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Open CMA by Virtuous Flame: Prevent the Vita content Manager from connecting to the internet


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  1. xerpi

    OMG You guys are amazing!

  2. Peter

    My God. I love you guys so much right now.

  3. Notn4

    this is just a thought but still… since we are able to sign stuff on the psp, can’t we transfer a signed homebrew or HBL to the vita and run it through the emulator? or does CMA not allow transfering psp games? as I said this is just me thinking 🙂 and I didn’t want to create a thread in the forums so I just said it here

    • Full Moon

      You can’t do that because there is no XMB like menu in the PS Vita psp Emulator.. So it is impossible to access them instead you use the HBL.

  4. Asmith906

    can we add a custom soundtrack to wagic

  5. sony can kiss my ass

    in your face sony!!!!!!

  6. Guardian

    This is all very exciting and stuff, believe me, it really is, but I won’t be able to afford the Vita just yet, so I ask. Does the coming of the vita means that the psp scene has to die? Not to be offensive or anything, I am just saying, though the PSP scene seens to be dead by now.

    • wololo

      Depends what you call the psp scene, really 🙂 No later than yesterday I released the beta of Wagic 0.17 for the PSP, it’s the result of months of work, so as far as I’m concerned the psp scene is not dead. I blog less about exploits and CFW on the psp scene because for now I consider there is little remaining to unlock, besides the possibility to unbrick recent consoles…

      • Guardian

        I just saw your post about wagic, it looks really amazing! Though I must confess I am not a fan of card games, I must admit that having your homebrew running on android and iOS is really impressive, about the PSP scene, well taking into account that Wagic took months of work, I guess that there still are some more devs working on something for the PSP, that usually takes long time besides, devs are unpaid, they at least have the right or having their own life. I other works I guess we just have to be patient!

      • syafiq tatsuya

        wololo are u using window 7 or window xp?

  7. shapeshifter

    hey wololo,are you aware on any progress in the psp scene.I mean I have psp 3004 with 6.35 pro b10 and was wondering if there is a new update coming or hopefully an unbricker or new cfw on its way.and I really like the homebrews and other stuff that you post about coz its the best I’ve ever seen on the internet.thanks and keep it up!!!

  8. shapeshifter

    also can irshell and cxmb brick my psp

  9. w00tguy123

    I can’t get this to work. I have the 3g model, FW 1.06, and CMA version 1.10.4086.63. It’s asking me to update for any online apps, not just the content manager.

    • wololo

      – Set your console into “plane” mode
      – hard reboot your console (press 20 seconds on the power button)
      – install open CMA if it wasn’t the case before
      – disconnect your pc from internet
      – turn on the vita and connect it to openCMA.

      openCMA is just here to allow you to copy files from your PC to the vita offline, it does not allow you to not update the console if you want to access any online sony services

    • Whiskey

      [quote]I can’t get this to work. I have the 3g model, FW 1.06, and CMA version 1.10.4086.63. [/quote]

      I’m also having a problem with CMA version 1.10.4086.63. However, It doesn’t ask me to update the apps. It just keeps asking me to update the firmware. No matter what I try. It won’t let me past that screen. I even tried to change up the XML file. No go.

  10. Iram

    It is possible to adapt a PS3 connected to software as the CMA R3 PSVita so you can recognize multiple PSN accounts or not connected to the internet to Transfer the PSN games bought in the PSVita?

    Whether PC through Ethernet cable with access to Internet, but blocks the PS3 PSN account?

    I used google translate 😛
    Es posible adaptar un software conectado del PS3 al PSVita como el CMA r3 para que pueda reconocer multiples cuentas PSN o que no este conectada a internet para poder trasnferir juegos comprados en PSN al PSVita?

    Ya sea a traves de PC por cable ethernet con salida a internet, pero bloquea cuenta PSN del PS3?

  11. richie

    Open cmar3 does not work on psvita firmware 1.06 european
    version. Ps vita still keeps asking to update, Please help,
    Tryed everything, installed in cma directory still no luck,
    Please patch this, THANKS.


    Is psn update the same can it also be blocked?

  12. christian

    yea i downloaded the cma and installed it like the instructions said so but it still is asking me to update my vita. can someone make a video i would really appreciate it thanks 🙂

  13. Squall

    What kind of stuff can I transfer with openCMA that i could not without it?

  14. Arie

    Hi I just bought a vita with fw 1.06. i want to update it to 1.81. but the opencma keep asking for fw update. could you guys please help me with it? is there any way to make opencma works for fw 1.06?. I want to do the xml trick with it

    Thanks for the hel[

  15. windwaker64beta

    does anyone know how to veiw vita files without content manager,because i bought this computer online used and it only has the guest account unlocked,so i have insufficient rights to install content manager

  16. jon

    yea and so i managed to update my firmware to 1.8.
    My only problem here now is that whenever i tried using content manager, the vita system is asking me to link my PSN account to my vita system.

    well yes i don’t have the internet in my pc so i can’t link my account to it.. plus i don’t have an account..

    is there a way to not link my account to it and just use openCMA?

  17. joel

    hey there i downloaded vitandroid app on my pc as if doesnt get downloaded on vita due those f***king surveys….. i wanna download vitandroid it to my vita please can any one help me out

  18. Tyrelle

    You are awesome!!!! 😀

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