Motorstorm being removed from the Playstation Store?

I am getting more and more reports that, following my announce of Motorstorm Arctic Edge being the game used in Teck4′s exploit, the game is being removed from the Playstation Store. I cannot verify this for myself now, but will try to confirm this in the hours to come. I am also getting reports that some people who bought the game are seeing it disappearing from their download list. Not entirely sure if this means Sony took your money and isn’t delivering the game (which would be really bad). If you managed to get the game, be sure to install openCMA, try to not connect your vita to the network.

If indeed the game has already been removed, I’ll release HBL as soon as I can confirm this.

I wasn’t sure Sony would remove the game only based on an article from me, but it seems so… Well, at least it was available for a few hours, compared to 1hour for the Mercury Exploit a few years ago…

  1. syafiq tatsuya’s avatar

    wololo how to download hbl ???


  2. snowkid1995’s avatar

    Hi wololo is there any way to port Motorstorm to Vita without downloading it from PS Store ???

    Thanks for reply :)


  3. Ohh!’s avatar

    Smart move, Sony! Wait until wololo releases the files and then you use those files and no user can use the exploit :)
    Or will they scan the whole game for exploits? Oh sheet


  4. Swweet’s avatar

    Gone in US since yesterday… Went to redownload it to my PSP… And it’s gone.

    Wasn’t even interested in the exploit.

    I called up and they refunded me $20… $20 less then I paid… so worst case I pirate and get $20 back.

    Best case it’s put back up for those whom bought it… But the way they spoke made it seem unlikely.


  5. ColorblindMonk’s avatar

    I guess they took it down and off people’s DL lists to modify it. I’m sure it won’t be long before it’s back up (and no longer exploitable).


  6. Bugz’s avatar

    Last night I had started to d/ld Ape Quest: The starter pack, but cancelled after 60% because I saw mediago it first on psp. Now I cannot find it on ps store from vita at all. And vita history shows it aborted and says cannot d/ld to vita? Where is it to redownload? Demo.


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