Vita HBL, how the release will happen


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  1. iSWORD says:

    Adding facebook ‘like’ button was a wise idea.. A bit late tho..

  2. syafiq tatsuya says:

    but still posible right to play isos file on vita……someday :/

  3. rafael707 says:

    @wololo, to bad you cant just release on IRC first, then public annoucement πŸ™ i bet that way could help more people get the game before it gets Patched..

  4. Ahmed says:

    But this “game”, I believe you got it from the Japanese store?
    Because on my Vita im unable to access the US store as the Vita is not even released there :-p
    I hope the game is the same for all regions!

    • rafael707 says:

      exactly, you will have to wait until US/EU psn servers are up, then you will have to login with a US/EU account.

  5. svenn says:

    The moment I read “Nothing spectacular” i was a bit disappointed, I expected atleast fireworks for VHBL πŸ˜‰

    Good job on planning the release! πŸ™‚

  6. Testman says:

    I wonder there are two version a Digital downloadable in PNS and buyable in shops a card one.Does it only work with a digital version?

    • rafael707 says:

      not about ps vita xD…

    • wololo says:

      I wrote an insanely long reply and realized it got very personal. So instead I’m just gonna tell you something impartial about that Nabnab guy (a.k.a. Silw):

      just look him up on google, and check the last time any of his work led to anything useful for the scene, directly or indirectly.

      Then you’ll know you can safely forget about that piece of news πŸ™‚

  7. Noob says:

    Why not release after getting the kernel mode? Most people use ISO Loader because they don’t hace enough money or they’re still in control from their parents to buy UMDs. The exploit is on a PSP Full game. It means that ONLY people who is able to buy PSP Game can run the VHBL. Maybe they just want to use homebrews.

    BTW. Can we find the ISO file of this PSP Full game? If we can, can we run the VHBL on PSP through the ISO file?

  8. Crimson Flamebreaker says:

    This is just the beginning πŸ˜‰

  9. Testman says:

    Is it a joke? I must become old. When what have I bought on ebay? it.s a memory card with a game Uncharted, isn.t it so that I just insert in in vita and play like in the old days?

  10. Guardian says:

    The V stands for Violator, right? Yeah I am sooo smart! πŸ™‚

  11. Crimson Flamebreaker says:

    Wololo, i bet you got plans after you release vhbl right? πŸ˜€

  12. natsu says:

    just as i thought…. i wont be able to use VHBL though i already have a vita and waiting for it. why?

    coz i cant buy that “game” you are referring to…. i hope you can use demos or such…:(

    • wololo says:

      Why did you get a Vita if you can’t buy games for it?

    • natsu says:

      i dont have any cards connected to my psn… hope you get it…

      its not like i can put umds here? can i??

      • wololo says:

        I understand, it’s quite tough to trust Sony with your Credit Card. There is an alternate solution to that: PSN cards that you can buy from other sites such as Amazon. The problem is that (I really don’t understand why) they ae more expensive than what they let you buy (for example a 25$ card costs 30$ or something like that…)

  13. Crimson Flamebreaker says:

    Is media Go compatible with vita? Just asking ;D

  14. dimy93 says:

    Will U announce in advance the release date of the VHBL so we can check then

    • wololo says:

      I can’t describe the release process in details. I will try to get the information to reach as many people as possible before Sony patches the vulnerability, but it depends on many factors. One sure thing is, the sooner you know about the release, the more chances you have to get the exploit to work, but the only advice I can give without explaining too much is to regularly check this site and the /talk forum.

  15. Shadyblue says:

    what if you inbox or email a bunch of people first??? and tell them not to publicly release it on the internet… i know there is a chance some idiot will, but it will give the people who got the email more time to actually buy and download the game

  16. Testman says:

    Maybe you can prepare us advance to such things as How much this game costs. For example 30$ is enough or 20$ is ok.
    And several words about the process to get the files like roms to vita.

    Also it’s good to know does it still work? I’m sure you can find many volonters here who to trust.

    • Why can’t you guys just wait for *** sake?

      • Testman says:

        Wololo wrote

        Worst case scenario, Sony is already aware of the vulnerability and have already patched the game. This is unfortunately not something I can test without getting any more guinea pigs…

        Why does it in the last moment?

        • wololo says:

          Every additional tester is another possibility to leak. Sony has made the Vita error log system in a way that anybody using the exploit could leak it even if they don’t want to. I know that the exploit is still here in 1.52, and there is no need for me to get a new beta tester every day just to make sure the unpatched game is still here. Therefore this will be verified at the last minute.

  17. mamo says:

    We only need ISO Loader.
    We want to play games for free.
    We can play games iso downloaded from internet on vita?

  18. syafiq tatsuya says:

    i just hope isoloader are in progess:(

  19. DerpDerp says:

    I wantz iso laoder! MEOWZ! There is no factual reason to believe that wololo or crewz have any want to accomplish this, but I knowz it will happens. Derppy herp dey derp. I have no clue that the vita is a new beast completely and don’t understand that this exploit is limited.

