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Wagic 0.17 beta now available on iOS!


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  1. Asmith906 says:

    I’ll test when I get a chance and upload a video

  2. cscash241 says:

    thanks to all the devs that worked on this, I plan to have a video up tomorrow of this running on my ipt 4g (ios5.0.1 corona untether)Maby one day there will be a wagic cydia repo and i reccomed the gnu debugger for ios debugging

  3. Sandeshnep says:

    The psp version looks at its very best 🙂
    The iphone and android version is ok, but needs some fixes, doesn’t feel as smooth as it is on psp. It still says ”O” to continue or ”X” to end, etc… I would suggest higher resolution graphics if possible for android and full touch screen optimization. I realize that this is on beta, just giving few suggestions 🙂

    • Guardian says:

      oh.. look at me, Djgodman! I go away from the scene because everybody tells me I am a faker!… ok I am a faker! That is why I call original projects fake too! Oh I love to steal the work from others a post it as my own… Pro? Never heard of it… who wants the new and completely NOT original godcfw? ME!… Go back to the hall of shame BJWoman!

  4. santos says:

    Wololo: just wanted to say.. you could get much more people knowing about wagic.. hosting it on cydia.. maybe get in touch with the folks over at modmyi.com

    • wololo says:

      Santos, thanks. I am aware of that, however Wagic is not yet in a state where we are ready to push it to cydia. Basically we want to submit a game that does not run the risk of a lawsuit in the US, so that means getting rid of some of our MTG dependencies. We are in the process of building a different game based on the engine, but it is stalled at the moment.
      As soon as we’re ready with that we will try to have Wagic available on Cydia and the android market.

  5. megaorange says:

    Dang When will the Jailbreak come out for the iPhone 4S

  6. iphone says:

    thw jailbreack bu greenp0sion is availbe all u do is download redsn0w 0.9.95b and have ios 5.0.1 on ur ipod/iphone4s/ipad and download cornia then u will be able to boot untehterd

  7. Ash says:

    @wololo i am curious why didnt u send this game to sony to be released on psn long ago for free ? Or sony doesnt want people to make games for psp?

    • wololo says:

      It’s not that simple. Sony introduced the Minis fairly late in the game. Additionally, Wagic (at least the MTG mod, which was the only mod available until recently) is infringing on some patents in the US and cannot legally be distributed there. Finally, Wagic’s point is customization, and I doubt Sony would allow a game that lets people touch all the configuration files as they want… It also probably doesn’t meet some of the security criterias of the PSP, due to these configuration tweaks I mention.

  8. Houbrok says:

    I hope this new game will not get in the way with wagic, which I hope will progress even further. I’m a big fan of Magic and so of course of Wagic. Would like to see a better interface and more cards, that would be my greatest wish :).

    • wololo says:

      Unfortunately my free time cannot be inflated, so every time I work on the other game, I spend less time on the MTG mod. But every improvement I make to the engine will help Wagic in the end. The closer we are to support another game, the more support we add to the existing game. About interface improvements, I would love to hear precise details on what you would change. On the PSP, the interface already seems pretty good to me, for most cases.

  9. Ilya says:

    Gongrats with new release!

    One question: is there any list of changes since 0.16 version? Or this is only Android & iOS update?

  10. SalahKun says:

    Hey im uploading a video 😀
    I will post it later 😛

    Regards ” https://twitter.com/#!/SalahKun

  11. Luthy says:

    Jailbreak required? Dang.

  12. Dallox says:

    So if i got this right JGE++ is a engine that lets you make for loads of devices with a single c++ code?
    I want to make a game too but i just bloody hate java. I think C/C++ is just much cleaner.

    • wololo says:

      Yes, jge++ allows you to code the game once, and compile for several platforms including android, ios, psp, windows, linux, maemo.

      • Xawotihs says:

        Actually the original JGE does not allow more than Windows and PSP. We forked it and extended it a lot to support Linux, Android, ios, maemo, …
        So, if it’s to start a new game, I would not recommend JGE at all.

        • Dallox says:

          Thats a bummer.. Even not when you say delete the main source of wagic and write your own game on it?

          And, Do you have any other reccomendation for a C/C++ engine that works on Android as well on a desktop (Or more of course)?

