PS Vita .pkg xTractor 1.00 and PS Vita Firmware xTractor 2.00 released by SKFU


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9 Responses

  1. WilliamBMX says:


  2. Lawfer says:

    I have heard today the prices of the vita propietary memory cards and they are outrageous.

    I really hope all this research goes well and sony get to be sc*** at the vita launch. THEY DESERVE IT.

    • Lawfer says:

      BTW, I was one of the people who used to defend sony, at the point I never agreed with wololos sony-hating posts.

      But with all the bad news about the vita, things have changed and now they really deserve to be hated.

  3. coyotebean says:

    .pkg is the file received from from PSN when you download. Mathieulh released the PSP PS3 PKG Extractor source and binary a while back to extract files from the pkg files.

    • wololo says:

      Thanks. I could swear the files I downloaded on my PSP from the PSN are EBOOT files, but I’ll check again :)

      • 指纹 says:

        I bought some games on PSN by using others’account on the Internet,they sold me the games in a cheaper price.The games were firstly downloaded in .pkg files on my pc,and then I installed the pkg files into my PSP by clicking small files(<1k) they transfered to me so that my PSP was related to their accounts and can play the games legally.The installed files into my psp were EBOOT though.

  4. jlo138 says:

    Mine were eboot. I know this because I backed up all my psn games and license codes to an external hdd. I know psn won’t have my purchases stored forever…

  5. jake says:

    why would he release this before the vita even comes out?

  6. xiao xiong says:

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