And the game used for VHBL is…

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  1. Tanlet says:

    Thank you

  2. uZer says:

    Can I play free games on Vita already???

  3. Z3r01 says:

    Sounds cool but I will wait for us exploit (if any) as I have downloaded games and don’t want to be restoring and all….sounds great and good work nonetheless! I know it was hard work!

  4. uwe says:

    I have this game on UMD. Do I get a discount or something for buying it on the vita?

  5. Z3r01 says:

    And uZer : stop being an effing pirate… ur damn games….as for homebrew, yes u can

  6. Shinrow says:

    Thank you wololo ! I just started downloading it ^^

  7. Shawn says:

    So we can’t buy the US version of this game? We’re only allowed 1 PSN account on our Vitas. So we have to switch accounts? Confused…

    • wololo says:

      So we can’t buy the US version of this game?

      We’re only allowed 1 PSN account on our Vitas. So we have to switch accounts?
      If you live in the US, yes.

  8. Kmplt says:

    Yeah sure, let’s spend 20 euros and wait for 2 days with the risk that Sony already patched it !

  9. m says:

    let me get this straight, your giving us the name of the game, but no files AND giving sony 2 days to pull the game or patch it? although I appreciate your work, outlaying 16 pounds to trust a person on the net who wont give a second thought if its patched,pulled,or doesnt work is not something I or thousands of others will do. Sorry man, but that is a terrible decision on your part

    • Mastarifla says:

      Nobody said you had to outright purchase the game… just wait the two days and see if the game gets patched, if it doesn’t, then download the game and the files at the same time… no harm no foul

      • M says:

        there is no doubt at all that it will be patched very quickly, its midweek, sony are certain to be updating their respective stores… they would be stupid NOT to pull it

        • wololo says:

          No release = nothing to patch. At worst, they will pull the game from the store, and lose money. If they do, people like Yosh, who have other such psp exploits can release their own exploit in a different game.

        • Mastarifla says:

          then download it right now and turn off your vita connection to the web… really it isn’t that difficult

    • wololo says:

      I think it’s better than giving the files with the game, which would give Sony definite proof of the hack, how to use it, and how to patch it. Since you don’t trust me, I assume they don’t either, so everything’s good so far.
      As said by Mastarifla, you don’t have to trust me, or to buy the game, or anything. I’m not getting any money when that game gets sold. It’s your choice.

      Nevertheless, I’m interested to know how you would have handled this release. It’s possible you are not aware of many of the securities on the Vita…

      • M says:

        sony dont need proof… they dont need a reason to pull the game, they just do it. i would have certainly released the files at the same time so at least people could have gotten VHBL working on their systems. I bought 2 vita’s for this purpose.

        It seems to me, although I might be TOTALLY wrong, that sony are actively watching this site, and not many people will get to enjoy homebrew this time around.

        • wololo says:

          Fair enough. I still think releasing the files at the same time as the name of the game was a guarantee that the game would be pulled off of the store, while here everybody including Sony can doubt this is real. I might be wrong, but I’m thinking that by proceeding this way, I will actually allow more people to get the game than if I had done the opposite. We will, of course, never know.

      • shapeshifter says:

        plus its also a good game atleast for me!! 😉

  10. Shawn says:

    Who’s testing this? Who made HBL? Who are you? Are you the creator of this website and/or this modding tool? Who decided Motorstorm was going to be the exploit? Who are the people responsible for HBL creation? Can we have some answers?

    I’m tired.

    • wololo says:

      Who’s testing this?
      This has been tested by Virtuous Flame, SKFU,, mamosuke, Teck4, and myself, as well as other people.

      Who Made HBL?
      Mostly Moskit0, JJS, and me, but many other devs contributed, the list can be found in the HBL svn

      Who am I?
      Just a guy with a blog who likes the PSP scene

      Are you the creator of this website and/or this modding tool?

      Who decided Motorstorm was going to be the exploit?
      There is no such “decision”. Exploits are found, not decided.

      Who are the people responsible for HBL creation?
      You already asked that

      Can we have some answers?

  11. 30W says:

    Thanx for sharing this Wololo!

    Gonna trie it

  12. Mastarifla says:

    Thank You Wololo

    This was probably the best move, let the impatient ones download the game and have them be the test guinea pigs. The good news is they will have a copy of the unpatched game, the bad is that they run the risk of it getting patched or updated. However, they can circumvent this by downloading the game and turning off the connection to the web.

    As for me, I don’t mind waiting a few days for the files.

  13. shapeshifter says:

    sheesh to think I was just playing the same game umd on my psp 3004 6.35 pro b10 and then suddenly saw this post wow deja vu seriously.hats off to you devs

  14. while says:

    Good job wololo. Just waiting for the file now. I wanna play my favorite snes game & homebrew on my vita, just like i do with my wii and my psp. Personnaly don’t care about piracy (copying game), also, this is a good reason for me to re-start psp programming, since the vita side is not hackable for now.

    Hope sony will let us play some time with this [safe]homebrew enabler..


