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PS Vita: content Manager and security concerns


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106 Responses

  1. Wulfe says:

    Spoken like a true fanboy ^

    Very well said Wololo, I to am not a major promoter of piracy and do engage in ethical hacking. Sony has lost there rights to claim innocence after all they have put us through over the years. You have every right to question anything and everything they do.

    • KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* says:

      I am not a fanboy (I think I said this before) but I am sick of ‘you’ (all) complaining about Sony as if they are one being and the entire company is to blame. There are people incharge of different ‘things’, like game development, money, distrubition etc. So who is it you really hate or think has lost their right to ‘claim innocense’. Sony is just group of people (Literally) who follow orders from people in higher seats, these people have lives like you and I, and are just doing thier Job.

      • R.A.V.S.O says:

        so doing their job is placing rootkits? under who’s command?

        lets be honest… its ok to have sony worry about piracy, thats good, but what its doing right now… its pretty much overdoing it and covering their @$$es with X alibi
        these “measures” they’re taking to avoid piracy have a side effect… it sacrifices user-friendliness and could possibly make a gameplay session a small feat of logins to do before the actual play session.

        even worse the such “measures” do indeed open the posibility of espionage and TBH this IS $ONY we are talking about,

        not so innocent as they look do they? so if eventually one of the many employees is scouring over your personal info… its only still a job? being an employee over a questionable activity doesnt make him/her any better than the CEO in charge of this

        • Fruitloop says:

          Which customer service did you phone? The machine isn’t even released in Europe or North America so I doubt they would answer your questions.

          This article is nonsense. You are such a liar.

  2. crazytomer3 says:

    hi, just wondering, you know how the content manager wont let u put evrything on ur psvita like hacked files or other stuff. What if u upload those hacked files on megaupload, mediafire or any thing that u can upload stuff to and go on ur psvita browser go to the download link and download it from there then it would get downloaded to ur psvita.( i dont have a psvita so i cant trie it but u should trie it.

    And nice work for HBL on psvita, the first hack except hello world but that doesnt really count.

    Can u reply to this, i wanna see an answer.

    • Guardian says:

      I think, though I am not sure that the Vita will be limited for saving data from megaupload probably because it will only give you the basic folders to choose. Video, Music, Picture, Common. I don’t think it is going to give to give you anymore than that, but that is what I think though not confirmed since I don’t have a Vita either.

  3. Peter says:

    My God… I don’t even care about homebrew and hacking at this point, I just want to be able to back my damn SAVES up. An Internet connection for saves? Really?

    Save backup is becoming a “feature” in current-gen hardware. I can’t think of anything more sad than that.

  4. KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* says:

    Why can’t you all be happy with what SONY has provided for?

    • g00fy says:

      Quite easy question…
      We pay for a product, that we own after buying. It’s not a monthly license fee or something else. No, it’s our own product.

      BUT: Sony blocks us owners from using this product with all possible features. Also it seems that the are able to find out, what exactly we do with the Vita…


      For example:

      Someday you might buy a car. This car is now your own! So you think you can do with it whatever you want. But what if the manufacturer of it disables some features. Perhaps he disables to start the engine, when you don’t call a special phone number first. But what if you are in an area with no network?

      Also they would be able to collect all the infos how you drive, where you have been, which person was in your car, and so on.


      Just a small mind game… 😉

      • KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* says:

        It is not mind game. The thing that the car and the Vita’ both come with different user agreements so it all depends on you, the owner.

    • Guardian says:

      And weeee have a fanboy question here!

  5. Wulfe says:

    Because its SONY’s job to provide the consumers with something we can be happy with. We are obviously not heppy. You seem to forget one thing, consumers pay those “employees” and without us they wont have a job anyways. When SONY can provide something that isn’t overpriced spyware and rootkits then maybe we will be a little less taxing.

    • KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* says:

      You speak of “we” as if every user thinks what you think. Do you know what hard/soft ware’ they have in that device and the value of its production. Untill you do, you can’t call it over-priced because one: “over-priced” is just an idea made by a person who has “standards” and “limits” and two: you are speaking only for yourself and less than 10% of Vitas’ users who want more from the device.

