The many protections of the Playstation Vita


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  1. Asmith906 says:

    I fear it’s going to get even worse in the U.S. because the government is trying to pass a bill called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) Which sounds good in theory but allows any company to block any website in the U.S. So say a website has a article about a hack on it. Any company can get that website shut down. Even if its not about them. I love living with a bought government.

    • *BANNED* says:

      What do you expect?, Put yourself in Sony’s shoes, they have a very important game industry to protect from these “hackers” and “pirates” (and they are not all that different from eachother, if you take CFW’s for example). The “pirates” would simply just have harmless software if the “hackers” didnt make it a supported file for there devices.

      • wololo says:

        On that point though, I think that even if there were no “white knight” hackers, hackers who are in for piracy and the money would still be here. There is rampant piracy in some countries of the world, and some people (companies ?) in these countries are investing a lot in order to break security and especially DRM.
        Before the pandora was out and open source for the PSP, it was possible to get a “pandora” kit in China if you were willing to pay for it. Same with the PS Jailbreak device, which was initially only here to run pirated games, then got reverted by hackers in order to be used for homebrews.

        The result is that hackers who publish their discoveries are not needed for piracy to exist. It is true that publishing this information in the open probably “spreads” the means to access piracy devices, but at the same time it short-cuts greedy companies who are planning to make money on circumvention devices.

        Worse, if somebody finds a vulnerability in such a system but doesn’t disclose it, they can sell this information on the black market. Potentially, a black hat could use the PS3 vulnerabilities in order to steal credit card numbers, etc… rather than that, we’d rather have people publicly disclosing the information so that Sony can solve it. It’s not only about protecting Sony, it’s also about protecting their users.

        • svenn says:

          Back in the days cassettes where called the end of music since you could copy them w/o paying. Don’t think it took that turn last time I checked …

          The way to reverse piracy is to deliver content pirates can’t deliver. (by example Saints Row uses this to keep pirating to a limit, active community) Pirating/theft is part of the evolution.

        • *BANNED* says:

          About the pandora kit, it’s china wololo, what cant you get legally there thats illegal in everyother bloody country :). For the rest of the article, I accept your point of views but I do not agree with what you said about “disclosing it publicly” so that “sony can solve it”. If these “dangerous” exploits where released to the public dont you think you would just be making matters worse by exposing it to a vast amount of people that may include people “Who are in for money and the piracy”?

        • mr-crazy says:

          @wololo…banned is right…how about enabling homebrew by hacking it rather than eanable both homebrew and piracy…eg pro,me,gen,m33,aloader,iso tool, signing iso’s etc…Only tn hen was clean but it was too attacked by iso loaders….THIS ONLY SHOWS HOW MUCH HACKERS ARE DESPERATE TO ENABLE PIRACY

  2. svenn says:

    Jaawn. Why even bother using this crapware. I already seen more “my-psp-vita-doesn’t-work” video’s then I seen nice features on this “thing”

    • wololo says:

      So far I tend to agree. The fact that I bought one doesn’t mean I’m in love with the system, far from that. But I never was an early adopter, I bought the PSP 1 year after it was released, and I was impressed by the quality of some of the games, and of the device overall. Maybe the Vita will get some good firmware updates and a better game lineup in 1 year…

  3. wachu says:

    Im really looking forward to what will happen next (in homebrews).

  4. raziel says:

    now that’s another reason why I’m not buying a VITA

  5. Abdullah says:

    Well I’m guessing save game exploits won’t work on PS Vita games like they used to last time on PSP games. 🙁

  6. sony can kiss my ass says:

    and this is the reason why wololo bought a psvita. to show people how unspeakeable horrible the ”security” is and how this ”security” is a million times more annoying to users (from hackers to normal users of the console) than it is ”secure”. i already hate Itunes, do i really need a new piece of s*** software that does the same kind of thing?

    damn, am i glad that i stay with the psp.

    • Shinny says:

      yeah i totaly agree with you.. PSP is now classic.. it has evrything i need.. so why i would bother buying Vita.. maybe in 2017 ill buy one but not now..

  7. Sonykiller says:

    Not being able to hack the PSPVITA is added to my list of dony buys.Furthermore i will stick to my psp 3000 for now untill things get better (Hack wise).

  8. Ash says:

    hey wololo i got a question you said you tried to crash the ps vita so can any crash lead to an exploit then a jailbreak?

