The Best 25 PSP Homebrews of 2011, download links included (part 3/3)

This is my top 5 of the Genesis competition entries. If you’re looking for more great homebrews, please check my top 6-15 and my top 16-25, posted earlier this week. The Genesis competition was the “source” of 90% of the new homebrews created in 2011, and below are my 7 favorites. I said 5, but 3 of them are tied for number 1 in my opinion (and no, don’t expect a big surprise for these, my vote was in line with the final decision). Hear my words: if you haven’t tried each one of these homebrews at least once, you’re making a mistake.

5. USpeed PRofile Manager

I’m usually not into plugins. They are a pain to install and most of them are not worth the hassle. But USpeed Profile Manager is both original and useful, and brings nice graphics to the mix, which makes it even better. As the title says (but your brain refuses to believe this is possible on a PSP), this will allow you to have several profiles on your PSP, a bit like what the PS3 offers. One of the big benefits is savegames which get created/loaded on a per-profile basis. This is especially useful for those official games that only have one save slot, as it virtually ads more save slots if you ever shared the PSP with your girlfriend or little brother. Download Here

4. Toy wars

A good update to this very good 3D game was introduced during the Genesis Competition. Lots of original gfx, and missions are interesting. Ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of Toy Story? Toy war shows it to you. The bedroom is your battlefield, and you’ll have to complete missions in various vehicles (plane, electric car…) and environments (parents’ bedroom, boy’s bedroom,…). Download Here

3. GDP

Is that really LUA? Yes, the game is short, it doesn’t have that much replay value for now, but I’m willing to bet on it. It gets my vote for pushing Lua this far, and for the original music and gfx. I surely hope it gets updated in the future :) Download Here

2. PSP3D

One of the highest rated plugins this year in our database, PSP3D allows you to run your official games in full 3D on the PSP, provided you have one pair of those colored glasses. This plugin supports close to a hundred games, and has been one of the big surprises this year. Download Here

1. Pro CFW, Chronoswitch (6.39 downgrader), and Lamecraft

Do I need to introduce any of those? Yes, I can’t make up my mind on which one impressed me the most among these 3 entries.

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a high chance you’re running Pro CFW on your PSP, the first open source Custom Firmware ever released, compatible with all known PSP models and firmwares. Download Here

Some1′s downgrader shocked the scene, by being the first Kernel exploit ever to be submitted to a homebrew contest. Some1 didn’t stop at 6.39, and submitted a second exploit a few months laters for 6.60, which opened the door to lots of other huge innovations, including the port of Pro CFW (mentioned above) to 6.60. Download Here

Finally, Lamecraft was the big surprise of the Genesis competition, a Minecraft clone with a great 3D Engine, coming out of the blue, which spawned an army of fans and mods almost immediately. (By the way, I didn’t made any proper announcement yet, but as long as the original author, Drakon, is busy, we host the current “official” Lamecraft forum on our /talk community). Download Here


Part 1/3: Entries 25 to 16

Part 2/3: Entries 15 to 6

Part3/3: Entries 5 to 1

  1. svenn’s avatar

    My vote would go to psp3D something we din’t expect to be possible, and well contained and original!

    Toy wars was a beautiful homebrew before, its now even more epic!

    About LameCraft for a psp developer this must give you a nerdgasm. As a consumer, LameCraft kinda misses the fun of crafting (creative mode) but there is no doubt that any active psp user should have atleast heard of all these homebrew.

    Lets hope the developers keep up the efford and keep developing there no-doubt epic tools!


  2. Lihis’s avatar

    Quote: “few months laters for 6.60, which opened the door to lots of other huge innovations”

    I think it does come a few days later than a months?


  3. Wdingdong’s avatar

    I predicted the winner in the first part of the post. Thanks to the Genesis competition, we got so many good homebrews. Thanks to all those who participated( I don’t know why, but I always feel pity for those who don’t win anything in the competition).


  4. Coldbird’s avatar

    Lets honor all those that contributed, many developments have been done by many people who all indirectly contributed to achieve all of this.

    In PRO CFW, several dozen people contributed so far and every contribution helped make it what it is now.

    PSP has seen a lot of unique developments over the past year and I’m happy to see it prospering like this and to tell the truth, I hope that the next competition will be the same, organized by well respected sceners and seeing as much contribution as Genesis did.

    Let’s all continue together to make PSP an even better console.



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