  15. Skunky says:

    Hey im in Australia, we only have Motorstorm RC available … Has this been tested?

  16. Flex says:

    @Wololo i have a question :
    If i buy the game and put HBL on my vita can i play PSP isos on it

  17. xWindow says:

    this is best message(Chinese people)

  18. TREE says:

    THX wololo , it’s wroth.
    anyway, may i know the release date of VHBL files?

  19. Rico says:

    Good job guys. I’m pretty sure, sooner or later, the Vita will be hacked just like the ‘unhackable” psp go. But right now, i’m so looking forward to be playing snes and genesis games. Ps1 emulation is also something i’m looking forward to and hopefully a PS2 emulator?(Though I dont know if the Vita is able to properly emulate it). Now downloading Motorstorm from Singapore and will be waiting for the release of the files. Thanks again guys!

    • Koji says:

      No PS1 or 2 emulation via this exploit anyways. While there were some (barely) working PS1 emulators for the PSP, all work on them was completely dropped once Sony released their official PS1 emulator and everyone just piggy-backed off of that.

      HBL has no access to POPS, and the Vita won’t be using it at all (that’s why there is currently no PS1 support on the vita, instead of running an emulator through an emulator, they are busy making a real PS1 emulator for the PSV)

  20. mb says:

    Ugh, still at work, with my luck its removed by the time im home.

  21. LamD says:

    Hi, what is the processor power, that can be used for HBLs by this hack? Does it allow to run more advanced HBLs, than on PSPs?

  22. Astromatik says:

    ok i buy it now. for vhbl files when aivable?

  23. Mapp says:

    Thank you, great job.

  24. Bop says:

    Is there a way to download the game from a pc and transfer it to psvita ?

  25. MeHian says:

    我来自中国,请称呼我Mehian,很抱歉可能让你用翻译了!不知道你的中文是否很好…….请问PSVITA 在索尼官方商店下载的是 MotorStorm Arctic Edge PSP GAME 还是PS Vita GAME,VITA的是59港币,而PSP的是194港币,应该下载哪一个?我的系统是1.61的,你在稍后能放出图文教程吗?谢谢!
    ————————————————————————I come from China, please call me Mehian, I’m sorry may allow you to use translation! Do not know your Chinese is very good …. is PSVITA in Sony ‘s official store to download the MotorStorm Arctic Edge PSP is GAME or PS Vita GAME, VITA is HK $59, PSP is 194 Hong Kong dollars, should which to download one? My system is 1.61, you can later released graphic tutorials? Thank you.

  26. elysium617 says:

    finally…downloading now

  27. StepS says:

    hi wololo, nice to hear that we’re almost done here 😀
    on the video, after VHBL got started and you switch between the elements, i hear some sound which is very similar to the sound used in age of empires 2 (for example, in game map-buttons). what is it? 😀

  28. KKS says:

    Do you guys think the HEN will be released for PS vita to that we can play iso file?

    • wololo says:

      For now, I would not count on that. Do not buy this game if your only hope is to get a Hen+isos, I have seen no possibility for now to run isos through this exploit.

  29. Will says:

    Kinda bummed about the US thing, but the question is do you have a expected date for another game to be used as catalyst for VHbl?

    • wololo says:

      Unfortunately, no. I think before we think of a future for HBL (other games, etc…), we will need to see what kind of patches Sony comes up with…

  30. clintiswood says:

    Thank you Wololo ,it’s “la course à l’échalote” for download this game now !

  31. Zimond says:

    thank god its a game i am a little bit interessted in.

  32. psvitainside fucker says:

    Psvitainside leaked the game of the exploit….

  33. Mart says:

    Downloading Motorstorm Artic Edge as we speak! Game was fun on PSP, so I have no trouble buying it even if the exploit would be fixed by Sony in the end.

    The exploit will only be an extra present on top if it remains working. So thanks Wololo

    And those that are nagging about the way of release, or that the game isn’t in USA store, or that they blame Wololo for them not being at home at this time, or were asleep or want to play PSP ISO’s or whatever…

    Please, just go buy a prehacked PSP that can do the same + more than this exploit, stop being negative or aggressive even to a nice homebrew developing guy like Wololo please. All that nonsense make guys like him quit making stuff.

    Wololo, continue the good work, I’d love to play some Sonic and Mario on my PSVita somewhere soon!

  34. SirPsp says:

    What about PS1 eboots? I will definitely buy the game if it allows me to play ps1 games. So disappointed the vita doesn’t support them yet.

  35. KvD says:

    Download finished. Now playing MotorStorm while waiting 4 Files.
    Awesome Work, can´t await!!!
    Never stop that feeling 😉

  36. The boss says:

    Old school HBL
    Liking it 😀

  37. Zimond says:

    Another thought about Sony patching it soon.

    Sony can take it off the store, but the team who made the game has to make a fix for it, or not? Can Sony force them to let everything else go and just get to work to fix this exploit? (i wouldn doubt actually that they can)

    My guess is nothing will happen. There is no reason for them why they should do anything. They are making a fortune on this game right now without the risk that this exploit will lead into pirating psp or vita games.

