Motorstorm being removed from the Playstation Store?


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93 Responses

  1. Pyong says:

    Hello, I can confirm that the game is removed my download list, I bought it before but it no longer shows up.

  2. Victory says:

    When will the VHBL be released now?

  3. Xe says:

    mine is still in the downloads list (UK), ive been on airplane mode for about 5 hours or so

  4. HIMFan says:

    They can’t patch what they don’t know. So I’m assuming they figure keep it down until you release the VHBL? They’ll lose money. You should bluff them out and not release the VHBL for a while longer. That’ll learn them.

  5. senas8 says:

    HIMFan: hahaha.

  6. Cibo says:

    I can confirm it too.
    on airplanemode all off for about 2-3 hours its removed from the list and removed from the german(eu) store as well.
    Lucky me i just downloaded it tonight xD and backed it up on pc with opencma.

    Greets Cibo

  7. derekotsu says:

    Removed from the UK Download list! Just checked. Good thing I already downloaded it >.<

    • derekotsu says:

      Hmm must went off temporarily… Weiiiird lol My mistake lol

    • bob says:

      What you posted is the Vita noticed that you downloaded a file. What people are talking about is going into the PSN store and checking your purchase history on the Store. The game is being pulled from people’s purchase history.

      – Just a small note for wololo –
      I don’t think sony will take the money and run (so to speak). In the past they have pulled stuff off the store temporarily and when the issue is resolved they post them again. If not they issue refunds to everybody who purchased the game. I ran into this in the past when Silent Hill Ps1 was accidentally posted and did not work. The game was pulled and refunds where issued. I think in this case they will just fix the emu and put it up for sale again when it’s safe.

  8. KvD says:

    i think your article forced a lot of action in some sony facilities 😉
    as i wrote in another comment:

    game is removed from store and dl list (eu/germany).
    with openCMA i can copy in both directions.

    And if i leave the game and try to return i get the update message, wich i cancel always 😉 and then i can continue the game.

  9. HIMFan says:

    I was asleep or I could’ve downloaded it sooner. Sucks. I hope other dude steps up and helps us out.

  10. TVtheET says:

    Damnit i just got home to download it and it took too long to get the psn card…now its gone…*** do i do now???

  11. senas8 says:

    wololo: what do you think? If the update message appears .. for the game.. do you think the exploit has been leaked, or they found what the exploit is?

  12. senas8 says:

    TVtheET: wait for another exploit :(

  13. TVtheET says:

    What was that other exploit that was discovered by ?i forget his name? Can hbl be ported to that?

  14. dan says:

    supper bummed, finally got my UK PSN account set up only to find that it’s no long available :-(. Hopefully there will be another opportunity soon…

  15. SURF says:

    what could happen if i dont use openCMA and if i stay connected on the network with my Vita?

  16. We should just keep finding exploits in games and eventually sony will have to either give up and let us have vhbl or lose their game business if they keep removing games.

  17. Nate says:

    I bought Motorstorm: Arctic Edge in 2009, I asked Sony support if it would be available soon , if not then I demanded a full refund for the price I bought it at. Waiting a reply.

  18. stingray1059 says:

    i can confirm, motorstorm arctic edge is no longer available at the HK ps store.

    also its no longer listed in my downloads list. so i cant download it again in case i formatted my memcard.

    i think its ok to release vhbl now.

  19. daiailong says:

    Wololo,I downloaded the game,The game after being removed from the Playstation Store!

  20. jcpantola says:

    When I tried to go PSN, it prompts me to system update my psvita.

  21. Light says:

    Checked a few stores. It’s not on the UK/HK/EU/JP stores. I think it’s been removed from all of them. Kind of sucks. Tbh, I think the game should have been announced WITH the release.

  22. TroLLkilla says:

    hes trllin wolo, if you see his past comment he said he bought the game in 2009,dumb troll

    • Nate says:

      No I legit bought the game in 2009, I am not a troll. I swear to God that I bought the game for the game back in 2009. If you don’t believe me then just ignore me. I just don’t like getting sc***.

      • Nate says:

        heck I even have the proof of purchase email to back it up so get off of me and shut the heck up.

        • bob says:

          Even if you bought the game, you’re being a bit childish. Once the flaw is patched the game will return to PSN and you’ll have access to your purchase again.

          If sony really can’t get it back on PSN then they will issue some kind of refund for it.

          Yet acting like you’re owed a full refund immediately because it is temporarily being taken down is just making your self look stupid.

        • SmoothEgg says:

          Nate. Just wait it out, the game will get back. Just because you coincedentally wanted to install the game today is just bad luck. They’ll patch it, done.

          Common sense gets me to say: you could’ve back it up since the day you bought it, that’s too easy.

          It’s what I’ve done immediatly after the download from PSN.

  23. Xe says:

    i like it when people turn if he had gotten the game earlier instead of doubting you then he would have been fine but you even stated several times that dont buy the game just for vhbl and that your not responsible if it gets patched once you’ve bought the game, its sony that’s taken it off the store not wololo, and trying to ruin it for the few lucky people isnt going to get you anywhere, once it’s released sony will have access to it without you, so you wont be doing anything giving them the vhbl

  24. Zimond says:

    just a question :

    Am i right that as long as there is no Firmware update and i DO NOT download an update for the game if one is available i am good to go? What i mean is :

    Can the Vita download patches for games without having the user click on it?

