A FAQ for HBL on the Vita


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43 Responses

  1. StepS says:

    Thanks for the faq 😀

  2. blankdeleter says:

    Thanks a lot for these clear informations !


    i suspect that you just mount the MEMORYCARD using your PSVITA using a specific driver…

    That would be great also to think about a MAC support when you release it…since from what i know OpenCMA is PC only … ;-(

    Thanks again for your precious time spent to help the scene ! It’s greatly appreciated!

  3. rafael707 says:

    what im trying to fiqure out is how would be able to get the game/exploit onto our vita, because as soon as you guys release it publicly, i bet sony guys are monitoring this page, and will patch the game before anyone can download/install it..

    just my opinion..

    • Kirby1997 says:

      If you were in the scene at the time of the Everybodies golf exploit you would know Sony took quite a while to remove it from the store and patch it. Hopefully it will be the same this time round.

      • Guardian says:

        You just brought me good memories, I remember rushing into the store to buy the game, then going back home and tears of happiness once I saw HBL for the first time, it was like if light was coming from the screen and angels were singing on each side of the console!

        • rafael707 says:

          And just because the game wasnt patched immediatly, doesnt mean that it will be the same for the vita… god the way people think…

        • rafael707 says:

          and BTW, patapon 2 demo exploit for HBL was the best… it doesnt cost a penny

        • Guardian says:

          Wait are talking to me or to him?

        • Kirby1997 says:

          Why do you need to swear at me? I was only trying to help and give you some information.

        • flayer says:

          Or in my case, rushing to the store to buy the game then going back home only to realize that hbl would not execute because with my luck i obtained the wrong version of the game. Then i completed 6 trillion surveys on points2shop to get a free psn card but the game took up an overly excessive amount of space on my mem stick and i had no space left for homebrews. good times.

    • aksiz says:

      Sony did take some time to fix the patapon 2/ Everybodies golf exploit, but it’s because these demos can be downloaded from anywhere and launched.
      The only way for Sony to block the exploit was to take a look at the exploit used and create a new firmware. (but Sony still took a while to make a new firmware. I guess Sony didn’t really care as the exploit didn’t allow back-ups to run)

      but this time, as wololo said Sony can simply remove the game from PSN right away, then patch it later.

    • flayer says:

      Sony probably has better things to do than to monitor every site involved in the scene… probably

  4. xcanox says:

    Playing Mario on your Vita?

    Yo dawg, I herd you like classic games, so I put an emulator in yo emulator, so you can game while you game.

  5. xerpi says:


    Could it be possible renaming h.bin (or whatever file) to .mp3 or any file type that PSVita accepts?

  6. brandonheat8 says:

    I have a pretty good guess on how its performed, but i don’t want to say just in case it’s true, its really quite ingenious, kinda like the hack for the original xbox in some ways. Great job everybody on their respective work, hope it stays awesome 🙂

  7. Tyson says:

    Someone will probably make a memory card reader for the vita so your Vita won`t have to be on and connected. Like Lexar or Sandisk.

  8. Cercata says:

    About Sony patching it, there will be other exploits in the future I guess.
    HBL forever !!!!!!

  9. knight says:

    you are very cool~~!i love you~!i hope you can be best

  10. iSWORD says:

    I haven’t read the whole post, but I searched the page for ‘touch’ and knew what I wanted to know. I ‘think’ this is useless unless we get access to PS Vita’s goodies. Why would someone emulate PSP’s software on the PS Vita?!

  11. kaye says:

    I am a programmer,I want to learn to crack!
    I want to be a hacker like you!
    I want you to be my teacher!

  12. Kazama says:

    You mention something about getting kernel mode exploit in the emulator, but you are assuming that kernel mode exists in the emulator.

    The emulator is very likely to be HLE, and thus, there wouldn’t be kernel, the emulator itself would implement the kernel.

  13. MHazell says:

    Interesting. I’ll be looking forward to the info on how to get homebrews on the Vita when it comes out.

  14. SZ says:


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