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New Vita Launch Bundle finally makes 3G model attractive


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27 Responses

  1. syafiq tatsuya says:

    wololo you also get the wifi vita lol same as me 😀

  2. Kizumik says:

    It’s not fair that in US, PSvita’s price is almost $150 lower than in europe!

  3. alexthealligator says:

    @ wololo, why does the same product cost very different in different regions??? according to kizumik, it costs $150 more in europe, thats more than Half the vita’s price!!

    • wololo says:

      This is what I call the “Hypocrisy of globalization”. The hardware is manufactured in cheap countries, but sold as if it had been manufactured in the country where you buy it.

      The result is more margin for stockholders, who are the only ones really getting any benefit from the globalization of economy.

  4. cheese9000 says:

    Its actually cheaper in the u.s renember that us in europe have a different currency, in the uk the vita 3g is £279 which is around 450 dollers!

  5. Axido says:

    For Europe there is another offer like that. Not by Amazon, but by Vodafone. It’s exactly the same. The price (the European release price of 299€ of course), the 8GB card and the game (actually it’s Wipeout 2048). There are also offers by Vodafone, including a subscription for mobile internet. That makes the Vita itself cheaper, so you just pay about 80€ at first, but every month you pay the mobile internet + 10€ as a “hardware addition”. Just like you had bought a mobile phone.
    And to the concerning people: it costs not even 100$ more in Europe…but it’s not fair either. Could have something to do with taxes and toll stuff.

  6. shapeshifter says:

    hey wololo I know this is off topic here but thought you should check this out-m.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_173060642714415&view=info&refid=46&_rdr

  7. shapeshifter says:

    the idiot is at it again

  8. Crimson Flamebreaker says:

    Singapore’s vita is $399… @_@

  9. imselang says:

    I really plan to order one now! I need to check my financial record tonight and make a decision!

  10. NitsudR says:

    This is not a good deal, you get none of the free AT&T data till after you purchase and use up one month of your own data , same with the free game, the only benefit is the 8 gig card , this bundle Sony is taking a hit on to make sure AT&T makes some money on data. The free card is nice I guess though….

  11. chapnis says:

    In New Zealand it’s 370USD, same in Australia…

  12. UraniumDude says:

    Got the wifi version because some games will disable all your network like uncharted

  13. shapeshifter says:

    yes get wifi vita with a generic pocket wifi same rate in the end(approx but not everywhere) but worth it with unlimited scheme and can be used with more devices(yes even your friends vitas at the same time 😉 )

  14. John_Freeman says:

    Wow I would totally be getting this but too bad sony dosn’t give a *** about Canada. Here I can’t even buy a 3g version even if i wanted too…

  15. natsu says:

    can anyone please confirm this rumor??

    they say that a WHITE psvita will surface at the launch???

  16. Axido says:

    Update: Amazon EU now also offers an additional 8GB card, 15 Euros off for a PSN game and the pre-order headset. The Wi-Fi version will have all these benefits, too. So for Europe there seems to be no extra treatment for the 3G model.

  17. Alex says:

    @Axido – where you get that info??

    amazon.fr – 3G PSvita with price 289 euros no extras
    amazon.de – 3G Psvita with price 299 euros no extras

    also on German amazon I noticed this: Kompatibel zu PSP-Titeln, minis, PSOne Classics und Videos aus dem PlayStation Store – PS Vita is compatible PSOne Classics 😕

  18. Axido says:

    @Alex Well, I just found that on amazon.de:
    PS Vita: Gratis 8GB Speicherkarte + Pre-Order-Box + 15 EUR Rabatt auf ein Spiel
    Bestellen Sie jetzt die PlayStation Vita vor und sichern Sie sich diese Vorteile: Gratis 8GB Speicherkarte, gratis Vorbesteller-Box mit Headset + PSN-Gutschein und 15 EUR Rabatt auf ein PS Vita Spiel. Mehr erfahren.

    Pre-order bonus:
    PS Vita: free 8GB Memory Card + pre-Order box + 15€ off for one game.
    Pre-order the PS Vita now amd save yourself these benefits: free 8GB Memory Card, free pre-order box with headset + PSN coupon and 15€ off for one PS Vita game.

    You’re right. There is not such an offer for France…just something with 5 Euros off for a game…if I translated that correctly. And there’s also none for Italy. Neither for the UK (but the price is still “just” 269 Pounds for the 3g model)…so I guess, either the other countries will follow or Germany is lucky with that one.

  19. NitsudR says:

    Glad I could help wololo, I almost cancelled my wifi version for this bundle because I thought I could get a free game which would basically make the 3G version free ( since you normally would by a vita launch game anyway for 40/50 bucks), but knowing this was Sony I read the fine print first, I will just stick with wifi only and a 32 gig card, my launch game will be gravity daze/rush. Also if you do the math the free game only has a psn value of 10 dollars, not to many choices for that I’m sure.

  20. Kyle says:

    Hey,wololo. How about try the PATAPON2 Demo like the old time at PSP GO ???

  21. HackThiefCoder93 says:

    Can’t wait till the Vita’s psstore open in U.S

  22. syafiq tatsuya says:

    is there any update new for psvita?? wololo

  23. syafiq tatsuya says:

    well just one thing how do to put iso file in psvita since psvita using cma not like psp that using usb device any idea ??

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