genesis emulator)
  • snes9xTyl (snes emulator)
  • emuMaster (GB/GBC/SMS emulator)
  • Wagic (heoric fantasy card game)
  • Zombie Crisis (Doom Like)
  • Spider Solitaire
  • ScummVM
  • Bookr
  • PSP Write 1.2.1
  • PSP Filer 0.6
  • Daedalus (0.13 is the one I tested)
  • FCEU-PSP (Nes emulator)
  • T.O.M.E. (text mode rpg)
  • Cave Story (platform)
  • Counter Strike PSP

Don’t work, but could probably work with some minor fixes

  • Lamecraft: There is a problem creating/loading maps because VHBL cannot seem to load the keyboard API. A minor tweak to lamecraft’s source code could help writing an alternate way of creating/loading worlds
  • GPSP Kai: the gba emulator “almost” loads fine but fails at the very last step, on the vita only (works fine on the PSP if memory serves well). A bit more investigation might solve the issues. Edit: some people are reporting here that it actually works

Don’t work, further investigation is needed

  • Kurok PSP
  • Rhythm 8
  • PSP Revolution 0.3

Those guys simply refuse to start… it is most likely because of a missing syscall, but I haven’t investigated yet. I’m kinda lacking free time this days and sure hope that more devs will join the fun once version “1″ of VHBL is released :)

You can find more homebrews that work in our VHBL forums


  1. 313150N’s avatar

    Waiting for the gpsp kai support… it’s my favorite homebrew :)

    Did you try to put the emulator into fake fat mode?

    Keep the good work man… and sorry for my bad english.


  2. William Harper’s avatar

    gpsp kai worked for me at first, but now it won’t load roms, strange… hopefully someone can tweak it a bit because it runs everything full speed unlike snes9xTyl, emuMaster runs perfect, I’ll give picodrive and FCEU-PSP a try later


    1. warfaren’s avatar

      The problem is that the first time you load a rom, a save file is created. The next time you try to load the rom, and the save file exists, it will crash. If you delete the save file again (using PSP Filer for example) it will run again, but what’s the point if you can’t save your progress? Also loading save states crash to a black screen, so no go there either.


  3. raziel’s avatar

    what abt the PSPdisp ?


  4. Dazman’s avatar

    PSP Fuse, PSP Vice, PSP Vic20, PSP Handy, PSP Caprice all work, in fact I know it is said to not be possible but some apear to run smoother and faster. I test all the lastest versions. Hope this helps.


    1. Teeworld’s avatar

      I´m sure it does. I tested a lot brews with hbl since. ~rev.70-80 and share some new compatible stuff around the web and @ Wololos blog. Then it started testing other stuff. Once i read total noob posting that he is back couse of audio mechanica is working which triggers to point for kernel access or something in that way^^ .. what you wanna read? yes i´m thinking i was may one of the persons which used audio m. with hbl :P … and posted it… whatever another fortune: I found a windows/iphone/ubuntu homebrew (compatibel with hbl) not sure which first.. this brews use some extra floders (plugin, system) so i was a littel proud to find them and share this. Not much later people posted a isoloader is in work for hbl. a few moth later tn released his hen.

      Long story short yes test and reports should help. but for real i don´t like is not working result


      1. Teeworld’s avatar

        surely Wololos not working coment is helpful :P


  5. rumos’s avatar

    Thank you very much wuolo for all your work and the list of games working. I have a question, about ScummVM. It’s running fine, but when adding a game it causes a freeze. I have Version 1.4.1. Do I have to consider something?


  6. zaiii’s avatar

    wan kommt den mal ein tut :D


  7. Soup’s avatar

    Looks like modnation racer is available again. Perhaps they patched the exploit?


  8. warfaren’s avatar

    PSP Filer 0.6? Is that a typo? If not, I don’t see the point in recomming people to run such an old version. Myself, I’m running version 5.7 which works great and I see other people here saying that 6.6 works too (which is what i think you were intending to type)

    Btw, a thing that bugs me about Doom is that there seems to be no way to bring up the in game menu, I believe this be related to that maybe it’s mapped to the PSP home button, which we cannot use in this emulator afaik.

    Also getting Quake to work would be very nice.

    Other homebrew I’ve been hoping to get to run is PSP Dosbox and Wolfenstein 3D (which runs, but when you select which episode to play nothing happens, copied off my PSP 2000 where it worked).

