The Best 25 PSP Homebrews of 2011, download links included (part 3/3)


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  1. svenn

    My vote would go to psp3D something we din’t expect to be possible, and well contained and original!

    Toy wars was a beautiful homebrew before, its now even more epic!

    About LameCraft for a psp developer this must give you a nerdgasm. As a consumer, LameCraft kinda misses the fun of crafting (creative mode) but there is no doubt that any active psp user should have atleast heard of all these homebrew.

    Lets hope the developers keep up the efford and keep developing there no-doubt epic tools!

  2. Lihis

    Quote: “few months laters for 6.60, which opened the door to lots of other huge innovations”

    I think it does come a few days later than a months?

  3. Wdingdong

    I predicted the winner in the first part of the post. Thanks to the Genesis competition, we got so many good homebrews. Thanks to all those who participated( I don’t know why, but I always feel pity for those who don’t win anything in the competition).

  4. Coldbird

    Lets honor all those that contributed, many developments have been done by many people who all indirectly contributed to achieve all of this.

    In PRO CFW, several dozen people contributed so far and every contribution helped make it what it is now.

    PSP has seen a lot of unique developments over the past year and I’m happy to see it prospering like this and to tell the truth, I hope that the next competition will be the same, organized by well respected sceners and seeing as much contribution as Genesis did.

    Let’s all continue together to make PSP an even better console.

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