PSVita Firmware extractor by SKFU

The PSVita is not officially released yet, but hackers are already actively looking into it. Developer SKFU, known for his long term involvement in the PS3 scene, just released a tool called PSVita Firmware extractor.

The tool allegedly allows to extract PS Vita firmware version 00.945.040, directly from a PC, which raises a few questions: aren’t these firmwares supposed to be encrypted? Does the tool decrypt the files, or just extract them (encrypted) from the archive? Where do people get access to this firmware (most likely through connections within official PSVita devs)

By comparison, our beloved PSARDumper needed to run on a PSP with Kernel access in order to decrypt the firmware, so I am assuming this will not decrypt files, but I might be completely wrong.

This tool will obviously be useful only to a handful of devs, people who have access to the Vita Firmware (official devs only for now?) and are interested in the hack side of the force… But it surely is an interesting piece of news, especially since the console is not out yet!


Download here. Please note that I couldn’t personally test if this tool actually works (although I verified it’s running), but SKFU is a respected dev on the scene, so I have no reason to believe this is a fake.

Source SKFU

  1. Lemon’s avatar

    Yeah awsome but they can think about an 3000 unbricker
    more than 600 ppl own a bricked 3k and, they wait like me so please you awsome hackers psp gods make an unbricker…


    1. WilliamBMX’s avatar

      I’m waiting two!!!An unbriker for 3K please!!!


      1. 0M9H4X’s avatar

        its been said SOOO many times.
        its technicly IMPOSSIBLE to create a 3k unbricker.
        okay? live with it. quit crying its your fault you bricked it mkay?


        1. sdfsdf’s avatar

          there is on the internet one topic about that but that way require soldering/electrotechnics knowledges.
          Dont remember who but he has unbricked nonUnbrickable PSP with that way


          1. sdfsdf’s avatar

            [Released] JigKick for PSP-2000 (TA-088v3 supported)

            ooops, sorry not for 3000, its for psp-2000 8c date code

  2. svenn’s avatar

    This is what they call suprising :P


  3. Norml’s avatar

    Someone’s looking for some extra attention…Sony should get a kick out of it atleast.


  4. Anon’s avatar

    Wowww…. great news…… but, from where we can download the firmware….. i have 2 hours looking on the web & nothing…!!



  5. rain’s avatar

    i was about to cry out FAKE (remember the endless fakes the psp scene had before HBL) but since its a known dev well time will tell. i still think its fake though


  6. raziel’s avatar

    hahahahahaha so the game begins! :D


  7. The25gamer’s avatar

    Go SKFU!! sony will lose the vita..haha!!



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