    Wifi seems to not work either, is that correct? There’s a lot of nice homebrew using wifi (even just for LAN, people will probably want to block their Vita from the internet).

    Other than that I must say VHBL is fantastic, I’m having loads of fun with it!


    1. rumos’s avatar

      you need to push L-trigger and triangle button in my humble opinion :)


  9. delta191’s avatar

    Tested PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r2 Hires by TTYman
    it works well until you want to change to a different rom.

    Because the emulator needs you to press the PSP home button to exit to rom menu. pressing this on the Vita and this screws the emulator up :(

    pity TTyman chose the psp home button to exit to the rom menu, or we’d have no issues with Vita.

    Picodrive 1.35
    installed ok but unable to run any rom, although all the roms are all displayed and are selectable. Others have had same issues.

    installs great but then crashes out with black screen.

    mh gpspkai
    this GBA emulator works fine.

    Well behaved and runs with little hassle, i did get one crash when making a savestate though.


  10. Darkest’s avatar

    Will the issue when you exit the VHBL and the Vita goes to slowmotion untill you force turn it off be resolve?


  11. TransX2’s avatar

    Hey, Thanks Wololo. Anyone try daedalus yet, other than Wololo? How does it run? I remember it barely ran on the PSP. Also, Wololo, have you ever checked out the #vitadev channel on the EFNet irc server?


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Haven’t checked yet, I’m not a massive irc user


    2. warfaren’s avatar

      I’ve tried daedalus. Only R13 works for me and the x64 versions don’t seem to work either. Super Mario 64 runs pretty ok, but goldeneye 64 doesn’t get past the rare logo (at least not with the default settings, maybe we can tweak it to run)

      Goldeneye has always been slow though, even on the latest x64 release

      I don’t think we’ll have a fully enjoyable N64 experience on the vita until the vita mode is hacked and a good N64 emu comes out for it.


  12. little-vince’s avatar

    I love PSP revolution.
    For me it’s definitely the greatest homebrew game ever.


  13. Assassin MoC’s avatar


    Look at this!!! We might just have a possible solution ….
    But May take sometime


  14. Assassin MoC’s avatar

    Look at this!!! We might just have a possible solution ….
    But May take sometime


  15. Iono’s avatar

    I want to play free official vita games…


    1. sky18’s avatar

      Don’t commit a crime…


    2. m’s avatar

      so ask mommy for money and buy them


    3. Anon122’s avatar

      work for Sony if you want free games


    4. Gentlemon’s avatar

      Look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0

      You’ll find how to play vita games for free.


    5. Iono’s avatar

      Lol at all, someone please make a CFW already… I’m sick of these shitty homebrews… I’m thinking about doing a ‘Make Piracy Legal Protest’, kinda’ like your guys Open Source fagclub… lol.


      1. Titor’s avatar

        if you want it so badly learn how to program and make your own cfw….


  16. Kravenbcn’s avatar

    I see you said that Wagic works in his Vita. In my Vita EU does not work, occurs error C1-2858-3.

    I’m testing with my Vita EU, I have a list of working homebrews: http://daxhordes.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=7760


    1. warfaren’s avatar

      it works, you just need to make sure to use the “unsigned version for HBL”


  17. Kravenbcn’s avatar

    Oh, thanks, had not seen this version :/


  18. Loedi’s avatar

    Eh wololo you screwed with the relase , but as i said i will give you another game [ 30 min of coding]
    Every game that is using third party services from psp can be adjusted to glitch the console and prepare attack for it , so use Buzz!: Brain Bender [ buffer overflow ] its very easy , i saw yours skills but as i have major problems in my country with police i will not upload any files . And some advice easy to look for exploit is to lok for usage of ram of any game , like FF: Crysis core it can be used to crash the system via generating yo many responses , the game will crash and then the exploit can be written into the system [ because game is almost all the time using 64 mb of ram ]


  19. topede’s avatar

    Does Ceres, the asteroids clone for PSP work?


  20. andré’s avatar

    Good afternoon guys, just one question, I wanna know if the game that is used for the vhbl is one game that everybody knows ?, because the super collapse vhbl, almost nobody even know that this game exist…sorry for my bad english, I´m from Brazil, and thanks for all the job that you guys have been done.



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