      • Asmith906 says:

        When the psn went down I lost all access to my psp and ps1 games on my psp go because in oreder to copy games to it it had to be activated but with no psn available this was impossible. Ironically the only way I could play my legally purchased games on a legally purchased system was to use illegal means. Are you telling me that it is okay for sony to cut you off from your games whenever it feels like it. What’s the point of linking it with a system if you always have to be online to do a simple task as copying a ps1 mini to your console. In the future if anything happens to your internet or sony we the customers will be sc*** over. This coming from a guy who had planned to buy all my purchases digitally now I think it might be smarter to buy them all from the store.

        • KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* says:

          I too was affected when the PSN went down but I always dowloaded my games via torrents. I saw no point in buying something when I could get for free (This is also the reason why I registered with the PSN, the free comics and demos’). In the end it wasn’t Sony’s fault but the (Black hat) hackers, so I think it was easier just to blame Sony rather than the anonymous culprits/culprit.

          • Wulfe says:

            You talk about standards then admit to piracy. nope you are not being double sided at all. You talk so much about hurting the employee’s of SONY yet you don’t see a point in buying a game that developers pored there hard work into just so you can steal it. Nope you arn’t a fan boy at all, just a big fat hypocrite.

          • Guardian says:

            What kind of person your are. Do you work for Sony? Is that it? I mean you worry about people trying to screw Sony up, but you don’t care about the developers who actually make the games? People like you is killing our industry, go back to your seat Sony employee.

          • StupidCodes says:

            I agree with Wulfe

      • R.A.V.S.O says:

        it is BECAUSE it CAN do MORE than what so far has been advertised about it, the problem is CM will most likely limit those things up.

        also making any hi-tech device nowadays doesn’t really cost THAT much… but upon sales price gets increased for actual profit.
        (how employees get $$$ which is acceptable)

        the issue is… we could call it overpriced, if such device came horribly limited to what Sony wants you to do with it… which TBH is pretty dumb as it IS your device not theirs…
        the Vita in terms of hardware is promising… but the software (and possibly spyware) makes it a waste of money
        and Im sure people don’t really wanna pay a company just for a spyware infested hardware

      • Guardian says:

        10% still makes it a we. So he is right when he said we.

  6. Reine says:

    LOL why not capture all your packet sent to sony’s server..

  7. Cercata says:

    I loved this entry, specially the ranting part at the end:

    CriminalRecord(‘Wololo’)-> Empty
    CriminalRecord(‘Sony’) -> Buffer is not big enought !!!!!

  8. Lihis says:

    Maybe that forced firmware updates via Content manager is for that when someone find exploit (using exploit need files moved trought content manager to Vita?) Sony can patch it and exploit comes worthless because files can’t moved to Vita until it have latest firmware..

  9. santos says:

    Ohhh sony, the fail that keeps on giving. So the content manager is here to stay. Ummm not going to use it. In time hopefully there will be work arounds. I would have asked customer service person.. How do you know, no personal information is being gathered?

    • wololo says:

      They probably don’t know, but I take that as an official Sony answer. If we end up finding that some personal information is indeed sent, that will be a good reason to write yet another ranting article 😛

  10. Jean Arc says:

    If you weren’t all ***, you would have noticed that VITA / CMA uses the MTP protocol, A STANDARD PROTOCOL TO EXCHANGE DATA WITH STORAGE DEVICES.

    But no, Wololo prefers to put out *** paranoid unfounded speculation rather than do any real work.

    • wololo says:

      Did you actually read the article, or did you just decide you would say I’m retarted on every single one of my posts? Maybe you wrote the Content Manager and are not happy that customers realize it sucks big time?

      I’m doing my work and blogging progressively about it. If you have useful information to share, share it, but don’t pretend you know stuff just by giving the name of a technology.
      I spent 30 minutes on the phone with Sony’s customer service, and they knew less than me on what type of information is being sent from that internet connection. So if I’m *** and not doing any real work, what are Sony doing?

      Using the MTP protocol to transfer the files is completely unrelated to the fact that the tool connects to the internet, so what’s your point? Also if it was using a full implementation of MTP, the device would be accessible through the windows explorer, which is not the case,so at the very least it’s a heavily modified interpretation of the protocol. So apparently you too talk a lot but you don’t know much either :)

  11. jlo138 says:

    I still can’t access my psn account. Keeps redirecting me to another page to change my password which is always “under maintenance”. I have all my games on an external hdd with the licenses. If any of you can do that I suggest you do. Cause now I didn’t lose anything and I don’t need to redownload or connect to psn for MY games.