    Only IF the people who are in charge at sony are completly technical morons who will panic right away, something will happen. Lets hope the guys in charge know their stuff.

  38. Bugz says:

    Sn*ff Sn*ff . Hope your all happier now.

  39. Quick Question says:

    @ Wololo
    Hi I just saw that there are 2 versions of Motorstorm Arctic Edge on the USA PSN Store. One of them is just the game by itself which you say does not transfer from PS3 to the Vita. Now there is another version in the bundled section of psp games it is the Motorstorm Arctic Edge & Twisted metal: Head On Pack.

    Now I have a few questions

    1. Do you have any idea if that bundled version transfers form PS3 to Vita ?

    2. DO you know if the exploit works with that version ?

    3. I have never download a bundled version of a psp game so have no idea if it just downloads each game separately or it comes together with its own unique installer ?


    • Mart says:

      Read better…

      USA version does NOT work with this exploit. Only EU/Japan

      • Its not that it doesn’t work it can’t be confirmed if it does or does not work since we couldn’t find a way to transfer it to the vita. It may work if we can find a way to transfer it im trying a few things I know about and I know I can successfully get it on to a pc not sure about to the vita yet.

    • I saw this too I just assumed it was each game separately. I could be wrong but it seems easier that way.

    • wololo says:

      @Quck Question

      1) No idea, but I’d guess not
      2) I assume it would work, yes
      3) Sorry, no clue

  40. Mart says:

    I notice Motorstorm Artic Edge having the update button on top of its page before booting, NOT CLICKING THAT ONE 😛

  41. OK I successfully transfered another game that wouldn’t transfer directly from the vita to my cfw ps3 used a ftp client got it to my pc and transfered it to the vita :). Ive downloaded arctic edge US and I will try do the same with this game. IF it does work will the current vhbl files work or will I need to send the game to you wololo for testing?

  42. dimy93 says:

    Cool game -it’s really just a bonus to be able to use HBL
    Btw this instalation process looks interesting- I guess U pack the files somehow(in some acceptable form for the CMA) and then repack them on the Vita?

  43. dimy93 says:

    Cool game -it’s really just a bonus to be able to use HBL
    Btw this instalation process looks interesting- I guess U pack the files somehow(in some acceptable form for the CMA) and then depack them on the Vita?

  44. Raymond says:

    Thank you..But it’s such a pity that it can’t run the psp isos…Do you think it will be useful in the future if you finally make a tool that can run the isos? Or put it this way, if we can play the psp isos on some other programs in the future, do we need this exploit(or this game)?

    • wololo says:

      I do not personally have plans to work on iso loading tools.
      People who have tried to load isos thourgh HBL so far have always failed, I don’t think this will change now. Basically, as I said before, don’t buy this game if what you’re expecting are isos. I’m not saying it will never happen because I can’t predict the future, but I’m not seeing any sign of this hack leading to isos for now.

      • Raymond says:

        OK, I’ve got it..fortunately it’s a good game, but a little bit more expensive in Japan…(3800 yen)..

      • james horgan says:

        I am curious, on my old PSP I had various Eboots such a dino crisis 2 etc etc…will the VHBL give me the capability to play anything ported onto an EBOOT?

    • StepS says:

      isos are unlikely. maybe fake_np-signed games, but I’m not sure if you can put them inside savegame or etc

  45. HIMFan says:

    Its not downloadable now.lame

    • Mart says:

      No clue where you’re looking but in EU store (Netherlands) its still up.

    • HIMFan says:

      It is still up, but everytime I try to download it it gives me an error saying something to the effect that I cannot connect to the server. Same with the JP account I made. AND they won’t let me add funds. But this all still works on everything else but the Vita. (PS3, MediaGo) etc.

      • HIMFan says:

        Actually, it doesn’t appear to be working on those either. I don’t even care if I just get it paid for and have a ticket showing that I already did. because even if they patch the game, I can just download it from someone who uploads it, and I’ll have the validation and it will let me use it.

  46. rafael707 says:

    now all the people know the game now xD

  47. sk8erbender says:

    I confirm this game available in Russian store) yay! I’m so happy) costs 999 RUB

    • Softtm17 says:

      Ok….downloaded in time =P I have it in my psvita before the psn manutence XD 19,99€ the price.
      I’m waiting you for the Vhbl =)

  48. james says:

    Wololo is delaying the VBL files I heard till he gets enough hits and clicks on his google adverts to fill his coffers with $$$$. Then he will release it to us.

    • Zimond says:

      Butthurt US customer?

    • Raymond says:

      He is still a hero even if what you’ve said is correct. Remember, you’re just a guy who have nothing to do with this great VHBL and have no right to slander wololo.

      • james says:

        Not slander him. I’ll wait for HBL. He a GOD. But if he earns any money from this release, be it from adsense even. Grounds that $ony could sue him….We know what $ony is like…

    • wololo says:

      Yeah, as I said, I want to buy Kim Dotcom’s house in Auckland, you clearly see through me dude

      • The_Budds says:

        Pay him no mind… He’ll be one of the first ones to download it and still complain after.