  9. saeeid says:

    so the vita is a very dangerous device
    i imagine when im walking on street with my vita then i be arrested because i have not the memories both together
    then i should go to jail or i can buy the missing memory again
    oh SONY common the other memory is in my house i just forgot it
    -noway you agreed with terms when you updated to fw 600.04
    *** it i never read these hundreds of lines articles
    is there any way to DOWNGRADE to 600.03?
    oh no now i remember this is too illegal

    PLEASE somebody buy this peace of *** from me
    can i sell that?
    i think i can before i update it to 600.05

    oh bad nightmare
    thank god i dont have one of these new hitech devices

  10. Guardian says:

    Wao, Wololo, I see that rather investing money in the vita you just sacrificed yourself for us. I thankyou, now I see the light and I won’t buy the Vita, that agreement and legal stuff really sucks.

  11. R.A.V.S.O says:

    Ahh Sony…. you’re digging up your own grave…

  12. Casavult says:

    I won’t be buying the Vita. I can’t agree to their T&Cs so I see no point until the day Sony support Homebrew to be played (which will be never anyway).

    I’m sticking to my trustworthy PSP-1000 as graphics don’t mean *** to me or these new features which I could probably get from a Homebrew App, I only care for the gameplay and the PSP has a great library of games that I still would like to play (but can’t afford to buy at the moment) so I’ll stick to my PSP.

  13. KonataIzumiZero says:

    well, instead of being able to play back ups, why don’t hackers just make the simple HEN, instead of enabling it to play back ups, (if hackers are willing to put ISO support most likey the people who download the Cfw just want to play pirated games) >.>

    on topic:

    i dont think i’ll buy the vita cause i like to mod (like with my psp with the plugins)


    wouldn’t agree more 😛

  14. Zeth says:

    iso and cso format are not just for piracy KonataIzumiZero, they are super compression formats which can make a 3 gig game file into 1 gig on a memory stick.

  15. Notn4 says:

    “but in some THIRD-WORLD countries where strong individual censorship is enforced such as the United States”

    love that sentence Wololo <3 😀

  16. jlo138 says:

    I remember my first hack… I took apart the Gameboy Game Genie so it would possibly work into the Super Gameboy (SNES Cart for playing GB games on SNES). All I had to do was take it apart, flip it backwards and it actually worked! So I had a SNES> Super Gameboy> Gameboy Game Genie> Gameboy Game all stacked up on eachother. It was literally like a foot above the SNES Console. That was 15 years ago.

    I know, a bit off topic. This hacking blog brought back memories.

    • wololo says:

      Haha, I love that kind of story. Actually if I find the time to do so I would love to write a “history of console hacking” type of article one of these days, to show the evolution of hacking 🙂

      • Coldbird says:

        If you do then Gameshark should be a mention… oriinally developed to sneak memory pokes into code to exploit systems it came a long way to become our daily gamecode provider…

        Ahh.. the memories…

      • Guardian says:

        Yeah, that reminds me of when my dad used to hack those gas pumps of the pasts, (the mechanical ones) by putting some rocks rocks or preventing the measurement devices from working while the gas was pumping, so he could charge the drivers for the gas and keep the money for himself…ups, ehh I mean I am new at hacking devices and have never hear of gas pumps or anythinglike a desperate man trying to feed his family… oh Damn it!

  17. Joe says:

    It all depends on interest. I have to believe that if there is a desire to see homebrew or even backups running on the device, and talented enough people who want to see that happen, it will.

    However, as your post highlights, the attack vectors are much more limited than with the PSP. We have to believe that if $ony wants to get and keep big name developers working on the device that they have drastically increased their security scheme to prevent piracy.

    However, hope is far from lost. The iPhone especially once it moved onto the 3GS drastically increased security, including requiring encryption blobs to be stored on iTunes servers that had to be retrieved and used to load a new firmware on the device. Cydia helped defeat this by allowing users to backup their data on their servers.

    My key point is, more sophisticated devices than this have been hacked, and quite frankly I have no interest in the system over my PSP GO until either homebrew runs on the device or the software lineup really starts to improve.

    • Abdullah says:

      I like how you included the iPhone protection in this argument because hackers are having a very hard time but no anymore due to the iPhone 4S bootrom and baseband dumped by MuscleNerd and pod2g to release the world’s first untethered iOS 5.0(.1) Jailbreak. Apple is stopping hackers from this.

