VHBL for Motorstorm Arctic Edge Released!


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  1. rattmuffen says:

    Works like a charm! Thank you so much for all the effort! <3

  2. wan says:

    thank you!

  3. John4782 says:

    I love you so much

  4. wolfhacker says:

    I was gonna buy the game today but I saw that he was deleted on Play station Store…
    I’m stuck on Firmware 1.06 you guys are going to work in what firmware?Let me know if I Updade or not Sorry for my English.

  5. Anon says:

    Is it possible to delete the installed homebrew? If so, how?

  6. Cibo says:

    a few problems first it starts only every second somtimes even third try. than the vhbl starts i can read the first few lines and than total black after a few seconds an error code folowd frome the game shutting down.
    after that the system freezes or is like in slowmotion.

    after it loaded finaly its not standard like in your video in the savegame folder instead i am in the game folder.

    i can install doom and it works fine and snes emu doesnt install i it seems to freez withe the rapid clicking sound.

    any idea what causes all the bugs or does anyone experienced some of that stuff too?

    Greets Cibo

  7. Met says:

    yeah, but for who don’t has downloaded the game? 🙁

  8. Menyo says:

    I have been in a trouble that when I copied the savedata files of Japanese version to the vita,it said “damaged files”.And when I have started the copying,it said that the copying cannot finish after a time.I have confirmed that I have got a right folder of CMA in PC.Could you help me solve my trouble?

  9. Mart says:

    Props and thanks Wololo, you’re the man.

    God I love the homebrew scene. Sonic and Mario, here I come!

  10. jordi says:

    everyone who need help installing this, can contact me at jordicarree_10@hotmail(.)com wiyhout the ()

  11. daiailong says:

    I can run, It`s ok! Thanx!!!!

  12. Roman says:

    I`m downloaaded it game! I have motorstorm arctice edge game in my psvita! (My e-mail: bukasly@ya.ru)

  13. Badsam says:

    Just set it all up and got it running. Thanks a lot to Wololo and everyone else that was a part of this project!

  14. MB says:

    Guess u weren’t kidding abotu it being not very usable in its current state.
    It literally froze my vita trying to get that doom game copied.
    Eventhough the app told me x or o only the o button actually did anything, even if that was freezing my vita.

  15. jse says:

    thanks so much for this wololo

    everybody that has it installed post which homebrew you can get booting

  16. cure says:

    its so hard to view your page now .. thanks for the release wololo !

  17. TREE says:

    WOLOLO ,i have a question here, how to delete installed files in the VHBL?
    THX a lot

  18. Thumbs says:

    I suggest people make backups of the homebrew and the like, and get your wallets ready for when sony goes on a suing rampage twords wololo. Sure, they can patch the game. Sure, they can make it so nobody else can hack their vita. But that’s not going to be good enough for them. Because sony is a paranoid company who cares more about their precious technology than they do consumers. I really hope they don’t take legal action, but if we see wololo down, well…

    • xstokerx says:

      he didnt do any thing illegil we cant play pirited games so they have nothing to suie over geohot got suied cuz he opened the system to pirecy

      • UE says:

        as far as I am aware geohot never opened the system to peek and poke lvl 2

        • ps says:

          But if Sony never patched geohot firmware then all the game leaderboards would have been hacked for example MW3.

          • wololo says:

            You’re probably right, but technically that’s a problem with how game programmers are implementing the network security of their game, which as a programmer I consider to be a huge professional mistake. I know video game programmers have huge time and budget constraints, but the poor quality of security in video games in general is appalling (disclaimer: Wagic itself is no exception).

            Rule #1 of networking: don’t trust the client.

  19. Bugz says:

    Can somebody confirm an english (out of USA) site that still stocks this game.

    • StepS says:

      it won’t help you, a game has to be bought from the PS Store, and it is removed from there right now.

  20. Badsam says:

    Getting VHBL on the system itself was really easy, Actually getting any homebrew on it is causing me massive problems. It keeps making the Vita freeze and go into a black screen where the blue light is on and won’t restart the system, As well as trying to install any homebrew (Pro Evo 2012 savedata and Picodrive homebrew) only causing the whole system to freeze up and require a restart.

