The Best 25 PSP Homebrews of 2011, download links included (part 2)

Yesterday I started presenting my 25 favorites entries of the Genesis competition. The Genesis competition was the biggest PSP homebrew contest ever, and 90% of the new PSP homebrews for 2011 were produced as part of this contest. Yesterday I described entries 25 to 16 in my personal ranking, and today I will introduce entries 15 to 6. Although my top 5 will probably not contain much surprises, entries 6 to 15 are really the homebrews that were underrated this year: good enough to be great games or applications, but not gigantic enough to beat the top 5. The kind of homebrews that would have won the first place in any other competition. The genesis competition received 111 entries (we actually received more than that, “only” 111 entries were accepted), so we’re talking of the top 10% here.

Usual disclaimer: this is my personal opinion and does not represent the opinion of other judges involved in the competition (not that it would matter, as the winners have been announced several months ago… I’m just sayin’).

You can see entries 25 to 16 in this previous article

15. Kobo Deluxe

Old-school arcade is always good. This port of a PC open source game is extremely addictive and well done. Aboard your spaceship, you need to destroy some alien labyrinth-shaped bases without getting destroyed yourself. Sounds simple enough? Let’s see if you can achieve it. 50 levels and various enemies await you :) Download Here.

14. HomebrewStore

If you had to download one homebrew from your computer, this would be this one. After that, it will download other homebrews for you, directly from your wifi-enabled PSP. Nice user interface and frequent updates, this is the “playstation store” for CFW. Download Here

13. Localizer

Very original plugin to extend the languages on the PSP. No need to introduce this one anymore, it was one of the winners of the Genesis competition (got my prize of favorite open source entry). If your PSP doesn’t support your language, and you’re fed up of English, this plugin is for you. Ships with a full translation of the PSP into Polish as an example, but other languages are also available. Download Here

12. Silveredge

Impressive graphics and action for this entirely original Space Shooter. The only problem of this game is that it’s damn too short… but for hardcore players, the hard level is tough to beat..and even if you do, you can try to beat your own hiscore. Download Here


I honestly have mixed feelings about this entry. This was a very promising project, that never really took off. But even though its development seems to be stalled, the version released 5 months ago is still a very impressive piece of homebrew that can definitely replace your Sony’s XMB. SHELL also offers plugins support, which basically allows you to customize it or even entirely rewrite some of its functionality. Download here

10. Sepulka

An advanced plugins manager, to selectively load plugins on a game per game basis. Useful when you use lots of plugins, and some games are not compatible with them. Download here

9. gSquare

GSquare is probably one of the most underrated entries of the Genesis competition. It’s a full arcade/platform game, with a nice tutorial, a great concept, and well thought levels. The idea is basically similar to Loco Roco: it’s a platform game in which you can not only move your “character” (a blue square looking for his friend the pink square), but also the world around it. Very fresh and addictive. Download Here

8. Krap psp

This is one of those “all in one” plugins: directly from your XMB, you can anable/Disable psp from charging, automatically set cpu/brightness to low, automatically sleep on a certain battery percent, easily execute Shutdown,Sleep,Reboot(VSH) on a key combo, set auto timer for sleep and shutdown,manipulate psp LEDs
, take screenshots, put psp in music mode(Cpu goes to 80mhz,brightness/Led off ), and many more things. Download Here

7. CubeMania

The force of this homebrew is to regoup several simple casual games into one unfiied and attractive theme. Around a single concept, this series of puzzle games will keep you occupied for hours. Again, one of the most underrated homebrews of the genesis competition. Download Here

6. Nazi Zombies portable

I know the fans of this homebrew, which gathers a large community, will hate me for not making it one of my top5. But the only reason is that the PC gamer in me thinks that playing FPS with anything else than a mouse and a keyboard is a heresy. That being said, NZP is one of the most advanced Quake mods around here. If you haven’t heard of this game, the goal is to barricade yourself inside a house constantly attacked by zombies. There’s no doubt you’ll die eventually, but the question is: how long will you last? Download Here

Enjoy these homebrews, as I prepare the last article of this series, with my personal top 5 for the Genesis competition. Also remember that you can submit your own PSP homebrews to our Database, and rate your favorites homebrews there. No login is required!


Part 1/3: Entries 25 to 16

Part 2/3: Entries 15 to 6

Part3/3: Entries 5 to 1

  1. Sand3r’s avatar

    Very cool to see my entry listed. Once more, thanks everyone and I’m sure we’ll keep up the good work on the Vita as well :)


  2. Andrew’s avatar

    Haha, oh dear, if I have time to make the game longer I’ll try.


  3. mr-crazy’s avatar

    i believe gsquare really deserves to be in top 5


  4. 10$man’s avatar

    I really love these lists.
    Gsquare = Epic
    Toy Wars = Classic
    But I really would like to see some Authors here. I want to know who made these games, and I feel like it’s not fair to post games and not recognize the authors.
    (perhaps you did and I missed it?)


    1. wololo’s avatar

      To be perfectly honest, I wrote these 3 articles based on my notes from the genesis competition which were written back in May. These notes didn’t have the names of the authors because it wasn’t necessary for the judges, and it could have altered the decision.
      It took me 8h to write these articles, upload the homebrews, look for new versions… and I skipped the essential step of naming the authors because I became lazy. I will soon update the homebrew database to contain an “author” section, and will try to right the wrong :)


      1. 10$man’s avatar

        Thank you! But I was actually just talking about these blog posts.
        (By all means, add Authors though O_O)
        I appreciate that you read and take into consideration comments on your blog. You are a minority in the group of web owners who actually do that!
        Thanks again


  5. ivo89’s avatar

    can someone make get to the choppa homebrew or choppa gunna or 2d zombie survival game it can be just one guy walking in the city and when killing zombies they drop guns plz make them or even one of them



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