  18. Eddie-e says:

    “The following terms in this Section 8, to the fullest extent permitted under law, only apply to you if you are a resident of the United States or a country in North, Central or South America.”

    I live in Mexico and that kind of *** is illegal here, since it’s from a foreign country and foreign countries’ laws cannot being enforced here.

  19. KonataIzumiZero says:

    that would be a good article wololo :3

    oh i didnt know games can me so big to 3 gigs

  20. Redrage says:

    This is all the more reason why all of you shrieking about a boycott should go ahead and do just that. But please, don’t buy the thing, knowing that this is how Sony intends to handle it, and that start crying about your ‘rights’ later on when it gets hacked and Sony takes measures to prevent the hacking.

  21. dimy93 says:

    HBL on the Vita -I call that a good start 😀
    imagine what we will be able to do with the Vita when all it’s potential can be used by homebrews,however this seems to be far away with all these security measures sony takes
    This thing with the MS it’s very good idea and won’t be bypassed that easy.

  22. After! says:

    All of this lock-down is okay and all but, what happened to the news that $ony is supporting the homebrewers out there by allowing them to develop games/software for the vita using the official SDK for the PSV. I know I heard this somewhere… It was something like “we want to support the garage devs out there…”. Wololo, do you remember hearing such a thing?

    • Guardian says:

      I also remember hearing about that somewhere, I just can’t remember where and how. In fact they have never mentiont this again.

  23. Abdullah says:

    I understand that Sony has a very massive protection for the PS Vita and I’m with Sony on the protection on the PS Vita. I have many reasons and opinions to this but two of the most important ones would be that this protects the portable console from malware attacks while using the Internet browsers and that it would give hackers a challenege to find out how to exploit the PS Vita and find any vulnerabilities in the system firmware to allow homebrew (unsigned programs) running on he PS Vita. But what I don’t understand is that why would Sony Ericsson would allow the all of the XPERIA phones’ bootloader fully unlocked but Sony allow the PS Vita system firmware unlocked and open freely to allow PSP and hopefully PS Vita homebrew in the future.

  24. aksiz says:

    Does the same file format restriction apply when you download files from the internet via VITA web browser? (well I assume even if you are able to download files, you can only save it to specific folder in the memory sticks like psp)

  25. crookedmouth says:

    ***? Looks like I may need a lawyer before I purchase one of these!

    After reading this, the only way that I would purchase a Vita is if it is hackable(though there is little chance of this because I have no money to spare.)

  26. Wamphyri2b says:

    Personally, I think that if the restrictions on suing Sony go to a higher court in the U.S. they won’t stand up. The only problem with that is, the case will probably be blocked before it gets there. Hopefully that guy in California gets a word in before they try to shut him down.

  27. AraGoS says:

    i built this psvita too hard. and the memory puff.. i will not spend more $ in any game or something else(poochy could be), but i think if you dislike cfw so loss yourself. very easy.respect brothers, respect

  28. Jean Arc says:

    Sorry, but you’re *** with your post…

    Ridge Racer is a Namco game, so why do you blame Sony for it?

    There are good games on VITA, including Uncharted, Wipeout, etc…

    How about you stop *** in paranoid mode and actually start looking at the facts?

    You make a lot of accusations / speculation without any proof that’s what they are or mean.

    You’re just a typical anti-Sony / Sony hater that talks a lot without facts but doesn’t do much.

    • wololo says:

      I own 5 Sony consoles and 1 Sony computer, I *really* don’t think I am the typical anti-Sony / Sony hater.
      So that makes two of us who talk a lot without facts, it seems 🙂

      Other than that, this article contains a bit of speculation, and lots of observation based on facts. I didn’t make up the terms of the contract, nor the fact that the Content Manager tool is pure crapware, or that Ridge Racer sucks big time (just check for its average ranking on game websites). The fact that the new memory stick is a pure proprietary format in order to limit piracy was stated by a manager in the hardware section of Sony France, on a reputable French newspaper (Le Monde),which I mentioned as a source. Sure, my blog articles also contain lots of personal comments, but isn’t that what a blog is for?

      About Ridge Racer, sure, Sony didn’t make it, but they didn’t seem to bother making sure it was even remotely good before advertising it as one of the launch titles for the console. So they’re guilty too 🙂

  29. Q13E5 says:

    The terms of service…
    I just don’t know why you must sign your location to Sony to not accept the agreement and terms of use.
    Just reading the special software rules makes me cringe.

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