Day-1 Hello World, the PS Vita already hacked?


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  1. .

    Even if it performs how far that the brittleness of PSP as which Hello World is displayed is only reproduced and displayed, and that it is, it is only a reappearance display, and a possibility that the system domain of Vita can be trodden in from here is zero mostly.
    That is, it is not the first step of hacking, either.


    • wololo

      I agree, this is only a “ray of hope” to show that we have attack vectors, but as you say, I expect the Vita to be fairly secured, and this kind of PSP game exploit will not allow us to reach the Vita functionality, as I wrote in the article

  2. Asmith906

    Well the 3ds was able to still be hacked in ds mode which is enough for me. And just being able to run homebrew on the vita is mainly what I want. I only dread having to play the dony upgrade your firmware game.

  3. ColorblindMonk

    From what’s been going on with the PSP for years and the PS3 just a few months back, it’s going to be far from a cake walk.

  4. rafael707

    wololo if you read this, please tell teck4 and mamosuke to hold off on releasing any info about the exploit until the North American vita release..

    I would be frustuated if this gets patched before our release..

    thanks again for the update


    Wololo , as far as i know , i think you arein Japan ,right??
    if yes then did u buy a vita??????

  6. shortboy

    lolz win ahahah

  7. svenn

    Some posts ago the vote about Linux on PS3 got a final hit in court. I hope this will remain private and not get the emulator deleted from psp VITA.

    On the other hand, this is not a “hello world” like we are used to, I think you should clarify it a bit more. To not get people start asking when the next cfw gone be :p

  8. addon

    this is the first time for some months i haven’t been reading yours post and im very first news i read here

  9. Abdullah

    Well I follow mamosuke and other hackers as well as they follow me. 😀

    J416DY: NGP CFW!/j416dy/status/148314569918521344

    PS Vita kxploit to run Homebrew full speed and ISO!/j416dy/status/148289509325406208

    More news for you! 😀 And you are welcome about the tweets.

  10. Abdullah

    Why do all my comments await moderation?

  11. jc89

    An emulator within an emulator! We have to go deeper…

  12. Abdullah

    This is just like the Nintendo 3DS hacking at the moment. DS Mode has been hacked but 3DS Mode still awaits to be hacked. PSP mode has been hacked by a User-mode exploit while the PS Vita Mode still awaits to be hacked. 😀

  13. mr-crazy

    good for vita-easily port homebres.(even if sdk is there)

    good for psp…developers make psp games and easily port to vita….Hence psp users happy too.

    worst for psp..since vita can play psp iso’s due to some unethical hackers..developers stop making any game.
    so its not good at all MR ABDULLAH

  14. fortune cookie

    Bring on the bootlegs!

    FU SONY, remember LIK SANG!

  15. alexthealligator

    OH SIZZZ >.>

  16. sony can kiss my ass

    so it does have psp emulation? let me guess, if we want our games to the psvita we need to buy them again. am i right?

    • AraGoS

      you are right. psvita iso can wait , i only wish we could play our psp games with out pay again.. thats it all.. saludos =)

  17. omegarob

    i’m still waiting for release in europe and you in 1 day of digging you can say HELLO WORLD. maybe tomorrow you can say more but just keep digging and secret ok.

  18. Kirby1997

    I don’t get it :S Why in the picture does it say “for PSP firmware 6.31″??

    • wololo

      The hack was written for a psp game when firmware 6.31 was the latest psp firmware. Since the exploit was never made public, it still works on 6.60, and therefore on the vita emulator too

  19. Mathieu

    If this can somehow help us launch HBL on the Vita it’s awesome news :)

  20. npt

    It’s interesting but simply a psp exploit, not a native vita ARM binary, very interesting news but now the hello world that we will see later that is ARM native and really able to take advantage of VITA features not just psp emu. : )

    Still cool news though!



  21. XxJJxX

    I wonder what options Sony has and if they will do anything.
    This could make for an interesting series of events.

  22. addon

    hacked on the first day this must be a new record

  23. BlackFire

    Beautiful. Admitted it’s like posting a sticker on a fortress. But it’s one big frikkin sticker. Let the games begin.

  24. Kirby1997

    It shouldn’t be too hard to bypass the program required to copy games from your computer to the PS Vita. The PSP/PS Vita aren’t the only products that use a Sony Memory Stick. Also you can buy adapters. Also I am sure one of these:
    could be used to make it easier to connect to your computer. I know it will cost more money but people were willing to buy Pandora Batteries and Magic Memory Sticks on the old PSP’s.

  25. lola


  26. erebad

    Thanks for the easy-to-understand explanation of how this actually works! I am kind of interested in possibilites to manipulate this hardware, but I have no technical knowledge. So reading your blog entry helped me a lot. I am wondering how far this will go in the future, since I read somewhere that Sony is desperatlely trying to stop piracy this time. And let’s face it: There are always people that are interested in getting games for free rather than actually improving the possibilites of the new hardware.
    I for myself buy the games I want to play but I am hoping for some tools (e.g. email client, better browser) for the Vita that Sony is not likely to provide…so I am looking forward to how this turns out 😉

  27. lola

    hahaha wololo’s new names! asshololo , trololo , dickololo hahaha!

  28. RNB_PSP

    I wonder if the PSP api can access the Vita’s filesystem(ie. if sceIoOpen from the emu can open an actual file in memory card).

  29. RNB_PSP

    Has anyone tried running signed PSP homebrew on the Vita?

    • wololo

      There is no way to copy the homebrews on the vita in the first place, this is one of the challenges that need to be solved

  30. BlackWing

    Wait a minute ARM based,why?
    Because it uses an android system also android can easily grant you access in most cases to root files etc.
    Well is usually the case.
    Or has Sony just used the base code or portions of android to run android applications as well as Sony’s PSP apps from PSN running in there PSP emulator.
    I haven’t been paying much attention to the PSP/Sony scene of late so please amend and answer to my errors and questions thanks.

  31. momo

    so the hacke psvita can play the psp iso files?

  32. lljordanll

    Interesante recien lanzado y ya tiene emuladores buen paso paciencia namas ya pronto saldra uno completo felicidades a mamosuke y a teck4 por el aporte y ati walolo por tenernos al dia de las noticias espero recibir mas noticias me interesa el tema unq no sepa muxo xD

    espero me entiendan no manejo Ingles xD saludos

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