VHBL will be released later today


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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81 Responses

  1. sculiX says:

    Good news! thx for your work wololo ;)

  2. KvD says:

    waiting happily, playing motorstorm^^

  3. Astromatik says:

    too bad for others. I already have done for patapon 2. Vhbl finished quickly please!

  4. while says:

    Hope you finish soon lol

  5. Guest says:

    Confirming, the game was removed from PSN Store in EU (Germany) till morning I think. It must happened between 23:00h and 9:00h in UTC+1.00

  6. Mart says:

    I didn’t download PS Vita Manager before, I just did and tried to install OpenCMA but gives some error in DOS mode.

    Did Sony just patch PS Vita Manager already or something or is Windows 7 just fucking stuff up again…

  7. sculiX says:

    Sony and most other people know, that wololo is the best ;)

  8. Logan says:

    Okay…Okay…On the one hand Sony already mentionned they would employ all means to limit hacking of the vita they’ve already started by making these f****expensive memory cards and forcing updates to the limit of legal…on the other hand it means that your work is considered seriously. you’ll have to be careful with the next releases…

  9. Joan says:

    Sony fast and furious

  10. Soczi says:

    So it is a full blown war than. I hope Sony gets a nice kick in the balls for fighting it’s own customers.

    • Zepid says:

      I don’t get it why Sony tries to keep its system so locked down. Imo, Sony should get a system like HTC, where you have the choice to unlock your phone’s bootloader, and lose your warrenty with that. HTC actually sees the “developers” as a different customer, and offers different tools to satisfy that customer. Im loving that!

      • UE says:

        Look if sony had a free APi, even a heavily locked down one that they were allowed to change at will devs like wololo wouldn’t have to do this.
        I would love a comic reader on my psvita, I would love some nice fun vita games for free that use the different controls because indie devs can come out with the wackiest stuff at times.
        I would like to see firefox ported to vita ffs

  11. while says:

    It’s a normal react form sony guys. What do you expect? The finality of all of that is appz loader. Because there is ALWAYS someone to code one of them, so for sure sony will fight with the hackers

  12. Unbelievable. I was getting online with my 1.06 FW Vita last night but all PSN cards were sold out. I was hoping one buying one this morning in a real store, but the game was already gone.

    Good luck with the release of VHBL. I’ll be following it closely..

    • Mart says:

      Same overhere, I jumped on a bike and went to a store to buy a physical 20 Euro prepaid card boxed. I kinda sensed Sony going out full force this time after the OtherOS on PS3 stuff…

      BTW I didn’t download PS Vita Content Manager before, just did this morning, tried to apply OpenCMA but it gave me some error in the DOS screen… Did Sony already alter the manager too or was this Windows 7 failing…

  13. Yomen says:

    Бля и из Русского всё удалили сони гниды !!жадные.

  14. Andrew Wright says:

    thank god my dad let me use his card to buy the game yesterday. its your work and you can choose to release it as you see fit but in my opinion you shouldn’t have released the game until today cos most people get paid from work on a Friday and there’s prob people out there that have missed out cos they didn’t have the money to buy the game yesterday, I would have been one of them if it wasn’t for my dad. i don’t wanna sound ungrateful for the work your doing though, keep it up wololo :)

    • GaryR says:

      There will always be one reason or another not to release until X day because of Y. If you can’t afford a €20 game until you get paid you probably have bigger things to worry about than homebrew.

      • Mart says:

        Agreed, there is always someone that couldn’t get it for some specific reason. And having no money for a 20 Euro game because someone gets paid on Friday? We get paid overhere once a month, its called making sure you have some money left…

        Anyways, curious now that certain people got the game and others don’t, if the homebrew scene will jump on another game that has an exploit soon or it’ll take a long time to release the next.

  15. Nerke says:

    I tought there was a second game for an exploit?
    Will you keep it secret?

  16. Yomen says:

    Спасибо.Надеемся что есть хотябы ещё одна игра …

  17. swatsqad says:

    FOR FUCKS SAKE stop asking about another game exploit, I’ve told you a million times to download the game ape quest. but most of you are probably batshit blind hating retards.

    thanks for the hbl wololo, I’l try to port it onto that ape crap.

