Playstation Suite, the SDK that will save Playstation?


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  1. The dude that is not sure says:

    weird…very is exactly what you say wololo.they want to ‘open’ the devices.What they did on the psp was very bad…bad thank god we have(and had)people like tn,dax,coldbird.
    I will be honest with ya…if i can develop homebrews for the ps vita i will get it right away.because this is great.i never actually coded a game.i started with lua but i never actually completed my game.oh well this “suite” seems very nice.

  2. Lemon says:

    Still waiting for a 3k unbricker…

  3. cure says:

    we just wait how sony accept indie devs. Just Like wololo said anybody can register but not everybody wil be accepted.

  4. sandeshnep says:

    i dont think they’ll accept homebrew devs haha

  5. ken says:

    Thanks Wololo for keeping us updated. I’ll be getting the PSV when it can run homebrew or android apps, or else it will forever be staying on my wishlist.

  6. NLion says:

    The problem I see is that is a virtual machine, let see how much access to the hardware we get, like on PS3 linux, you couldn’t access the full graphic power of the hardware. Ideally one should have complete hardware access, If I want to use bluetooth, wifi, graphics, touchscreen/pad at the same time, I should be able to. And that sony doesn’t veto apps, what if I want a ssh/remote desktop/vnc client, that would help me a lot when on the go. Music players that can play ALL formats, flac, ape, ogg, etc.

  7. Asmith906 says:

    Hope people will wait and see before harshly judging Sony. Considering the *** pulled with the 3ds I’m hoping the vita doesn’t have too many flaws.

  8. Coldhird says:

    I saw the presentation and the lack of information in it was disturbing.
    I believe it once I see it. But if they really do this without forcing you to release it on Psn only, then Im buying a Vita next day.

  9. nakano says:

    I also saw the presentation on Youtube. Sadly, the beta registration is only available in US, UK and Japan, otherwise I would be interested in trying.

  10. Daniel says:

    If they could assemble something that would allow you to build apps or games.. but have maybe dual sets of keys.. one that allows third party installs at your own risk.. and then another that keeps replication of published games from being pirated, I would be for that entirely.. and if they made this compatible for xperia, vita, sony tab, and upcoming ps3 fw’s.. maybe add OtherOS back and an Install Pkg menu on all these systems.. Then the SDK being able to sign our homebrew apps for the app installer on all these devices. It would be great.. I’d like to see an otherOS port on the vita where you could dual boot Android as well. that would be awesome!!

  11. vinay mehra says:

    what is the psp cost

  12. vinay mehra says:


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