Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

Another PSP Hello world running on the Vita!


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45 Responses

  1. Xstokerx

    This is awesome news i saw it on youtube last night always good to have an ace up the sleeve

  2. venthar

    Its in a full game again?

  3. xerpi

    Amazing job!

  4. lolipop

    hou yepppp

  5. Xstokerx

    Ya its a full game

  6. John4782

    Amazin Job… again

  7. lolipop

    right now there has been

  8. The boss

    Nice a plan B

  9. Lindo

    multiple head think better than one. our luck!

  10. barjololo

    GOod job, guy !

  11. lolipop

    c now that we must attack and Saturday acer i have access to mone you still roughly 4 days prior to maintenance on the psn

  12. lolipop

    it is not ready to see the project one day and saw the strange coincidence in sony PREPARATIO the fault may fill

  13. king

    Keep going my friend , you are the best .

  14. Ted Mosby

    Maybe wololo and him schould work together 😉

  15. cscash241

    YAY now you can relase vhbl on one game and keep the other for when sony patches the first game 😀

  16. xxx@shaw.ca

    Great Job. Keep up the good work.

  17. wow that great, we should expect a vhbl very soon since their is 2 game exploits

  18. blackdragun

    could you tell us which is the cheaper game for the exploit

  19. lolipop

    the boys must be let go at least one

  20. lolipop

    I would love to sleep now ^ ^

  21. omegarob

    i knew it !

  22. cscash241

    YAY, now can we release vhbl on the first exploit?

  23. xiao V

    God,I’m excited

  24. Skuld_Trancy


  25. Samir

    You are the best wololo

  26. Samir

    You are the best wololo.

  27. Samir

    Waiting for some good news about VHBL.

  28. Dante

    Thanks for u hard working!

  29. dwjfind

    well done .you will get it better !

  30. fapalicious

    Wololo any news from yosh about the other exploit?!

    • wololo

      I don’t know when he plans to release it. The issues will be the same as for motorstorm (not available in all regions, risk that Sony will pull it out of the store hours after the exploit is revealed, insults from people because the game is too expensive and/or they can’t download it, etc…). I’m in contact with him to see how he plans to handle these things. His HBL port is not entirely complete AFAIK

  31. noah

    What if you guys mess with Sony by giving a few fake game names I mean if you pit out ten names all fake will they remove all of them you should see how far you can push Sony to go lol

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