Release: Wagic 0.17.1 for PSP, iOS, Android and other platforms


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38 Responses

  1. Iono says:

    Well, I really like Yu-Gi-Oh tag force 3. Are there similarities?

    • wololo says:

      Yes, Yu Gi Oh is basically a watered-down version of MTG (that’s a personal opinion). MTG has overall more depth and strategy. MTG targets people who are 13yo and above (lots of adults play it), while Yu Gi Oh is for 6yo and above(age range is from the official product pages, I’m not trying to make it sounds like you’re a kid)

  2. Iono says:

    Ok, one more thing, does wagic have similar features like Monster, Trap and spell cards? I am on my PSPgo right now so I can’t test myself. (Btw, I like that highlited “do you appreciatd my work” phrase for your amazon thingy’, lol, you should underline it as well.

    • wololo says:

      Yeah. Monsters are called “Creatures” in MTG, spells are called sorceries/enchantments/equipment, and traps are similar to instants, I’d say

  3. p2s2p says:

    A version for Windows phone would be nice :)

  4. jonycash says:

    @iono u can test it on any psp no need to hack it its a signed homebrew

  5. Dr. Solomat says:

    Hello Wagic fans,

    if you want to know which cards are new in Wagic 0.17.1, just check out this thread in the Wagic forum:

  6. imselang says:

    Good! I think I finally find a game which can stay long in my Android phone.

  7. BBC says:

    Congrats Wololo and Dev Team on yet another fine release.

    Is there a minimum IOs version for Wagic. I have an old Ipod touch G2 with IOs 4.0 and I would like to know wether Wagic would work.

    I have searched the forums and FAQ for this info, but was not able to find it.



    • wololo says:

      I am not sure about the minimum iOS requirement. Your hardware must support OpenGL2. For iPhones, this means you need at least a 3GS model, I don’t know for iPods.

  8. Alex says:

    Thanks, Updates are always appreciated 😀

  9. Medu says:

    gracias wololo, muy buenos proyectos 😀

  10. Liluclau says:

    Merci beaucoup pour cette nouvelle version, encore une fois c’est du super boulot !! Continuez comme ça !!!

  11. wew says:

    do i just patch it?since i already have the 0.16 version

  12. wew says:

    sir, if i have the old version how do i patch it to the new one so that i can still have everything from the old version?

  13. wew says:

    do i need to redo all the images and unlock everything else again? or is there a way to just patch the game to use the new ones while keeping all the datas i have in the 0.16?

  14. natsu says:

    i got a rooted galaxy s2… and i tried your android version of wagic… it exits automatically on story mode….

    if i can help in testing it on android.. i will be more than happy to do so

  15. chrisuros says:

    I do have a Xperia W8, an android phone. My problem is cant even run the apk file. Any help?

    • wololo says:

      You need android 2.3 or higher, that’s the only requirement. Also make sure to “install” the apk with a tool such as Astro before running it.

  16. arskent says:

    How to display the card image? I copied the card pic file into the “sets” folder and made a zip files,it worked in previous version. But in 0.17.1 it not work no longer.How should i do?

    • wololo says:

      Make sure the zip is in store format, not compressed, all archive tools have this option.

      • Arskent says:

        well,I extracted the pic in the folder, it is worked.I like ur wagic and it is awesome.I cannot find anyone who even know the MTG in my thank u for made this game.

  17. Shinny says:

    I like Wagic but was thinking why not make wagic online + crossplatform, any toghts on this one?

  18. lynnlx says:

    MIPS architecture Andriod 4.0 can not run…

  19. Cristobal says:

    Hey guys!
    i have a problem when i play wagic for android in my samsung galaxy tab. i cannot sell cards from my desk o library. i cannot find the trick, or button, or touch side for this action… please help me

  20. tom says:

    i have a problem with your release, becaus i can’t play with.
    the game don’t begin. how i can resolve this problem?

  21. ben jammin says:

    Hotseat mode on android please!

  22. roberto says:

    Yes Windows phone please i enjoy hours of fun with mi psp now i got a Windows phone please id you can make it o great and all powerful games programers

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