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The Best 25 PSP Homebrews of 2011, download links included (part 2)


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  1. Sand3r

    Very cool to see my entry listed. Once more, thanks everyone and I’m sure we’ll keep up the good work on the Vita as well 🙂

  2. Andrew

    Haha, oh dear, if I have time to make the game longer I’ll try.

  3. mr-crazy

    i believe gsquare really deserves to be in top 5

  4. 10$man

    I really love these lists.
    Gsquare = Epic
    Toy Wars = Classic
    But I really would like to see some Authors here. I want to know who made these games, and I feel like it’s not fair to post games and not recognize the authors.
    (perhaps you did and I missed it?)

    • wololo

      To be perfectly honest, I wrote these 3 articles based on my notes from the genesis competition which were written back in May. These notes didn’t have the names of the authors because it wasn’t necessary for the judges, and it could have altered the decision.
      It took me 8h to write these articles, upload the homebrews, look for new versions… and I skipped the essential step of naming the authors because I became lazy. I will soon update the homebrew database to contain an “author” section, and will try to right the wrong 🙂

      • 10$man

        Thank you! But I was actually just talking about these blog posts.
        (By all means, add Authors though O_O)
        I appreciate that you read and take into consideration comments on your blog. You are a minority in the group of web owners who actually do that!
        Thanks again

  5. ivo89

    can someone make get to the choppa homebrew or choppa gunna or 2d zombie survival game it can be just one guy walking in the city and when killing zombies they drop guns plz make them or even one of them

  6. momi

    download apps psp

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