Will the PSVita be succesful?


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  1. svenn

    Vita might do good on a short time; but on the longer run this console will fail hard. Its to expensive for the amount of time it will be “up-to-date”.

    Everyone needs a phone, why would game producers make a exclusive game for VITA when it can reach 100 times that amount on mobiles ? And we all seen what crappy ports we got on psp right now.

    If you need a mobile, why not spend the money you’d give to a new psp on that mobile ? Android phones with GPS, wifi,… have dropped in price under 100 euro.

    So why in gods name would you buy a 250+ euro device, that can’t even send sms around.

    The stock charts however don’t really fit in this article, company’s stock value don’t represent 1 device, but that’s my opinion, I’m not a stocks analyst.

    • wololo

      Thanks for the detailed reply. I believe the stock charts reveal the “trust” investors put in each company, and clearly Sony and Nintendo have progressively lost the trust of their investors.

      It means they will struggle to get money, and therefore they will become less and less motivated to innovate in “difficult” markets.

      Which to me says they will focus mostly on Japan and will forget the US and Europe, which will reduce their user base, and therefore reduce game programmers’ interest in the device.

      That’s just my opinion, of course.

    • cabbrick1243

      Is that not why Sony continues to hint at dedication to the Android platform?

  2. sony can kiss my ass

    the vita will start to be intresting when it is hacked and we can run homebrew on it. sinds the psvita has a powerfull gpu and cpu is it perfect to run emulators on it. (like n64 or even gamecube). but for official uses is not very interesting for me. besides am i still on a sony boycott. so the chance i will buy the vita is small anyway, even when it is hacked.

  3. rafael707

    ps vita will be successful like the ps3, until someone hacks it, then it will decline just like the psp

  4. chris369

    -mm, well, here, in my country, i don´t think it will be very successful. Although it seems to be a very good portatile console to get.

    -I can be sure it will overcome its real value, at that point, many people won´t buy it.

    -At least,I can be sure that most of the people who lives outside japan (US, Latin America, Europe) will think twice before buying a such expensive article than a mobile phone, tablet, etc., that can offer the same features and even more, well that´s my opinion.

  5. ASKidwai

    Well, phones have way tooooooooo many manufacturers so there are always more powerful phones releasing every month or so. However, Vita/3DS will have the same hardware for at least a year before they make a slimmer and lighter etc. Vita/3DS…

    So, that’s a bad thing. however, if Sony had opted for Android, there would already be a great market of non-gaming apps and then the official Vita games. That would have been epic.

    /that was rather rambling.

  6. leupold

    IMO this PSV won’t be a success.
    The reasons for that:
    – Limited number of really worthy games. PSP had about half a dozen of them, e.g. Tekken 5, Gran Turismo and couple of others.
    – Another new proprietary memory cards for data storage (surprise, surprise… it’s a Sony). When the whole world uses micro-sd, Sony’s been struck by another brilliant idea to swap one proprietary format (Memory Stick) for another.
    – Terrible limitations (3G speed), VGA camera (is it y2011??), some other “features”. Sony doesn’t want to learn from its own mistakes. All those artificial limitations (proprietary connectors, slots etc. etc.) ruin all the device’s potential. At least thanks for not having some fast-port-kind-of-stuff instead of 3.5mm jack. Appreciate it :\

    I myself own a PSP-3000 and most of the time use it to play emulated games: nes, snes, genesis, gba, neo-geo. I will consider buying a PSV only when it’s hacked to run HENs. Cause it’s a really nice platform for emulation and touchscreen is great for plugins and homebrew. And i’m not ready to pay for the accessories and\or games. Only for the platform itself. PSP is good enough as a portable game device. PSV games are too advanced to be portable, but too primitive to be compared to stationary consoles of the 7th generation. IMHO.

  7. Andrew

    The trick of pirated games always was the key for success of a Sony console.
    So i’m waiting for a “leak” that will enable cfw and pirated games on Vita a short after it’s release.

  8. Asmith906

    I don’t know why the vita gets so much hate. I’ve never been more excited for a console. And people were willing to for out $250 for the 3ds but for some reason a device that is 3 times as powerful for the same price is considered overpriced. Also I have an iphone and an ipad. If the games aren’t specifically made for touch then they try to compensate with on screen controls which suck. so hopefully the vita will have the best of both worlds.

    • svenn

      Hate is a big word; I believe we did all expect a smarter move from sony. What is the use of a super CPU/GPU/… if we can only use it to play tetris ?

      homebrew has been more creative then sony themself, yet again, after lawsuits, they forget where real potential is. (look at Apple, beeing super-greedy and getting away with it.)

      Western markets love “free-to-play” or as someone wrote “pay-what-you-want”.

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