        What’s even more funny is that him, like many other selfish users brought themselves here. Yet, run their mouths as soon as they don’t get what they want.

        I’ll say it again… I don’t care if it vHBL doesn’t work for me. I’m glad to be here.

    • Mart says:

      Even if he did, it would be no problem. THe adverts cover his costs for the website.

      But no, he gives all of us the time to get the game from PSN store before the exploit is released and Sony knows what to patch exactly.

      Thus, keep guessing and speculating, Wololo is the man.

  49. momomomo says:

    HK$194 costs 170 RMB I want to paly n64 on psv

    • Ted Mosby says:

      No Kernel Exploit = no N64 Emu…..and an N64 Emu in Vita Mode…maybe in the Future (5-11 Month or more…)

  50. Victory says:

    How does the exploit work? are they any sources for the old versons of the exploit? How did tech4 find the game?

  51. gliitch says:

    i’ll download it at some point :) hopefully over this weekend :)

  52. B4 L4Z3RS says:

    in the usa you would have to factory reset your vita in order to use a eur or jpn psn account then pay 20 eur and wait and hope it works,i’ll pass thanks anyway.

  53. Sorin says:

    hank you very much, I have only one problem …
    HBL can to play Wagic?
    I to like Wagic, it has become part of my life. Thank you Sir!

  54. barjololo says:

    arf arf, i m very poor :(
    i think wait still a moment for have the VHBL on my Ps vita !
    Enjoy guys ^^

  55. HIMFan says:

    People on other threads said they have gotten Motorstorm to run via the method of downloading on PS3 and copying it to their vita. The only caveat, you have to be above 4.00 PS3 firmware. Any psp games downloaded before the 4.00 Ps3 update (November 2011) will need to be re-downloaded as that update changed the way the content is stored. This would expain why your vitas content manager is not seeing them. If you have Motorstorm purchased on your PS3, but you’re like me and have it modded so you’re staying at 3.55CFW, then you’re out of luck. So Wololo, did your testers that looked to see if they could transfer it from the PS3 to the Vita have an up to date PS3? And if they did, did they already have the game? Or was it recently purchased?

    • StepS says:

      that is interesting, thanks for the information

      • Koji says:

        Can anyone confirm this? I’d be willing to plop down the USD for it versus having to juggle a third PSN account on my vita (already have a US and JPN one, but at $50~ the JPN one is overly expensive and that’s not even counting the overhead from having to buy foreign PSN cards)

        • kourosh7 says:

          Has anyone checked this out yet? and can someone explain to me why we cant just but it on our psp’s and then download them to our vita’s?

    • doesnt work, im on 4.11 ps3 firmware, i learned of the game lastnight, it will not transfer

    • ChemDog says:

      This is very interesting, I am going to try this out on some games that I had already downloaded long long ago and see if redownloading them on the 4.11 firmware allows them to be transferred. I’ll report back if it works or not.

  56. rumos says:

    Thank you wololo!

    And for some of you, I don’t want to sound like a wiseacre but I’m following this blog for some time now so I allow myself to tell you a little secret:
    Modesty is a virtue – maybe this will help you some day.

  57. Astromatik says:

    Ok game added in my vita. waiting vhbl. please finish vhbl please.

  58. dentalsoulja89 says:

    I hope what HIMFan said is true & that they prove this. If that’s the case that would satisfy a whole lot of people who dont want to creat a foreign PSN account like me!

  59. yo says:

    español-Hola . Yo soy español y quiero decirles que si es posible que alguien se compre el juego de ps store y despues pasarlo al pc y poner un enlace para que lo podamos descargar los demas.
    English-Hey. I am Spanish and I want to say that it is possible for someone to buy the game from ps store and then pass it to the pc and put a link so we can download the rest.

  60. Nerke says:

    What is able with vhbl now?
    Can I play psp isos with vhbl on my vita

    • Koji says:

      Please sir, take 2 minutes from your life and actually READ THE POST YOU’RE COMMENTING ON or try reading the comments as several other people have already parrotted what the blog post with answers to that question.

  61. kil says:

    Thanks for everything….

    Damn wished I got a bigger memory stick…

  62. jlo138 says:

    @Wololo, is this a PSN PSP game as in not a Vita version? If its the regular PSP version then I can confirm that it was once on the U.S PSN because I bought it when it first came out. I have it for my Go. Not sure why it was removed though.

  63. xerpi says:

    I achieved to crash a game, but I think the crash is useless because the background music keeps playing:


  64. SmoothEgg says:

    Any idea’s on how to backup the game itself? Or do I have to keep the memorystick alive for the remainder of PS Vita use?

    The code: c0-7935-4, is emitted on the screen whilst trying to use OpenCMA.

    Or can I back it up to my PS3 you reckon? Any help is appreciated.

    UK PSN Account on PSV(EU) with 1.61

  65. HIMFan says:

    Yeah. I’m just going to download it on my Media Go cause at least I can transfer it to my vita via CMA…right?

