HBL running on the PS Vita, Sonic says Hi


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  1. iSWORD says:

    I’m sorry I’ve been away from the community for enough time to forget the Vita’s specs, my question is: 1. Can’t you use a memory reader to transfer content from/to the device? 2. What happens if you connect the Vita via USB to a device running a Linux system?

    • StepS says:

      No, you cannot connect it to memory reader – the two card formats are completely new and all the data on them is encrypted with an unknown algorythm. So, no way, man. Don’t know anything about Linux…

  2. santos says:

    silw: Can you make a tutorial please.

  3. To everyone who doesnt have a vita that clams this is illegal $ony has a clever way of destroying our wishes ie end user agreement look at the ps3 “We $ony hold no responsibility if your information gets stolen from our servers, as well as you not being able to take legal action against $ony if someone uses your stolen credit card to buy as much as they can”

  4. MaxMouseDLL says:

    You know all their comms to Sony will be encrypted… it would be nice to know how that works and make a fake Sony server then redirect all content to it.

    Have you taken a look at it’s comms?

    • wololo says:

      Not at all, I focused on HBL and haven’t looked at anything Vita specific yet, including network. I know others started to investigate network communications, though 🙂

  5. Skud says:

    Hey wololo, I understand that you don’t want people to go blaming you if sony patches everything we try to work towards….if its a concern then we might wanna be checking out the comms for both the content manager assistant AND the 3g/wifi models….the wifi only ones can be isolated so to speak….but the 3g are just about always connected. It would be extremely beneficial to have a usb manager that doesn’t need to be connected to the net in order to load hbl on in the first place. Im looking into one of sony’s other memory cards, its for a phone but it has a usb adapter and I’ve already put it in and successfully formated it in the vita. Just throwing bricks though.

    • wololo says:

      A nuance to that: the “airplane” mode also disconnects 3g. It’s a legal requirement for any communication device. for being “disconnected”. For now the process is to disconnect your PC, put your console in airplane mode, and use openCMA to do transfers.

      • Skud says:

        Opencma sounds like a plan….I also love how they are using flash based media for games, but everything encrypted that comes off it seems to be in the vitas own image format. Kinda like older bin of ps1 games.

  6. brian says:

    is it legal

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