    @wololo, I make my wife do those types of phone calls for me too. I found that people are waaay nicer to a female voice. Lol.

    • wololo says:

      Haha, for me it was more that I suck big time at Japanese, and would have a hard time figuring out what to say, and what the replies mean. I’ve been living in this country for a while, but I still am incredibly clueless with keigo (the uber-polite language in Japan)

  12. PT says:

    I think it is possible in the future to make your own little server and put a PSVita custom firmware there.. and then connect somehow the server to the content manager with edited code? Maybe possible?

  13. Lawfer says:

    Dude you are making a lot of commotion for a TOY you HAPPILY buyed from sony. You already know that company doesn’t give a damn about customers rights. Then why the heck you buyed it in first place. Oh, wait, we already know why: you buyed it to run your HBL thing and inflate your ego and your fame over the internet.

    You have a wife and a son, GROW UP. You could (should) have spended all that money buying something useful for your little kid rater than buying a useless toy for yourself just to be everyday ranting and especulating to raise hate agains a company triying to look like a hero of the consumer rights. We already know you hate them stop repeating yourself. You are becoming really boring.

    I hope one day you get over all that hate and dedicate your life to something really important.

    We already know about the behavior of sony that’s why we decided not buying their products… like you.

    • wololo says:

      You’ve made your point clear several days ago in another of my posts, but again, point taken.

      I think the reasons behind me buying a Vita or blogging about it should be of no concern to you, but if you really want to know, yes, clearly my goal was not to play vita games, but to investigate the machine’s security. As far as my ego is concerned, it’s doing fine with or without a Vita, thanks.

      Your comments about my family are out of place, I’d appreciate if we could discuss without you attacking my private life, thanks in advance. Programming/Hacking/blogging is my hobby. Some fathers do sports, I rant. You don’t see people entirely quitting their hobby just because they have a family.

      Your posts don’t need to get personal to be constructive, actually I’d say the opposite is true.

    • Peter says:

      No one who says “buyed” has the right to tell anyone to “grow up.”

  14. MrByte says:

    Seems wololo you taking all the credits on HBL, you was only little piece on much bigger team.
    You act like Math. You only wanna get visitors to get paid with ads.
    Everyone, please use AdBlocker

    • Guardian says:

      Do you really know what you are talking about? Read the other posts. Wololo has always give credit. Don’t talk without arguments, that makes you an idiot.

    • wololo says:

      Dude, there’s one thing I’m not, it’s a credit stealer.

      HBL is a collective work and I’m not denying that. this specific port however, is entirely my work. Sure, it’s just one config file and a few changes here and there, but I don’t feel I have to mention m0skit0 and JJS every time I work on HBL. HBL itself will take care of that when it displays on people’s consoles.

      You should also note that most of the code that allows HBL to be portable today was made by me. If it wasn’t for my work, HBL would take weeks to be ported to a new exploit. Now it only takes a few days. I reap what I sow. Look in particular for revision 100 of HBL: http://code.google.com/p/valentine-hbl/source/detail?r=100

      Finally, I’m not a “little piece of a much bigger team”. Lots of people contributed to HBL, but I wrote more than 30% of the code currently used in HBL. I therefore pretend I’m a big piece of a bigger team.

  15. Killua says:

    How can I do the buffer overflow method to crash a game, if the game doesn’t has a “name input” ?
    What should I modify?
    Please answer! Thanks

    • wololo says:

      Be creative. You can also try to input random *** in the savedata. Sometimes that works too (that’s what happened for the Lumine exploit)

  16. DXFan619 says:

    I wouldn’t say homebrews delve into piracy themselves, but emulators in a way do. Just because the game is very old doesn’t mean it’s free.

  17. Mysis says:

    could you try to log inet transfer from the contentmanager/vita to the internet with wireshark or something?

    tho i’ve got a hook-dll working to log inet-api’s within cma…i dont have a vita to test :-)

    in theory you could redirect the urls or block them later on…it would be neat to have some log file of the connections taken via cma…

    if you like to talk, maybe #vitadev

    greetz mysis

  18. silw says:

    I give some news (look like i work 24/7 on it) i don’t really sleep during the night.

