PS VITA Firmware xTractor 2.01 by SKFU


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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11 Responses

  1. NoobGamer says:

    So what I get from the post is that if you guys decrypted the files, there is a higher chance of finding exploits that may lead to getting kernal access then installing a CUSTOM FIRMWARE!!??

  2. Alpha says:

    @wololo, can I get banned for creating multiple account because I read the registration agreements and it didnt say anything about it.

    • wololo says:

      Yes, we don’t have it in the rules yet but we usually close multiple accounts. It felt so natural to me that one individual should have only one account on a forum that I never wrote a rule for that.

      • Alpha says:

        Ok, so I am, by your present terms and registration agreements, allowed multiple accounts without being banned?

        • wololo says:

          Theoretically, yes. Practically, people who create several accounts on the forum usually do so in order to do ban evasion, or to cause chaos. As a result, they get monitored much more closely than other members, and end up being banned, not directly for having multiple accounts, but for lack of respect of the netiquette, which is mentioned in the rules.
          Also, trying to be a smartass about the rules never helps. Moderators are not robots but human beings, they interpret the rules the best they can. The rules of the forum are an indication of what you can and cannot do, but not an exhaustive list of all the bad behavior. There’s a thing called “common sense”.

          • Alpha says:

            Ok. How do I get unbanned? and if I have been “perma” banned am I stil able to register?

          • wololo says:

            In theory you can’t get unbanned for a perma ban. We have a system of warnings that is supposed to give people enough “possibilities” to behave correctly. If you got perma banned it means you got several warnings and didn’t start to behave. Practically if you wait for a few days and come back with a different account (and a different behavior!!!) there’s a chance the mods won’t notice it’s you. Don’t tell them I told you that :D

  3. Alpha says:

    Your…… awe……… some :)

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