PS Vita compulsory system Update 1.510

Update: it is actually possible to copy mp3, movies, and photos without being connected to the net. The connection is required only when using the content manager, which is not compulsory to use for media files, but for games and save data. You can read more here.

Today as I was using the PS Vita “content manager” in order to copy some files to the PS Vita, the content manager refused to start until I updated my firmware to official update 1.510. (This literally happened 10 minutes ago)

What surprises me is that the vita was disconnected, so I am assuming the update order came from the client on my PC (Update: confirmed. And the Vita refuses to run the content manager if the PC is not connected to the net).

A friendly advice to anybody who tries to “investigate” the Vita like I do: install the content manager on a PC that has no network connection (Update: I think “bastards” is the first word that came to my mouth when I saw that the vita refuses to connect to the PC if the Pc is not connected to the internet. This is really really concerning, and I hope a few people will have a look at the code of the PC “content manager” client. I’d be extremely happy to know why Sony is spying on me through the content manager when I’m copying my porn movies to the vita…), and disconnect the Vita as well. It seems Sony has a possibility to prevent anyone from playing with the Content Manager too much. This also confirms that the PSP Exploit we’re working on is more or less moot, since as soon as it is made public, Sony will prevent people from copying the files to their Vita with an obligatory firmware update.

This is really twisted, and I could swear a compulsory update in order to use such a core feature of the console might be illegal in some countries…we’re far from the “you have a choice to stop using linux” here, it’s more of a “you have a choice to stop copying mp3 and movies from and to the console”.

I have no clue what this update is for, but I’ll have a look. I assume it patches some of the weird bugs that people reported, including (but not limited to) the weird “demo mode” glitch, and other “freeze in the xmb” type of errors…

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    maybe some 1 create psvita browser like ifunbox for ipod , iphone , etc……….


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