What’s your next portable device?

Christmas is coming and our PSPs are not getting any younger… Sony’s coming up with the PS Vita, but is also trying to get rid of their old stocks of PSP hardware with the cheap PSP Street. the 3DS got a nice price cut earlier this year, tablets and smartphones offer an acceptable performance for gaming nowadays… offers in the portable world have exploded since I first got interest into it back in 2006.

So I’m wondering, do you guys have any plan to buy a new portable device in the months to come? What will it be, and why? You can answer in the poll I created on /talk (or in the comments here for the laziest, but the poll will give us some nice statistics to talk about :) )

  1. DBZo07’s avatar

    Iphone 4 Siri :)
    Not 3ds nor PsVita.. Its not worth to have so many devices so better keep one which carters all needs!!


  2. Meep’s avatar

    Well, the 3DS has got a pretty good argument over Vita, Monster Hunter 3G and Monster Hunter 4, one of which is allready kinda confirmed for a western release, so unless Vita pulls something like this off I will be getting a 3DS next year.


  3. blackstar’s avatar

    A very powerful phone with 1,5 Ghz dualcore snapdragon processor. ;)


  4. svenn’s avatar

    My portable device is called “Laptop”. I can play 4h straight, legal & illegale games, watch movies in whatever format I please, listen to mp3, read e-books on it, it rocks!

    Seriously I think PS vita is way to expensive for the possible uses, a Iphone is just cranky expensive, the production cost is like 10x cheaper.
    Android system is open-souce, but every mobile with Android is more expensive then non-android…

    I’ll keep my dual boot win/linux machine.


  5. PSPPROCFWuser’s avatar

    I seriously will stay with my psp because i hacked it a while ago and i got tons of free games(in greece where i live there is an economic crisis).
    If i ever take a new handheld i will take the….. PS VITA (of course).
    I wish the hackers hack it (lol) so we can play ps2 etc. games on the ps vita.
    Oh and wololo,plz continue talking about the psp.You and your blog was the reason i learned all that stuff(cfw,hen,hbl,homebrew).



  6. BigJugsRavage’s avatar

    I still have alot to do with my psp, but if i were to get a new handheld, PSVita


  7. The Kid’s avatar

    3DS and Vita


  8. Sandeshnep’s avatar

    Yeah id buy a ps vita, I already have a smartphone and I need sth new for I am bored…..


  9. Henry’s avatar

    Whichever comes first, a 3DS lite or a Vita Slim.


  10. chris’s avatar

    IPOD TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Wala’s avatar

    i will not buy anything
    the reason is i do not have money =p


  12. wes’s avatar

    3DS so many great games coming and nintendo is the best company(i know i’m a nintendo fanboy)


  13. eternity’s avatar

    I already own a 3DS but I might get a Vita as well. It depends on how much money I’ll have when it actually gets released. At the moment, I need another… $200.


  14. rafael707’s avatar

    PS vita FTW, what other handheld has a quad core processor?? enough said..


  15. Dallox’s avatar

    Probbaly a Android Device.


  16. Elfo’s avatar

    Ipad and android tablets, for sure. No other device besides a pc/notebook can create a better way to play card games. I play a lot of board games and they translate very well to the ipad, but im still waiting for a Wagic version. After you play this kind of game on these devices, you cant be happy playing on a 4” screen


  17. Abdullah’s avatar

    Only if the PSVita could be a phone/portable games console. I would buy it instead of the Xperia Play. :D


  18. grgedsr’s avatar

    wololo’s new site > http://trololololololololololo.com/ WOLOLO AKA TROLOLO


    1. sandeshnep’s avatar

      haha, humor me, grgedsr


  19. omegarob’s avatar

    Hi from italy, PSV of course, in that device we have a QUADCORE processor 2Ghz (twice of any portable system in commerce) , a GPU CAPABLE OF 125MILION plygon/sec (twice of PS2), 3G + wifi connectivity( so, i can also use like a phone), psp software compatibility(PSN i think), GPS, i think apps like iphone and ecc. , for 300$-€ 279£ 30.000Y



  20. Lawfer’s avatar

    I’m a big fan of both PSP and DS. I have a 3000 and a Lite and I was a little hyped about the Vita and the 3DS when announced. But now thinking it carefully both of these have a lot of negative points that convinced me of not buying for now.

    The 3DS has a very ugly design, the upper screen can be messed up with the borders of the bottom one, is big as hell, has poor battery and let’s face it the 3D is the most stupid add-on of this era on any gadget. The lack of games and the recently announced circle pad makes me think they didnt take the time to make a better handheld just to get some fast cash. I think I’ll be waiting for the 3DSLite (we all know it will come eventually).

    The Vita has for other part those expensive memory cards, no PSOne support, no backwards compatybility for UMDs and the price is not that pretty. Also all that High specs will be nothing if not enough games are fun to play. I will wait too for a revision (PSV2000) or an alternative to the memory sticks and a hack obviously.

    And I recomend for everyone to just wait and not buy like sheeps so these companys learn to do things with love for tecnology and not love for money.


  21. Shinny’s avatar

    Well the PSV looks great but the main problem will be when they will hack it… its going to die soon … and im boycotting sony so i wont buy it…. on the other hand we have 3DS.. it looks good and really cheap right away… but i wont buy it either.. lack of a good game library… Androids and I-devices i was never interested in them…


  22. cscash241’s avatar

    I know im going to get the PS Vita on release day in the us (some time in febuary). I think I am going to stick with my ipod touch untill then, and get some upgrades for my computers (8gb ram, sdd, windows 7 for the lappy and a new video cartd for the desktop pc) for christmas, but I might get an Android phone and hold off the computer upgrades untill my B-day in March.


  23. xpl0s10n’s avatar

    I’m gonna buy every portable device available. Why? BECAUSE I’M A NERD :)


  24. shk12344’s avatar

    I was going to get PSVita. But with tablet prices falling to $200 – 250 range, I decided to go with tablet. I will wait until next Christmas to buy to PSVita. Hopefully by then, CFW will be available!!!


  25. Norml’s avatar

    The VITA but it won’t happen for along time, waited 4 years for the psp to flourish & die before buying one. My gaming needs have been demolished, so for now, the itouch is all I use for the tower defense games. PSP gaming will come back soon or later, maybe go back to console gaming at which point I’ll just get a Vita. It’s Sonys move, I have a hunch they’ll be repeating themselves.


  26. jim’s avatar

    will someone hack minecraft pocket ed for psp cuz lamecraft is just that LAME!!!!


  27. wa’s avatar

    vita, 3ds doesn’t matter.. gay as fuck to the guy that said apple siri or something.


  28. wa’s avatar

    oh ya also the nvidia tegra 3 kal el. maybe next year



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