Another Hello world on the Vita

Mike at exophase is showcasing yet another Hello World running in the PSP emulator of the Vita.

Most likely this is not the same as Teck4′s exploit, but who knows, I remember a few months ago that several hackers found the sukkiri demo exploit exactly at the same time…

The developer behind this exploit wants to remain anonymous. So, to that John Doe, or to Mike, if you guys read this, by all means keep this one under wraps. There are definitely many game exploits on the PSP, probably more than we could wish for, but if you can spare this one for your own research, that’s great!

And congrats :)

Source (thanks to Mamosuke for the tip)

  1. santos’s avatar

    Wololo: Anonymous is targeting sony..PSN .etc Are you worried in anyway you wont be able to continue your work..being that if the sony servers are down for a while?


    1. KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED*’s avatar

      Let the games begin.


    2. flayer’s avatar

      I doubt its anonymous, we all blamed them last time only to find out it was lolz security.


  2. Asmith906’s avatar

    now that anoynomous is targeting sony it means that the psn will be down. which means that you wont be able to transfer your bought games to it. Also since version 4.00 sony has decided to remove the copy option from installed ps1 and psp fucking minis. which means i have to redownload over 40 items just to fix what sony screwed up. honestly sony has made it more desirable to pirate games then to buy them from the store. guess its time I just rip my own collection and stop trying to support developers through sony.


  3. Reine’s avatar

    it would be great if psp-emu flaw can lead to kernel exploit..


    1. svenn’s avatar

      doubt it can, its emulated. I think this is a major thing for homebrew and a major thing against piracy :)


  4. KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED*’s avatar

    Arrgh, a pirates life for me. ;)


  5. Rainy’s avatar

    I dont have vita yet, but the Hello World seems to run pretty fast right `?


  6. rafael707’s avatar

    i hope everyone remains secret about the exploit..



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