    Anyway here is the second video of PS Vita browser (how you can transfer files)

    And here some play script with PS Vita browser (small hello world) http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/4147/dsc00203d.jpg

    and again, i’m not working with Wololo, someone told me that they put my video on ps3news with the new of Wololo, i don’t understand why, anyway it’s ok, it’s here for help not to be against somebody 😉 but it would be better if you don’t put some stuff together like that.

    Wololo if i disturb you in your blog with all my informations, please let me know, you can delete my post if you want 😉

    • KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* says:

      Why can’t you just register and make a thread for all your ‘alleged’ discoveries and information you have?

      • wololo says:

        Silw, kid 0 makes a good point, the /talk forums would probably be a better place for an open discussion about your ongoing work

  19. K3ViNPwNz- says:

    I’m Hungry!;D

  20. KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* says:

    Ahahahaha. People really think I am working for Sony; Non-sense. I’m just showing you another side of the story and I am no hypocrite; did I say I care about Sony?did I say I care about piracy? So get your facts straight before making *** assumptions. You guys are blinded by the information you recieve everyday and think your in the ‘war’ against Sony? This is a battle that has already been won and I’m just the dude who sits back and watches you dumbasses think you know whats really going on.

    • R.A.V.S.O says:

      wow you just truly missed the point didn’t you?

      Ranting about what a terrible thing it is devs like wololo are doing when you just admitted you’re into piracy
      (I saw no point in buying something when I could get for free… taken from an earlier comment of yours)

      THAT is what makes you a hypocrite… people like you and many other pirates who later came here on a blind rant of what X thing can do to your so precious console

      heck if you even took your time to read the article you might have noticed how HBL itself does not open doors to piracy.

      homebrews are not piracy themselves (emulators still do not count) rather extra goodies devs code.

      putting that aside to answer both your questions…

      1. Did I say I care about Sony?

      most of your previous ranting was pretty much defending them, employee wise…. hope you can defend them the same when one of them might get to your data.

      2. Did I say I care about piracy?

      Indirectly.. yes

      “I saw no point in buying something when I could get for free”

      you can keep on ranting if you please…. but don’t expect people to take you seriously if you keep on self-contradicting yourself…

      btw… before I get flamed back (and possibly I will) take in mind… I DO NOT support piracy… rather homebrews XD
      Piracy =/= Homebrews…

      no need for further insults… now grow up and have a nice day.

      • KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* says:

        None of your a so-called evidence proves what you are trying to. I never said HBL could be used for piracy and to open doors into ‘it’; this is what I mean, *** assumption from so-called ‘indirect’ evidence. And clearly you missed the point where I am just showing the other side of the ‘story’ that seems to be taboo around here. Last thing, I never said that what wololo and the ‘other devs’ were doing was bad so get your facts straight then try to ‘rant’ with me. Maybe you should read my posts better.

        • xcanox says:

          I’ve been watching you troll for a while now, and I thought you were pretty entertaining…
          But then you said you were “telling the other side of the story” i.e “giving Sony’s point of view” and I must say, you seem to me like a newfag who can’t keep a consistant story.

          If you were giving Sony’s point of view, wouldn’t it make sense to NOT make public that you support piracy? Sony is against piracy(obviously) yet you try to peddle pro-Sony *** while you already admitted to piracy?

          0/10 FAIL TROLL IS FAIL GTFO

          • KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* says:

            Idiot. If you read my posts properly you would understand things’ a little better. I don’t care about Sony and I don’t care about piracy. I’m just telling you guys what don’t want to hear. I am not troll, have I provided any statements that don’t come with decent explanations for dumbasses Iike you? One more thing dumb dumb, I never stated or said anything about ‘Sony’s point of views’ but I did say ‘The other side of the story’ (Different meanings). So your idiocrasy = 10/10, so GTFO you idiot

          • R.A.V.S.O says:

            Your supposed “other side of the story” is rather irrelevant so far…. and your self contradictions help no one…

            I’ve always read other previous posts before jumping to conclusions… and after reading yours all I can is a rather confused non-coherent argument with lots and lots of swears….

