Most popular Homebrews in January 2012

A few months ago I introduced /downloads, a homebrew database dedicated to organizing the homebrews that can be downloaded on my server, as well as external links. You can rate the downloads as well as add your own homebrews, it’s free and doesn’t even require a login.

I haven’t blogged about PSP homebrews in a while, but it’s great to see the trends of votes, and I decided it would make sense to blog about the homebrews people like, in case your PSP had been collecting dust recently and you’re looking for new stuff to try, or if you simply want to discover some hidden gems. Here are the highest rated homebrew games for the month of January 2012, in reverse order to preserve the tradition of a countdown:

6. Pro CFW, By VF and Coldbird

No surprise, the open source CFW for the PSP which runs on the latest firmwares is one of the most downloaded and appreciated homebrews out there, so it still has a high place in your hearts.

Download Pro CFW here

5. ALEX Kidd Jan-Ken-Pon, by Tim2001

This is only a demo and it has its flaws, but this is a nice arcade game with cute graphics. You have to pilot a helicopter and avoid obstacles.

Download Alex Kidd JKP Here

4.Megaman – Netnavi.exe, by double-B

This is a fairly addictive arcade game inspired by the “Megaman Battle Network”  series of games, in which you fight a series of enemies in a tournament.

Download Megaman – Netnavi.exe here

3. OpenCMA by Virtuous Flame

It seems I’m not the only one thinking that the Content Management Assistant on the PS Vita is crippled, as Virtuous flame’s tool is one of the most popular downloads for this month. Open CMA allows you to copy files between your PC and your Vita without needing to be connected to the internet, a “feature” that seems to be obvious for everybody but Sony.

Download openCMA here

2. BookR, by Nguyen Chi Tam

Probably one of the oldest homebrews on the PSP, Bookr is also one of the most downloaded ones. Bookr fills another void that was never handled by Sony: the possibility to read ebooks (pdf and text files) on your portable device. Yeah, reading ebooks on a mobile device is never going to become anything big, so I completely understand why Sony ignored this feature on the PSP. They took the same bright decision on the Vita, by the way.

Download Bookr here

1. Lamecraft, By Drakon

Is it a surprise? Despite the lack of recent development (Drakon, where are you?), Lamecraft has an active community providing mods and improvements, and was by far the most popular homebrew of 2011. This is a very well done Minecraft clone for the PSP, enough said?

Download Lamecraft here

Runner ups

Many cool homebrews were submitted to our database recently, and other homebrews got a fair amount of good ratings (I kept only the ones that had a “good amount” of ratings in order to have a fair comparison). These include Neur0n’s 6.60 ME (an alternate CFW for those who don’t like Pro CFW), PRXShot (codestation’s cool screenshot plugin), Draan’s cool tool to fully translate your PSP: Localizer, Spike132000′s PSP Installer (a tool to directly download and install homebrews), or the famous N64 Emulator, DaedalusX64.

Keep adding your homebrews, and keep voting for your favorite ones on /downloads!

  1. HackThiefCoder93’s avatar

    Nice List


  2. alexthealligator’s avatar

    Once I got an android phone, i barely use psp homebrew apps. I still play games on it though.


  3. shapeshifter’s avatar

    hey wololo can cxmb and irshell brick psp 3004 6.35 pro b10


  4. Caio’s avatar

    Not very related, but the Bookr version you have in your site is 8.1, even though the latest version is 8.2, which is the one I use… Could you please elaborate a bit more on this?


    1. wololo’s avatar

      8.2 apparently only has a few minor bug fixes. I’ve always used 8.1 and never tried 8.2, or never found an official release for that version


  5. Samir’s avatar

    Where’s the pspkvm?


  6. Shadyblue’s avatar

    im getting a Lepan tablet instead :D


  7. toBsucht’s avatar

    Wololo PspInstaller doesn´t host any file since month //last check yesterday.
    Since a few days i got problems to dl from hbs.

    Adding 1 homebrew doesn´t take much time adding more does… and you may forget which release day you used ;)


  8. ken’s avatar

    Just downloaded Lamecraft (I didn’t even know this game existed, lol). As for me, Bookr and xReader are the best of the best homebrew apps; it is on all my PSPs. Reading PDF files are a little difficult, but reading TXT files are just fine.
    btw, how could Wagic not on this list?


  9. R.A.V.S.O’s avatar

    I tried netnavi.exe…

    the intro was nice… but it lacked sound and other details that made the thing crisp…. still it did bring a feeling of nostalgia and seems like a rather good homebrew….

    is there any plans for a newer update?


  10. raziel’s avatar

    My personal favorites are PSPdisp and Bookr :D



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