VHBL: source uploaded to the svn, and new forum


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25 Responses

  1. shapeshifter says:

    Woohoo the psp homebrew days are alive again at least in psp2 if not for the dying psp even though I still love psp more for now!!

  2. Yomen says:

    Will there be a new game to start VHBL ?

  3. Nerke says:

    There is an second game but I think for the moment, wololo will keep it secret for an release a little bit later

  4. Iono says:

    I just want free official games to play… and you’re all dillusional if you think different.

    • UE says:

      ??? and you neither know how to spell delusional nor know it’s meaning.
      There are reasons to want homebrew you foolish foolish person.

      As for what you want, go figure it out yourself you whiny looser, or better yet get a job.
      (I will probably pirate psp games and definitely will pirate ps1 games but that is more because of a stupid pricing on psp games on the network ($49 over here, F-U sony… I will stick with games I can undub thank you very much)
      but I already own 6 vita games and will get more when more come out that I want.

  5. uareassbandit says:

    iona, ur moms delusional for keeping such an ugly baby

    • Iono says:

      At least I have a mother, lol. Go play with your two dads…

      • UE says:

        ??? So if someone was raised by two guys that is a bad thing in your eyes? What if it was his grandfather and uncle who raised him because his mother and father died… Wouldn’t that put a hole in your argument (and yes i know you were going the *** route… but I don’t care you are an illiterate needy fool and I feel like making fun of you)

      • swatsqad says:

        that is a win in my book.

      • UE says:

        “Hypocritical, just because it’s a financial problem it doesnt make it right for you to pirate”
        Herp, lol lol… I never said I had a financial problem… I just said I wouldn’t pay that price.

        “If your old enough to have a job why the heck are playing games for?”
        Because they are fun and a good distraction after a hard days work… Wow you really need someone to explain what games were made for? The fun part?

        Love you too mister weirdo kid

  6. jeerum says:

    And next everybody download Everybody’s Tennis, if they have not patched this, you can use it 😀

  7. http://uk.playstation.com/psvita/support/system-software/detail/item461501/Update-features-%28ver-1-61%29/

    I don’t think sony can spell to good
    “This update is for PS Vita systems purchased in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Gulf states. Do bot update your PS Vita system using this website if you purchased your system outside of these regions”

  8. vhblhoax says:

    releasing it after someone already found out what game was used and after sony removed the only source that we can use vhbl. now you release it? sound stupid right?

    • Asmith906 says:

      if you wanted the game you should have bought it the second you found out the name. His gamble was that sony might not pull the game if they didn’t know exactly what the exploit was. It doesnt matter if he had released the game and vhbl at the same time because sony’s reaction would have been the same. Of course is people bothered to read the articles they would know this.

    • wololo says:

      vhblhoax Aren’t you the same guy who learned about the name of the game several hours before sony removed it, but decided to not trust me? sound stupid right?
      It seems to me you’re frustrated because you didn’t want to take the risk. Well, better luck next time for you, no worries 😉

  9. UnknownSoul says:

    Well I for one, am very upset….psh, ha. No I’m not, I kid I kid 😛

  10. Yoti says:

    >>as I don’t think those are really interesting
    You make me sad 🙁

    • wololo says:

      haha, you’re seriously interested in a typical buffer overflow exploit in a savegame? I guess I can add them to the SVN too, but I really don’t think it’s that interesting, seriously 🙂

  11. Carroll says:

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