CFW For Dummies updated and simplified

My guide to help people install a CFW, “CFW For Dummies“, was in need of a major cleanup and an update. It was still mentioning TN Hen, and firmware 6.37 was the latest supported one…

I basically decided to simplify it to the max: To me now the Pandora technique for hackable motherboards has actually become much cumbersome than simply upgrading to 6.60 and installing Pro CFW. I’m also only vaguely mentioning the permanent version on 6.20, or the CIPL Flasher for people who want to dig deeper. So, in other words, the guide might not be giving the “optimal” setup for some models, but it’s by far the simplest installation technique, which I think is what people are looking for. The drawbacks of not having a permanent CFW are now minimal in my opinion, and people who installed Pro CFW can still make it permanent any time once they get more knowledgeable on the subject.

In other words, if you have friends who are wondering how to install a CFW on their PSP, CFW For Dummies is the guide they should read!

  1. cure’s avatar

    nice update :)


  2. PSPcfwDUDE’s avatar

    really nice update.nice work wololo ;) :cheers:


  3. rafael707’s avatar

    i need CFW on my first gen FAT ps3..


  4. toBsucht’s avatar

    I´m not a fan of 6.60. Why did you split psp2000 up to pspStreet if you provide same fw, hen (information). Maybe use this form for an extended guide. Whatever a link to should be helpful if people don´t wanna update (becouse it´s not needed and other reasons like 9g downgrade-update problem). I´m still using tn hen You know much people look to your guide so i´m sure 6.60 update does help a lot. Thank you for the new html tools ;)


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Hi. You make very good points.
      - why separate one page for each console if I give the same info everywhere? Simply because even noobs now what type of console they have, and I’ve learned that people only care about their own use case
      - about 6.20, tn hen, etc… yes, there are many possibilities for CFW lovers out there, but my guide is designed to be the simplest possible. I still mention the opportunities to install other things, at the bottom of every single page. The goal is to be simple, not to cover all possibilities.
      - link to the procfw pages: that’s a good idea, I’ll add that.


      1. toBsucht’s avatar

        if you add procfw page people can find updates and pro hen for “all” 6.xx fw. About the separate page for each console:
        - the good thing people can ask about their own type of psp
        - the bad lesser clicks, reply @ each page. (fat)


  5. W3ird0!’s avatar

    Man, i am always learning from wololo, i didn’t know that the psp street was hackable!




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