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Wagic 0.17 on its way


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  1. Asmith906

    Have you ever considered making a video tutorial for the psp version. I want to play it but I always end confused with the ui. Granted its been a while since I played it.

  2. vladimir

    thanks a lot.. public android version at last!! yahooo!

  3. w7y7a7y7t

    Wow perfect timing,I just ordered an Android tablet a few days ago, should be here any day now

  4. Pat

    Bonjour, et merci pour tout le travail effectué depuis le début.
    C’est très agréable d’y jouer sur PSP, et votre logiciel mériterait d’être dans le commerce !
    Merci encore et longue vie à votre Freeware !

  5. dead_meat

    how about for the ds?

    • wololo

      The DS doesn’t have enough Ram to run Wagic (minimum requirement for an ok experience currently is 20MB, although 50MB is much better), and the screen system is “too” different. We would need to re-think the entire mechanism. I’ve seen some attempts recently on the DS, can’t remember the name of that homebrew…

  6. svenn

    Damn this is one of the most active developed homebrews on psp and I don’t know how it works 🙁

    Good thing for the fans, keep up the good work 😉

  7. Ash

    hey wololo will u ever port this game to symbian^3? I’d love to see it there

    • wololo

      Our “ports” expert is Xaw Otihs. He’s already ported the game to QT, SDL, and through them, Android, Meego and Maemo. I would think a port to Symbian could be done “fairly easily”, but we need people with those devices to help on the development

      • xawotihs

        Yeah, I have the Qt port cross-compiled for Symbian^3, but I don’t have a device to try. I know that Nokia has an incredible remote device access program but I never found the time to try it… I might try it if I manage to sort the “undo” mess and I’m done with resources on Maemo and Meego.

  8. wurm101

    i’ve been an avid fan of your website, everyday i always visit this site just to see if there is an update of wagic. FINALLY! after the long wait, 0.17 ohhh yeah! also got my android 😀 great job wololo and other devs! boooyah!

  9. Conscience Butler

    Will you be included the 0.16 competition entries in this release and will we be able to use our existing image sets or will we have to repack them all?

    • wololo

      I will include the competition entries in a separate package I think.
      And yes, you will be able to use your existing image sets. I think the new system will overall be more convenient and that people will quickly migrate to it though 😉

  10. alexthealligator

    nice update. 🙂

  11. iSWORD

    Wagic will be the first app I’m gonna install on my Android device when I buy one! 🙂
    I love your work, great Wololo!

  12. cscash241

    I might be able to help with the iOS port, what software was used to make it? if It was done in flash (you can now make iOS apps with adobe flash pro) then I can help. If you need a mac, I will see about hackintoshing my laptop or running osx on a VM

    • wololo

      You’ve asked me countless times what Wagic was programmed with. Instead of asking, you can check the sources directly 😉
      Your help is appreciated of course, but I don’t trust people who say “I can help”. I trust people who say “here is a patch”.

      Wagic is programmed in C++ mostly, with a glue-layer in objective-C for iOS

  13. Ash

    well i got a nokia C7 i can help in testing if u want ofc to port wagic to symbian^3

  14. Jorge

    Bom tentei inúmeras vezes jogar multiplayer e não achei Como jogar creio eu que não tem modo multiplayer se não tiver poderia pensar em fazer assim podendo jogar com 2 plataformas PSP em Rede e se tiver como jogar multiplayer por favor Me ajude a conseguir !!!
    Jogo magic a mais de 10 anos e ultimamente estou sem dinheiro para comprar cartas então adorei esse jogo Valeu por ter desenvolvido !!!!

  15. steven

    that is great news for today, i just wonder if the Planeswalker cards inculde in the new version? thanks a lot!

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