  13. Dimitris says:

    I have a idea why you don’t release wagic on cydia which may be free

  14. Kan'da says:

    Hey wololo how’s going the multiplayer development =D? Or u aren’t even thinking on that i.i?

  15. Kan'da says:

    Oh yeah, and someone could make it for the Nintendo Ds/3ds too ><"

  16. Frédéric Larré says:

    Great !!!! tested on ASUS TF101 (just one game at the moment) and it works very well.
    Only one difficulty to select the cards (on the right), as they are really tiny, you got to “double-tap” on screen very precisely.

    Anyway, very good app… Thanks

    • Frédéric Larré says:

      As a second thought, if the tapping or “scrolling” on te preview didn’t change card, but only permited to play it (double-tap), it would be easier, no ?

      • xawotihs says:

        Wagic on Android or Meego plays card only when you “tap” them. Wagic detects a touch event as a “tap” only when it lasts less than 250 ms. When the touch event last longer than 250 ms, Wagic simply updates the item selected according to the current touch position without playing anything. Consequently, to select precisely something, just keep your finger on the screen and move it until the correct item is selected. Then just “tap” it.

    • Frédéric Larré says:

      Further tests:
      You need a keyboard to play, right ? (Interrupts, in the deck builder, etc…)
      At first, I couldn’t use some features because the alphabetic keys do not work, I had to map the buttons on “system” keys like Up, Down, Left, Right, LShift, RShift, Search, Enter, Delete, Back, Alt, etc…

      • wololo says:

        some of the keys are mapped to gestures (swipe down for interrupt ?). On iOS as far as I know the iOs keyboard can be used to type deck’s name for example. Not sure about the state of android for now. Basically the shop and the deck editore are not yet up to speed for touch screens, the rest should be definitely usable.

      • wololo says:

        Sorry, just saw you are testing on Android. On android the keyboard in the deck editor does not work yet AFAIK.
        for interrupt I’m convinced it’s swipe up or swipe down.

        We will improve that with time. We (I) wanted to get an android version out the door in the hope to get more attention and help from other devs

        • Frédéric Larré says:

          System buttons work on TF101 (revolver ROM – android 3.2.1), I use the keyboard dock (EP-101) and I mapped every function to working keys : LShift, Rshift, Space, Enter, Tab, Back, Search, AltGr, Delete, Up, Down, Left, Right.
          Interrupts and deck builder work fine.
          Alphabetic keys do not work outside “options” where you can assign some of them to PSP controls.
          Anyway, it’s usable, provided it’s properly configured.
          Great work !

          PS : I saw a problem on a card it was a Red one with /X/R/ invocation, I think it’s Fireball, but I can’remember Ed. Text reads “~this~” instead of card name (french translation ?)

  17. chris says:

    I can’t believe such a good thing exists for iphones and that garbage but not for windows.

    • wololo says:

      Wagic is also available for windows, check the download page. Although not for windows phones if that’s your question.

  18. Bastian says:

    When are we going to get a better deck editor that shows more than just a couple cards at a time? I mean the statistics are amazingly awesome, but Yu-Gi-Oh! games have your deck editor beat hands down when it comes to ease-of-use.

    • wololo says:

      Yu Gi Oh! games are also not free, not open source, and made by people who are paid to do it. If you want the deck editor to be improved, the best way is to do it yourself and submit a patch. The second best way is to provide actual improvement points without making a comparison to a commercial video game, unless you want us to charge every player 30$ for wagic?

  19. ttdic says:

    The token of the Dragon Broodmother doesn’t have the ability of the devour 2

    I have try many times about it,I can’t sacrifice the creature and the token doesn’t have the counters on it.

    Here are the information about this card

    Dragon Broodmother
    Creature – Dragon 4/4, 2RRRG (6)


    At the beginning of each upkeep, put a 1/1 red and green Dragon creature token with flying and devour 2 onto the battlefield. (As the token enters the battlefield, you may sacrifice any number of creatures. It enters the battlefield with twice that many +1/+1 counters on it.)

    Illus. Jaime Jones

  20. ttdic says:

    And I sure I have the [card ability interrupt] option on.

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