New Hacking discovery could open up remote play for Vita


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16 Responses

  1. syafiq tatsuya says:

    just hopping hack the psp game not the vita game 🙁

  2. Crimson Flamebreaker says:

    It would be really nice if the ps vita would be able to play ps3 games :3

  3. shapeshifter says:

    I wish psp could support this but there’s always the vita

  4. crazytomer3 says:

    hey guys, this is completley real, because i have a modded ps3 and psp and i tried it and it works, and by psp i mean psp3001, its a bit lagy but who cares, if u guyswant me to make a video just post it hear or go to my youtube channel and email me.
    This is reallll.
    first youtube channel:

    new youtube channel (no tech stuff in this channel, me and my freinds are goignt o be doing crazy challenges it would help if u suscribe.:

  5. NitsudR says:

    Wololo from what I can find this is from a jailbroken ps3 not a vita hack, registering the vita as a mobile phone to hacked ps3 on lower jailbroken firmware ps3 ??am I missing something???

  6. man_of_power05 says:

    bricking is a concern but doesn’t vita have a recovery menu to install a firmware when you’re in trouble?

  7. Tranced says:

    Hi Wololo, I always check your blog. Great job covering the Vita news. With regards to this subject I did write about it a week ago. You can check it out here



  8. natsu says:

    all im hoping for is that someone makes an iso loader for psvita.. that way, we can play psp games while preparing some money to buy psvita games…

    in short, i wish we can play psp games on vita until we have money to buy official psvita games..

  9. syafiq tatsuya says:

    yes that correct natsu 🙁

  10. VodkaSwag says:

    Why is it that the hackers seem to be better than sony at features?

  11. Lenneth says:

    So what happened to this hack. Any more developments on it?

  12. 1tonpete says:

    This totally real. It is not a vita hack. I have been playing with remote play for a while. I use all my psp’s with it. Any vita or psp can do it. The trick is in the Ps3’s cfw. I recently updated to rex cfw4.21 w spoof. note I lost a lil bit of compatability . note no cod games work. I buiilt a device that I call PS3 Go. Its mainly for remote play. What it is… A 720p hd 13″ lcd with a dualshock 3 installed inside. The psp go supports bluetooth connect with a dual shock to give full ps3 controls. The device is powered by a lipo pack rated at 12v. Think wii u for the ps3. I am unsure about posting links to outside sites but I will take down if admins wish so…
    here is the build page for the ps3 go.
    I am currently getting ready to revise the design. btw I entered the device in a contest that is how I won my psvita.

  13. 7asoonii says:

    You can play any PS3 game on the Vita if your PS3 is hacked and on a CFW
    Well, if it is, just start the remote play and boot up your game from ” MULTIMAN ” and start it
    it’ll work 🙂