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15 Responses

  1. eternity says:

    I have to say that I’ve been an Apple fan for quite some time now and I’ve never really liked Samsung. Of course, that commercial isn’t going to change my mind about getting an iPhone but it’s… Um… Kinda creative, I guess…
    Well, not really, but If that’s what Samsung is doing to try and get customers now, I think I’ll actually stay away from Samsung and continue to stick with Apple.
    And about the PETA thing… I think they’ve lost their minds.

    • taha says:

      FIRST thing apple is so much costly, second apple does not have technology which samsung have, third have u ever compared apple 4s with samsung galaxy s2. Apple will never stand near to s2 in specs and perform. IF U DONT BELIEVE SO COMPARE 4S AND S2

  2. Shinny says:

    well samsung is a good company… they make not bad tabs but still Apple is the leader on the other hand… Jobs dead so i dont think that apple is going to make something original soon … about PETA… yeah it is sure funny and at the same time reaaly stupid…

  3. cobaltex says:

    the raptr client recognises mario kills tanooki 0.O

  4. kodex says:

    lol, nice updates.

  5. 0M9H4X says:

    well if you aint got no iphone…. then you got no iphone bro.

  6. jlo138 says:

    My friend had to take apart is iPod Nano to replace the screen. The chip inside the iPod is Samsung brand. It was stamped so you would know. I personally like Samsung. We thought that was really funny since they are competitors.

  7. ken says:

    Wow, six new posts this week! I owned products by both Apple and Samsung, and I think both company made very good products. Both the iPhone 4 and Galaxy 2S is too expensive IMHO, so I have no comment on that. But I’m always in for a good fight, the bigger and the nastier the better. 😉
    PETA has gone absolutely INSANE, are they out of animals to protect?
    The last picture of the akachan is just too KAWAIIII. Is that your baby?

  8. Norml says:

    LoL, Peta is going after Mario now…good luck.

  9. phels says:

    The game’s actually kind of fun. But the whole thing’s pretty misguided. Who plays Mario, sees him in his tanuki get-up and thinks, “Hmm. Fur’s pretty cool after all.” No. One.

  10. cabbrick1243 says:

    I was going to comment on the opportunities that the release of Doom 3’s source presents and show my own hatred of Apple, but due to the high amount of grammar usage that is lacking in the comment section, I don’t think it would do much good.

    • wololo says:

      You’re a bit tough on this, I think people commenting here have in general a better grammar than the internet average. Especially in this specific post, I don’t see anything shocking. Keep in mind that for most of my readers, English is not the first language.

  11. alexthealligator says:

    Next thing you know, PETA is going to do something against EPIC MEAL TIME VIDEOS on youtube; & beacon strips, & beacon strips, & beacon strips, & beacon strips, & beacon strips, & beacon strips, & beacon strips! 😀