    Once an emulator is actually on the system how do you transfer ROMS to it? Do they have to be made into zip files or something and transferred via CMA?

    • JackBone says:

      You cant add Roms, you have to make your full Pack ready before installing the Emulator on the Vita. Maybe in the Future it will be possible 😉

  21. JackBone says:

    Is it possible to delete the Homebrew from the Vita?? Or will it be implemented in Future Real??

    To the HBL it runs nice, was a bit hard to get the first Homebrew to run. But its not that hard as it sounds. Thx for your hard work 😉

  22. TheJimsterJim says:

    Did this hack within the same hour he posted the vhbl files! A bit unstable, sometimes it freezes but it works most of the time, only played around with doom and havnt managed to put any other homebrew on, hopefully this has opened a whole new window and much more can be done! Thank you Wololo and everyone else behind this! 😀

  23. Kan'da says:

    Hey, will wagic with ad-hoc still be released for the psp?

  24. Badsam says:

    @JackBone, Thanks for that info.

    It’s installing the folder with the PSP savedata and Picodrive fine but Picodrive isn’t showing up in the GAME menu. No idea why that is…I might leave it a few days until it’s all totally explained properly.

  25. Rui says:

    Hi wololo greetings from Portugal. Just to let you know that it worked perfectly and to thank you, the devs and the testers for this. You guys are amazing!

  26. Morphn3x says:

    Hey guys,

    Is there a possibility to get motostorm on my vita even its removed on psstore?

  27. Ferx says:

    i thought we just needed the savegame?

  28. raydempto says:

    I hate that I was too slow in grabbing motorstorm. Really sad. I would have loved to run the Triple Triad homebrew game….sigh.

    Hopefully there will be a new exploit soon.

  29. Andrew Wright says:

    nice one, works on my Vita, still got to they out a homebrew app but it opens the hbl so thumbs up 🙂

  30. sXi says:

    doom runs fine, but all other like: snes9x, Picodrive,… crashed by installation. files remaining and nothing happens. anyone a idea, or can help me? PLEASE!!!

  31. seasixfour says:

    Got Motorstorm from the Australian ps store.. any idea which version of VHBL I should use?

  32. RiGoLo says:

    thanx!!! i have installed. it`s ok!

  33. vista200 says:

    HBL is working like a charm. <3 Thanks, guys! All of you.

    Well… One question. I have a project ongoing since several years. Let's call it AppStore for PSP. Where one downloads a ZIP file and it extracts automatically. You get the point.

    I tried running it on the Vita via HBL, but it seems to lack the utility dialogs, am I right? I tried running the NetDialog sample from the PSP SDK, but it only renders the cube in the background, but actually it does not crash at a certain point, it just keeps spinning around.

    Are there some NIDs missing? Are there some changes in the kernel? The "usual" NetDialog where you can choose one of the available connections was replaced by one, which connects to any of the available saved NetDialogs. I am asking just out of curiousity, this is NOT a feature request.

  34. Dazman says:

    great stuff, working great, thanks so much to all.

  35. delta191 says:

    Absolutely tremendous work, you just made the Vita a dream buy and added more titles than Sony bothered to produce for its release.

    GBA,SMD and SNES emu’s all installed and running, still cant get PSPUAE to run, although it appears to install ok.

    Thank you for this release, your a dream 🙂

  36. Johan says:

    I bought motorstorm yesterday and it started downloading but it stoped at 15 % that means Sony did charge me for 199SEK for a game I never was able to recive. If the purchase went well they at least had to let me finnish my download don’t they? The fact that my brother got the same problem at he’s PSP. I mean he didn’t got he’s copy downloaded ether and he can’t run the Vita HBL he’s only have to use the PRO flash filer on he’s PSP. Does sony have the right to cancel download when they took charge for it??

    • jse says:

      if you bought it before it was pulled i believe your psp has the certs for it and you can use anyones copy of motorstorm if they send you the file.

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