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Wagic 0.17.1 Now also available for Maemo and Meego


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  1. Guardian says:

    Goood! First comment! Finally…ok getting down to business. I am impressed how hard you work to keep the project going. I am not a fan of it, but I must admit it is impressive, congrats!

  2. shapeshifter says:

    does this remove the interupt bug from earlier version of wagic??

  3. Legion says:

    Download resources doesn’t work as expected on N900

    /opt/wagic/bin $ ./wagic
    QNetworkReplyImpl::_q_startOperation was called more than once

    After this message download starts but doesn’t finish, even after 2 hours waiting. At .Wagic folder there are no files, only folders.

  4. xawotihs says:

    There is a problem when starting the game without network, I’m working on it.

    Now, your problem seems different. You could try downloading the resource package http://wagic.googlecode.com/files/core_0171.zip and store it in /home/user/MyDocs/.Wagic/core.zip to see if it helps.

  5. Fenrir says:

    Although unlikely this would look amazing on a Playbooks screen.

    • w7y7a7t7t says:

      I hope not, thats things an over priced peice of junk. Id hate to see anything that encourages people to buy it in any way, especially when theres far better alternatives like any android tablet, you could even get a tiny 7″ one if you like playbook size

      • Fenrir says:

        Really? Do you own one or are you another ridiculous fanboy with no basis for your claim. Being an owner of a Playbook its better than any Android I have ever used. Aside from your pointless post the PB is an excellent piece of hardware and with its recent root people will start to take advantage of its capabilities (including emulating android better than an android tablet runs it natively) No harm in throwing an idea out there.

        • wololo says:

          As for most devices out there: we’re completely open to the idea of a port to the PlayBook, and it only takes one guy to make this happen. If you know some dev who might be interested, tell them to join us!

  6. Tyson says:

    Wololo, you mis-spelled ‘no’. Just thought i`d let you know incase you want to fix it.

  7. natsu says:

    probably not the right place to post this but…

    the android version of this game auto closes when trying to play story mode,,,,

    im using SGS2

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