The day Sony stood still (and a date for VHBL!)


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  1. dwjfind says:

    well,the news is very good .And I’m from China .I’ve thought I can’t use the VBL on my vita .But now ,I’m so happy .I know that can’t run games ,but it’s just a beginning ,we ,all the people ,wish you do better !

  2. Anonymouse says:

    You state: “The game is, after all, available on the US PSN Store, just not for the vita.” If the game is in fact on the US PSN Store for PS3, it may very well be transferable to the Vita.

    Consider this article:

    Best of luck.

  3. Interesting on Sony’s part to cancel a planned maintenance period only time I remember that happening was back when we had psn access on ps3 on cfw firmwares… Not saying this is related but its an oddly timed cancellation…

  4. Anonymouse says:

    Ah, just read the earlier comments… Disregard my last post then.

  5. I say release the name now then and get it over with since Sony cancelled there down time already and you technically originally planned on releasing it sooner anyway… unless they can all the sudden pop back up and say its on again?

  6. HUH! says:

    No ISO support? we dont support pirates? OH, but we do let you play ROMS of game systems you dont own?

    • wololo says:

      Yup. although legally it’s no different, I make a difference between current systems and outdated systems. It’s a personal choice, what I believe is morally right. We all have different limits in what we find right or not, and the copyright laws in most countries belong to what I personally believe to be completely unfair, so I am not blindly following them. A matter of personal choice, really.

  7. Riku says:


    man hating’s harder than it looks :\

  8. senas8 says:

    ^ I guess the title says it all ” The day Sony stood still” :))))

  9. HIMFan says:

    I just want to know how to link my new account to my vita.

    • ASH says:

      You have to restore your Vita, in the “Settings” menu. Don’t worry, it’s a different option than factory resetting your mem card. From then on, you can choose the UK region, or whatever country you want to leech on. Haha.

    • ASH says:

      After that, re-do your wifi settings, etc. You should still see your real PSN account, sign in, and it will redirect you to put your email and pass again.

      • HIMFan says:

        So i didn’t need to make a new PSN account? I chose UK, but it still insists I need to use the account that’s attached to the vita. Or when I did that and chose the UK, can I use my login and look at their store?

        • HIMFan says:

          Nevermind. That Just didnt work. it wants my normal login and the store is still in dollars, not euros or pounds.

          • wololo says:

            you need to rest your console to factory settings, and create a new account. You also need to specify you live in the UK, when you boot the console for the first time.

          • HIMFan says:

            I got it. I chose restore settings. Needed restore ps vita.

            Btw, its midnighthere, am I safe to go to sleep, are you still releasknv it on the 2nd?

          • HIMFan says:

            midnight here*

  10. natsu says:

    Asia have been waiting for this release for almost 3 months now, keep that in mind if you are one of the few who complained that you had to wait for a week)

    so TRUE… im Asian.. ^__^

    • Technically we all had to wait the same amount of time we just got the vita at a much later date than you. Im not complaining either way though just saying at least you could use your vita 2 and half months before we could… -_- the wait for the vita system is what about did me in….

      • wololo says:

        As a matter of fact, I didn’t use my vita much, as I kept it disconnected almost constantly to avoid sending any information to sony’s servers that could leak the game.

        • good idea. I was able btw to successfully data transfer a psp game to a cfw ps3. Tomorrow ill try a ftp client to see if I can extract the game and us OpenCMA to see if I can copy and use it on the vita for the US version of the game… I figure its worth a shot just for simplicity of not having to change accounts im ok with doing that too im just curious if it would work for other games that dont transfer directly to the vita…

  11. Saibanjl says:

    Hmm…can’t wait to experience the difference between psp and psv in Wagic….I mean the loading / start up speed……or the speed of loading opponent deck list..

  12. ok… im at a loss… where does the name wololo come from?

    • wololo says:

      From age of empires

      • ok I was racking my brain for that one its been awhile since I played that series… I must admit though i’ve shyed away from pc a good bit lately(which is what I played it on)… idk why just kinda happened slowly over time. I gotta get back to that though and pick up some rts and strategy games ive been neglecting…

      • Norml says:

        Awesome, good to know, for those who didn’t.

        Thanks again!

      • StepS says:

        i love age of empires. both 1 and 2, still playing online with friends. 😀

  13. Mauricio says:

    It’s definitely an inconvenience, but I was planning on making a JP PSN account anyways

  14. Welp im going to bed now ill check in the morning.

  15. Eric says:

    PSN update postponed.!/PlayStation/status/175018071088570368
    Just release it now 😀

  16. Mart says:

    Indeed, like the guy above:

    ‏ @PlayStation

    Update: Tomorrow’s scheduled PSN maintenance has been postponed. We’ll update everyone once it’s rescheduled. Until then, game on.”


    Have they decided about this because of your announced release Wololo….

  17. ASH says:

    I’ve made a UK region PSN account, so how do I go about getting funds via PSN card? Can I redeem a NA code for the UK store?

    • wololo says:

      No, the psn codes are regionally locked, you need to use a UK psn card on a uk account. Those cards can be purchased from various websites that will email you the code almost instantly, but I cannot recommend any, as I’ve never used them. If you try, feel free to report your customer experience.

    • Mart says:

      No, buy a UK PSN store code online and use that. The codes are region bounded

    • ASH says:

      Thanks to the both of you! I’ll do my google’ing, and if successful, I’ll be sure to report back.

  18. xiao V says:

    Update: Tomorrow’s scheduled PSN maintenance has been postponed. We’ll update everyone once it’s rescheduled. Until then, game on.”

    Sir,March 2 will be postponed for VBH?

  19. while says:

    xiao V, are you stupid? There is already 100000 message to inform us about that IF YOU SCROLL UP THIS WEBPAGE *** idiot.

    You guys are so impatient, so stupid..

  20. Shawn says:

    It’s funny. I think Sony is waiting until this comes out to fix the errors going on with the Vita itself – mainly, the blinking blue light of death.

  21. wubin says:

    thank you

  22. drachir says:

    hey the game starts with letter “M”

  23. Jackolantre says:

    Motorstorm artic edge is the game or Myst.

  24. Anthony says:

    Wololo can we US people just download the game from the ps3 an install it on the vita? Theres a bunch of games that are not in the compatible list an work this way…

  25. Skuld_Trancy says:

    期待啊~ 加油

  26. Stefano says:

    wololo, it’s true that I can use the demo of Ape Quest instead of MotorStorm Artic Edge

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