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The PS Vita is Doomed


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31 Responses

  1. Medu

    Good Work man, it seems u are in the correct way ^^

  2. ken

    Happy New Year!!! everyone.
    Wololo is having way too much fun with his psv, does he? 😉 Please spread the fun around. Will be looking forward to play Wagic .17 on the psvita.

  3. cscash241

    glad to hear you are waiting for a us release of the vita, before ypu release the exploit. I am getting one on the us release first day.Happy new year. Thanks to all the hbl devs, hbl was what first got me into homebrew. I was amazed when it was first released(leaked ) at just the fact that i got an un offical game running

  4. santos

    Nicely said wololo! I hope in the future we all can use HBL on our vita’s too 🙂 and Happy New Year! Go and celebrate! 😀

  5. flayer

    Hackaday makes a good point, ive played doom on everything from a gameboy to an ipod classic. Anything is possible once you’ve played doom on a click wheel.

  6. jlo138

    Will you still be able to stay on a lower firmware if you purchase a vita game and it forces an update? And also, what if that happens but the update automatically starts installing without your choice after trying to start this game? You insert the game, press run, and it says please wait while we update your device… With Sony, its likely to happen. If there is some workaround for this under wraps, then that’s cool. No need to mention it. I’ll be honest too… your psvita is doomed title got me for a second. Lol

    And Happy New Years to everyone!

  7. crazytomer3

    Good job Wololo or what ever ur name is on hbl, its good progress since the psvita is new after all.

  8. dimy93

    Even with CMA hacked it’s still very easy for Sony to patch- just by removing the PSN game from the store.

    • wololo

      That’s correct. Even without that, they can force you to update your firmware if you want to access the PSN (and therefore the store to buy the game).

  9. chapnis

    WO-LO-LO! WO-LO-LO! Wololo is the king.

  10. UraniumDude

    Happy New Year!

  11. Sandeshnep

    Lol ‘doomed’ is a funny way of putting it, nice one wololo

  12. jvhellraiser

    as long you can make Snes Emulator Run
    i will be very happy,as i only play Snes
    backups as i do not like Genesis.

  13. Gamerking

    Nice, in the begin of this Video show that the CPU of the VITA is a 999 mhz (1 Ghz) clock.. Very good… Somehow two times the iPad 2.

  14. Ed

    Youre the king of vita… Please dont release your exploit until march ( for the Sony cannot patch this in europe psvita stoke)

  15. trolllolololol

    ^_^ ima getting ps vita on feb 15th every 1 add me

    psp 3000 like 3 or 4 gen 6.20 using some 1s downgraders and got pro-10 witch is hacked to the fullest

    then about to be hacked ipod touch

  16. good work, very nice idea. very nice post, i certainly love this website, keep on it.

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