  18. svenn says:

    I’m very interested in your reasons. I believe HBL is very portable, so I don’t get why you take this much time. I doubt psp vita psp-game exploits are so hard to find. So in no way this is a once in a lifetime way to run homebrew. But i’m waiting for your explanation :)

    I’m not waiting for vHBL btw, I don’t own a vita .

  19. daiailong says:

    Sony fast and furious

  20. cscash241 says:

    no one connect your vita to the internet untill we find out what the fuck kind of crap its sending and reciveing from sony, if you would like to help me find out, dns spoof any urls that go to sony to your computer and run a packey sniffer to see what its sending and on the reciveing half idk

  21. Iono says:

    Bummer, all this waiting for nothing…

    • Mart says:

      Not if you were right on time ;-)

      But agreed, shitty if you missed it. Pretty sure there will be other games soon though using an exploit.

  22. urk says:


    All the contents currently written in there are facts.
    He leaves the rest to the method of you.
    Let’s give you these titles in which exploit exists.
    Then, good-bye.
    Good luck to examination.

  23. Z3r01 says:

    I didn’t buy the game but I’m ok with it. I didn’t want to keep factory resetting just to play snes9x…but I will wait for a USA exploit and use it then. I have a psp that does this now with no flaws

  24. urk says:


    All the things currently written here are facts.
    All the game titles of exploit currently written here are given to you who are here.
    Please make it like.
    It prays for a future examination.

  25. snail says:

    Im gonna end up spending so much money buying these games that have exploits… screw it, i might donate instead of paying sony for a game i cant download. Do i get anything good for donating say 50USD to you wololo? Like letting me know what game to get a day before you publicly release? I can keep a secret :) i just dont want ALL my money going to sony for this atrocity!

  26. m0X says:

    so a damn stupid idea ; unbelievable

  27. Snail says:

    well ive been going on this site for years and ive made a hbl easy installer that was used on many psx scene sites…. i hope im trusted

  28. SURF says:

    I got the game, but i want to know what happen if i dont use openCMA and if i stay connected to the network?

    • KenshinX says:

      If you stay connected to net, and using official CMA; that software will request you to Update PS Vita to the newest Firmware.

    • The boss says:

      for now nothing but there is a chance Sony Will update Your PS vita in the background and with this update they Will propably patch the exploit

    • SURF says:

      Ok thanks, i was thinking that they could block my ps vita or someting, or ban my PSN accounts.

  29. Badsam says:

    Got the game myself last night before it was removed. Disabled wifi, Bluetooth, Location data and set the Vita to airplane mode.

    What will the process of putting VHBL on the Vita actually involve? Just plugging it into a PC via USB and copying some files over into a certain folder like on the original PSP’s?

  30. ??? says:

    Sony removing Motorstorm after the announcement clearly suggest that Wololo is recognized by Sony as a legitimate source, and I don’t know if its a good or a bad thing.

    Even though the game is removed by Sony there are still other games with exploit and HBL is portable so now is the time not to update!!!

  31. Johan says:

    I did buy the game Yesterday when I read about it. I not mad at wololo But I am very mad at sony. the took charge for the game and my Vita started download it but now it can’t complet the download. If sony tock charge for the game I will have the right to download it ? or am I wrong about that?

  32. Red says:

    Sony is too dum to take out the game , same thing happend with apple when the ipad 2 hack was discovered and put out to the public over 3 million ipad 2 was sold and it was a major hit for apple :s sony was suppose to give this exploit a lil more time rather of pulling the game out.

  33. ichiwang says:

    Waiting for you tonight >.<

  34. windgust says:

    hi i see that psn removed it. well if its a psp game why not look for it in the stores put it on the ps3 then move it later to vita. or that cant be done?

  35. while says:

    \o/ thanx Mb :)

  36. Dutt says:

    Talk forum is not working for me..

    Wololo: how do i delete Homebrew that does not work?

  37. Anon says:

    i purchased and downloaded the Motorstorm Arctic Edge game and i also hijacked the link so i have copy of the pkg with the vulnerability, if sony put a patched version of the game on the store maybe we could use charles to link to the pkg with the vulnerability and install that instead of the patched version? looking forward to your release!

  38. Norml says:

    $ony is dumb, but it’s their own downfall, homebrew will survive & next time, that just might open the Vita.
    Only hurting their own business, thanks for letting us know $ony.

  39. if you post (intently) the wrong game name, that game also would be removed, right- -?

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