  66. Badsam says:

    Wololo, I’m on the UK PSN and it says the game is £14.99 but this article says £15.99. Any reason for the price difference?

  67. vista200 says:

    Nice work, guys!

    Will you release the source (i.e. what was used to let the game crash)? Everyone will try, but looking into an encrypted savegame may not be what everyone wants 😉

    Wil there be a new development branch or is the old HBL compatible to run on the Vita, so you just named it vHBL?

    Thanks in advance.
    You are awesome :)

    • wololo says:

      At least the source of HBL will be released. As far as the source of the exploit is concerned, I guess it can be shared too, although it’s not really interesting (always the same old tricks). People interested can look at the patapon exploit in the VHBL svn, it’s the same kind of stuff.

  68. ozze says:

    ok guys i bought motorstorm from the us store..ima see if i can transfer it to my ps3

  69. asdrubol says:

    i wonder if works with patapon 2 for the US version, like back then on psp when the demo was out with the exploit…

  70. Mishka84 says:

    Hi Wololo,

    ThX for your 1A Info about the VHBL & the Exploit of the Game!

    Shame on the User they have it leaked. ThX for Kravenbcn for Special Pictures and his Report.

    And for the last, ThX @ all Devs (Teck4, Mamosuke, JJS & m0skit0 [lucky name :D]) where helped by the Project of VHBL! :)

  71. sony can kiss my ass says:

    atleast we get some awesome metal music when we load HBL :)

  72. honorface says:

    I have the “newest” firmware(post 1.61) and just downloaded that game. Would you like to see if they patched it already? I grabbed this unofficial update from a “dev card?” via a good friend. Supposedly this update will be sent out after the PSN update. It shows up as 1.70 but he said that is not it’s official release number. I will kill myself if I purposely patched this exploit… I’m here if you need me!

  73. slicer4ever says:

    Hey, excellent work wololo, i’m curious on your thoughts of gaining control of the extra input’s the vita has to offer.

    from my understanding, or at least what i remember reading, sony is planning to make some psp game’s benefit from the second analog stick, do you think it’s possible to gain access to these, or that sony is basically forcing re-mapping of the psp controls for a whitelist of games?

    • honorface says:

      I doubt a whitelist would work well but it would not take that much time to release a patch. Take the controls for the left joystiq and copy/paste it over whichever right stick controls the game used, most where the buttons xo▥△.

  74. Acid_Snake says:

    the mighty one: wolo

  75. Acid_Snake says:

    hi wololo I have a question, I heard people downloading this game on the ps3 and then failing to transfer it to the vita.
    mi question is, if the game can be downloaded on a ps3, can it be played on the ps3? if so, cant you port hbl to the ps3?
    I know the ps3 has a psp emu but I dont know how limited it is

  76. drachir says:

    hey i have bad news to you guys. i’am really sorry but i have confirmed that next week sony will patch the game in Eur and jap ver.

  77. ValkyrieEye says:

    Nice contribution in here Wololo, thank you.

    Sill, something i don’t understand:
    “….recommended, after you bought the game, to be paranoid and disconnect your console from the network…”

    Do you mean not to connect for update purposes of the game/system or something else….???


    • wololo says:

      Yes, that’s what I mean. I am afraid Sony can patch things without you knowing about it, if you are connected. Several times, I ran into a situation where CMA would tell my Vita to update, and I couldn’t do anything but update the vita if I wanted to move forward

  78. sky18 says:

    can i use mp3 in games?

  79. swatsqad says:

    GUYS PLEASE READ THIS, There’s a free game that should be available in every psn store, its a psp title called “ape quest” and there is a free demo version anyone can download, can anyone confirm that they can download the game with their vitas?

  80. Karma_Darkly says:

    I hop there will be something for the US users soon. :/

  81. Karma_Darkly says:

    I hope there will be something for the US users soon. :/

  82. JOAO777 says:

    Downloading it now! psn Portugal. Thanks a lot wololo!!!!! :-)

  83. swatsqad says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!APE QUEST STARTER PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the vhbl will more than likely work with this FREE game, i can confirm its on the uk/jp/hk store, so I would suggest getting that, so even if sony patches it or smth, nobody gets hurt ^^

    • Mastarifla says:

      I can confirm that this is a demo in the US store. Going to test if I can put it on my Vita…

      Alright, successfully transferred from my PS3 to my Vita

      Hope you’re right swatsqad

      • swatsqad says:

        it should be in the normal psn, however on the vita us psn its not there. though i was able to download it from the vitas uk store.

        and what the heck is the deal with the vitas us store? its missing soooo much! not even a single gta game..

        • Mercutio says:

          Just a quick question. Why do you speculate that Ape Quest will most likely work with vhbl?

          • swatsqad says:

            because i can confirm from a reliable source that this game can also exploit the MIPS wrapper.
            unless wololo for some reason decides not to support it…

          • wololo says:

            I need to confirm it first. As a reminder, HBL is entirely open source, *ANYBODY* with a PSP game exploit can do what I am currently doing with Motorstorm, I am not a magician, neither do I have special skills, just more patience than most people.