    In all seriousness to the people still actually working on this: respect. It’s a tiny open door, and that’s sometimes enough of a hope. Keep on keeping on.

  20. wachu says:

    Hi wololo,
    I would like to ask you if you could wait (in releasing HBL )for like week after PSV EU release because a lot of us are buying it online so we have to wait for a package to come. And i think that when you release it SONY will patch the game right away so you could wait for those who ordered vitas online.


  21. UE says:

    Hmmm I will have to get into the scene a bit with the psvita methinks, been messing with the ps3 scene for a while now for personal use and found quite a lot of enjoyment from coming at it with a developers perspective.

    I love that Wololo doesn’t support pirates and whilst I would LOVE for an isoloader to be released I only want it so I can play the *** KH:BBS, 3rd Birthday and other Square enix games that they refuse to place on the PSN for the moment.

    I love homebrew and look forward to working in the scene this time around rather than just utalising the tools like I did for the psp (of which I have owned 6 over their lifetime… lol)

  22. jlo138 says:

    Watch it be a game that nobody wants. Then later after all the downloads, Sony will recognize it as a “Greatest Hits” game later down the line all because of VHBL. Yet another indirect way of giving money to Sony. Lol…

    @Wololo, good luck on the release. Once people find out, your website will be flooded with followers and pages will fail to load for some. It happened during the TN days.

  23. wachu says:

    The game will be PSN-download only or can it be bought in a normal shop wololo?

  24. syafiq tatsuya says:

    is they any hope that psvita can play iso pspgame and using a normal usb device like psp and not cma:(

  25. Crimson Flamebreaker says:

    My thoughts of the Isoloader: the transferring of psp isos. . . reverse engineering of memory card/cma. Possible?

    Just some thoughts πŸ™‚

  26. fishy says:

    Hot off the presses:

    Version 1.60 update incoming! I hope it doesn’t affect Wololo’s homebrew. :worry:

  27. natsu says:

    since i have to “BUY” a game in order to run HBL, i think i will just update away to 1.60 to get all the goodies: which iclude map and video recording…

  28. Mr.chen says:

    Dear hackers, come on. We stand at your back. I hope VHBL can run perfect, in the crack process, no matter how hard it is, you should also pay attention to rest, a good mental state is a good idea, I’m Chinese, use the translation machine translation, sentence error, please forgive me.

  29. syafiq tatsuya says:

    my thought of tranfering file on psvita is the menu vsh like psp and using the usb

  30. Asmith906 says:

    hey wololo does ps1 games work on the vita yet. And yes I’ve legally purchased them from the psn. Plus I am a plus subscriber so I get a lot of tem for free too

  31. HIMFan says:

    My question is, if you announce what game it will be, and I don’t have my Vita yet, will I be able to download it legitamately on my PSPGo and then copy it to my Vita later and it work, assuming my PSN info is the same? I would imagine so, but I don’t want to be left out in the cold.

    Also, whether or not I’m left behind, you’ve done many great things wololo and…I love you man.

    • HIMFan says:

      I mean, will Sony let me just transfer it, or do they require that you redownload it for free on the Vita. I would fear that they would require you to redownload it, and by that time…I’d fear that it would already be patched.

    • wololo says:

      The answer is simple: no.
      If you want the game on your psp and your vita, you have to buy it twice. Think of it as if you wanted to buy a game for your PS1 and your PSP, when the PSP had a PS1 emulator.

      • HIMFan says:

        Do you think I can have someone buy the game for me on their Vita with my PSN info and then port it to my Vita when I get mine and have signed on with my PSN info?

        • wololo says:

          In theory, yes. But practically, if sony remove the game from the psn or patch it, it is possible that the second time it gets downloaded, you will get a patched version that doesn’t run the HBL

  32. bsanehi says:

    Hey wololo the PSV runs psp firmware 6.60 right? So that means that the 6.60 PSP kernel exploit is still in there. So you guys have already cracked the PSP sandbox on the vita… And now the vita community needs a PSV usermode exploit so we can use the power of the vita for homebrews.

    Ohh and when you release it you can just email the members of wololo about the name of the game, and tell people not to go around sites spreading the news as Sony will take it down in a heartbeat, And tell them to keep there mouths shut.

    • HIMFan says:

      Well Sony officials could be members and just be awaiting an email. There’s no avoiding them finding out.

    • wololo says:

      I personally don’t own any kernel exploit for the PSP. I know other people do, but I don’t know if they can be accessed from the Game (some kernel exploits require a higher level access such as XMB access).

  33. HIMFan says:

    I would just hope that Wololo waits a decent amount of time for us all to have one. I know it sucks waiting, but if he waits for a majority of us to have one, so much more testing/advancement could occur. If people get impatient and pissy and he feels he should release it sooner, then the implications of that may be worse.

  34. Yo Wololo the new japanese update is out.

    Just updated.

  35. I’m sure the hbl still works in hot shots though.

  36. natsu says:!/teck4/status/167078952228233216

    the xploit still rocks on the new FW,

    i will update later….

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