Some more improvements to the homebrew database

Last week I mentioned some updates to the homebrew database. As you know it is now possible for you to submit your homebrews to /Downloads, no login is required, and so far I’ve diligently reviewed people’s entries within less than 48hours.It has also been possible to vote for your favorite homebrews since the site was open. Again, no login is required, and it’s just one click away. In order to make ratings more useful and fun, I’ve added two widgets on the top page at /downloads, which show you the highest rated homebrews for the past 30 days, or for all time.

My head’s boiling with ideas for /Downloads, and some of you have sent me lots of great suggestions: Genres, tags, comments, report broken links, etc, etc… we will try to improve that site progressively, but in the meantime, enjoy the update, and rate your favorite homebrews :)


We also provide a plugin that you can see in action on /talk, and that you can reuse on your own forums/site if you think it’s useful. This plugin scans a web page and gives you information about the homebrews mentioned in the page, as well as a download link. The plugin has been updated this weekend in order to highlight a given homebrew at most 3 times per page, a feature useful for our Lamecraft members who were seeing the name of the game emphasized dozens of times per page in the Lamecraft subforums :P

  1. OldMaverick’s avatar

    Great job!! Thanks for your effort


  2. iSWORD’s avatar

    Hey, Wololo! I sent you a message on /talk about /downloads.



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