  84. avenger says:

    great job wololo.
    and no,sony won’t remove the game,the exploit doesn’t harm them for the moment,and it will increase their profit skyhigh.
    and also this HBL isn’t a small,it will be the small crack in the window that gets the theaf in the house.

  85. AlanH says:

    I know this isn’t entirely relevant but when you compare the PSN download price of Arctic Edge (£15) to the UMD of it (£8) it’s crazy how much Sony are overcharging us. That £15 download cost isn’t even including the cost of the memory card to put it on!

  86. yensmark says:

    I buy a taiwan version it have korean and english
    may i use it hbl?

  87. DOA says:

    I can’t seem to download it at all on the vita or ps3, I believe my copy was a freebie in an australian promotion, ($100 for pspgo +10 games lol) should be the same version. Just get not downloadable on a PSVITA/ps3 system.

  88. jcpantola says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to have VHBL for my psvita. Kudos for you Wololo, Tech4, Coldbird and all the people that helped in this project.

  89. Ted Mosby says:

    Wololo…there’s another possible Exploit…(i hope so)
    There’s someone who has found another working exploit…you talk about him some days ago and i know the name of the Game he used. Maybe you can take a look on it too if the info is right…

    (Nabnab talked about it….just thinking it might be useful for all of us…)

    • Ted Mosby says:

      is theres a way to pm you…

      (ps. i just want to help the people who live in the USA…maybe it could be useful for them…)

      • wololo says:

        yes, I just read about this. If this is indeed true it shouldn’t take too much effort to port HBL to that game. It seems however the game is not available in JP for the Vita, so that might complicate things a little bit for me. Porting HBL is, by the way, extremely easy (these days, it’s mostly about running a few scripts), so if people want to give it a try:

        By the way, releasing the name of a game with a hack, without even providing a simple proof of concept, letting other people do the work for them, is IMO not helping the scene at all. The person who revealed this information should have ported HBL first but probably considered it was a waste of their time. Instead, this person is wasting the time of other sceners who will try to confirm/infirm, etc…. Just my 2 cents.

        • Mastarifla says:

          I tried looking at your past posts and I seem to be quite bogged down on actually attempting to port HBL to this new release, I would like to try and see if we can get it working with this game but some of the information on those posts is out of date, I don’t have the files or there may be better ways to do each step now.

          • wololo says:

            I actually updated the tutorials when I worked on the Motorstorm exploit, so I believe they are quite up to date. I can of course answer questions you have, here, or on the forums, or by email (wagic.the.homebrew at Porting HBL is relatively easy, but there’s still some effort/problems on the way.

        • Ted Mosby says:

          Wasn’t Yosh working on an Demo Exploit for the Vita.

          And what i see, Ape Quest is the only Demo who ist out for the Vita. And only available in the uk and eu Store from what i see. I connected to the US Store and theres nothing. In Eu-Store its still there.

          Unfortunaly im a PSP Fan and just start reading about coding and dev stuff. I’ve read your Article how to port the HBL but first i have to look for the Exploit.

          Is there any new news from Yosh ?

          And could you test ist if its real.

          And thanks for your great work and help to install the VHBL. It must be a ot of Stress…

    • Funny says:

      Nabnab is full of air. His recommendation is a demo. First off, PSP demos are NOT available for the Vita. Secondly, the game itself is not on the US store.

      • wololo says:

        I’ll double check. Although I don’t like Nabnab’s guerilla strategies, and I believe he’s been wrong a lot in the past, the stuff he says always has part of truth (that he unfortunately misinterprets a lot). At the very least, I know that Ape Escape is vulnerable, so it could make sense that Ape Quest has similar flaws.

      • Mercutio says:

        “PSP demos are NOT available for the Vita”

        I have the game demo on my vita at this very moment

      • Mastarifla says:

        If you download Ape Quest on your PS3 and transfer it to your Vita it works fine.

  90. KasperBrewski says:

    Well the PSN has gone down for maintenance over here in the UK. Thanks Wololo, can’t wait to see if this works!

  91. i learned of the game yesterday and downloaded the u.s. version to test, I can confirm it will not show up in the content manager if you download with ps3 and try to transfer from ps3 to vita.

  92. Xe says:

    ive got my copy, just waiting on the files (UK). can we expect them on the 2nd of march? (today in GMT)

  93. NeoGeo22 says:


    is it possible to make “Media Go 2.0″ Vita Compatible? i have Motorstorm for my PSP Go but i cant download it to my Vita or PS3 systems.


  94. bob says:

    Umm… *** (I don’t mean this as a sign to freak people out but)..
    I went to play motorstorm for fun and the game locked on loading screen, going back to the OS I got a notification that there is an update to the game and ask if I wished to download it. =S

  95. senas8 says:

    Game works fine here. JPN.ver wifi on.. tried it 3 times.. quit the game started again. I was going to say if it asked me to update the game ..than the exploit was leaked.

  96. senas8 says:

    bob: what ver. of the game do you have?