          • xcanox says:

            LOL I SAID GTFO NOOB ^

          • xcanox says:

            Aww you posted and ruined the point of the ^lol.

          • KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* says:

            @R.A.V.S.O, Sorry for swearing, I think I was caught up in making my points’ clear to everyone rather thinking about common coutersy and respect. (This doesn’t change what I think) @xcanox, I am not a troll and I don’t post here for your amusement or ‘entertainment’. Your not worth explaing to so I won’t explain anything else to you.

          • Guardian says:

            @ KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* Yeah you don’t post for entertaining or amusement. You post because you simply don’t have anything better to do but to defend Sony and your so called other side of the story.

          • KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* says:


    • StupidCodes says:

      Actually I dont know where side you are. im too lazy to understand what youre talking about. its like my brain is super tired.

  21. Xpl0s10n says:

    All I want is to play Super Mario World on my Vita when I get it. Is that so much to ask? 😛

  22. StupidCodes says:

    @all of you: Sony is working for money. all of them the employees and even those who are in higher seats. Game developers are working for money too and they use Sony’s console for their games and Sony gets money of course from the game developers. Sony when a hack is done and the hack supports piracy the game developers wont make games for Sony’s console and Sony wont get money. So all of this security for Vita is to protect it from piracy. And with piracy around there is no money. And again Sony works for money and not to make the consumers happy. If there is someone (but i think there is no one) to blame it is the devs that supports piracy.

    BTW im only 14 and i live in asia so sorry for the bad english

    • KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* says:

      You have no clue what your talking about so I won’t even bother explaining anything to you. (Hey man, I’m a year older than you (Yep, 15), it’s nice to see more people I can relate to here. By the way I’m from Australia :)

  23. BlackWing says:

    Hmm that does seem very sneaky of them.
    Any chance you could try runnning pspfiler using the ported HBL then transfer files down that route using the usb cable provided with PSP Vita.
    If this is not viable then maybe see if the content manager on the PC side will still work if you have been connected to the internet when you open the program and have connected the PSP Vita to the PC.
    But you then disconnect from the internet and then transfer the files you require to you PSP Vita.
    Then close down the content manager and disconnect the PSP Vita.
    Although if Sony have already thought of this possible workaround, the information about the transferred files/data to your PSP Vita maybe in a temp file/folder or in ram.
    So just to safe if you have manage to get around the online connection needed for when transferring data to the PSP Vita.
    Clear all temp files and restart your PC.
    And I cannot be the only person who has thought of this workaround, I hope.

  24. MrByte says:

    Some psp game exploit will released in next 72h 😀
    And one possible demoe exploit – everyone must have acces to hack psp or ps vita 😀
    Stuff must be free

    • Guardian says:

      Well go to work and don’t charge your boss or customers, how about that? If you want stuff for free, so begin by giving the example, work for free!

  25. dimy93 says:

    wololo U have very cool wife 😛
    On the Sony’s response – no matter what they say before seeing the actual source code I wouldn’t be that sure that they don’t get the personal info from the content manager.Moreover,it seems that the operator didn’t have any idea on the subject.

  26. KaKaRoTo says:

    Hey there, just read your post, it’s an interesting question. I don’t know if you already sniffed the traffic, but if you didn’t get it yet, I’d suggest using oSpy (on google code). It usually works, not sure if it will since it hasn’t been updated in a while, but it should.
    It’s a kind of traffic sniffer that injects a DLL into a specific process and rewrites the dll import table, so it will give you an exact trace of every connect/recv/send/etc.. as well as hooking up the crypto functions (so you see SSL data as clear text).
    It’s nicer than wireshark since you only get the traffic from the process you’re interested in, and you get the exact send/recv calls (no kernel buffering of the stream)… It will also give you the backtrace of the calls and you can right click and tell it to show you the send/recv call in IDA so you can trace which function sent which information :)

    I hope this helps in your reversing efforts and finding out what exactly is the tool sending. If you find something, let us know :)


    • KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* says:

      It’s an honour to meet someone like you.

    • Killua says:

      Look who appeared!