  25. vista200 says:

    Confirming the statement:

    EU PSN (Germany). Motorstorm removed from Store and Download-List. Looked up via PS Vita.

    Game still present on memory card, no update availble via yellow Update-Button so far.

  26. Iono says:

    lol, the day wololo stood still.

  27. thorwak says:

    Confirming Motorstorm A E removed from EU PS Store (Sweden) and from download list. No new firmware available. No removal/disabling of the game from memory card however (so far), which I actually half expected to happen when signing in on my account 😉

  28. I can confirm it was also removed from the US store and from my downloads list here US.

  29. snail says:

    Oh and yer its removed from psn australia.

  30. Assassin moc says:

    this is some bs im from US i bought a uk psn card and a jp card and didnt even get to download the damn game

  31. sk8erbender says:

    removed from Russian store

  32. pocky says:

    Could not see it either, bummer :( I only bought the vita for homebrew in the first place lol!

    Next time please don’t post the name of the game! You should beam the name into our minds with your jedi powers 😉

  33. NeoDoRant says:

    Removed from Swiss store as well…

  34. TVtheET says:

    Possible way around this…gamestop sells motorstorm as dlc for us psp. transfer dlc through ps3. im waiting for the download code…no ps3 to test till i get to my friends…so if this works should still release exploit

  35. kirot says:

    Can confirm that is it not on Japanese PS Store.

  36. m says:

    it wont work, this has already been discussed.

    and I’m not one to say I told you so, but …

  37. swatsqad says:

    yup, its been removed from all the stores.
    BUT the ape quest game is still live, download it while you can! It will be easy to port hbl to that title in the coming days.

  38. Shawn says:

    One way to do it is to email the people following the VHBL files so it takes Sony a lot longer to figure out how it works, or whatever… I don’t know how long that would take, but then they would have to go all secret agent to post online and get an email of the files on the account, or something. Btw, it’s March 2nd. Where are dem files?

  39. SmoothEgg says:

    Wololo, I have a question:

    Now that we’ve downloaded the game, backed it up and are prepared to what bit of magic and a little bit of coding you’re going to give us, is there a chance it might go awry?

    So far I’ve not seen nobody using tools to sniff out the traffic between the Vita and the interweb. It might be interesting for knowledgeable people to do that now, if you have the means to. Perhaps Sony will hotfix the FW, the game itself or some other means.

    I’d honestly hate if I would have to use an extra memcard that I would keep in airplane mode (thought even in airplane mode wifi can be activated AND whose to say they show as such, they could as well hide the damn wifi icon, being sneaky) to be able to play the game.

    I haven’t thoroughly read the TOA (though that don’t mean much in Europe)or any other legal documents concerning the Vita and the use thereof. I’m not sure if Sony allows themselves this manner of conduct.

  40. Franz Rogar says:


    Just name all PSP catalog… Let’s see if they remove it all…

  41. Rico says:

    Confirmed that it has also been removed from Singapore store. No updates yet for the game. I was hoping that the exploited
    game would be one of my favorite games and luckily it was! To those who missed their chance, I’m sure once wololo has shared the code, someone will find a way to overcome this obstacle. The best things come for those who are patient…

  42. Ahmed says:

    oh man…good thing i I did not try to get it!!!

  43. chris says:

    i paid for it but i didnt download it and today it doesnt even show in my list a complain to sony will be issued thats 20euro i paid i wont let them go for free

  44. To quote freeplay on that mercury exploit a few years back: “It would probably be best to wait until an XMB-based exploit comes along… game-based exploits are too easy to block”.
    Guys should chill if they didn’t buy the game in time.
    This is probably just one of the first ever steps to hacking the vita, and those who bought the game can be proud to be a part of it.

  45. syafiq tatsuya says:

    wololo how to download hbl ???

  46. snowkid1995 says:

    Hi wololo is there any way to port Motorstorm to Vita without downloading it from PS Store ???

    Thanks for reply :)

  47. Ohh! says:

    Smart move, Sony! Wait until wololo releases the files and then you use those files and no user can use the exploit :)
    Or will they scan the whole game for exploits? Oh sheet

  48. Swweet says:

    Gone in US since yesterday… Went to redownload it to my PSP… And it’s gone.

    Wasn’t even interested in the exploit.

    I called up and they refunded me $20… $20 less then I paid… so worst case I pirate and get $20 back.

    Best case it’s put back up for those whom bought it… But the way they spoke made it seem unlikely.

  49. ColorblindMonk says:

    I guess they took it down and off people’s DL lists to modify it. I’m sure it won’t be long before it’s back up (and no longer exploitable).

  50. Bugz says:

    Last night I had started to d/ld Ape Quest: The starter pack, but cancelled after 60% because I saw mediago it first on psp. Now I cannot find it on ps store from vita at all. And vita history shows it aborted and says cannot d/ld to vita? Where is it to redownload? Demo.

  51. free hacks says:

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  52. wololo says:

    I fail to understand how releasing the exploit with the name of the game would have been any better. If anything, Sony would have had an easier way to confirm and patch the issue.

  53. stingray1059 says:

    yup you are correct. if wololo released vhbl and the game at the same time. it will just be patched just hours after the vhbl is released. so same result will happen.

    the only advantage i can see to this issue is that PSVITA with vhbl installed can double up in prices just like ps3 units with 3.55 stock firmware.

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