  97. bob says:

    Just to add a bit more information
    1. My version is from J-PSN
    2. I had reviewed the PSN store about 1-2 hours ago
    3. Had Wifi on when I went to play

    This could be a remnant of PSP update system (that did start late in the systems life) but I think most of those where just re-downloading the game’s eboot again.


  98. senas8 says:

    Maybe it would be a good idea for people to backup the game now.. incase it gets pached automatic???.. kind of paranoid, but I backed mine up a long time ago :)))

  99. bob says:

    Again I don’t know if this has any effect on the hack as a whole (could just be a strange firmware glitch).

    Here is a bit more
    1. If I start the game now I don’t get a force install or told to update but…
    2. If I press PS button to return to the live area I get this.

    • wololo says:

      This surely looks like an update… For now I’d like to see if other people are seeing the same thing…

      • KvD says:

        Hi. love ur work. can confirm the update message after returning from game for eu (germany). that´s new. earlier that day there was no such message.

      • KvD says:

        can also confirm that the game is no longer available in PSN and removed from my download list.

        • wololo says:

          Just to clarify, does this mean Sony prevents you from installing the game, removed the download, and didn’t issue a refund to you?

          • KvD says:

            the game is installed already, and backups made^^ it is “only” removed from the store and my download list so that i can not download it again from psn. but i can copy it with openCMA in both directions.

  100. snail says:

    I started downloading the game this morning in Australia, (there goes 30 bucks :/) and left for work so ill let you know how things turn out when i get home in 5 hours. Hope fully they didnt apply the patch before i downloaded it.

  101. senas8 says:

    I don’t know.. I don’t think the update is for the game than.

  102. snail says:

    @bob – wow i hope you pressed cancel.

  103. bob says:

    Sorry just to add a bit more

    I made a slight mistake in my last post. I don’t get that message when I hit the PS button. I get it when I hit the PS button then hit the game’s live area icon to resume the game. Clicking cancel will let me return to the game and I can still play the game normally just fine. I think the whole loading lock up was a firmware glitch since it affected me trying to launch another PSP game (it hang at an initial load) and then I had to do a force power down on my unit).

    So if someone else is brave enough to test, here are some steps I think might produce it.
    1. Turn Wifi on
    2. View the J-PSN store
    3. Exit everything and run Motorstorm
    4. Create a new profile and go to start the main event.
    5. Durring the load screen or after the race starts hit the PS button to return to the live area
    6. Click the game’s image to start the game.


    1. Go to the game’s live area, press the Orange button in the top left (maybe my vita though I touched it?)
    2. See if it says there is an update.

    What I find odd is even if I did accidentally hit the update button and that is what this is about (an old PSP button). I find it disturbing I clicked no to download the update and yet it still downloaded. =S

  104. Pyong says:

    No update to report here

    EU version

    1.61 fw

    I have wifi enabled.

  105. bob says:

    Ok this stuff is getting creepy.
    1. Motorstorm is not in my DL/Purchase history on PSN anymore (at least via vita)
    2. You can still search for the game on PSN (via vita) but when I click to view the game I get an error message in Japanese (will try to get a screenshot in a sec).

    • bob says:

      Game is no longer there via search on vita nor does it show up in my DL/Purchase history via MediaGo either.

      Looks like it was pulled (at least for japan).

      • bob says:

        I should add a few more thing.

        . Copy to my PC (via Content Manager, unhacked ver), deleting and copying back to my vita still works (as of 10 mins ago). Not sure how long that will stick.

        . Doing the above still did not get rid of the pop-up asking if I wish to install the update.

        . Clicking the PSP Orange/Yellow icon to check for updates says my version is currently up to date.

        . There is no notice, in the notice area, on my vita of it downloading any update (for motorstorm or system file) at all. Generally for Vita game updates/patches the download and update show up in the notice area (clicking the giant bubble in the top right).

  106. senas8 says:

    ^ Ok that I can confirm the game is no longer in my DL Purchase history.

  107. senas8 says:

    Well wololo: I guess they pulled the game either way.. exploit release or not. Hmmmm.

  108. Mastarifla says:

    If you have Motorstorm downloaded, immediately back it up to your PC so you have a copy, also make another copy in case you delete that one by accident.

    You can also store a copy on your PS3, it will just be an annoying bubble on the game xmb, but that’s fine.

    Those that believe there is another exploit grab that game as well.

  109. Xe says:

    Motorstorm taken down from UK sotre? looks like it to me, says no content. (i already hav the game)

  110. Pyong says:

    will the exploit still be released after this?
    I’d hope so as I bought it just for this, not a bad game, but I’d have rather spent my money on something else.

  111. Im at 45% on data transfer on the US version I downloaded earlier ill attempt to ftp into my cfw ps3 to get the game on pc later tonight. After that I gotta attempt to transfer it to the vita via OpenCMA… hope it works… if not ill look for another way. I don’t see why this wouldn’t be possible wish me luck.

  112. Xe says:

    backed up my copy, any news if vhbl is still ago? 😀

  113. Also does anyone know if there are different software versions of CMA for different regions and if so would it effect the transfer from CMA? Has anyone been successful in transfering it to there PC via CMA in other regions? I would love to hear a bit of feed back on this if anyone knows something?