      I appreciate your ideals very much, KaKaRoTo! Your state of freedom and the reasons to look for it are amazingly flawless (from my point of view).
      Maybe you will come to the VITA scene? The homebrew potential is astonishing!

      Regarding the technical talk, I really cannot participate, unfortunately. But I wish you and whoever tries to open this incredible piece of hardware, best of luck!

      Happy New Year!

  27. santos says:


  28. Guardian says:


  29. feno says:

    Hey Wololo I have a big questoin for you should I update the firmware or not because I want ps1 but I want homebrew

  30. isnizal says:

    nice post wololo and your wife too..great job..lol

  31. Scarekrow says:

    I don’t normally post or comment on any site but I do see a valid point on here.

    I took the liberty to actually read through the “rootkit” link (i.e. Sony BMG copy protection rootkit scandal’ on Wikipedia.

    There are a few direct quotes that are quite unnerving for me, such as, Steve Heckler’s “”The industry will take whatever steps it needs to protect itself and protect its revenue streams… It will not lose that revenue stream, no matter what… Sony is going to take aggressive steps to stop this. We will develop technology that transcends the individual user. We will firewall Napster at source – we will block it at your cable company. We will block it at your phone company. We will block it at your ISP. We will firewall it at your PC… These strategies are being aggressively pursued because there is simply too much at stake.”

    I do realize that SONY has a right to protect it’s interests and assets as a company by protecting it’s media and hardware from misuse. However, it seems to be very focused on money.

    My question is this, however rhetorical it may be, at what point do you think that it is enough?

    It is one thing to make a game, CD, console or any other device for use and use it in a legitimate fashion. It is another thing to purposefully break the law and write a code that is malicious and potentially threatening. I am not here to judge on what is good or bad. What I am saying though is:

    I bought my PS Vita, my phone, my PC. It is mine. I own it. I do have the right to manipulate it although I may void any warranty. It is not SONY’s right to place restrictions on my for what I do with my own stuff. The law, the public voice, and SONY has a right to say something only in the event that I have used my device illegitimately. Whether it be for pirating games or movies or, even as far as to say, using it to find and molest children or stealing someone’s identity.

    My Android phone connects perfectly to my computer without having to be online. Google has pretty tight security features on OPEN SOURCE code. Sony can do the same.

    I remember some years back when Dark_AleX disappeared from the scene for a minute. Rumors floated about that SONY paid him to stop working on the PSP and then March33 shortly came out to continute the PSP CFW legacy.

    If any of you are familiar with the recording industry you will not only find that SONY’s gaming and console industry has problems but Tommy Mattola and his abuse to Mariah Carey. (cited in NY Post as well as his book “Hitmaker”:

    “If it seemed like I was controlling, I apologize. Was I obsessive? Yes. But that was also part of the reason for her success.”

    SONY is just an aggressive company. It bothers me that a company of this magnitude can get away with so much. They obviously have the money, the lawyers and apparently the brutality to enforce such maliciousness.

    EVEN IF I was a game pirater online and I downloaded a game or two for my own selfish reasons, it doesnt compare that SONY HAS VIOLATED EVERY ONE OF IT’S CONSUMERS whether they are a pirater, a fanboy or just your average Joe who likes to tinker with new gadgets.

    You wont change SONY. You wont change the Fanboy’s. The only thing YOU can do is to stop buying their products. It wont kill them but it will keep them off your hard drive and keep your life a bit more private and you can get some rest without having to worry. Problem is, so many of us rely on technology. TECHNOLOGY means you have no privacy anymore. They know where you are, when you’re there, who your texting, what you said and what you look like.

    Its the mark of the beast cause its in everyone’s hand. If you dont have some device in your hand… you, my friend, can not live in this society. Go start growing your own korn and potatoes and just wait for these people to blow themselves up. lol

    • Scarekrow says:

      EDIT: Google has tight security features but it totally lack in privacy concerning its AdWords marketing campaigns. They know more about you than you do and you essentially agree to to. It’s actually a kind of extortion with plausible deniability. Youre forced into it voluntarily. Think of Eisenhower and his Military-Industrial Complex but it’s Military-Tech Complex now. Brute scripts and alogorithms that make you identifiable and easy to reach.

