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CFW For Dummies updated and simplified


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7 Responses

  1. cure says:

    nice update 🙂

  2. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    really nice update.nice work wololo 😉 :cheers:

  3. rafael707 says:

    i need CFW on my first gen FAT ps3..

  4. toBsucht says:

    I´m not a fan of 6.60. Why did you split psp2000 up to pspStreet if you provide same fw, hen (information). Maybe use this form for an extended guide. Whatever a link to http://code.google.com/p/procfw/ should be helpful if people don´t wanna update (becouse it´s not needed and other reasons like 9g downgrade-update problem). I´m still using tn hen http://wololo.net/wagic/category/tn-hen/. You know much people look to your guide so i´m sure 6.60 update does help a lot. Thank you for the new html tools 😉

    • wololo says:

      Hi. You make very good points.
      – why separate one page for each console if I give the same info everywhere? Simply because even noobs now what type of console they have, and I’ve learned that people only care about their own use case
      – about 6.20, tn hen, etc… yes, there are many possibilities for CFW lovers out there, but my guide is designed to be the simplest possible. I still mention the opportunities to install other things, at the bottom of every single page. The goal is to be simple, not to cover all possibilities.
      – link to the procfw pages: that’s a good idea, I’ll add that.

      • toBsucht says:

        if you add procfw page people can find updates and pro hen for “all” 6.xx fw. About the separate page for each console:
        – the good thing people can ask about their own type of psp
        – the bad lesser clicks, reply @ each page. (fat)

  5. W3ird0! says:

    Man, i am always learning from wololo, i didn’t know that the psp street was hackable!


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