    • sculiX says:

      I transfered the game from vita to pc successful in austria (AUT) yesterday at 20:00 (UTC+1) with no problems 😉

  114. senas8 says:

    TechMemphis: I think your out of luck.. should have downloaded using the vita form EU or JPN.

    • eh well ill know for sure in a couple hours im doing this also to see if other psp games not available via ps3 psn store transfer or directly in the vita store will work on a vita at all. I have other ideas on getting this game to my vita as well. Ill just play around and if it doesn’t work i don’t think its a loss as it along with the other titles will probably be available at some point in the future… plus I wanted the game anyway I love motorstorm never owned a psp though so I couldn’t play arctic edge. Can’t wait for the RC release in the US next week either.

  115. Xe says:

    my bad i was trying to backup when i was commented, unsuccessful backup here in the UK with open CMA, ive just got the 1 copy on my vita then, if i have to restore im sc***

  116. eviterno says:

    i downloaded the ape quest demo from media-go and after from vita, i confim the ape quest psp demo work fine in ps vita, no need a ps3


  117. KKS says:

    So are you going to release VHBL?

  118. archery says:

    wololo, i admire your work, im in the US. i had my vita for a week now. apparently when i finally got off work to look at your site, just found out that motorstorm is the game… =( sadly, its too late now to purchase the game. it would have been nice if you released vhbl to download before releasing the name of the game. that way we have time to download game cuz as soon as you announced it, sony pulled it out within a couple of hours =( i hope you find a patch in the future that will enable us to have vhbl without the game. thanks anyway. i guess i will just have to buy a psp… keep up the good work and hopefully you find a way in the future to enable vhbl without the game

  119. archery says:

    lol somehow sony is also watching this website….

  120. Skunky says:

    Looks like they pulled Motorstorm from the PS Store… in Australia anyway!!

  121. Insua says:

    This is hilarious. Now just suppose that you announce 50 other titles with the same vulnerability. Will Sony pull them out from their store ??? 50??? announce 100!
    That was a hasty decision

    (unless they knew before what was the game…)

  122. thorwak says:

    Update (EU / SWE)
    Searching for “motorstorm” now in ps store from vita show a free download called “Rally Car” with the icon of “Motorstorm Arctic Edge”. I took one for the team (have backup + second Vita anyway) and downloaded the “free game”. I took a few seconds, then I got “installation complete”. I am fairly certain my game is now patched, but can’t cofirm until I have access to vhbl / crash exploit.

    DO NOT INSTALL THE FREE “Rally Car” would be my humble advice 😉

    • thorwak says:

      Yep, upon staring Motorstorm A E I now got a brief “Installing…”

      Also, the game crashed my entire Vita now so bad it turned itself off completetly 😀 Hilarious

      • thorwak says:

        Final note: The patch/addon turns Motorstorm Arctic Edge into “collectors edition”. It may or may not patch the save game vulnerability.

        I have also verified it works fine to copy the original game back from PC, this removes the “collectors edtion” text from start screen. I could then redownload the patch/addon etc.

        So, it would appear a backup can restored back to the Vita easily, even over a newer version. Probably good news :)

  123. Kuro says:

    Wasn’t there another game like motorcross that does the same thing? If there was, when will the name be released?

  124. Dave says:

    Help!!! I keep getting (The connection to the server has been terminated NP-2244-2) Trying to buy everybody’s Tennis from UK store. Anyone know how to fix?

  125. jadenspades says:

    i have downloaded numourous numbers of eboot files all of them strictly for the 1000-3000 series and used every fourum i could find in the end after three days of no sleep i can start the exploid save and open the tn-v4 recovery screen however the eboots i try never get found i have named them 660.PBP over and over i have moved them from the game to outside the folder copies everywhere in the vita save file and even put one copy in a folder inside the game TITLEd UPDATE so it might on off chance need to see that folder is the update to find the file and it still does not find the file and immediatly sends me a error loading 660.PBP *** will some one who was struggling or has the solution please messege me im at a loss heck here is my email damn …. – email me anytime im going nuts over here

  126. wololo says:

    Don’t lose hope, keep in mind that this is a really simple hack that doesn’t bring much, I am convinced there will be much better opportunities along the way.
    I don’t want to belittle my or Teck4’s work, but it is important that people realize this is really a simple hack that doesn’t bring much :)

    But I am also disappointed, as you can imagine, that the game is not available in the US.

  127. xWindow says:

    wololo said before that the U.S. service does not have this game.(Chinese people)(Google translate)

  128. Gambaro123 says:

    ok thank u for all 😉

  129. honorface says:

    Haha don’t worry I remember the first HEN on my PSP1000. I love going through all of this again. Kind of like deja vu. Plus I just finished downloading the game. Where there’s a will there’s a way 😉

  130. StepS says:

    yes. almost the whole psp’s hardware gets emulated

  131. wololo says:

    you can add some filtering in the options (press the screen for several seconds, I believe, to show the options)

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