PS Vita: content Manager and security concerns


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  1. ChaosedLolo says:

    Well, If I had owned a game company, I’m pretty sure I’d want extreme security measures. After all, I don’t want my PSN used in explicit or illegal activities, I understand the point on, Too many measures to defeat the purpose of a gaming console, but let’s face the facts. Pirate’s will always mess up the hardships that people like Wololo is trying to accomplish. Piracy is always something people are trying to prevent happening on game consoles, but it happens anyways.

    For example,

    Xbox 360, FLashing your DVD drive to play Burnt Backups on current and past games.

    PSP, ISO Loaders, Also used to play Backups.

    Wii, Hack and Cheat in games, rendering Online Play unfair.

    And Lets talk about Emulators.
    Emulators itself are legal, but come on, what is the sole purpose to use Emulators for? Isn’t that piracy, the same thing that is illegal?

    I’m just saying Emulators can virtually be ported to mostly any console that you can play on, let alone running backups. PS Vita is another example, you can run emulators on it, so isn’t that piracy?

    You just can’t win with pirates!

    • ChaosedLolo says:

      I’m also glad we have people like Wololo, GBOT, Smoke, Coldbird, Total_n00b, Dark_Alex and others who have contributed to the PSP and PS Vita scene.

      Shoot, I’d love to run my Vita as an FTP Server just like my PSP,

      Or, Juice and Push the limits of the RAM on my Vita.

      Also, maybe use my Vita as a Guitar Tuner. (Because I love playing in Double Drop C tuning) Kid you not, I used to use my PSP as a guitar tuner many of times to harmonize notes for the correct tunings using PSPFiler V6.0.

      Sorry (lol) going off-topic. My point is, As part of the Homebrew community, Top programmers will always be shunned for it. No point on arguing it (as much as the non-pirate developers try to justify themselves and their good works) , but just continue the good work and Live and Learn like a Community.

  1. March 14, 2013

    […] all, the only ones who are 100% convinced Sony is not spying on their users’ Vita error logs are Sony themselves. A hacker’s log could easily be scrutinized by Sony, to find out which games caused a crash of […]

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