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Most popular Homebrews in January 2012


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13 Responses

  1. HackThiefCoder93 says:

    Nice List

  2. alexthealligator says:

    Once I got an android phone, i barely use psp homebrew apps. I still play games on it though.

  3. shapeshifter says:

    hey wololo can cxmb and irshell brick psp 3004 6.35 pro b10

  4. Caio says:

    Not very related, but the Bookr version you have in your site is 8.1, even though the latest version is 8.2, which is the one I use… Could you please elaborate a bit more on this?

    • wololo says:

      8.2 apparently only has a few minor bug fixes. I’ve always used 8.1 and never tried 8.2, or never found an official release for that version

  5. Samir says:

    Where’s the pspkvm?

  6. Shadyblue says:

    im getting a Lepan tablet instead 😀

  7. toBsucht says:

    Wololo PspInstaller doesn´t host any file since month //last check yesterday.
    Since a few days i got problems to dl from hbs.

    Adding 1 homebrew doesn´t take much time adding more does… and you may forget which release day you used 😉

  8. ken says:

    Just downloaded Lamecraft (I didn’t even know this game existed, lol). As for me, Bookr and xReader are the best of the best homebrew apps; it is on all my PSPs. Reading PDF files are a little difficult, but reading TXT files are just fine.
    btw, how could Wagic not on this list?

  9. R.A.V.S.O says:

    I tried netnavi.exe…

    the intro was nice… but it lacked sound and other details that made the thing crisp…. still it did bring a feeling of nostalgia and seems like a rather good homebrew….

    is there any plans for a newer update?

  10. raziel says:

    My personal favorites are PSPdisp and Bookr 😀

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