      Interesting article on Google a much bigger player in stripping the world of its privacy:

  32. ChaosedLolo says:

    Well, If I had owned a game company, I’m pretty sure I’d want extreme security measures. After all, I don’t want my PSN used in explicit or illegal activities, I understand the point on, Too many measures to defeat the purpose of a gaming console, but let’s face the facts. Pirate’s will always mess up the hardships that people like Wololo is trying to accomplish. Piracy is always something people are trying to prevent happening on game consoles, but it happens anyways.

    For example,

    Xbox 360, FLashing your DVD drive to play Burnt Backups on current and past games.

    PSP, ISO Loaders, Also used to play Backups.

    Wii, Hack and Cheat in games, rendering Online Play unfair.

    And Lets talk about Emulators.
    Emulators itself are legal, but come on, what is the sole purpose to use Emulators for? Isn’t that piracy, the same thing that is illegal?

    I’m just saying Emulators can virtually be ported to mostly any console that you can play on, let alone running backups. PS Vita is another example, you can run emulators on it, so isn’t that piracy?

    You just can’t win with pirates!

    • ChaosedLolo says:

      I’m also glad we have people like Wololo, GBOT, Smoke, Coldbird, Total_n00b, Dark_Alex and others who have contributed to the PSP and PS Vita scene.

      Shoot, I’d love to run my Vita as an FTP Server just like my PSP,

      Or, Juice and Push the limits of the RAM on my Vita.

      Also, maybe use my Vita as a Guitar Tuner. (Because I love playing in Double Drop C tuning) Kid you not, I used to use my PSP as a guitar tuner many of times to harmonize notes for the correct tunings using PSPFiler V6.0.

      Sorry (lol) going off-topic. My point is, As part of the Homebrew community, Top programmers will always be shunned for it. No point on arguing it (as much as the non-pirate developers try to justify themselves and their good works) , but just continue the good work and Live and Learn like a Community.

  33. svenn says:

    He cares that his readers would think that he promotes piracy; He also cares that Sony, is becoming a serial offender on our privacy rights. Something that is not unthinkable.

    Also Sony is a big company, they don’t need fanboys to protect them, they got an army of lawyers :)

  34. Guardian says:

    Is it just me? I think in one of the lasts post you commented something like…(No, he is so right. Why the **** would you buy a game when you can get it for free). This was your answering after someone said he wanted free games or something, but again, it could be just me. :)

  35. R.A.V.S.O says:

    What Im getting at is that at one point all of
    Sony’s “measures” will overweight simplicity of what a gaming console supposedly is.

    This leash of sorts is somewhat acceptable but tighten the grip and you choke us off…

    and it IS about the money for a company…. heck the reason for all of this is piracy, piracy is the reason why games sold poorly over here,

    all of this is a way for Sony to keep its supposed new goldmine intact IMO

  36. R.A.V.S.O says:

    Considering Sony is advertising the Vita as something more than a console it is to be expected to have the end user expect much more.

  37. GNT01 says:

    But no one wants to get their stuffed checked by some stranger in a company man(doesnt matter the reason). The rant and question is “why it needs the internet to transfer?”.

  38. StupidCodes says:

    and that’s why sony is over protective to the vita and disabled some features from it. if there is someone (but i think theres no one) to blame it is the devs that supports piracy (pirates) but again i dont think theres someone to blame.

  39. StupidCodes says:

    and that’s why sony is over protective to the vita and disabled some features from it. if there is someone (but i think theres no one) to blame it is the devs that supports piracy (pirates) but again i dont think theres someone to blame.

    btw im only 14 and i live in asia
    so sorry for the bad english

  40. flayer says:

    I am not a pirate in any way but don’t you think sony is being a bit overprotective? Theres little you can do to stop the piracy of pc games yet sales are fine even when anyone can use utorrent to obtain a cracked version of almost any game.

  41. wololo says:

    Yup, basically what you said is correct. I find it weird that people think I would lie about calling Sony’s customer service 😛

  42. R.A.V.S.O says:

    I had a quick laugh with this one XD

    moving back on topic… sure seems nostalgic
    going back to HBL as the only means to get homebrew
    in an otherwise impenetrable console…

    btw Wololo…. what revision will this HBL be?

  43. wololo says:

    For now it is revision 119, but i am convinced there will be additional changes before the release.

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